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AI: Summary © Speaker 1 talks about forgiveness and promises to serve those who have passed away. He also talks about forgiveness for those who have been killed and for those who have rights over them. He encourages those who have passed away to forgive them and promise to keep others from their hearts.
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Allah have mercy on the ones who showed me mercy and taught me the way to have mercy on them as they raised me while I was young. Oh Allah, my parents raised me taught me loved me provided for me prayed for me. Those who are alive, grant them bless it healthy and beautiful faith and expansive provision and ease and all affairs. Allow me to be their best companion and grant me the gift of servicing them, and patience with them, and reverence of them and honor of them and dutifulness to them and gift me their love, and their pride and their friendship. And for those who have passed away, forgive them. My Lord, forgive them. I beg you to forgive them, and forgive those who they

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used to pray for, and those who they used to love and those who have rights over them. Have mercy on their weakness, overlook their shortcomings, expand their graves, as far as their eyes can see. Make it a garden of the gardens of Paradise and make my every good deed a continuation of their goodness, make me dutiful to them in death and reunite us in paradise with flowing rivers and eternal youth, where we will never be touched by death or sadness ever again.