Taimiyyah Zubair – Fahm Al-Quran – 16D Ta Ha 1 82

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The importance of sharing experiences and communicating with friends is emphasized in Islam, where individuals are encouraged to use their personality for Allah's benefit. The success of Islam is highlighted as it is used to cover false accusations and rumors, and it is encouraged to be mindful of words and not to be afraid of consequences. The church is expected to return individuals to their former generations, and further guidance and guidance is needed to achieve their goals.
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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim In the name of Allah be Entirely Merciful, the Especially Merciful. baja Ma and Zenn la calco analytische ka Taha, we have not sent down to you the Quran, so that you be distressed. The Koran is not meant to put us in hardship. Rather, it is to make our lives easier. Temporarily, it seems difficult, it feels difficult that a person has to sit and listen and read. It's hard. But in the bigger picture, if a person reflects, first of all, there is ease with difficulty, and ultimately, there will always be greater good. So Matt, and zelner alagille analytische. This Quran is not meant to be a burden. So don't take it as a burden. Take it happily,

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but only as a reminder for those who fear Allah, a revelation from he who created the earth and highest heavens realize where this book has come from, from the owner of the earth that we sit on, and the sky that we sit under the owner of the earth and the sky, he is the one who has sent the score on who is he Anwar man, the Most Merciful, who is above the Throne established? To Him belongs what isn't the heavens and what is on the earth? And what is between them and what is under the soil? Everything is his and if you speak aloud, you scream out, then indeed he knows the secret and what is even more hidden than that. Allah there is no deity except Him. Rahul asthma or husana. To

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Him belong the best names the Most Beautiful Names. Do you know him by his names? Well, * attacca howdy samosa and has the story of Musa reached you when he saw a fire and he said to his family, stay here. Indeed, I have perceived a fire. Perhaps I can bring you a torch or find at the fire some guidance. This was when musar his son was traveling after he left meridian. And Medan is the place where he lived for several years while he had self imposed exile on himself. And why because of the fear from our own because he had committed accidental murder.

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So he escaped from our own and he lived in Medina. But then after sometime What happened? He left meridian and he was traveling. And in his journey, he saw a fire on the mountain. And he said to his family stay here, let me go and see, perhaps I can get some torch so that we can get some warms or if anything, I can get some guidance from there, what guidance as to which way we should go to. And Allah subhanaw taala truly guided him as to which way he should really go in life. And when he came to it, he was called almost, indeed I am your Lord. So remove your sandals. Indeed you are in the sacred valley of Buddha, and I have chosen you so listen to what is revealed to you. Indeed, I am

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Allah. There is no deity except me. So worship Me and establish prayer for my remembrance. Welcome is smaller, lyrically performed the prayer in order to remember me. You see, when we remember our friends, what do we do? Do we send the message to them? An image, a video, a funny face something? What's the purpose? Remind them? I'm thinking about you. Right? So when we think about someone about our friends, what is the first thing we do we try to communicate with them. So if Allah is our friend, if Allah is our love, we love Allah than what is necessary that we communicate with him also, and how do we communicate with him through solar? akima salata levy Cree, so we all need to

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see what kind of love and friendship Do I have with Allah subhanaw taala how alert I am when my phone tells me that somebody has sent a message to you. And how alert do I get when the other than tells me that Allah is calling you in nisargadatta earthier tone, indeed the hour is coming. I almost conceal it so that every soul may be recompensed according to that for which it's tribes. So do not let one or two from it, who does not believe in it and follows his desire for you with then bearish meaning Don't be with people who will make you forget the hereafter. And what is that in your right hand? Oh Moosa alone writing you yet he's asking Masada center. He said it is my staff, I

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lean upon it and I bring down leaves for my sheep. And I have there in other uses. musallam is clearly happy with the question that he was asked, because he gives such a lengthy answer. Allah La Jolla Moosa Allah said throw it down on Moosa this stick, which was artists, and I'm just said that that was so beneficial for him, it was so useful, and Allah is saying, throw it will say this and and without question, he threw it down because it was a loss order. And thereupon It was a snake moving swiftly, Allah said, seize it and fear not, grab it have trust in Allah, we will turn it to its former condition. And so it happened and draw in your hand to your side, it will come out wide

