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Ammar Alshukry
AI: Summary © The host of a Tech podcast introduces a new segment, starting with a discussion about a model sugar. The segment discusses the concept of a "provide" and how it can lead to a " act" that leads to action. The segment also touches on the concept of a "torque" and how it can lead to actions.
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welcome to Tech along I'm your host without a phone and I have with us a model sugar we're gonna be talking about the 99 names of a line today in this episode we are doing a zap Razak and hailed Raza T.

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hydro Raja penis like that's like.

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Exactly, exactly

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so so let's jump right into

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it very quickly

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all of that comes under the concept of this which is provision right and so allies are yet is the one who provides so contemplating on this name. What does it give you a Rosa Rosa.

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It gives you the sense to depend on a lot. So this is in relation to that as if as well.

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Well now Raja follows up and

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halal recipe that Allah has, again, what this does is it makes you totally dependent on the law, I realized that my distance from a lot. So this is, you know, really perfect. You're to look good in a lot. I depend on a lot before I ask anybody that I asked a lot, every single one of us wakes up every single day with a million different so it doesn't tie into lucky.

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I lucky Yeah, I might.

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I don't know.

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We didn't get that far yet. Okay, I'm jumping the gun again, as usual.

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So in a lot of us up low quality material. So a lot as being a reserved

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but it does definitely teach you teaches you to look good definitely teaches you to depend on Allah as urgent. It makes you dependent on Allah. Also,

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you know, this concept of you know, every single one of us, we wake up every single day with a million different aspirations, hopes, things that we need to be resolved things that we want to acquire and secure for ourselves. Yeah, and to recognize that before I ask anybody that all of that is in the hands of a BA, and that allows you to sell Yeah, and so to recognize that all of that is with a law. So we go and before I knock on everyone's door, before I make any phone call or send any resumes or anything like that, they My heart is attached to a lot. And then I request it first from Allah. So all of that is from the aspects of it. But yesterday, I was just kind of pondering over

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the because I was asking you about the idea of Rahim regarding a VR headset on right, when he lay the fiber hemopoietic elbaite was made. Yeah, probably not.

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Right after he built this house, right, then he's asking, almost popped out accept this from me. But at the same time, he's also asking for, and that's that same setting is asking for their people to be have people, Muslims and whatnot, and later is also asking that they be provided with fruits may be provided with all these different needs. Right? And

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I guess the question that might come up is what comes first, the action or the DA?

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When a person is seeking the bounty of Allah?

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So the answer to that is, is an action. Okay. That's the whole point is that is an action and dies the first action. That's what the Prophet told, even Ibis. So first, any law, you're going to ask anyone that asked a law with a standard, you're going to seek the help of anyone to seek the help of a law. And we don't make that connection that in and of itself is an action? It's like, something separate from the actions? Because sometimes you may equate it to just talking No, but who are you talking to? A lot, right. So that's the whole point is that I, when I'm making my plan for whatever it is that I'm trying to acquire yet, just as I lay out all of the steps I'm laying out, do I gotta

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be part of it? It's got to be at the top right, because what I'm doing with your eyes, I'm transferring this issue, whatever it is, from my ability in my capacity, to the capacity and the ability of Allah. That's the first thing that I'm doing, and then I'm doing everything else but my heart entire time is connected to a vine I recognize landmine and the mathlete. What I'm up to the moment, that's what we see when we're getting up from record. The province has taught us to say that which is there's no one who can get what you withhold, and uncon withhold what you get. What is that again? Not mine anymore update? Okay. Well, I'm updating them. And that is essentially an addition

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to like, Rob, and I will. Yeah, I'm

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gonna leave on water country.

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Semi automated automatic machine to machine.

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No, man, no matter what, I'm up to a minute or

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so this is a whole thing that one could say.

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That's pretty awesome. Where do I find it? You'll find it in the books.

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Find it on Google. drive by Google. When you get up from the entire completion thing? Yeah. Okay. Hold on. Hold on. Okay, so you and that's pretty much it was that was up. It's again, Rosetta is this concept of torque, where it's this concept of allies again, is the one who provides for me, okay, so I should seek it all from the left and be content. Got a lot. A lot of awesome

Ustadh Ammar Alshukry presents a series on the 99 Names of Allah with real life reflections.

In this episode he talks about a powerful name of Allah – ArRazzaq, ArRaziq, and KhairulRaziqeen and why it matters to you.

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