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notion that the minister who want to stop filming

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will not only be learning and she will be enforcing

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the whole family law.

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What might not be for her the worship of Allah Allah in law Marwaha who you

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are worshiping Mohamed and have to also look

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at the top of the hopper to party he was at Hamilton the hill our intimacy mood. They are in oneness with taco taco Monica the Papa cleanups in Ohio Hello Pamela has

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over seven zero money set with up to 100 litres of ham in Omaha canalicular feva Johanna Lavina on top of Baja Poland studied

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your sled up on your trailer comes on overcome Omega de la ha So let's move out there first I was on my way

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here from La

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Jolla mama who work on what the yokomoto to what algorithm sharpen whatever what a two minute agenda team and Zilla was ALLAH to Allah Malaysian and as he heard that mechanic Oba Kiana Bronte and the edge

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of in the algae ego when

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was Jerry

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well that was a con

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so Paula who

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well the human love Oahu moto comm

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wash him up well who should have come

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later became Fiji and Hawaii. And on me the SEC will have sort of an animal Islami

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the Bucha that he had the he saw the rod either

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mean other than what

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what what in the line

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we're in

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we're in the Mousavi Camilla that was

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one man

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in anywhere in the illegal gym.

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You're gonna and you're Allah

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you be doing the same routine Allah?

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What are keen you

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know yesterday,

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leon de la

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who had who was

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the Dean?

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women can

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women learn the

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To the people of Gaza

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We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala

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to show His mercy upon their dead.

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We ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to show His mercy upon the martyrs and ask ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada to grant their people summer to grant their loved one summer.

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eyes all over the world are crying

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as we see this massacre, and yes, it is in general side. Whether they want to call it or not. We caught it at genocide.

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More than 4000 people have been slaughtered and killed.

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More than 4000 non soldiers civilians have been killed. More than 11,000 injured and wounded.

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Hundreds and hundreds of houses and hospitals and schools and recently they came out saying when this hospital has been bombed, they came out saying it was a faulty rocket lunch. Who are they for?

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who are definitely

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they want to destroy this thing, but this thing has a Lord called Allah

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will you submit after the come? Oh you who believe in Allah Hi. Um so

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if you make a loving soleus Allah will make you victorious. They want to destroy this thing, but they cannot walk like they cannot. Why? Because he's been has Allah because we have a VA

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and if Allah is on your side, you have everything. But if Allah is not in your side, he's don't have nothing. They claimed. They claim that we are kidding, we say we, because we belong.

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We are baby killers, they had no proof. But it turned out, it turned out that in fact they weren't the ones disguising themselves looking like Palestinians, killing babies. Allah is Unhak Allah is that HECM Allah disguise them to hell.

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And it all started a quick briefing. For those who don't know, as we should all know, is a quick briefing of what really happened. Let's go back to history. Let's go back to the command. Let's go back to when I bought him out in Sudan, moved out from the era where he was born to Philistine where, who was the people of Kenya Cananda Yun, let's go back to his tree, the very first inhabitants of Cannan Yun who can have you the Canaanites or the Canaanites from the Ark of Cannan from the land called can no Kenyan Who are these Kenyans? The actual Palestinians the length of Palestine who used to reside then the Canadian do what

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they will.

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And then there Ibrahim added Sudan with his wife

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saw gave birth to is hot. Who gave birth to Jaco and who is Jacob who is Jacob so he

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but he came in but who was before them

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who was before them Adams go back to history claiming that it's their land. No, no, no, no, no. And God Musa Cain because they migrated to Egypt and then fill out enslave them go back to history fill out and save them than Allah sent them Musa took them away from the land of Egypt. And then as they were going and towards the length of a sham

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what is part of

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you told me? Yeah, hold on me.

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Let Ybarra cola hula comfy huh What else

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have you come across CV? Cardio cardio

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in common Jeopardy, we're in

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social media ha

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this is what they said when Musa came to them and then we said to them your pony?

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Yeah call me

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and let

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you enter the sacred then that Allah has prescribed for you enter it. What did they say they said Young Musa in London Hola, ha, we cannot we shall not enter it. In the field of Poland Japan in there is a nation who has got tyrants there is a nation there meeting they cannot have you. They are there is a nation that are tired and will not go into enter it until they come out from it.