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without disease, another sign that we may show you some of our greater signs, meaning this is just the beginning more will come through these two miracles in have a laugh at our owner, in the hotel Hall, go to fit our own Indeed, he has transgressed massage his salon, color of Bish roughly surgery, he said, oh my lord, expand for me my chest meaning with assurance, where silly emri and ease for me my task was to put that on melissani and untie the knot from my tongue, e. f. o. coli, that they may understand my speech. His worry is not about how I will look before people. What is this worry? Will they understand what I'm telling them? This is his concern. So when we are telling

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anybody about the word of Allah, then what should our concern be? Not our performance? Rather? Is it going to be understandable to people? Would you only was here a minute early and appoint for me a minister for my family? Who is he asking for a helper? Why? Because he knew that this task was not something easy. He couldn't do it himself. And the fact is that this kind of work, the work for Allah, it requires people, not just individuals, you cannot work yourself. You need helpers. You need supporters. And he said how on earth he has grown my brother mean the one who's closest to me in relationship also my brother, he will assist me.

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So you see mozarella Sam is asking Allah Oh Allah, you give me a helper and we

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I also need to ask Allah for helpers, the Prophet sallallahu sallam. He said, Whoever among you is appointed to a position of authority. if Allah wills good for him, he will give him a righteous minister, who will remind him if he forgets, and help him. If he remembers meeting, then Allah will give him good companions, good helpers. So having good helpers in the way of Allah, this is a huge blessing. And this is something that we need to pray for that Oh, Allah, you grant me helpers, you send people so that I'm not alone in the struggle, oh, should be as re increased through him my strength, because together we are stronger? How much can one person do? How much can you do all by

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himself, he cannot, we need help of each other. And when we put together our efforts, when we combine our efforts, then the results are much greater, much better. And let him share my task. Let him share my task. Now this is something very difficult to do, we should be willing to share. The first thing is we have to realize we cannot do it all by ourselves. You know, many women as we have this problem, my kitchen, my territory, my house. All right, you don't even bother to help me. Because you're not going to do it my way. And because it's not going to be my way I'm not going to be happy. So even though you want to help me and I need your help, I'm not going to take your help.

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I will do it myself. Even if I die. We become very stubborn. But look at Masada Sam, he's saying I Shri Kofi Emery. Basically what he's saying is, Oh Allah, you've given me Prophethood give her own Prophethood as well. So that both of us we share the responsibility, because I cannot do it myself. kainuu sub B Hakka kathira that we may exalt you much when akula caca de la and we remember you much because a good friend reminds you of your purpose. A good companion, reminds you of your purpose, and what is that purpose to worship Allah because it's very, very easy to lose focus. When you are doing something for the sake of Allah. You start off with a pure intention. And then what happens?

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Then your personal ego comes in, or your image comes in. You want to promote yourself. It's natural, it happens because your thought is after every single one of us. So what is necessary that we have people with us? Who will remind us we're doing this for Allah? gayness A B hacker kathira, when a co worker kathira

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and the company of a good friend is a source of increase in faith. And over here we see that musar Islam What is his intention that we will worship you more we will exalt you more, because what happens? You start doing the Quran you forget but then when you see somebody else doing that, you remember, you remind them they remind you, I shall deliver on her narrated the Prophet sallallahu Sallam used to remember Allah in all of his affairs in all of us affairs. So likewise, most our listener said we're not good aka Cathy RA, in a cocoon, Sabina basura. Indeed you are of us ever seeing meaning all our affairs are before you you're up. When can we say this? Can we say this while

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we're sitting with our friends? That Oh Allah, you're watching us? Can we say this? Because generally when we are with our friends, then what do we think nobody's watching us? We made sure nobody's watching. And then we talk about things that we want to talk about. And then we claim I love her for the sake of Allah. And she's my friend for the sake of Allah. How could you be a friend for the sake of Allah, when sitting with her you're doing something wrong, you're saying something wrong? Remember, a true friend for the sake of Allah is the one in whose company you can say, in a cocoon Sabina basura. The Dr. Rob you're watching us that in their company, you remember us law, you

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fear Allah, you remember that you're answerable to Allah. So, there will be no liba no waste of time, no Leanna either, because many times people come together to do something good. But then what happens the money that was given for a specific cause, people are cheating in that the time for which a person is being paid to do some good work, what happens that time is being spent in chatting. So, in Naka, con Sabina basura, Carla kadota, pseudoacacia Moosa Musa, Allah said you have been granted your request almost. Because for Allah, nothing is difficult to get. Everything is easy for him. So you want a sincere helper, you want a companion, you want a friend who will truly help

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you in the way of Allah, ask Allah. And we had already conferred upon you another time when we inspire to your mother what we inspired a nuclear defeater booth, saying gassed him into the chest into the body.

