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The transcript describes a series of popular culture books and quotes quotes from various sources. The speakers discuss various topics such as the name of the God, the meaning of the name, and the success of Islam. They also mention a book called "mark on the wall" that highlights the power of the God.

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So now we're gonna have to live on a car to another episode of Kurata and motion. We're here with Chef moden hammer sodic cinema Krishna or Allegan Salah will have the level of code. So we'll be going over the Tafseer of AYATUL kursi sha Allah are all Rulu bIllahi min a che BA and eulogy name

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Bismillah Hiroshima and Ilahi

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Allah hula ah ilaha illa who will how you will pay you?

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Allah is the default name for God. Some said it means the one who is worshipped or the one who is loved or the one who bewilders all. In any case, he's the one that you should call. And he's the only one who's worshipped I mean, there are many who are worshipped if you look around you, but there's none who deserves to and hate is the Ever Living and the meaning that this name sends is that Allah is the only one not your family and not your friends who's with you on your journey from the beginning until it ends and so he's the only one the heart of a believer should depend on. I'll pay you is the maintainer of every soul, billions of creatures all over the globe and heavens and

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galaxies and another zone and creation beyond that, that we just don't know.

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Law Lada who sinner to Allah No.

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And this verse is an emphasis on the greatness of his maintenance Sidna is a wakefulness between sleep and laziness or a drowsiness and the perfection of his life is another point being stressed asleep is this brother, Lowe, who ma if you sama wa t.

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And this part reframes everything we think we own our health, wealth, family, every possession we've ever owned, it all belongs to Allah and it returns to Him, in fact, so when there's something that we should want, he's the one that we should ask.

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Money, the levy a shot, we're in the hole Illa evening, and who can dare to intercede or even dare to speak in front of God without permission on the day of great submission when phony peers have hearts filled with fear and eyes of humbled vision?

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Yeah, Allah Moo Ma, ad muama Khalifa whom he knows everything that has occurred and what tomorrow Sun will bring, and everything that didn't happen if it did the outcome of everything, billions of daily choices affecting our collective destiny. Wala guna che

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il me Allah be ma Shah.

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He knows everything that has occurred and what tomorrow Sun will bring and everything that didn't happen if it did the outcome of everything. Billions of daily choices affecting our collective destiny, but all we know is what he taught us. Just a drop taken from a see. What's it called? We'll see you who said Ma T will.

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Some said Al corsi is his knowledge. Other said it's where his feet are placed. In any case, it encompasses everything we know of space, and how mighty is our God when all of this is under his power and he maintains it every second every minute and every hour.

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Wallah oh do who have more whom ah, who will i Lee will allow only him and how mighty is our God when all of this is under his power and he maintains it every second every minute and every hour and this causes him no fatigue, no rest, no breaks, no sleep, no assistance needed. No assistance needed. He maintains it all perfectly. And this verse ends on a beautiful basis no matter how high anyone gets Allah is still higher and no matter how great Allah is still the greatest Bismillah Hiroshima nudo him

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Allah hula ah Illa Illa who will how you will pay you

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Lada who Cena to Allah No.

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Lo whom if you semi wa T will fill out.

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The levy is February in the who?

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Lobby Illini

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yeah I love all my bein ad mama Khalifa whom

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Wallah you hate you Oh Nabi say

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me love me my Shah

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What's your outcome Lucy whoo hoo sama wa T will

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wala who do who have mu ma who will Ali? Ali him

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sadaqa Allah will allow me him