Mohammed Hijab – Shia Preacher Ammar Nakshawani Caught Lying About Debate

Mohammed Hijab
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a recent debate on terrorism and the importance of protecting one's identity. The speaker discusses a man named Amara who refuses to answer a challenge and claims to be a shia Sunni. The speaker also mentions a video where a man named Shia Sunni tries to avoid a debate and is criticized for not protecting their identity.
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Job 10 discount code for 10% discount on a wide range of products including premium Ethiopian black seed products. Assalamualaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh. How are you guys doing? Some time ago some years ago, there was a man called Amara knock Swanee. And this was, and still probably is, even though he's not been active, the main spokesperson or public speaker for the Shiite community. He started to become more and more aggressive towards Sudanese when he started to insinuate that the companions

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or the roots of all terrorism, ISIS type terrorism originates at the time of the companions. Obviously, this is a kind of sectarian bias, because of the fact that he's a Shia and obviously she is, for the most part, have a negative attitude towards the companions. Having said this now, after he said that, he said, he made the challenge he said he came on he said, I'll have to if you if you want to debate me on this issue, then that I'm happy to debate, you're not gonna conceal my face. You want to debate me come and debate me what law I won't consider myself one bitch with you. And I'll tell you exactly what I think Adnan Massoud came along and actually accepted that challenge. So

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that hasn't been Ronnie, a specialist of next year, especially since she it studies who's been researching this topic for about 15 years. And then, out of nowhere, we've seen that this individual has put his tail between his legs and run away. We haven't heard anything from him until, until quite recently, when he was on a podcast, denying that he ever said anything about accepting a debate challenge before let's see what he has to say. I remember someone messaged me a few years ago. And they said to me

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that you challenged

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anyone for a debate. And here's the clip from your lecture, which was the lecture on the roots of terrorism and radicalism.

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And I was certain that in that lecture, I never ever challenged anyone to a debate.

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It's a No, no, hey, here's the clip.

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There's nothing in the lecture on, you know, on radicalism or radical Islam, which says that

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there was a part of a lecture

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on Shia Sunni marriages. And in there, I was discussing how you don't need to be apologetic with the future spouse. Be ready and say, Listen, you want to debate I'm ready to debate. Because this is marriage. This is a decision they're made for life.

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They took that part out. So as you guys can see here, he denies that he ever accepted the debate challenge in the first place. But if you listen to the the context, before and after this particular

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debate, challenges made, this is what he has to say. Let's tickler one law one conceal my faith one bit with you. And I'll tell you exactly what I think. Others in Pakistan in place like cueta in places like Potlatch and our others

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Pakistan and quiet

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on Medina, Sharon Medina, and they have to conceal their faith. So quite clearly here. If putting it in context, the guy is lying through his teeth, to try and avoid debating. And it's fine. The fact that your cowardice has been made, obviously clear for all to see Sunni, Shia, Muslim and non Muslim is enough of a victory for us. Well, in this very short video with one comment, it's ironic that you are the same individual or say that or Amar, that was accusing Amara, Bob, from fleeing in cowardice in the battlefield, because it seems like the only one who's free fleeing from intellectual battle for the intellectual battlefield, is you. What's that? I want to come once ally warriors

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