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Meeting Moosa put him in the box and put the box into the river and the river will throw it on to the bank, and there will take him an enemy to me and an enemy to him. Allah subhanaw taala reminds most artists and we helped you before also when you didn't ask us for help, how? When we told her mother that put your baby in a box and put that box in the water to ship your baby to the enemy, ship your baby were to the enemy, to save him from the enemy, send him to the enemy. Because pheromones people were coming to kill the boys of any Israelite, you. musasa was meant to be killed. And the mother of most I wanted to save Moosa. So what happened, if you want to save him from the

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enemy, send him to the enemy, isn't this amazing, we learned a little about how apparently things seem to be very problematic, very difficult, very hurtful. But in the bigger picture, they are in reality very beneficial, they have a good sight to them. So sometimes the help of a law comes in the exact opposite way of what we think,

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exact opposite way. And I have bestowed upon you love from me, that you will be brought up under my eye. And we favored you, when your sister went and said, shall I direct you to someone who will be responsible for him. So we restored you to your mother, that she might be content and not grieve, and you killed someone, but we saved you from retaliation, and tried you with the severe trial was at an NACA Fortuna, and you remain some years among the people of Medina. And then you came here at the decreed time, almost wilsonart to clean up, see, and I produced you for myself, I produced you for myself, you see, the person whom Allah wants to use for his cause. Then Allah puts him through

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various trials, through various difficulties. And the slave the servant gets shaped in a certain color in a certain mold in a certain form, through those trials, through those difficulties, and then he is fit for the work, then he can actually do the work of Allah. But in this process of hardship, of difficulty, what was happening, he was being trained, because he was made to give his ego up, he was made to let go of the things that he loves. He was made to let go of the things that he's so attached to he through the trials through the difficulties, he learns to be patient, because for him, the ultimate goal is a less pleasure. And then when a person becomes sincere like this,

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then he is fit for the work of Allah. Then the end is the outcome is Allah chose you was thunar to clean up See? This is why whenever you're going through problems in life, just ask Allah Ya Allah Don't let me go waste use me somehow to benefit your deen to benefit your creation. I don't know how but you use me it have until a Huckabee it go You and your brother with my signs and do not select and in my remembrance, Allah has chosen servants are like this. Firstly, remember that a chosen servant of Allah is who? The one who is given understanding of the deen The one who is given the knowledge and the understanding of the deen the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that and then said

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servants are also obedient to Allah. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, Allah will continue to plant new people in this religion and use them in his obedience. Allah will continue to plant new people in his religion, and he will use them in his obedience. So Allah has chosen servants are who obedient servants of Allah and those who have a strong connection with the book of Allah. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said amongst people are some who are alula he was asked Who are they? He said they are

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people of the Quran, they are the law. They are less people his special servants. So mozzarella Santa, he was chosen. Allah said you go with your brother with my signs and do not slack and in my remembrance, go both of you to fit our own. Indeed, he has transgressed and speak to him with gentle speech, the enemy of Allah both for their own and Allah says to Masada Salaam speak to him out gently. Then what about our parents? What about our children? What about our husbands? What do they deserve gentle speech, that perhaps he may be reminded or fear Allah because no matter who he is, even if he's fit our own, still musasa has been centered around and he's told you be nice to him.

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Perhaps he will listen because whenever we are going to teach somebody, anything about the

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advise them. Always go with an open mind without any biases. Always be hopeful that inshallah this person can change inshallah he can change, be hopeful. They said Our Lord, indeed we are afraid that he will hear some punishment against us or that he will transgress Allah Allah hoffa in the new Mario coma, a smartwatch. Allah said, fear not indeed I am with you both I hear and I see look at how Allah comforts them. So go to him and say, indeed, we are messengers of your Lord. So send with us to children of Israel, our email and do not torment them. We have come to you with a sign from your Lord and peace will be upon he who follows the guidance. Indeed, it has been revealed to us

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that the punishment will be upon whoever denies and turns away. Allah from our rabuka Maja Moosa fit our own set. So who is the Lord of you to almost he said, Our Lord is He who gave each thing its form and then guided it fit our own set than what is the case of the former generations musar listened and said the knowledge there off is with my lord in a record, my lord neither ers nor does he forget, it is he who has made for you the earth as a bedspread out and inserted there in for you roadways and sent down from the sky rain and produce there by categories of various plants. Eat there from and pasture your livestock, indeed in that are Signs for those of intelligence from the

