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The "has been" concept is a choice made by the United States leaders, and the "has been" is a choice made by the United States leaders themselves. Improvements in Islam, including fasting, reading the Quran, hand performing HUD, reciting daily digestible activities, and focusing on specific days are essential for understanding events and achieving success.

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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was salam, ala rasulillah de respected the brothers and sisters Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. In this program, we are discussing the virtues of the first 10 days of the ledger. However, as I said previously, that I'm not discussing the virtues in a very abstract manner. No, no, no, I am discussing it as a concept. I'm linking it to our life, to our understanding to this life, to the how Muslims should view this life, the outlook of this life, my dear respected brothers and sisters, and we said that unlike Allah, Allah selected certain times in throughout the years on La Jolla, Allah selected certain places.

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Yes, Allah, Allah, Allah selected certain people, Allah, Allah, Allah, like those more than others. It is up to him to select to light whatever he wants, Allah, Allah, Allah said, what a book is loco nyesha McCann, Adama Farah, obviously, obviously Allah Allah Allah is what al Hakim COVID Allah, Allah, Allah is all wise Allah, Allah. Allah does not just select randomly. He knows what La Jolla, I don't want to let it move. He knows and we do not know. But we cannot question him. Yes, and he doesn't do things arbitrary. No, no, no, no, he does things for hikma, when maharatna semma our Alpha Omega and Omega A B na falaknuma. In level up, we have not created heavens Earth just for fun,

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no, no, no more falaknuma level have we created them for help and on help and by up and according to help Subhanallah Yes, according to the truth and for the truth for the purpose of truth. So, Allah Allah, Allah selected certain times, and in those times, Allah, Allah, Allah say that I like these activities in those times. For example, a large Allah Allah selected the month of Ramadan and Allah Allah Allah encouraged us to do as much as we can do from the listed Eva data that we have mentioned during the month of Ramadan. Yes.

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So during the month of Ramadan, we fast we do more of Allah, Allah Allah, we do more salah and so on and we become more charitable. As we said, Allah Allah Allah also selected another month but in particular selected 10 days. Yes, of the month of villager. And Allah, Allah, Allah made them to be very, very virtuous, maybe as virtuous as the last 10 days of Ramadan. This is his choice della Allah, and we have to submit to that choice. Subhana Allah, my dear respected developers and sisters in the last 10 days of Ramadan, as we said, in Ramadan, we do fasting, we do a lot of Salah, we do a decaf. So there are a number of listings that are performed in all of them. There are also a number

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of listings that that are done during the month of the ledger. And in particular, during the first 10 days of the ledger. during Ramadan, we do one main pillar of Islam, which is fasting during the month of June. We also perform one important Pillars of Islam

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of the five pillars of Islam, which is what performing ahead. That's why the month of Ramadan is so important. And the month of the hijab is so important the first 10 days of the agenda are so important. Why one of the pillars of Islam is performed during that month is performed during these 10 days of the idea Subhana Allah and that's why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam encouraged us to put more attention to the A bagger in these 10 days of the

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Okay, the month of the hedger as well.

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As we all know, it is month number 12 of the lunar year. And as we said that we as Muslims follow that lunar calendar, the lunar calendar is linked to the moon. And the month starts by the by citing the new moon in general. But in a specific, the leaders should follow that guidelines, which is citing the new moon, of Ramadan and of the ledger, but we as Muslims should follow what the leaders of Muslims have established. And if there are no specific leaders that we follow, then we follow the decision that is taken by the vast majority of Muslims. So when the month of the ledger is decided by the leaders of Muslims, yeah, then we go for that or we will follow the vast majority of Muslims

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and whatever they have decided.

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I don't want to get into the discussion about that, because that is not the purpose of this show. The first 10 days of the hijab, yeah, are very unique days, very specific days. There is a very There are main There are two main a hadith that talk about the virtues of these 10 days. The first Hadith is Hadith, even a battle of the Allahu anhu and it is recorded in Sahih al Bukhari, in which he said that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, there are no days in which the good deeds are more beloved to Allah, Allah Allah than the first 10 days of the ledger. Then the Sahaba in one narration, the companions were amazed. And they said the others fool Allah, ya, Allah, Allah, even

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the doing good deeds in those 10 days of the ledger is more virtuous than jihad. Then the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, Yes, doing good deeds in those 10 days of the ledger is more virtuous than going for jihad, except for a person who went for the heart, with his life, obviously, with his wealth with all of his wealth, and then he came with none means he died as a martyr, and he lost all of his wealth. That is Pacific jihad is more virtuous than doing good deeds in these 10 days of the ledger, otherwise, doing good deeds in those 10 days of the ledger. What kind of good deeds, the specific good deeds, the specific a bad that they listed a bad dad, doing them in those 10 days of

