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appraisers due to a lot

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of raises due to a lot of the appreciative, the guide the just the light, the truth, the preserver and who we trust, the Bestower of honor and the giver of disgraced creator of time and space plus it is his name and face.

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me the most pure salutations and most blessing of praise as innumerable as the stars and as perfected as the rays be upon our star. Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the Messenger of the end of days and upon his companions and followers and family, Forever and always about the law. Eliza just says in the Quran, young lady and I'm gonna topple la puttaparthi Hola, como una de la and Tomas de mon. analyzer just says, Yeah, you have NASA Takara Bakula de hakomi nuptse wahida wahala fabinho jaha Baba Semyon humare, Jr. and Kathy around Vanessa de la la de Luna Viva La. In Allah con la cumbre Kiva analyzer just says, Yeah, you hola Dina mano de la pulu Colin Sadie de use

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la cama Moroccan oil free la comida Nova Come on a la hora Sula, who has a frozen alima

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I'm back after praising Eliza yet and sending the most beautiful and perfect salutations upon our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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I wanted to begin this football by asking everyone to pay close attention to the person to the right of you. Pay close attention to the person to the left of you the person in front of you the person behind you

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everyone who's in this vicinity.

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And the reason why is because the topic of this whole book is called your fellow Muslim is a treasure.

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And so I want you to look at your brother and sister today. And while you are looking at them I want you to see a huge winning lottery ticket because that's what they are. I want you to see this this treasure chest filled with gold and silver because that's what they are. I want you to see the winning numbers of a jackpot lining up in front of them because that's what they are. A Hogan Muslim Ken's your Muslim brother is a treasure and we're going to look at a few of the things because a lot as though you're so loves that you honor this person that's next to you Allah so again so appreciates that you serve this person next to you that in doing so,

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you unlock a treasure

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if you simply say salaam aleikum to them,

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what happens? The Prophet sallallahu Sallam A man came to those who lost the lawyers said look, and the man said Assalamu alaykum

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to Madras and the Prophet sallallahu wasallam responded to him and he said, I shoulda said 10 that's 10 right there.

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Another man came and he said to sit down on a camera to law.

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And the province of the license camera died in Santa Fe Janice bajada issue in the province of Elias and I said to him 20 When the man sat down, another person he came in, he said, I sat down at a camera to law he avacado he completed the greeting. And when he sat down the prophet SAW the light is said and said to him 30

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that's 30 rewards right there.

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And so today after salata, Juma, make sure that you spend this around, spread this around Rasulullah, Rama he entered into Medina, and this is the messenger of God entering the city that believed in him. And when you think of the inaugural address of a president what they're going to say to their community to their nation, how much thought is put into that speech.

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And also the last little lie they send him in his inaugural address. What did he say to the people of Medina said I've just said on water

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or salad or ham, or some movie Laney when NASA neon, that whole agenda TV Sara said spread this around those who you know and those who do you don't know. spread this around and feed people and maintain your ties of kinship and pray in the night while people are asleep. You will enter agenda peacefully, you'll enter gentlemen peace.

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The second thing when you shake their hand,

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the prophet SAW the lightness and love He says

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either mommy Muslim Angel Tatyana Fetisov Han Illa, Allah Allahu Allah.

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The Prophet sallallahu Sallam says in the Hadith is in Abu Dhabi, he says that there are no two Muslims who they shake hands with each other except that their sins are forgiven before they're separated. Now what if you decide to add to that shaking of their hand a smile?

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The province little light is and it says tip assume coffee, which is a thick soda. Everybody knows that. Not all of us implement it.

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But we all know the headaches that if you smile than that for yourself as a charity that you give today.

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What about our brothers and sisters who are not here today? Our brothers and sisters who have been hampered, they've been held back by Islam by illness. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam he says, Man Adam Elisa lemmya selfie hora de Jana had to reject the Prophet sallallahu Sallam says that when you go and you visit your brother, you visit your sister who's sick, that they will continue to be in a flower garden or a fruit garden of Paradise until they return to being in their presence. And in the famous Heidi Allah, as the year will say, on the day of judgment to a person who will say, yeah, I've been Adam.

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Morocco, from Terra de, oh, son of Adam. I was sick. And you didn't visit me?

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And the person will say, Jada, how can I visit you on total blood, I mean, you're the Lord of the worlds, you'll say Didn't you know, I'm

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an Abdi Fulani, that my slave so and so was sick, and you didn't visit them. And if you had visited them loaded teniendo, you would have found me with that person.