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earth we created you and into it, we will return you and from it we will extract you another time and we certainly showed fit our own our signs all of them but he denied and refused because it happens you do your best, yet the other does not accept he said have you come to us to drive us out of our land with your magic almost. Is this some trick of self glorification? Then we will surely bring you magic like it so make between us and you and appointment which we will not fail to keep and neither will you in a place assigned masala Salaam set your appointment is on the day of the festival when the people assemble at mid morning meaning when everybody can watch musar Listen, I

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was so confident. So if in our own went away, but together his plan and then came to Musa masala Salaam said to the magician, someone by her own will to you do not invent a lie against Allah or he will exterminate you with a punishment. And he has failed who invents being the one who lies what are the harbor manifesto highlight this, the one who lies he will fail he will never succeed. The one who fabricates who makes things up, and what is that line? Such a person will never succeed. So they disputed over their affair among themselves and conceal their private conversation. They said indeed, these are two magicians, they accused Musan heroine of being magicians who wants to drive

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you out of your land with their magic and do away with your most exemplary way. Meaning they just want to destroy your culture, your lifestyle. And this kind of lifestyle is not worth anything before Allah. Look at what happened to fit. What happened to his lifestyle, his culture, his skills, his men, his riches, what happened everything thrown in the sea, finished drowned

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for a Jimmy Okay, the comb, so resolve upon your plan and then come forward in line. And he has succeeded today who overcomes they said almost either you throw or we will be the first to throw he said rather you throw and suddenly their ropes and stop seemed to him from their magic that they were moving like snakes. And he sensed within himself apprehension who Musa Allah said Fear not. Indeed it is you who are superior Be confident because you are upon the truth and throw what is in your right hand it will swallow up what they have crafted. What they have crafted is But the trick of a magician and the magician will not succeed wherever he is. So the magicians fell down in

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prostration. When they saw the miracle of Masada center, they fell in prostration. They said, We have believed in the Lord of throne and Moosa Pharaoh and said, You believed him before I allowed you I give you permission. Indeed, he is your leader who has taught you magic. So I will surely cut off your hands and your feet on opposite sides. And I will crucify you on the trunks of palm trees. And He will surely know which of us is more severe in giving punishment and more enduring. So basically what he's saying is up who's more powerful? Am I more powerful? Or is the God of Moosa more powerful? He was truly a tyrant. The Magicians who have now believed they said, Never will we

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prefer you fit our own over what has come to us have clear proves and over the one who created us, meaning now that we have seen the truth, we're never going to prefer you over it. No matter what threat you give. And once we have recognized our Creator, we're not going to prefer you. So decree whatever

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You are to decree, you can only decree for this worldly life which is going to end anyway. Indeed, we have believed in our Lord, that he may forgive us our sins and what you compelled us to do if magic and Allah is better and more enduring, he is most powerful. Allah says in the Khomeini de la Bahama dream, muddiman for in Allahu jahannam lai mo to see how Allah here, indeed, whoever comes to his Lord as a criminal, indeed for him as *, he will neither die there in nor live.

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But whoever comes to him as a believer, having done righteous deeds, for those will be the highest degrees in position, gardens of perpetual residents beneath which rivers flow wherein they abide eternity, and that is a reward of one who purifies himself with early catches a woman.

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And we had inspired to Mussa travel by night with my servants, and strike for them a dry bath through the sea, you will not fear being overtaken by our own, nor be afraid of drowning, but fit our own pursued them with his soldiers, and they're covered them from the sea, that which covered them, well, but left in our own new coma, who Mr. hodda and for their own, let his people astray, and did not guide them so much worldly success. What happened at the end, everything was ruined, drowned, his people, they died. And whatever he left behind, yes, it stands still today, but we cannot figure out what technology they had, what skills they had, what language they had, we're

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still guessing. So all of that last year, Bunny is la eel or children of Israel, we delivered you from your enemy, and we made an appointment with you at the right side of the mount and we sent down to you man and quails. So be thankful, saying, eat from the good things with which we have provided you and do not transgress or oppress others there in less my anger should descend upon you, and he upon whom my anger descends, has certainly fallen. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, that the human being does not feel any container that is worse than his stomach. This is the worse container to fill the bunny Israel we're told, eat from the good things. Well, Otto, do not transgress, do not

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exceed limits. But indeed I am the Perpetual Forgiver of whoever repents and believes and does righteousness and then continues in guidance. So who is it that Allah forgives the person who repents, who believes who does good and then he continues in that good not that he does it once and then he leaves it

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