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The importance of love in relationships is discussed, including how it can lead to war of love and how to become better drivers of love. The success of marriage and transformation of relationships is also highlighted. The importance of communication and sharing happiness with others is emphasized, along with the importance of setting up a social atmosphere in Chicago. The speaker also discusses various aspects of Islam, including praying for their brother and sister and making a donation to their friend's province.

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All praise is due to Allah, the Creator of love. Allah dude who designed it in our hearts and made it a gift pursued and exchanged between to to be nurtured, protected and grown, until that lover unites them under the shade of Allah strong.

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How beautiful is it to be speaking about love with love. Love is one of the great joys if not the greatest joy of this earthly experience and the prophets of Allah it has certainly made it a sign of our faith in the Hadith and Muslim of Abu Huraira the prophets of Allah Allah send them says largest Hello Jana Hatta taught me know what taught me know how to help, you will not enter Paradise, until you believe that paradise that you fasted for that paradise that you prayed for that paradise that you gave charity for that paradise that you were patient for. You won't enter it until you believe and you won't believe until you love one another. And so you love the person that's to the right of

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you that you love that person who's in front of you that you love that person for the fact that they're from the home of Mohamed Salah Liberia send them now we have natural love. Natural Love is love that we have a relative's love that we have because we like certain things about a person we like their attributes, or we like what they do for us. They serve us they protect us, they provide for us like the love that we have for our parents.

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And yet the prophets of Allah they send them tells us that we won't enter paradise until we believe and won't believe until we love one another. So what's this relationship between faith and love? The prophets of Allah is hitting them as teaching us that the more faith you have, the more you are ready to remove the universe from revolving around you to revolving around the lies Soulja and when your universe no longer revolves around you and it revolves around Allah azza wa jal, you begin to love people, not because of their proximity to you, but their proximity how closely they orbit to Allah azza wa jal, and the closer they are to Allah, the more beloved they become to you. And so you

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understand a little bit better how the prophets of Allah Allah and send them can say that you will not enter paradise until you believe. And you will not believe until you love. But how do the hearts and loves unite? How do the hearts and love unite as a pair of arms through left and right as two flames form one light? And both eyes share one sight? And is it fair to assume it true that to form one, yet one not to Allah of old in light of new mystery to the masses, wisdom to the few.

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So how do we love Charlottetown in this presentation, I'll be sharing five points on how we can become better lovers of one another. And the first is by looking at people through the best attributes that they have. Now if you were to get to know me, by the worst thing that I've ever done, I would be very detestable. If you were to know me by the worst attributes of myself, I would be very easily hateable. And the same for all of us. But if you were to know me, or if I were to know you by the best thing you've ever done, or by the best attributes that you have, then we are all going to be very lovable. The province of Elijah syndrome was brought a companion by the name of

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Abdullah him out. And he had come to the province that Elijah send them having drank alcohol again. And the province of Allah they sent him had him punished again. And one of the companions became upset at this repetition of this crime. And he cursed him and he said, May Allah curse this person? How often does he return to this? And the prophets of Allah Allah has sent him he said, Don't curse him don't help shaytaan against your brother, a man named and now you have Allah Allah Sudha. Don't you know that he loves Allah as though Jen and His messenger and so here is this person in this intoxicated frame in front of the private satellite is setting up. But the progress on the LIDAR

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system in that moment is not seeing that intoxicated frame, he is seeing that heart within that frame that loves Allah azza wa jal and His Messenger, the province of Elijah Selim teaches us to look at people and to make this an exercise. One of the scholars he was known for always seeing the best in people he never ever mentioned anything bad about an individual so students began to test him. And finally they brought someone who they there was no good that can be mentioned about this individual. So they mentioned him in the presence of that scholar and so the scholar he said, but he ties his turban really well.

