Change Your Relationship with the Quran

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I remember when Kathy said the following about the Quran and Rasul Allah salatu salam, it's beautiful. I put in my book beauty. I always put notes when I read. I said, Jamil, I put it in Arabic, he said hada the only Zerah very harder on Zilla Ashraful Kitab Ashraful coutume. I will translate but just for those of you who know RB to enjoy, Philly had their own Zita Ashraful Kutub B Ashrafi lewat Allah Ashrafi Rasul B Sephora T extrafill Mala aka what Canada Lee Caffee Ashrafi vi Allah have to do in Zanu PF official auto center for condominium in Colorado.

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He said the book now he's talking about the Quran. He said the Quran.

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The Quran was send as the best or the most honorable book, the most honorable language. Those of you who don't want to learn Arabi, especially if your parents are Arab. It's the most honorable language is the language of Jana.

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In case you don't know.

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It's not because my parents speaks Arabic. Now, it's because it's the language of Jana. So it was sent by the most honorable language on the most honorable prophets guided by or delivered by the most honorable Angel.

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And it was sent in the most honorable piece of this earth, which is maca, and started or the revelation started in the most honorable month, which was

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Ramadan, how honorable is this book?

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Look at it this way. Again, example practical. I went to high school and named the best high school and I went to college, Best College. And then I went to postgraduate, best postgraduate program, and then I got

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hired by the best company. And then I got married to best whatever. And people will look and says, Well,

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and this is a human being. Now imagine the words of Allah. The Quran, again, when we read the Quran, change the way you look at the Quran, change my relationship and your relationship with the Quran. Get ready for Ramadan way before Ramadan. So what Ramadan comes in, I'm ready, let's go. I'm gonna this year escalate on this year this year, I'm gonna go up on high