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Ammar Alshukry
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of learning about Jesus' actions and His instructors in order to avoid harms and achieve spiritual health. They emphasize the need to practice habits and avoid running out of information. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of setting boundaries and communicating clearly with others to avoid becoming annoying.
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What are some of the ways that we can increase our Taqwa? So, these are some practical things that a person can do. One is to get to know Allah azza wa jal, and really just to know who is the Lord that we worship when you learn that Allah azza wa jal is a Rahman Al Rahim. Then you have hope in Allah azza wa jal, it induces Love of Allah azza wa jal to know that Allah Azza get is overlooking you and taking care of you and that Allah azza wa jal is so merciful to you. When you know that Allah has an agenda as a result that Allah Allah is the One who provides then that induces hope everything that you learn about Allah as your necessitates it create some sort of relationship, some aspect of your

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relationship with Allah, it creates a induces an emotion with regards to Allah Azza when you know that Allah azza wa jal is Al COVID. Al Aziz Allah azza wa jal is the powerful Allah azza wa jal is the mighty that you recognize that, you know, it humbles you, you know in your place and when you know that Allah azza wa jal is the one when Allah azza wa jal, you know that he is a semi at his elbow, see, so you know, that Allah as you did is present with you wherever you are and that He hears, and he sees you in all of your circumstances that should invoke and that should create shyness from the slave that they that they are, they're aware of the presence of Allah azza wa jal

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have them in all of their circumstances and everything that you do. And so this

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duck comes from knowing more about Allah azza wa jal that you recognize, because in reality, there's none of us who sin except that in that moment of sin, that we've either forgotten a lot, so didn't we forgotten about him, or that we didn't give Allah as we did his due right? We didn't hold Allah azza wa jal, as he should be, we didn't estimate him or we didn't see Allah as as good as he deserves to be seen in our hearts. And so knowing Allah azza wa jal is the first one. The second one is to seek knowledge to actually know what a person should fear what a person should avoid. And so if you don't know that something is obligatory on you will the obviously you're not going to do it.

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And if you don't know that something is haram, then obviously you may fall into it. And so if you don't know that a transaction is about, then you may fall into it. If a person doesn't know some of the details of the Sharia, I then they may fall into something that's haram and they may, you know, be absent in something that's obligatory and so learning about what a person should avoid and learning how they should have Taqwa of Allah Zosia by learning the religion that Allah has obligated on his slaves. The third is to remember Ocelot. And acid is very important because that is what puts everything in perspective of what kind of the law and who he says. I'm about to enter hula

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photography hearing, but other than not Well, I shall officially embeddable Jana there is no good in any good that will lead to hellfire. And there's no evil in any evil that leads to paradise. And so he's looking at this dunya through the lens of the Acela. And so everything is placed in his proper perspective. And that is what helps us when you remember the day of judgment and you recognize that you know, this, you know, business transaction, even though it is, you know, cheat Fuller, even though it'll get me some money. Quickly, you remember what Allah has just said, with regards to people who have corrupted business transactions, and he says, I have one that will let you know how

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much they owe me and all them, you owe me a common nasty little bit enemy? Do they not think these Mustafi? And do they not think that they will be that they will be gathered again, for a great day, a day where mankind will stand in front of the Lord of the Worlds? You see, so remembering Athleta induces in you, and it gives you that perspective. And you recognize that these insignificant benefits and gains and things that that we that we stress over so much when it's compared to everlasting life and and presentation in front of Allah azza wa jal and when the angels come kaleida ducreyi Or do the conductor or Bukovel medicals often suffer, or God is in be Jahannam you want

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easier to the Quran in San Juan Allahu Decra On the Day when the earth will be pounded and destroyed. And the angels and your Lord and the angels will come and the angels will be in ranks and you can imagine the angels with their size and their power and their and their look.

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Would you even be Jahannam and the Hellfire is brought near on the Day of Judgment when we see that you will be easier to get caught out in sun on that Day mankind will remember human being everyone will remember when I looked at the clock, but what will it benefit to remember on that day, what will it benefit to turn your life around and have news resolutions on that day? It won't benefit at all. And so remembering Atilla is a very important aspect of increasing your taqwa. When you read about the grave and you read about the punishment of the hellfire and you read about all of these things they didn't do says fear the fourth is to follow your sins with good deeds. The prophets

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Allah said and he told him it says tequila Hey to my country. Hola. Wherever you are, what we see at the Hacienda and follow good deeds follow since with good deeds, whenever you do a sin followed up with a good deed. Don't let one

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And suddenly to another interrupted with a good deed interrupted with a big good deed. Right? So that is something that's bigger than the sin so that you get into the habit of that and inshallah Tada, Sheikh Bong will recognize that every time he gets you to commit a sin, it doesn't drag you out. In fact, you end up doing a bigger good deed. And so he will stop invoking in your heart will stop inciting in your heart for you to do sins, because he recognizes that that doesn't destroy you. In fact, that destroys him right and that destroys his mission, because you always follow a sin with a good deed. And the last one is the most important one which is to invoke Allah azza wa jal to ask

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Allah to ask Allah and the prophets of Allah is alum, so many supplications that he used to make but of them is Allah mineus elegant Buddha took our fr for Alina Oh Allah I asked you for who that for guidance with dukkha and Taqwa and FF and chastity and Lena and self sufficiency or richness, and so these are supplications that we should make Allahumma in ns 11 has yet to come at home to be beignet obey. nasiha Tikka ALLAH ask you from your Hashem from your fear, what will be a

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barrier between me and sinning against you? There are lots of obligations, check them out, find them online find them in the center of the Prophet saw the light is set it up so that we memorize them and that we ask Allah as Agent even if you don't memorize them that you just make it a habit for yourself to ask Allah Azzawajal to grant you Taqwa to grant you increased awareness of Allah as you did increase consciousness of Allah reverence of Allah of Allah fear of Allah that you we be of the motorcade

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