Ammar Alshukry – Allahs Beautiful Names #09 This Is How Allah Heals Your Broken Heart – Al Jabbar

Ammar Alshukry
AI: Summary © The meaning of the "verbal hearted," meaning that people are not allowed to leave their current states until they leave the strong Jabbar society. The fruit of fear, love, and strength are considered the fruit of Islam, and the speaker emphasizes the importance of being careful not to be overruled by anyone. The fruit of weakness is a love for the person and their family, and the fruit of strength is a love for the person and their family.
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Elijah Barr the one who compels al Jabbar is taken from the word Jebel which means to compel. And so Allah subhana wa Tada says, Paul ujar Musa in fer COVID, Jabari, oh Musa inside of that city codes are a people who are just burying their tyrannical and strength, and indeed we will enter it until they leave it, but if they leave it that we will enter and so the children of Israel are telling Musa that they won't enter Jerusalem May Allah subhanaw taala free it from occupation and all of Palestine until the strong Jabbar people leave it and ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada says, well, not entirely him Bucha bar, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada says, and you are not over them, oh Muhammad h bar, meaning you

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can't compel them. And so this word at Shabbat appears in a number of places of it is that verse that I just mentioned Unsworth, Kafir. The province the light SLM is being told you can't compel people to believe in the truth. All you can do is remind them with the Quran. So what does this name mean? Regarding Allah Subhana Allah, Allah is Allah Jabbar, it means that he compels us. We don't get to choose our date of birth, the century that we live in the parents that we have the genetic makeup of our bodies, our height, our features, there's much of our existence that we have no choice and we are compelled by Jabbar, Allah subhanaw taala compels, but when Allah compels, he's the most

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wise and the most just and the Most Merciful and the Most Compassionate, and so his compelling us is in what's best for us. But when human beings who have the defining attributes of being the volume and Jehovah, oppressive and ignorant when they seek to compel others to do what they wish, then that attribute is by an extension, an oppressive attribute, and these people are called Jabatan. They are tyrants, and so the word may be shared between ALLAH SubhanA Dinah's creation, but it's beautiful and praiseworthy, when Allah subhanaw taala has its attributes, and it may be evil and negative when human beings have that attribute. And on the Day of Judgment, Allah subhanaw taala will challenge

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all of the jables of earth, all of the tyrants, I'm delighted to hear reports that are sort of lost a little light instead of said that ALLAH SubhanA, Allah will fold the heavens on the day of judgment, and he would place them in his right hand, and he will say, Where are the arrogance? And then he would fold the earth, and he would place it in his left hand, and he would say, I am the king, where are the hottie? Where are the proud? Where are the arrogance? So Allah subhanaw taala is a Jabatan. But there's a second beautiful meaning to this name. And that is a legible customer who is the one who fixes our brokenness, because when you have a bone that's broken, what must be done,

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you have to compel the bones back together. And so a splint in Arabic is called the jugular because it serves that function of compelling the bones back together. And so you fix our brokenness by compelling our pieces back together. And so when ALLAH SubhanA died as a Jabbar, it means he's the one who fixes he's the one who fixes our brokenness. Yeah, just bought, fix my broken faith, fix my broken body, fix my broken relationships, fix my broken confidence, fix my brokenness, the progress that Elijah said when making his drop between the two sagittis Allahumma fiddley. What hurt me what you bought me what had been what is Oconee? Oh, Allah, forgive me and have mercy on me and fix me

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and guide me and provide for me, this is a beautiful day that we should learn. So how do you interact with this name, the name of Allah al Jabbar, one of the great ways to interact with this name is to fix the brokenness of others, what's called jebra hearted that you can soul others in their time of brokenness, that you carry someone in their time, or in their moments of weakness or doubt, and that you inspire them and that you correct their course. And one of the greatest moments, one of the greatest examples of that is Hadiya, or the lighthouse when the Prophet sallallaahu Salam came back from the cave of Hara after that terrifying experience, and he simply says to her zimny

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loonies a Milani cover me up, cover me up, and they covered him until his fear was over. And then the problem is still alive. They sent him explains the honey to everything that happened. And then he says to her, look at her she to add an FCM I fear for myself. And what is Khadija say? In that moment? She says, Kela will Allah never Allah subhanho wa Taala will never disgrace you. You keep good relations with your family, you help the poor and the destitute. You serve your guests, and you assist people who are in need the deserving calamity afflicted once the hadith is a body these words that the world never forgot of Hadiya and it was a moment of consolation to the prophets of Elijah

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said no. And if the province of the lightest of them told us that bringing happiness to a Muslim is one of the most pleasing acts to ALLAH SubhanA data. So what do you think Allah subhanaw taala will do as a person who brings relief to a Muslim from a sadness that hangs over them, or a worry that envelops them? Right that Jabril Carter that constellation is one of the greatest acts that a person can do. The Prophet sallallahu sallam was set with the young boy whose bird died named a novella. And in that boy's grief, that young boy is grief, the province of the light SLM will take the time to console him and speak with him and say about a man if I didn't know him, no matter what happened

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to an affair, what are some of the fruits of this name? You know, whenever there are names that have to do with Allah subhanaw taala power, Allah strength, whether it's an COVID or a Jabbar or a hot or a disease or any of these names that have to do with Allah's power, there's always two consistent fruits.

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that I want you to know the first fruit is thought good. And the second fruit is taqwa, the fruit of Torquil meaning that I rely upon as your body. I never feel overwhelmed, no matter who's standing against me, no matter how outnumbered I am, because behind me is a Lord who is Jabbar. You know, when the people said in the NASA the German hula comb that the people have gathered against you. So fear them, they said, haspin Allahu Annette Maliki, they said, Allah is sufficient for us. And he's the best Disposer of affairs. And so the number of people the fact that they had gathered didn't deter the believers, because they knew that they had Allah and that's efficient. And everyone who

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has no one has Allah subhana wa Tada. But who is Allah, He is ultra boring. The second rule, however, is taqwa, that you're careful to not be deluded by your own power, your own strength, your own ability, that you don't use it to oppress anyone. Why? Because behind that person is a Lord who is Jabbar so you don't become a tyrant, because al Jabbar is behind everybody who's wronged I don't oppress this person, because behind them is a Lord who is overpowering a Lord who is a competitor. And the last thing that I want to leave you with is who are the worst people to be jump off to think about it, who are the worst people that you could possibly be tyrannical to your parents, that they

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raise you and give you from their lifeforce until you become strong and independent of them. And then you turn around and use that strength that was nourished from them by them to compel them. And that's an attribute that's negated in the introduction of two great messengers of ALLAH SubhanA data and soilless media in the introduction of Yahia, Allah subhanho data says, well, Barbara bydd he with me I could Jabbar on Arsia that he used dutiful to his parents, and he's not Jabbar, he's not a tyrant to his parents, who is disobedience. And when it is it is that I'm introducing himself and sort of made me he says, well, Bertram, Bua lidda T What am I need jubbaland Sharqiya and I'm

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dutiful to my mother. And Allah subhanho data didn't make me jump but he did it make me tyrannical and he didn't make me Shakira. He didn't make me wretched. So we ask Allah Subhana Allah Al Jabbar to fix our brokenness, to fix our broken faith to fix our broken relationships to fix our broken confidence that Allah subhanaw taala Shabbat fix everything within us. That is broken.

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