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came the very first let me jump quickly because we only have about 15 minutes or so. So let me jump to something recent high recent 1897 Remember this dates all of you at 97 The very first Zionist Congress held in Basil, basil in Switzerland, chair by the man himself who founded the modern the modern Zionist Movement. Herzl Theodore

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Who for this movement? And what was the decision in that meeting for two days? They were deciding to form?

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Where should they inhabit that that is Fridays? Where should they move? Three suggestions

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for Spain,

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Argentina, or Uganda? Is this history? They, they have three options, or should we go for Spain? Or Argentina? Or Uganda

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came with this vision to land in philosophy.

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So this is history going back to history. But you know what hurts us the most? What hurts me the most? Yes, our people are being slaughtered as I mentioned. Kids, y'all

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be suburbia

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Faryab is touching with Ashley How are Roca mean? How old I mean, the house at a time that I've been Mexico.

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Y'all have to go home. Y'all have been so home. Yeah. Have been so. Y'all have been?

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Up mean? What I mean?

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Yeah, I mean,

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you mean? Now? What hurts us the most is our leadership, our leadership? That same meter, I voted for the same day there. You mostly voted for the same dinner we prayed for we seem leaner, we vote for with the same leader. We supported his status in the face, he human eyes Does he human eyes does the same leader. What did he do instead of being fair? And just in the website?

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What kind of leadership is this? What kind of leadership is this? The human eyes does. Didn't he deceive us? But he taught us an amazing lesson. He taught us an amazing lesson the same way either taught your eye and taught us a wonderful lesson that we should not hold on to people but we should hold on to Allah

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want to daddy Ford have an accent. And those

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you heard that? It's Phil, what sabelo Well, they'll be

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all you who believe in their innovations, and Persevere, persevere. It's been a while I've been told and be on guard so that you may get you may be successful. So maybe to be successful. I want in maybe a couple of minutes in five minutes. Just to compare this with what I call and when

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I want to compare the Montana elephants that we are that they're doing now. To invention or money. Yeah. What is innovation or money? Yeah, the great war. What war the Omani war with dead war? What kind of comparison that we take you back to history and Akoto we had that shot. So after

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we had those possible

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in the whole world

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if your heart was not moving, what's going on today?

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To your heart your debt.

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If there is no movement it is. If your heart does not shake with what's happened now you'll recall staying in

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the world. Check your heart, your heart is it

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what happens in the era of

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when when he came and traveled from Medina to Palestine to get the key to beta Marcus LEM Raffaella

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The philosophy

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with this illness

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isn't really

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there refused to hand the keys to better luck, this who these are the priests of the Romans of their area in phosphate. They refused to hand down the keys to the oven. Of course at the time that I mean, who pumps it out to fasting at obey the Navamsa? He said, No, we're not going to give you the keys, the keys have to be given or has to be given to a man who we have His diction, restriction in our books. Listen, a man who we have his description in our books.

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the message?

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Yeah, I mean, what maybe it will be good for more than three months. And they are refusing to let us they said the only man who can get the key to this is you. So

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before I came, he consulted with the Sahaba as man was of the opinion that you shouldn't go. And he said, their minimum you should go, you should go to this. So he goes in this wonderful journey, as you're about to reach the suburbs have met him about a way that I know

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in his mule, having some clothing which were torn, he says he had been what we need. I don't want them to see you like this.

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I don't want them to look at you like this. They may they may degrade, quote, unquote, or how to use the humanized view. But you've been dehumanized by our leader.

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Yeah, I mean, what we need, what are the ones that we don't want them to see like this? Why don't you change your clothes, and we'll get you a better ride, we'll get your horse.

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He said.

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He says, I wish I got away that somebody else would have said it was somebody else other than you would have said it. Yeah, the whole pain that

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the nurse

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could nurse for us and Allah when he's done for

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any other than Allah.

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We were the most displaced people on earth. And Allah subhanho wa Taala gave us honor with Islam, which is not how we look, with his dad, with our identity with our dean. And if you were to seek in anything else, or one with the greatest,

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okay, give me another right and give me my clothes sold us. As soon as women put on some new clothes. He said, No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, the value of B E to

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He says bring me back my right, my heart has changed.

