Al-Quds – City of Prophets

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You know puts is one of those places where you just never think that you're going to be able to come here

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I think that everything in this place is bless it, and you feel it. That's one thing that stands out to me about the people over the hoods is the merchants. They're so generous sending Suriname upon the prophets Allah light IS LM is a legitimate currency here they tell you, if you can afford just cents and I'm upon the prophets, Allah Allah they send them and that's good enough. One of the things that's amazing to me about philosophy and the sham in general, is how much the Prophet sallallaahu Selim praised it and how much he loved it and how much he spoke about it. Even though it wasn't Muslim during his time. Like he's talking about a sham like it is part and parcel of the

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Muslim world.

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Yeah, pluvialis show me all over the shop alone, my body cleaner fish Amina. He says oh Allah bless our Sham.

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He's talking about a sham like it's, it's his and that's just a manifestation of His prophecy. But it's also a manifestation of the the virtue that Hashem has. And you feel that when you come here

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it's not that all of them don't have options to be here. And we've already met this week, a number of people who make the choice to live in philosophy, and they make the choice to live in Jerusalem and they make the choice to sacrifice a comfortable life for a happy life.

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People who have come and prayed at admission to the upside, you hear words like surreal, you hear words like unbelievable, you hear words like life changing, being able to meet people who truly go through a lot of challenges, and yet at the same time, they still find incredible faith in Allah Subhana Allah, they sacrifice they have lost there's trauma all around. And yet you still see resilience and yet you still see courage and yet you still see generosity and yet you still see happiness and you see warmth and you feel love, a land of Prophets. This is the land of scholars, this is the land of people that live off this is the land of it's just it's just a place that ALLAH

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SubhanA wa Tada has chosen, and its people are chosen and so it's it's incredibly inspiring.