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Episode Notes

Ustadh Ammar Alshukry presents a series on the 99 Names of Allah with real life reflections.

In this episode he talks about a powerful name of Allah – Al Fattah and why it matters to you.

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The speakers discuss the use of open-mindedness and cotton as earplugs and prevent harm in culture. They also touch on the concept of "opening up" and give access to new understanding. The speakers mention Jesus's partner and his success in giving access to his slaves. They also touch on the importance of acceptance and victory in personal lives.

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Welcome to discussion with Amato Shukria and yours truly without going over the 99 Names of Allah if you've been following along this series Welcome back. If this is your first video, welcome. We've got a couple of guests behind the camera so far is Jamar randidly smirking or smiling? Off camera, but we got some minions out here. We got some minions over here. Yep. So

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today, or at least in this video, what name are we discussing? You know, we can go to that. Let me just find my notes. I have one shift we used to say, without my notes for another Lumumba. I am more lost than my family's donkey.

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No, it's like, was it you? Those are somebody who was comparing the differences between the ability of scholars between the school and the Mauritanian school. Yeah, the story is that one of the scholars of Egypt asked one of the scholars of Mauritania, he said or vice versa, and he said, I think the mortain asked the CIO of Egypt and he said, you know, which which showed the scholars are better, yours or ours and he said our scholars are better during the day and your scholars are better at night. And so the, the reasoning was is because the Mauritanian school focuses on the memorization and heavy, heavy heavy memorization of the of the Mattoon. Right, these condensed

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versions of Cliff Notes. Yeah, Cliff Notes, basically, yeah. And relational compression, they have much that can be regurgitated at a moment's notice. Whereas the Egyptians who would focus on expensive library volumes and libraries and much research in that way. And so he said, during the day, we have access to our books, so we're better than y'all. And at night when the lights go out to you guys. Yeah. And so you have people who are really good if they have access to Google, but then when the internet's down,

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you got to look for the Mauritanian scholars. So that is one of the names of allies that

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there was added here. It's the one who opened so fat has to open and then it has a lot of different connotations, and we can go through a few of the connotations of this name.

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And the first connotation of that is the one who opens up hearts

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so that's the first What's that? Something Hulu or whatever the one who gathers the hearts there's no Turner of hearts. Yeah, plenty but Hulu Okay, maybe that's the one Yeah. Oh, turn of hearts of promises. And then you always say well turn off hearts make my heart fast upon your religion, okay, then it's gonna be identical. But if it is, the first one is the one who opens the hearts of people and so you know when you're looking at the seal of the prophets of the light is in them right? You see so many people who not only were there their hearts open, but their hearts were so locked. That you know, and I'm gonna know how far you know, people commented and they said the donkey will hottub

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is going to accept Islam before a moderate except this time. What are you talking about? Yeah, to fail leibny Alma a dosi. failing the army. He had actually, you know, he put cotton in his ears in Mecca, because of how much he was warned about the Prophet cellulitis. And he was like, he's walking around the Gabo with, with Klein in his ears. And finally systems. Oh, man, I'm a smart guy. I'm a reasonable person, like, what is it about? And so he had actually been planning what what? how effective is cotton as earplugs? I don't know, man. I mean, it's probably the best that he could. Maybe his Amazon delivery hadn't gotten there.

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So he was so up to failing numbers walking around. And he's, you know, he's got his ears plugged. Yeah. And finally, he just says, you know, what, why am I planning and let me just hear what he's got to say if he comes across anything. And if it's ridiculous, and I'm obviously a reasonable guy, I'm not gonna accept it. And if it is then great. And he accepted Islam. And so you have all of these people whose hearts have been open, and there are people now who meet for their hearts really closed out? Or was it that they were always open minded, it was just that they had this slight negative influence that kind of, they woke up to, I think that might be part of it. Because for

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example, how did you read the Prophet sallallaahu send them said to him, I always knew that you had an intellect that would guide you to Islam. It's not like they're dumb. It's not like they're, they're, I mean, they're open minded people, for the most part. I don't even I don't even know if they're open minded. I mean, I'm just thinking about the culture. They lived. It was a very pluralistic culture. But here's the thing. When it comes to religion, yeah, the most open minded person is closed. Okay. I mean, it's something interesting to think about, you'll find people who are brilliant, but they will worship the gods of their fathers. It's I don't know what it is. It's

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just this

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This mechanism or I wonder how much of that is tied to self a personal identity

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is like disassociate yourself, people will pick different fields of science or they'll different fields of studies from their parents, their parents will be in one field and they'll go, and they will challenge tradition in every way. Except when it comes to religion.

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And so first is that a lot as a good opens people's hearts to guidance. That's the first and then some, he doesn't open up their hearts to guidance, no matter how open minded they are, how great they are, how welcoming they are. So that's the first, the second of it, but that is the one who removes, Uh hum. Difficulties burdens from people. We're not in Sudan. I don't know why that

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didn't go.

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I don't know. But we're just gonna keep it moving. Because we're talking about it.

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And we asked a lot as we did by his beautiful names and attributes to grant us success in this program, whether the lights are on or whether the lights are off. I am a little bit worried though, that once the light comes off, you no longer see me.

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You see a hat.