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Like if nothing else, that guy is he's fresh. He dresses really well. Right, but this is a beautiful, beautiful attribute to have. The second

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is to communicate love. And so the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam when he came into Medina, he began to teach those Arab people who we know how harsh they were. We know how difficult it was for them to profess love. A man says to rasool Allah says, Allah, you kiss your children. I've had 10 children. I've never kissed any of them that society, the province, Allah Islam is teaching those men that if you love someone, then tell them. One man comes in the presence of the prophets. Allah said to them, and He gives Salam and he leaves. Another companion says, Oh Messenger of Allah, I love that man. The prophets of Allah, Allah who sent him says to him, If you love him, then go and

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tell them. And so he goes, and so love became a slogan that was shared and carried in Medina. Medina was no longer simply a city of prophethood, and a city of light, but it also became a city of love. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is addressed by his companions, and to just show you the transformation that these same Arab men were now coming to the province on the licen him and asking him a question. That's very peculiar. Y'all rasool Allah, Who of us is most beloved to you.

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And the province of the lightest, Adam says Aisha.

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So not only is it weird that they're asking him who loves who do they love the most, or who he loves the most? It's weird because the Prophet sallallaahu Selim in that company is saying my wife, and they say also last night, when we met, we met among the men, he says her father, he's still tying his level of work to his love of Aisha, Radi Allahu Germain. And then I'm gonna have been asked was asking the question, he says, and then who, because he felt that he was so close to the province. So I said, if he says aroma, and then I'm gonna, it's like, okay, I'm just gonna stop here. But the province of Elijah is in the midst teaching them to communicate love, he says to a young man, young

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life in new book, Omaha, I love you. So don't forget to say after every Salah alone last night, I think it goes to cricket hasn't anybody that the province of Elijah is sending him his holding his children, his grandson that has it and he says, Oh Allah, I love him. So love Him and love those who love Him. The prophets of Allah Allah is sending him his teaching us about the girls. When he comes into the masjid, and the men are waiting for Salah, and the prophets of Allah is and then enters from his house, and he is carrying on his back. Well, Mama, the daughter of Xena

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and he is walking to these men carrying his granddaughter, the daughter of his daughter on his shoulders to the salah. And this was a society again, that Allah azza wa jal says about them with Bushra hadn't been on the ledge who swept them or who are Killeen yet a wall I mean, I'll call him and Sue Mr. Bashir, I'll be here. I am seeking for Allah Hoon. I'm here just to be thorough, and I sat on my Quran, Allah says that if one of them is giving the tidings, the news of a girl faces covered. Shame. Should he keep her in humiliation? Or should he bury her in the ground? What an evil decision they make. And here is little subtle loss of Elijah set it up coming to these men who grew

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up in that society. And he is coming to them carrying his daughter, the daughter of his daughter on his shoulders, this young girl and he's walking to her. He's walking with her and he's carrying her endless Allah. And then when he puts her down, he doesn't leave her there. Because the province on the line has said him doesn't Disconnect his love. He lifts her again. When he comes up for the next truck. God pneumatic was a companion who was beloved and he was shunned for 50 days because of a sin that he committed. And yet we are told by cow that on the day, where Allah azza wa jal revealed why the third asset in Medina holy foo had died barkatullah him will also be Mr. Roboto docket, I lay

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him on CUSUM Allah azza wa jal speaks about the circumstance of cognitive nomadic and his two companions. And he describes their situation after they've been isolated by the Muslim community. No one is talking to them, even the Saddam no one's responding. And so God is in that position for 50 days, and he prays feathered alone on the roof of one of his houses.

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But Allah azza wa jal revealed in the night, from metabo Polyhymnia to Allah forgave them. And so when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam informs the Muslim community that God had been forgiven after salata and fidget, the Muslims react to go and communicate that to God. And so one starts to run on his feet on other Jumps on a Horse to get there first. Another man says, I know something that's faster than horse, horseback and faster than running on my feet. He runs up a mountain speed of sound, and he goes on top of the mountain and he says, Yeah, I've got a pneumatic I'm sure.