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And then a lot as a girl will say, oh, son of Adam, I asked you for food and you didn't feed me. And the person will say, oh my lord, how can I feed you and your Lord of the worlds and a lot. So you will say didn't my slave so and so ask you for food? If you had fed them, you would have found that reward with me? Oh, son of Adam. I asked you for drink space.

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I asked you for drinking, you didn't give me drink? And how can I quench your thirst? How can I give you a drink when you're the Lord of the worlds didn't my sleeve so and so asking why aren't they in need of you. And if you had fulfilled that need of theirs, you would have found that with me.

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Now, that is with regards to visiting the sick the reward of the one who visits the sick, but what if I have a friend this weekend, I have a brother or sister in Islam, who they're not sick. And there's absolutely no reason for me to go visit them. There's no benefit that I'm going to acquire. There's no there's nothing, there's no accomplishment that I'm going to go congratulate them up for. But they live all the way on the other side of town. So I'm waiting for a couple of weeks, a couple of months, maybe until there's some business that I have on that side of town, or in the next town over so that I can go and stop by. That's not the person who this Hadeeth is talking about this

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next, Heidi, this next Heidi is talking about the person who goes and he visits a person, and they have absolutely no reason to visit them except one. And that is they love them for the sake of Allah.

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The province of the lady sent and told us that a man was traveling to another town for a brother to go visit him. And so Allah as we get sent in his path amalaki sent in his path, an angel. And that Angel then asked that man, he said to him,

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why are you going to visit this person?

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Is there any need? And he says, No, I have no need other than that I love him for the sake of Allah. And then he will say the angel then says, I am the messenger of Allah informing you that a lot as a kid has loved you due to your love of your brother,

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due to you loving this person for his sake.

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And so this is the reward of simply going out and visiting your brother for no other reason, no worldly benefit at all. Other than simply loving them for the sake of Allah Xhosa

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Who is the most beloved to Allah zildjian who were the what are the actions that are the most beloved to Allah? These are the questions that the Sahaba used to ask the province of the lightest and and so on a man came to the Lhasa cinemas in the hadith of Rama he came to Rasulullah and he said O Messenger of Allah.

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Allah what are the actions that are the most beloved to Allah azza wa jal and so the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said soon to Tijuana, Muslim happiness that you place in the heart of a Muslim or plap or happiness that you expose to a Muslim.

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That's it that you just make them happy.

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And what is everything that we've talked about right now, up until this point other than something that will induce happiness in your Muslim brother or sister, you smile in their face, that you greet them with setup, that you that you shake their hand, that you visit them when they're sick, that when you visit them for no reason? Or the province of Eliasson, Ivan expounds on other things, he says

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Suraj Surah Al who Allah Muslim

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Oh, or that you remove from them, a quarterback you removed from them and obstacle Oh duck, the man who they in an alternate world and who juwan or that you remove from them the burden of a debt

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or that you repel from them hunger and whoever conceals a Muslim swath Allah azza wa jal will conceal their faults on the Day of Judgment, the province

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I'm allowed to send them in another Hadees. He says Kula tsunami in anass. La he sada colome in typography shams, database name sada, the province of Novartis and him says every joint of your body requires a charity every day that the sun rises. Every single one of us every single day every joint requires a charity. And then the prophets of the light is Adam says for you to be just between two people that is charity. You are doing them the favor of removing removing from them the burden of an injustice and having to stand in front of Allah as they deal with that injustice. You are being just and not for them as they sell. Or you help a person upon his Dabba, you help a person with regards

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to their car getting into their car, or you help them lift their their metallic onto their car, that is a sadhaka there.

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Every step that you take to the message as I saw the car, even moving something that's harmful from the road, that is also a southern,

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the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam, he says in a beautiful Hadith he says magnificent meaning corbetta mean, could it be done, you know, for salah and who could beat him? Could it be

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that whoever removes nafeesa means to allow to breathe.

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So it's somebody who has been so overwhelmed. They've been so suffocated, they've been so and it's as if they're drowning. And here you are removing from them that these shackles that are binding them, you're removing from them these burdens that are suffocating them, you are allowing for them to breathe by removing these obstacles from this by allowing them to breathe a lot as I guess the province of the lightest send him says that allies will remove from you one of the burdens of the Day of Judgment.

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Woman Yes, sir. Mr. President, yes, sir. Allahu Allah, Allah And whoever makes it easy on someone who's in difficulty, or someone who's indebted to you.

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That person owes you a debt. And you ask them, Do you have the money right now? They say no, I'm sorry. I really don't have the money to pay you back right now. And you say to them, no problem. Until you do. You made it easy for them. Yes, so low, I didn't even do anything. Because of that ease. A lot as to make it easy for you in the dunya. And in the era, woman sethuraman cinnamon cetara Hola, COVID, Daniel Astra and whoever conceals the faults of a believer or a Muslim. Allah as the yen will conceal their faults on the Day of Judgment.