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Say hello to coffee. So we like do you want to keep going? Or do you want to go and listen? Alright, so the second is the one who removes from you burdens and that they actually follow Him and a buddy. So a lot as we get removes the burdens and difficulties and stress and anxiety and all of these different things. And so, for example, when you enter into the message, you say a lot macdaddy Ababa hermetic, you say, oh, a lot open for me, the doors of your mercy because it's understood that a mystery there's a place of mercy, that's where you would expect mercy to be. So what's the Dogon aloha masterly wa barakato, Bahama

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romantic, romantic or LA open for me the doors of your mercy. And then when you're leaving the message, you say, Allahumma, f&e Ababa public, you say, oh, Allah open for me the doors of your bounty, because now I'm coming out to the world. And I needed that, you know, that bounty, which is understood as being risk and you know, the dunya. And so you're asking a lot in either case, you're asking a lot as a gift to open for you to grant you access. So lahoma

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of Weber. Weber automatic, yeah. And then when you're leaving a blob of other link, gotcha. Cool. Yeah. The third meaning of effect that is the one who opens for his slaves. The first one was guidance. But the second, the The second aspect is the doors of understanding and knowledge. And here, you understand that, you know, there's some knowledge that, you know, you're both reading the same book, you're both reading the same idea. You're both reading the same whatever. And you'll find, or you yourself are reading a verse that you read a month ago, or a year ago, and all of a sudden, you just have a new reflection, a new reflection, a new understanding a different doors open

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for you. It's interesting, because you're talking about how your mind is, I think it also is in relation to your mind too, because your mind is opening up just like children. It is a whole case of Blue's Clues versus Sesame Street. Blue's Clues. They invested on just making a few episodes that they would just do reruns because then your child is watching it. They could watch the same episode every day. But each time they watch it, because their personal growth and development is so fast as a child grown up for them. It's a new episode each time is that way that is? Yeah. Wow. I didn't know whether, okay, I'm just looking at myself with my own childhood, how there are some things that

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I just watched a million times. Yeah. And I would never do that again. But as a kid, you're just you're just watching it again. And again. And again. Again, I didn't know that. They understood that the psychology that the children developing each time they watched it, they knew I was like if it's the same episode, but to them is a new episode, because now they're in a dare changing. Yeah.

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That's amazing. So coming back to a dashboard for that is the one who He grants you new understanding, grant you more. And the fourth of attack is the one who opens up for who grants access. I'm even liking granting access even better than opening up even though that is no you know, I think grant access is what is it except that it is open to you now that you have access to it. Exactly. Yeah, to access Access granted, Access granted, though, that's what I wanted to name the course. By the way, no frill. That's what I wanted to name the course that was rejected. I don't know we're gonna figure that out. Oh, man. As of right now, this course has not been named yet. So

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as of right now, so we'll see how it goes. Hey, guys, if you like today, Max is granted. Leave a comment

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below and let us the names of allies are getting access. Granted, you're getting to know a lot your grant, you're getting access to the King of kings. Why am I selling it to you? I don't know. But let's see how it goes. So the one who opens or He grants access to his slaves have the affairs of your dunya and so you're asking the laws or just for access for whatever it is that you want. And there's a million things that we want. I don't you won't need to list any of them. Every single one of us has our daily needs.

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Are things that we're looking for, to fulfill in our lifetimes? We're in a quarter and a year, what have you. And Allah

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is doing this name I found to be so powerful when I started studying it, really. But that is not at least my experience. It's not one of the names that pops up as being, you know, a man or Rahim, Allah for all of these names. They're always in the front of your mind. Yeah. But that wasn't in that top tier. But when I began to study, I realized that that is something that I need, all the time, because we're all trying to accomplish things every single day. And if that is the one who grants you access, what's the relation to that? And is that?

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Okay, well, first is victory, right? Yeah. And so Allah azzawajal, grants fat

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to his believing slaves. And that's one of the aspects of it that has well as the heat granted for the Muslim Ummah, within the first quarter century of the establishment of the city of Medina or the Islamic State a lot as it allowed them to if they opened up the east and the west. Gotcha. Right. So this is all part of an fact that a lot as I get grants you more and more and more. Is there a condition to that fits? Well, with regards to that one. Yeah. Obviously, the top of a law is

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having tough over law as a yellow law as again, will grant you more and more and allies will grant you

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more to fifth for sure. You just reminded me of a verse Allah says in the law, he used to have a shadow mean anybody will be able to deal with the pain. Allah says the land belongs to Allah he inherited to whomever he wishes of his slaves. What after but in the end is for the people of Georgia. So there's a direct relationship with Eunice this presence of taqwa in the LA Zoo again, and having establishment on scripts, some action items, really is just to really reflect on using that more and looking at the things in your life that seem like they're locked. You know, there's a beautiful story I just read from my friend Ibrahim Javid, he posted it on his Facebook page. And it

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was just a moment in which the doors were locked in front of him literally happened two days ago. He's flying with his family. And he completely messed up the flight time. Okay, read about this. completely forgot about the flight time like it was he thought he was flying three hours after departure time, his real departure time. And so he's still showing up at the airport with all of his family and in the middle of his ride to the airport. Sometimes you just want to kind of just check your ticket or check your itinerary. And he sees that it was actually departing right now. And he's still on the way to the airport. And that's a disaster. Like, what are you going to do and it's

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Labor Day weekend. Okay. This is a holiday season right now. Like a vacation. He's traveling with his family. And it's Labor Day. Everybody knows how difficult flights are. And if you're going to change a flight right now, it's probably going to be 300 $400 more per ticket. And he's got a traveling families. So he said, his heart sank. He already feels like his tickets are that money that he spent is gone. And he just says, You know what, I'm just going to call upon allies. Again, I'm going to call upon a lot and one of the names that you mentioned in his post that he called upon alibi is a Fatah. All of these doors are closed as far as his life's experiences. Yeah. And he's

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asking the law as a way to open up a door that he's never seen open before. And he goes to the airport, and he says the change in tickets without fee. Not only did he get on a flight, he said it was the easiest airport experience he's ever had. Not only that, but he got an extra seat on the plane. Like these are things that don't happen. They don't happen unless you call upon a lot. Especially call upon anything, of course. So and here in Charlotte that for a fact that some of it isn't 100%