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Oh God, pneumatic rejoice. Guy. voodoo magic is on the roof of his house and he hears a voice from wherever is coming, saying rejoice is the first words that he's heard spoken to him in 50 days, and he falls into sujood. And as he comes down from his house, knowing that Allah azza wa jal has brought relief to him, he's walked

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In the streets of Medina are coming to him racing to him to go and, and give him this congratulations to go and shake his hand. They're going and congratulating him. He remembers all of these moments, because the Sahaba of the Allah on whom they were not dry hearted, they didn't just let his family go and tell him, they didn't just go and let his best friends go. Everyone wanted to go and participate in the sharing of this happiness with God with pneumatic. So communicating love, the third,

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the Prophet sallallahu Sallam in the Hadith that I mentioned earlier, and most of them, the prophets of Allah, Allah has said them, he says, you will not enter paradise until you believe. And you won't believe until you love one another. Shall I not tell you after that? Allah che you need to move to have to show and I tell you about something that if you do it, you will love one another. He says, spread this at home amongst you

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spread this at home amongst you. Two things with regards to this at home. We want to look at the quality and you want to look at the quality, the quality and the quantity both of these two. Now what do I mean by that? The quality is when I walk up to someone and I say sit down why they come how do I do it?

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I may walk up to someone and say sit down with a camera.

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Like I'm in one of those old, old movies.

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What does that even does that give you a feeling of happiness. I want you to imagine when you say Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatu. To someone that you are in your little masala in your house.

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And you are praying to Allah azza wa jal and you say, oh, Allah, Fatima, I want you to bring your peace upon her. I want you to bring down your tranquility upon this person there, your Baraka, your your Rama, your mercy, I want it to envelop this person.

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it conjures up a different type of emotion. That is what you're saying that is the virtue in the value of this greeting that Allah azza wa jal taught to Adam. This is that greeting that Allah has already made the greeting of mankind that you are wishing Allah, so just peace and baraka and blessings and mercy upon this person. And so is my the way the body language through which I say a Salam aleikum, wa Rahmatullah to these people that I greet. Does it denote? does it carry all of these connotations? Is my set, I'm warm?

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And if so, then how do I make myself a better greeter of the Muslims? Number two is the quantity. The province of Islam says I've just set up spread it to those who you know, and those who you don't know. And I'm telling you that if we have this type of an attitude, and I'm very happy that I'm able to share this with you. So early on in the conference, if we have this type of attitude, I guarantee you that you're experienced a Texas now we're over this weekend, we'll go from whatever number it is, it'll double, at least, if you we all together make it a habit that I'm going to go outside. And it doesn't matter if I know this person or not. I'm gonna walk up to them. We're all here for the

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same purpose. We all know, we don't know each other, but we're all Muslim and Hamdulillah. I'm just gonna walk up to them and said, I'm gonna have to LA. Where are you from? I'm from San Antonio. I'm from California. I'm from Chicago. Where are you from? I'm from Houston. Welcome to Houston. And

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it will become a completely different experience. I remember one time I was in Chicago, and I liked sharing this story, because it was very unique. And it stayed in my mind for years. I was in Chicago, one of the first times that I went, I was with a friend who was not Muslim, and we were walking down Michigan Avenue, I think I don't remember but we were walking for hours. And when we finally get to

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we continue to walk for a while. And then finally he says to me, do you know where we are like no, I don't know. He says we're in Southside Chicago.

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Like he wants to say surprise. I'm like, Whoa, I've heard a Southside Chicago my whole life. It's very notorious. It's very dangerous. And so while we're in Southside, a man comes up to me on the street.

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And he says to me a Salam I'd

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say why they call some friends on Muslim, like, what's going on? I'm like, I don't just give him said I'm, he's a Muslim.

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We walked for a couple, a few more minutes. And then from across the street, out of one of the stores, a man walks out. And he says, I said,

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No to Allah.