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He went back to his own right, change his goals. And then he goes inside. As soon as they saw him

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earlier, his day said this is the man who we have to hand out the keys to mate and mark this. And they handed him the key to the courts with not even a single bloodshed,

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not 4000 so much or more than 11,000 injured, not even one single bloodshed among the key to this, not only that,

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he gave them the MN until today we have the letter go back to history we have the letter the treaty that I had, that Allah has given to the people of India, be it that you will be safe in the land, the churches, their their houses of warships not to be destroyed. They will be and the full utmost security by the Muslims. This is the history and compare that meant that great war with what is going on today. Brothers and sisters up shield. After all, we have to keep our hopes high. Yes. And we don't have don't despair, why shouldn't we despair that we share with you an amazing Hadith? Let me share with you the mission heading to prove to you and us that an alchemist will not again we

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shall have the upper hand inshallah. Why? Because it is the Promise of Allah. It is the Promise of Allah, you are believers, right? We should believe in Allah and we believe in Allah. Look what the Prophet Muhammad said. He said in the Hadith narrated and I searched so much to make sure that this hadith is sound. It is narrated by

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the hadith is reported by Imam Muhammad, and it is classified Asahi by Chevron rahmatullahi

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wa salatu serves the Conan noble waterfree commercial of law entered home for my father wasn't

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submit the cool feed effort as you took a while for the goofy commercial Alana tekun. So you're sharing your photo so many other cool new she lafortune

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the whole time how to monitor your call and would come up or via Facebook via email following the show me my Hakuna mole Punjab region region the issue and Moon conjunct region some may have found

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some code on

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the map

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man a

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lot of Julia have

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been have come

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for Ebisu in Oklahoma Anna Kaduna, who called him called

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Musa is

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in the house

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yeah, yeah Mohammed, it has a booker cartina in MAHAK in the map,

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when no matter what no matter

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Quran, the Prophet Muhammad SAW success,

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the novel where the prophet hood will remain as long as Allah who wishes to remain and then Allah will remove it, elevate he will change it and then what will he change it with, with feed alpha

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will become a threaded feed under the precepts of you who have profited, it will remain until allows you to remain and then Allah will change it and then you will choose him with what with with with kingship with monarchy, and then it will remain as Allah wishes to remain and then Allah will change it then will emerge another type of monarchy, another type of monarchy, which we live in today and it will remain as long as we remain and then Allah will elevate and then change it and then what will come back the feed half hour come back under the precepts of the Prophet freedivers coming back here Shala as in the presence of Mohammed Shaka just like the time of just like the tip of just like

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he is coming back.

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Are we gonna sit here?

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What are we gonna do? Brothers and sisters this is the piston for

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is the enemy somebody

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is the enemy somebody was Salah in the MaHA Savini or you who believe seek help of ALLAH from Allah see with several

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brothers and sisters a kingdom is probably there how no one

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out there has one Allah who never okay. This is the time when you should say Allah when Allah this is the time to say a lot that how

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of what's happening all over the world specifically in verse I asked

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him make this talk your business simple your sage. I've got so many who are studying in in both today I'm scared, afraid to talk and speak about the truth

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behind why why the end? The end is always known. The answer is a piece of land is a piece of a grave whether you are a president or a king or whether you're a poor man like me, and is known to address the beast you should say the least you should do other than to ha speaker speaker bombard none of us choose we bombard the office with emails with notes with messages, talk to them speak up, talk to your MPs now flooded, flooded with messages and and calls. They have to know that they know you think they don't know isn't only that does not know. You think if you if you think he does not know. So Cibona Why don't you leave it? May Allah subhanho wa Taala May Allah Subhana Allah kind of thing

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he's hit victory quick

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summary of Allah,

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Allah Allah loves to go on the one hand, we have been to

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Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah Allah Allah, Allah.

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Allah, Allah, Allah Hi yah

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yah, yo hola sprint peace over the world. Y'all have this great peace over the world. Y'all have this spread and safety all over the world. Your biggest pet safety specifically.

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intersection last thing

00:25:03--> 00:25:14

whatever the Muslims are your opinion is the one who can help them other than we are your love they make you do victorious as you have promised. Y'all make your name victorious as you have promised to do that me y'all have

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a love man.

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Look man with anybody put it

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among them solely focusing solely on on party

00:25:25--> 00:25:27

panic, nobody

00:25:28--> 00:25:32

panic in the criminal body, how they will approach it altogether.

00:25:33--> 00:25:42

How would our voter indict the left? How would our towards a left out alternative has spool out law work he has smaller

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work he has

00:25:45--> 00:25:52

been working in the media he were in a garage on a boat. He said we take the wind and fracture

00:25:54--> 00:25:55

to the current market.