Maryam The Chosen 05 – When Can You Make A Promise To Allah

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The speakers discuss the concept of honorless promises and the importance of not making promises. They also talk about prophecy from the Bible that confirm Islam's forwarding of names and religious accomplishments until birth, and the struggles of breaking promises and breaking promises. The importance of fulfilling promises is emphasized, and hesitancy towards hesitancy is highlighted.

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What happens if you make a promise to Allah and break it? Even call it muratore moron or be in Nina Tula fee Bocconi more how long?

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So much of Maryam story begins with her mother. And that's why that first scene in the story of muddiman ida Emraan begins with her mom. It said that her name was Anne or Hannah or Hannah, and that she was inspired to ask Allah for a child when she observed a bird feeding her young. And that kicked or inspired the motherly instinct dinner. And she asked Allah subhanaw taala for a child, she and her husband and Milan were both beyond the normal age of having children. But she's still hamdulillah has a child She named her medium, and she's made an oath that the child that she would have who she thought was going to be a boy was going to be in the service of Allah subhanho data and

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and Mr. upside, she made what's called another she says rugby in the nether to like a mafia botany Ha ha, oh my lord, I have vowed I've undertaken this religious vow for you, that my child is going to be for you. So a nether this word, this vow is when you obligate something on yourself, that isn't lavatory otherwise, and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam when he talks about another. He talks about it being disliked. And so I want to in this session, just talk about this idea of when is another something that is praiseworthy, and when is it something that's blameworthy the province The lady has sent him he says, for example, in the Hadith as reported by Muslim, he says Latin though he

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says don't take vows, because it has no effect on fate. But only extracts from the stingy says don't take vows. What type of nested is he talking about? What type of value is he talking about? He's talking about the vow that a person makes that's conditional. You know, a person says, Oh Allah, if you give me if I get if you if I pass this exam, I'll fast Mondays and Tuesdays, Mondays and Thursdays for you. Or a person says, oh, Allah, if you heal me, I will go to hedge. You know, I was on this one time when I was one hedge. And I was sitting next to a young doctor from a very Muslim background, and from a very particular Muslim country. And he was talking to me, he was sitting next

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to me on the flight and he was just getting to know me. And he was like, Yeah, you know, and he was talking about Muslims, Muslims, and I was like, Man, the vibe I'm getting from this guy, even though he's from a very distinct ethnic background, is that this guy is completely unfamiliar with Muslim culture. And so he was like, 36 years old, he was a young doctor and asked him, I said, Why are you going to Hajj and he said, I was suffering from severe insomnia. And I told ALLAH SubhanA data that if he heals me, I'm going to go to Hajj. So that's an example of another that the Prophet satellite is sim is talking about saying, don't make these vows, because they don't change. They only extract

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from the stingy. Why is it considered extraction from the stingy because it's looked at as two ways. Number one,

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it's like you are saying that Allah subhanaw taala won't give you unless you make him an offer to.

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And that's not something that you expect from a generous person, a generous person, I don't have to give them a counter offer for them to give me what I want. I can just simply request from their generosity and so it only extracts from this and you doesn't change your color to the province. Little light isn't a missing don't make those types of offerings to Allah, Allah Allah, if, if you heal me, then I'm going to do this or if you give me I'm going to do that. Just ask Allah Subhana Allah to add a number to it only extracts from the stingy could be understood that you are stingy in that you don't offer these things. Except if Allah subhanaw taala gives you what you want. Like I

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should go to Hajj anyway. I shouldn't wait until I'm sick. And then I asked Allah subhanaw taala to heal me and now I will go to Hajj because He healed me from being sick because I'm sick. Or he helped me from being sick.