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Everyone's like, what's going on?

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This man crosses the street. Huge guy, mashallah to Attica. Ly comes up to me. So now I didn't want him to love God. Then he started telling me his story. And he had just gotten to Chicago.

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He was telling me, I was like, Okay, that's great to hear. Thank you very much. And that was a he was just very excited to see a Muslim. And so when we were leaving, from His presence, my friend says to me, man, you know, more people here than I do.

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I said, No, it's just we're Muslim. That's how we act. And I wish that what he's what I said was true. Because on another time, I had been traveling with my mom.

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And I was very excited. You know, a lot of misogyny

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I don't really accommodate women very well. And my mom has been praying in a pretty grungy Masjid experience for the past 30 years. So anytime I have an opportunity to go and share with her a really nice message with a really nice, you know, women's facilities, I get very excited about it. So I'm explained, she's walking into the message, and she's amazed. She's like, these are what the massages should look like. These are what the massages should look like. She was so excited.

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And then we separate for the solo. I go into the men's section, she goes into the women's section, and we rejoin after and I'm waiting for her and I want to hear more about her experience. But she comes out deflated.

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And I'm thinking like, what happened? And so I asked her, I was like, What's wrong with salah? You didn't like it? She was like, no, no, it was very nice. It's very beautiful. But I walked in. And there were some women there and I said, why they come to them and nobody responded to me.

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And then while we were walking out, there was another group of women and I said unto them, and nobody responded to me.

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That's the power of this setup. It can make the most notorious areas of the country the most dangerous areas that will make it feel like home because of the presence of the greeting, and it'll make the houses of God. Feel foreign. unwelcoming? So spread this around, spread this alarm today and tomorrow, the day after, with those who you know, and those of you don't know, that's number three. Number four

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is smiling.

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And don't worry if your eyes disappear when you smile. Don't worry if you have chubby cheeks,

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Allah as we get to design your smile.

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You know,

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one of the companions name was JD, he says, I never met the Prophet sallallaahu Sydenham inlet have a similar view which he I never met the Prophet sallallahu sallam, except that he smiled at me. He smiled in my face. And it was as if, you know, we could tell him, hey, the smile, the promise I sent him smiled in the face of everybody. He smiled in the face of everybody. That was his character. But there was something about that smile, that made him feel like it was personal to him.

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As if it was a smile that belonged to him alone, because of what the prophets of Allah is sending them how the Prophet carried that smile, how you presented that smile.

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And it's not just for softies don't think that it's just Oh, the smiles. There's something that works for sisters smile is just something that works for kids. I smile in their faces, but when I meet my bros,

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this is the face that I give them.

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Has the only ever produced the man who is more battle tested tougher than highly, dimly lit?

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All we

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Yeah, Hardy tells us that when he accepted Islam, and he entered into Medina,

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his brother meets him who had already accepted Islam. And he tells him the Prophet sallallahu Sallam

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has heard of your arrival. He is overjoyed. And he's waiting for you.

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So hard it already is receiving the royal treatment. The province I send them is waiting for him. How did you mean really it says as I approached the province of Elijah Salem Lamora. And if testament been buried, the Prophet sallallaahu send them saw me from a distance and he started smiling.

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And he said, for Allah, he loved me as a New Testament. Hatao tough to beignet day, he continued to smile by Allah until I stood in front of him. From the distance, I see him smiling. I keep coming. He's still smiling. I keep coming. He's still smiling until I stood in front of him. Now, what's powerful about this story is that Khalid is telling us a memory that stayed with him. For years and years and years, he remembers that detail. He remembers the smile of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. And so when we smile, that we try to denote warmth, we try to make sure that we're this this smile of mine is transmitting warmth, it's transmitting love, it is bringing joy to the person who's

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receiving it, that it becomes a gift to the person who receives it. And if your smile is like that, then you understand how the province of Allah Allah has sent him says to have a sumo curfew he he casada that your smile in the face of your brother as a charity that you give.