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will love the island and Abbot McConnell Abdullah

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and Allah azza wa jal is in the service of his slave.

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How many of us would want a lot as it used to be at our service today, every single hand would go up, and I would raise two hands.

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The prophets of the lightest and and tells us what the formula for that is. He says that if you want a lot, so you have to be at your service, serving you. Then you be at the service of your brother. Who are you helping? Who are you in the service of today?

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Who are you assisting today? Who are you relieving today?

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The Prophet sallallahu sallam, he tells us with regards to lending money, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam says in a selfie ad Magennis for sada the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he says that when you loan a person money, simply by loaning how much of their money are you going to get back you're going to get back 100% of your money. Yet the Prophet sallallahu stenum says because of that temporary relief that you're providing for them, that you receive the reward of half giving half of it and so you lend someone 1000 It's as if you donated $500 you donate you lent someone $500 if you donated $250, the amount of reward that you receive the promise of Allah, how do you send them he

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says, with regards to attending the funeral prayer of a Muslim, attending the funeral prayer of the Muslim the prophets of the Lysander system is Jay that janaza had a fellow pirot Amen shahida had to defend fella who Pirata the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he says that whoever attends the genomes of a person, then he has the janaza prayer, he will receive a Torah and the prophets of Allah sent him explained to a kurata was he said it is like a mountain of good deeds. And whoever participates in the funeral procession until that grave or that person is buried, then they will receive the reward of tooth erupts. What about simply praying for your brother?

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Simply praying for your brother.

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As a set of they said that the worst friend is the friend that you have to tell to make draft for you. That's how we all are.

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They used to consider the worst friend is the one who they're not going to remember you when they're alone with ally xojo.

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Who do we remember what who do we think about when we make

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the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he says that whenever you make draft for your brother, there is a mullet moussaka, there is a commissioned Angel, who when you make that angel says and for you as well, and for you as well, and for you as well. So while you are praying for yourself

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Brothers and sisters in their absence, not in front of them.

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But when you are alone, and their presence is not there, and you're not going to go the next day and tell them Oh brother By the way, I was making clear when I was making draft for you, you're never going to tell them

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but it is simply something that is between you and Allah so get out of your love for them your concern for them your desire for them to be successful in the athleta. And in the dunya as well. Allah as your Commission's and Angel and he's that angel is is sent to say to you and do as well and you as well and you as well. You are praying for your brother and the angels are praying for you. And the last thing that I want to mention

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how many believing men and women are there in this world?

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over a billion those who believe in Allah as they did in the last day, the prophets the lady who sent them he says many stuff already meaning our minute Kabbalah hula hoops, minute one minute in Hassan

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instant billionaires, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he says that whoever seeks a last forgiveness for the believing men and the believing women.

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And this hadith is authenticated by the divine that whoever seeks forgiveness for the believing men and the believing women alike as the gel will write. For every single believing men and believing woman, a good deed

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you will receive a reward for every believing man and every believing woman in existence. We ask Allah azza wa jal to allow us to hear the speech and to follow the best of it a podium as a matter of stock it will it will run over

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hamdulillah salatu salam ala rasulillah Why are you so happy St. mC mC SeolA Allah, we asked a lizer that he allows us to recognize the common there is of our fellow brothers and Muslims, our fellow Muslim brothers and sisters, and that he induced in us love for each other and that he induces in us the love to serve one another and that allows us to rewards us and facilitates for us the manifest reward that he has provided for those who are in the service of their brothers and sisters. Allah home aphylla Muslim he anonymously met

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with me and me not Allah I mean what am what Allahumma Inanna Silikal Jenna makabe Harman Kardon Rahman. On Aruba came in and now makabe han accordion Rahman Allahumma tiene husana Taka Zaki Hannah Holloman zakka until you have a mala ha, aloha Maximilian Amica Tikka Mata Hulu Bina Nabina ma sciatic amento Atacama to balloon IV genetic Amina Yaki moto in ob la nama saya dunya maternal llama vs Martina website in opa Latina Latina which, who is Amina

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vamana on Salam ala Mina Donna Varanasi Bettina de Nina wa Jalla dunya Kumara homina while I'm a blogger Amina la isla Nanaimo Silvana watch Allah Jenna to $1 No. Moroccan me canara Bank

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canara Bank

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canara Bank

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Salalah hi la segunda Mohammed Camila salata Mila