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Ammar Alshukry
AI: Summary © Speaker 1 discusses the concept of hazard, which is the desire to remove a particular blessing, and how it can be a fortified preventative to prevent hazards. He explains that anyone who wants to keep those blessings, regardless of whether they are wealth or knowledge, will be rewarded by Allah Azza wa jal. He warns that anyone who wants to increase their blessings will not be punished, but can be rewarded.
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soon as the fetlock Allah azza wa jal teaches us to seek refuge in him from a number of things, and up them is the evil of a hassad either has a capacity in the hustle which means an envy and envy in person, when they envy showing us that the harm of envy is actually real, and a lot of people they fear, you know the harm that comes from hazards. And hazard is defined as being to Minnesota Nemo, which is the desire for the removal of a particular blessing, meaning someone isn't simply just wanting to experience that same blessing themselves. No, they, they don't want you to have it any more they wish to do didn't have it. And so that's actually even worse than just simply wanting it

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for yourself.

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Now, with that fear that people have wanting, wanting to protect themselves from hazards, I'll share with you a very, very, very important way. And that is Eliza just says in the Quran, the insha Khartoum as either Naco if you have gratitude, if you are thankful for the blessings that you have received, not only will you will, they will not be taken away from you. Allah azza wa jal promises that He will increase those blessings. And so shortcode gratitude to Allah azza wa jal is a fortified fortress preventative from the harm of high asset. It protects us from hazards. And so if you want to make sure that you keep those blessings, if you're one of those types of people who

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worries about the effects of people's asset, then make sure that you fortify those blessings with sugar of it, thanking Allah as it are for it, doing with it, what Allah has commands and what Allah has said would love for you to do with those blessings. If it's wealth that you spend, as Allah azza wa jal would love for you to spend. If it is knowledge that you spend in the way that Allah Azza would love, any blessing that you have, if it is beauty that you guard it the way that Allah has or desires for you to guard it and that you don't be a fitna for other people with it. All of that is from the shortcode of the gratitude of the NAM that Allah as it has given you. And if you do so, not

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only will it not be decreased, but Allah as it promises that He will increase it

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