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I am not going to fast Mondays and Thursdays, which I should probably do anyway because it's recommended but I'm not going to do that until I really have an exam that I need to pass. And so I asked Allah Subhana Allah so you're you're dealing with Allah subhanaw taala with a sort of stinginess, where you do not offer acts of worship out of your own love of Allah Subhana Allah data, but you offer it as some sort of consolation or some sort of offering that you give to get something that you want from the dunya. And so the prophets, Allah lightsome says, Don't do that there is a other type of vow, however, which is the vow that we see from Miriam's mother, and from Miriam

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which is an unconditional vow, I am simply making this vow not because I want anything else from Allah subhanaw taala other than acceptance, and so her mother doesn't say, Oh Allah, I am offering you this child in exchange for this. But she's saying, Oh Allah, I am offering this to you on how to be in your service. That's it. And medi MIT has Salam. Allah subhanaw taala tells her or Allah inspires Jesus to tell her the baby for him Murtala in the middle, especially for Cody in order to La Rahmani sama say, if you see anybody while carrying the baby say a Nina or two I have vowed this word is used I have vowed for a ramen a fast Funen Oka Lima Yama and Sia. I won't speak to anybody

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today. This vow which is unconditional vow is fine for a person to do. However, they are then obligated to fulfill it there then obligated to fulfill it. So it's an obligation that you place on yourself that you otherwise did not have to do.

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I want you to pay attention to the righteousness of this woman. I mean, this is sometimes we just read through without passing. But just pausing absorbing like this, this mother made a vow to offer her child to Allah Subhana Allah thinking that it was going to be a boy, I want you to compare this to the vow, just to appreciate comparison helps us can appreciate I want you to I want you to compare this to the vow that Abdulmutallab the grandfather of the prophets of Elijah said to me, I've done Muttalib was overwhelmed by Kadesh. When he dug up the well of zamzam grayish kind of bullying him around you need to we need to split this with you. And he's like, No, I discovered it.

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And then he's so frustrated. He's so angry, he's so offended, that he's his own property. What he discovered with his own, like his own hands is being challenged. He said, The only reason why this is happening to me is because I don't have enough sons. Like if I had enough backup, if my my little clan was big enough, these days wouldn't be challenging me for this water. And so he said, he said, If Allah subhana data gives me 10 sons, I will sacrifice one of them. He made a vow.

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And Allah subhana data gave him 10 sons. And so now after having his 10 son, he has to figure out what he's going to do because he had vowed to Allah, that he was going to sacrifice one of them. And now he's obviously trying to figure out how to resolve this. He doesn't want to sacrifice his kids. And so he goes to a soothsayer. And it said that he went all the way to high bar. So by Medina Biafra, and the soothsayer, she said, what you're going to do, is you're going to go back, and she asked, she said, what's the what's the blood money amount for your people, and they said, It's 10 camels. She said, Okay, this is what you're gonna do, you're gonna go back. And you are going to use

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these divination, arrows, these arrows that they used to use, and you're going to have, you're going to bring your son, and you are going to bring your

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you're going to bring 10 camels. And by the way, he had he had basically done a lottery and who it fell on was Abdullah would eventually be the father of the province of the mighty senator. And he was the most beloved kid typed him up on it. She said, okay, so you're going to go back, and you're going to get 10 camels, which is the amount of blood money for you. And at the same time, you're going to get your son, and then you're going to run the division, the division, the arrow, basically, and whoever the arrow points on, if it if it lands on your on the 10 camels, then you're going to sacrifice the camels. And if it lands on your son, you got to add 10 camels. And then you

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keep and if it lands on your son, again, you have to add 10 camels until your Lord is pleased. Whatever that number ends up being, and before it lands on the camels, that's what you're going to have to offer. And so at the methodic goes back and true to form. It lands on Abdullah. That's 10 more camels, it lands on Abdullah that said, more camels, it lands on Abdullah that said, more camels, it lands up until it reaches 100 camels. And then it finally lands on the camels and Abdul Muttalib sacrifices 100 camels to fulfill his vow. So Abdullah Abdullah, the father of the province has sent him was ransomed from that sacrifice by 100 camels that his father offered, I want you to

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he went through all of that, so that he could fulfill his vow and not sacrifice his son. So I want you to know that when the mother of Medea

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when she made this vow

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and it ends up being

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Getting a girl

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like even if even if she had had a boy even if she did end up having a boy and I want you to imagine that she had this beautiful cute chubby cheek baby. Okay, I don't know if they like chubby cheeks back then. But ideas are really attractive baby right?

