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Ammar Alshukry
AI: Summary © The transcript describes the concept of Allah's name being the Greatest Name of Islam, and how he refuses to say his name is the Greatest Name of Islam because he believes that the world is perfect. The segment also discusses the importance of knowing the benefits of working with Allah and how he is the one who maintains everything else.
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No. And so Allah azza wa jal he says Allahu La ilaha illa who there is nothing that is worthy of worship except for Allah. Where does the word come from the word the comes this word worthy comes from the law.

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That's in that phrase that lab is called Hola and Nafion in jeans without getting technical and all of that it just means that this phrase is requiring a description and a listener they believe that that description is La Ilaha behalf Kim Il Allah, that there is nothing that is worthy of worship except for Allah azza wa jal and as such we include the word the there in the phrase, La ilaha illa Allah Who La ilaha illa who and hate LPU and high and delta Yom together, these two names together, some scholars have held it to be that this is the Greatest Name of Allah is from Allah, Allah and he'll pay you because the prophets of Allah and he said let me says that Allah the his greatest name

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is in Surah Al Baqarah and in surah, Baja and inshallah Allah moi and you'll find that hey, Luca Yom is in all three of these. And so this concept of Allahu La ilaha illa, who and how you'll pay you and the scholars, they looked at these two names and height and then play you, and they said that all of the names of Allah, they come from these two names, and height and then pay you you pick a name of Allah, and it's going to return back either to an A, or it's going to return back to you. What does it hate me, there are two main meanings that you want to take away from, and hate the Ever Living. One is that Allah as though life

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is perfect. It is not affected by sleep, or slumber. There's never a time when he was not alive. There's never a time where he will not be alive. Allah says, life is perfect. That's number one. Number two, is that He is the giver of life to everything else. Allah isn't Hey, the Bestower of life. And the lives though didn't isn't high enough himself. What is the benefit that or what is the main takeaway from knowing that Allah Azza did is in high?

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Allah knows best of the greatest benefits of knowing that Allah as though there is a high is to depend on Him alone

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is to depend on him alone. Because he is an Hi Allah says what token I didn't hate and let the Enya mood. Allah says depend on a hate depend on the Ever Living the one who does not die there is not a single person in this world that you depend on that you trust in that you have hope and except that at some point in time, they're going to leave. So what are you going to do that?

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The province of allied s&m In one of the most difficult years of his life, I'm in prison, if not the most difficult life. He had his two greatest pillars of support swept out from under him. Some of the scholars said within months, some of the scholars said within days he lost a body and he lost Khadija, Ravi, Allah Anna,

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what's the lesson of that?

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Depend on Allah depend on Allah. And so the Sahaba they learned that message and so their greatest pillar of support was not their wife or their uncle, their graves pillar of support the Sahaba all of them together was Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam himself. And so when their world got flipped upside down, when NSM pneumatic says the darkest day I ever experienced was the day that the Prophet saw the light is and then passed away. And no matter when the hook Bob is going off in a rage saying, Well, this will last a little light and send them has not died. And I didn't never thought it was legs gave out from underneath him and everybody is in a state of confusion and bewilderment

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will come on the line who simply has to stand up in front of everyone and say, Hey,

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what kind of income? Yeah, we'll do Mohamed Mohamed unfathomed I'm uncanny Abdullah in Allah Hayyan lair moot whoever view worships Muhammad you were depending on Mohammed Salah light is that to you add all of your eggs in their basket. In that basket, then Muhammad has passed away. But whoever you worship Allah depends on Allah in Allah Hey Allah, Allah is Ever Living and he does not die. So Alhaj Alka Yom. Yom is the one who everyone else depends on him. He is a yom, he's the man who maintains every soul, as they've been Abbas's Alka Yom is the maintainer of every so and so Allah is ever living in and of himself and he's the one who maintains everything else. And as such, the

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argument is that that hey, it'll tell you um, is of the greatest names of Allah. And another very strong position is that it is Allah himself or that name Lavandula Anna, and he'll tell you later who the WHO Cena to Nuala No, there is no slumber or sleep that can affect him. And that is an extension of Allah being a high the Prophet sallallahu SNM

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Hola Hola Hola and up where I am very low and Jana, Allah does not sleep and it is not befitting for Allah that He sleeps and then Allah as we just says like the whole the whole Senate and when I know

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what's the next

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okay just checking the home office similar to martial art. Allah says To Him belongs what is in the heavens and what is in the earth. Everything that is in the heavens and the earth belongs to Allah azza wa jal So who exactly are you asking things from? Tomorrow, every single one of us is gonna go and we have lots of things that we need to take care of everything we've got, every single one of us has problems, every single one of us, but who are you going to ask first?

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And so one of the main Jonnie AYATUL kursi is the greatest name of greatest verse of Allah and you will find that it is filled with the names of Allah, that's all it is. It's just talking about who Allah is. And the reason why Allah azza wa jal mentions for us the names of Allah in the Quran, is he says what Allah smell is not for the Rubia. Allah says To Him belongs to the great names, so call upon him by those names. And so who are you going to Paul Loma Vista, Matthew, Matthew, Mendeley, the Yeshua and the inlab, isn't it? Allah says, Who is the one who can intercede on his behalf except by His permission?

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