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the year, is more virtuous than jihad in general. Subhana line on

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the other hand, is Hadith even Omar in Muslim Abdullah Mohammed, in which the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said in which the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said

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that there are no 10 days in which good deeds are more beloved to Allah, Allah Allah very similar to the statement of an ambassador of the law. Sorry, it is very similar to the Hadith have been ambassador of the Allah Allah No, except that the prophets Allah Allah, Allah you Adios, adios lm said for Akira v Hina. minute le what MIDI with a bit. Yes, there are no

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there are no days in that that the good deeds, yeah, this is the translation of the of additive NMR there are no days. Yes, there are no days that the good deeds are greater or more beloved to Allah, Allah Allah than the deeds, the the deeds performed in those days. So, this is what the prophet SAW Selim said, or the translation of what the prophet SAW Selim said,

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do plenty of

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deadly, which is saying, either la la,

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la la la la, la la Alhamdulillah Allah condition and take a beer, which is saying Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar and the Hamid which is saying Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Yes, so do plenty of those of the good deeds. Subhana Allah, those Vicar in one narration one of the narrations, the Prophet sallahu wa sallam mentioned test B as well which is saying Subhana Allah, but the main narration of Eben Amar includes in

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Three, saying La Ilaha Illa devilishly Allah Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah condition, but they're all just La la la la, saying Allahu Akbar, saying what Al Hamdulillah. So these are the two main, a hadith that talks about the virtues of these 10 days. Subhana Allah,

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Allah, Allah, Allah selected those 10 days.

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As we said, as very virtuous days, Allah Allah Allah wanted us to perform Hajj in them. And Allah, Allah, Allah wanted us to do good deeds in general, in those 10 days, good listed this and Allah Allah Allah any specific wants us to do more liquor of him in those 10 days.

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Now, see, in Ramadan, the focus is on fasting. Yeah, the focus is on after fasting, the focus is on reading Quran. The focus also is on sadaqa This is the month of Ramadan. Now in the 10 days of elijah, the focus is on what on had

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and after had the focus comes on what on Vicar of Allah, Allah, Allah. Then after the vicar of Allah, Allah Allah, the focus is on you can say sacrifice but mainly what? Mainly the focus is on hand performing HUD and then the remembrance of Allah, Allah Allah. Now, just to mention one point just to see that Allah Allah Allah select certain days for certain about that. Yeah, this is a lot this is his will. Okay.

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Now, can we say that recitation of Quran recitation of Quran is virtuous? In the 10 days of the hedger? Of course, it is virtuous in the 10 days of the idea, what is more virtuous, recitation of the of an, in the first 10 days of the ledger, or doing liquor of Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah hamdu Lillah Allahu Akbar, it seems that, as we said, because the focus is on Vicar in these days, it seems that will allow Adam that we should increase the dickish more in these 10 days. It doesn't mean that we do not respond, but what should we increase from his or sorry, on on what we should focus on more is what that imbalance of Allah, Allah Allah in these days. Okay. Why I

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mentioned this point, I don't want to elaborate on it, but I mentioned it to see that see, a lot of Allah Allah selected certain days and the La Jolla, Allah.

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Allah Allah, Allah commanded us to do more of specific about that in those days. This is his will, this is what he wanted us to do. Okay.

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Now, we also know that Allah Allah Allah selected the day of Juma which is re occurring on a weekly basis. And that was the law as you know that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said in the album at Yama, kameyama Juma the greatest day you have on a weekly basis this the explanation of the Hadith is what Yama Yama, yes. That was created in Yama, Yama,

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Adam. Adam was taken from Ghana. He he entered Jana on Yama, Yama. He was taken from dem Jana on Yama, Yama. In Yama, Yama, the Day of Resurrection will take place. Yes. And there are so many virtues for your melodrama in Memorial Day or one of the scholars a cod, he

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wrote a book talking about the virtues of Yama Juma and he counted over 70 Okay, this is a well known book by Imam Cod. And there are many other scholars who wrote similar books about the virtues of human drama. Okay, so this is what a lot the Lord Allah wanted.

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Similarly, Allah, Allah, Allah selected the first 10 days of the ledger and the Lord Allah Allah wants us to be more close to him in these 10 days of dental hygiene, by performing hajj and by performing a lot of the care of Allah Allah Allah Allah, we will elaborate on this insha Allah in the coming episode, Baraka, lovey calm and in sha Allah. We will see you in the coming episode.