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That would have been difficult enough maybe she would have entertained some sort of doubt like some hesitancy like okay hold on let me hold on until therefore let me hold on until there's six Let me hold on until the 10 Hold on a second her her father passed away mediums father passed away while her mother was pregnant. So kind of I kind of need his help here. I'm all alone right there reasons why people hold on and break their vows. There's even more reason to do it when it's a girl. Oh Allah like I had promised you I had promised you the vow that I had made was me thinking that I was going to be a boy but you gave me a girl so this must kind of mean right when when she thought

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starts to play with you. This might mean that actually, you don't want me to fulfill this vow. So let me let me not fulfill this out right like there there are things that she could have entertained as far as thoughts. No, she is steady. Boy or girl girl would like to have Ansel and Allah knows better what she gave birth to. And I've named her many and worshiper and I seek refuge in you for her and for her children from che Athan and boom, she wraps her up in a garment. Allah knows best how long that took how old medium was. Her mother wrapped her up in a garment and then took her to a messy that upset where Zachary and the other rabbis were so good. He was a prophet of course, and

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the other rabbis were there and she says, Here you go. This is the child that I vowed to be in the service of adversity that OXA take care of, of this baby now and she does that for Allah Subhana Allah to Allah.

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Allah Subhana Allah to Allah praises those who fulfill their vows and sort of the needs that Allah says, Will you fall in a be necessary, where half when a woman can shatter Homestuck they fulfill their vows their Nether, they fulfill their vows, and they fear a Day whose harm will be widespread and conversely, breaking vows is incredibly severe. The Quran speaks about breaking promises and the breaking of vows. Allah subhana wa Tada says, What mean who meant I had Allah I want you to think of this verse in surah Tauba, Allah Subhana Allah says, women who may have Allah, there are those who made a promise to Allah subhanaw taala later autonomy fugly if he gives us from His bounty, then let

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us solve the kana Lana sada Khanna will Hakuna Nemunas slightly ahead, we will give charity and we will be from the righteous. Oh Allah if you make me a millionaire, I'm going to give lots of sadaqa Oh ALLAH if you let me get this job, I'm going to give a lot of charity. Oh Allah, if I get this promotion, I'm going to give this I'm going to give that.

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And then Allah Subhana Allah says and then the person forgets, right? They forget that they made that vow to ALLAH SubhanA DataCo does Allah say the next verse is so scary? Allah says, Allah Mata Hamid fogli. So when Allah subhanaw taala, atta Hamid fugly he gave them from His bounty, buddy Looby, they became stingy with it, whatever low? Well, humare alone and they turned away, they forgot about what they promised, I know one brother, he, he made a vow to Allah subhanaw taala that if he if he made his first million, he would give a quarter of it away. And so the HA.

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And he did the first year, every year continued to grow, his money continued to grow. And every year he would continue to give less than less, they became stingy with it. And they turned away and then what does Allah say? For a couple who manufacture and feel good obey him so Allah subhanaw taala penalize them, he punished them with hypocrisy in their hearts, Eli yo male corner until the day that they meet him, be my Allah, Allah know what I do, who will be my can we actually vote Allah subhanho data says, because they failed Allah and what they promised him and because they habitually used to lie. And hence, the scholar said that if you find your heart is hard, you have to check for

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different things, right? Anytime a person has any sort of disease or anything like that, you have to go through a process of elimination, you got to root out what is the cause, right? You have to you have to cross out different things. And so the same thing with the diseases of the heart or hardness of the heart, you have to check yourself and they said that if a person feels hardness in their heart, they have to make sure that they didn't break their vows with Allah Subhana Allah Allah, because Allah Subhana Allah data says, and due to their breaking of their covenant, we cursed them and made their hearts hard. So the question becomes

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what do I do if I really want something? Like if I really want something what I do, should I not promise Allah subhanho di that's something.

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Just ask Allah for it. That's it. That's all you have to do. Just ask Allah Subhana Allah for it. Don't say Oh Allah, if you do this for me, I'm going to do this. Ask Allah subhanaw taala for it from his generosity, you're not dealing with someone stingy. You're dealing with lKt the most perfect the most generous