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So number four is to Smile number five

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and the last one is to simply bring happiness to each other. A man came to Rasulullah Salah send me he said Yes Will Allah Abraham it will Allah what actions are most beloved to Allah. And the prophets will lie they send them says sudo rune to treat who Adams

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happiness that you bring to your Muslim brother or sister, anybody?

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Any happiness? Whether it's a good word that you say, whether it's that you pray something about them, whether it's you encourage them

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Venus that you can bring to your Muslim brother or sister. It is the most beloved action to Allah Azza, GA, and the Prophet and his companions. They were artists in this regard. And when you read the Sierra, you find them painting masterpieces. I'll give you two examples. The first

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the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is with his companions, Omar and I will work and they are in a late night meeting. And as they're walking back to the masjid, the Prophet salallahu Salam is going to the house of Aisha, they have to go through the masjid to get there. And so as they enter into the masjid, they see that Hello, Sophia have gotten up for tahajjud. Individually, they're praying. And so one of them is praying behind a pillar. And he's reciting Surah, seven, he sat and he was a very short mountain praying behind the pillar, and he's reciting Surah Nisa and the Prophet salallahu Alaihe salam from a distance is standing listening to Israel citation. And as this

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companion is listening to this, as this companion is reciting the province and alias and utterance of what a nominee says, Whoever of you wants to hear the Quran, as it was freshly revealed, then let him listen to the citation of a video mapped out to live the mystery.

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And then of the live news begins to make dua he's reciting. He's making dua and the province alias and I'm still off in a distance and he's saying, Oh, you smell cool, you smell good. You smile, say it will be heard say it will be heard. It's as if he's saying I mean,

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the night is over. The morning comes over to Mahatama or the Allahu gets up with a mission. What's his mission? His mission is that he goes to Tel Aviv the lighting was what happened the night before, to bring that happiness to him to live in his room. And so Alma goes, he finds I've lived numerous rooms, he tells him the story. We were with you last night we went the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he saw you praying sort of the nice out, you're reciting very beautifully. And you made you're out in the province, Allah sent him said what he said, I believe no matter what he says, just like Allah, it's very nice of you. I heard that already.

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He's like, What do you mean, you heard or it's like, first thing in the morning?

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He says, Yeah, Abu Bakr already told me,

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I'm gonna get stuck just his clothes off. And he says, there's no point. There's no point.

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I've never been able to beat a walk to any good.

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I've never been able to be able to do any good. So then the question becomes, well, what was the goodness in that moment? That Ababa could be number two? Well, was the goodness that they were racing towards the goodness of bringing happiness to their Muslim brother and sister and so I challenge you. I challenge you that you make this part of your life and that you spend this weekend trying to think about it, you know, I'm going to go to the bazaar, but instead of purchasing something for myself, I'm going to look and see if I can purchase something for someone else. I challenge you to send a text message today to someone that you love getting out of your comfort zone

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and informing them that you love them. No matter how weird it is. I challenge you to smile in the face of someone. No matter how awkward you think your smile is. I challenge you to go and shake the hand of someone. The province of Allah Islam says mighty Muslim, Manial Tatiana Fetisov Han Illa Allah yesterday I caught that there are no two Muslims who when they shake hands, except that their sins are forgiven before they end, shaking their hands. So to conclude,

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thank you for bringing happiness to my heart by listening to my presentation and for smiling at me and for all of your words of encouragement before and I ask Allah azza wa jal that he make us of those who are envied by the prophets and the martyrs. On the Day of Judgment will be a people who are envied by the prophets and the martyrs who were people who loved each other for the sake of Allah even though they had no relationship between them. They had no relations between them. There was no blood between them. And ask Allah as we did that he makes us of those who are in his, the the shade of his throne on the day when there is no shade except for his shade. And I conclude by the

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words that the progress on the lightest and I'm taught us are a catalyst to love. A Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.