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In this 50th episode of the series titled 99 names of Allah, Ammara Alshukry talks about the name of Allah – AlMalik AlMaalik AlMaleek


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I sit down with a call when I have to lie what I catch them taking over

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the 99 names again with the left hand. This is do we have a name for the series?

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Yeah, don't we do oh call the nine nine names. Okay, the 99 inch perfect. Fair enough.

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Bismillah Let's start. Alright guys. Well, ladies, boys, girls, welcome back. Or if this is your first episode, welcome to an episode of the nine nine names. I'm your host, Milan and I'm here with us. sugary how much sugar. All right. So imma so this if this is your first time with us, I teach a classroom mother Institute called His Majesty. I'm gonna cover the names of a lot of the books on the book.

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This is the binder, the binder, this is a beat up binder because I just traveled with it a lot. But this is all that's a global notebook. That is a global notebook right there. And so

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yeah, so I traveled with it. This class is probably coming to a city near you if you live in anywhere in the US, Canada.

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Well, actually, Malaysia, Australia, Australia, any part of the Western Muslim world, we pretty much operate Sweden, the English speaking Western Muslim world. So Sweden, Denmark, actually just taught this class in Sweden last week, USA in Canada become considered part of the Muslim world.

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Okay, so any place that has a Muslim diaspora within the Western world, basically anywhere in the world where you can book in 150 bullets on the seats, and basically will be there. Pretty much. Yeah, through a process. But yeah, I'm already basically operates there. So

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we've been going through different names. And now today we are going to go over one of the great names of a loss of Hannah, dad and medic, and Malik and Malik are right now

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and medic, and Al Malik.

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Got it and then Malik al Malik, Al Malik and Malik al Malik. Yes. So, these are three names three names. How is how maleek is m a l e, k, or II with the fancy, right? No, but it's mean lamb Yeah, right. Yeah. calf. Yeah. So in maleek it may mean lamb Yeah, calf minikits mimlub Malik is mean Alif Lam calf Yes. God medic is without that if it's just mean lamb calf. Okay, mean lamb calf. Alif Yeah. Malik or Malik is an inter.

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So it's Malik which is mean Alif Lam calf. Yeah. Medic, which is named lamb calf. Yeah, Malik which is named lamb. Yeah, calf but there's no magic. No, okay. No, there's no magic.

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Now there isn't.

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But there's mark, there is Mark and Mark means dominion and all of these come back to the the concept of Allah Subhana Allah being the owner and the one with authority over his creation. And so

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one of these names is uncontroversial. Okay. And that is medic milk, you'll find milk on everybody's list. Okay. And the reason why is because it comes in a very clear form of being a name of a loss upon Oh, Tada. And that is in that hash. Okay. As medical produces exactly medical produce, and

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it's also on Gemma. Yes. And so Allah Subhana Allah is called and Medicare now you have two other names which is which are controversial.

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disagreed upon disagreed upon. That's what I mean when contra when I say controversial, not that it's like oh, it's like a bad name. It's just that controversial here meaning that it's not unanimous. There is some controversy with regards to whether it's a name or not. And Matic is controversial as well as medic is controversial. And the reason is because just really general the easiest way for you to know when you're reading the hold on we're recording this before Ramadan if it's releasing Ramadan, if you're reading the philanthropies and I'm hoping you guys are watching this in Ramadan because I'm hoping to have an episode a day lodwar Yeah, sounds great. So if you're

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reading the Quran through Ramadan, and you want to know is this the name of Allah or not? The easiest way is if it comes in the form of a name with an elf lamp. Okay? If it comes in with an NF lamb in front of it, then you're good to go. Okay. And that's why you have for example, l medic. Yeah, uncontroversial. Produce uncontroversial. As salam uncontroversial, but madico Medina, there's no place in the whole arm where it comes with an Eddie flam. Okay, there's no illmatic anywhere and if it did, then we'd have no problem. But Maddie comes in a particular format, which is called mold off which is a possessive form. And that is a controversial.

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Some will often hold off la Exactly. Okay. Today, which is a possessive form in Arabic grammar, which some people hold. It's a name. A lot of people don't blame that in English. What does it mean to be possessive. So it's when you say the

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x of y, okay? The pen of Bella. Okay? So that form in Arabic

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is called mobile from a buffet because you are attributing that pen to this person, okay? And so for example molecule Medina, which is where Malik appears, is the Master of the Day of Judgment. So x of y Okay, so he's the Master of the Day of Judgment and magic always comes in that form. So a lot of panel data says and sort of area and a lot Olinda home medical mark, say Oh Allah, the master or the Malik Yeah, of the dominion, okay. And so it's not coming in an absolute unrestricted form it restricted to a particular item. And so some said, we're not going to count magic as a name in that case. Got it okay.

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Malik is also controversial. Again, it doesn't come this is the first time hearing my league because I always thought my league is because I've seen heard people named maleek. But I thought that was a mispronunciation Oh, so you're sitting there laughing at them and throwing popcorn?

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popcorn? Yeah, but no, I just I just always say oh, you silly person. That's not even real Arabic.

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No, of course not. Haha.

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So Malik comes in the Quran at the end of Surah Al kamar. Allah says in the mattina fija, not in one of the last two verses of sorts of comet Allah says, The Matata the people of taqwa are in gardens, and rivers. Okay. femap. It sits in endemic in Makkah there in a gathering of truth in the presence of a leak, okay. moqtada, a king who is full of ability, or someone who is full of power and authority and ability. So this is the name medic. So all three of these have to do with this concept of authority and dominion, dominion and strength. Now, when we look at the first name and medica, because dominion is one thing, but be able to assert one's authority into Dominion requires

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strength, absolutely required strength when Allah Subhana Allah, you know, whenever we study these names, even if there's some sort of, you know, shared concept amongst humanity, you automatically start looking for the differences. What is the difference between the last kingship, for example, and everybody else's kingship? Okay. So the first and most obvious difference in the last kingship is that it's eternal. Yes, everybody else's is temporary. So it's, it's limited by its unrestricted by time. Allah was the king 1400 years ago, 7000 years ago, 7 million years ago. And everybody else's kingship diminishes.

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The other is by space, you say the King of Saudi Arabia, the Queen of England, the King of Sweden, what's the liner poetry and in the agenda, Paul,

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with time and some time and space we mentioned,

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for all of the bounties, all of the grace, all of the sights and the smells, and the taste will be forgotten without a trace as of frozen in time and space. When you see his face. Gotcha. And so that concept with regards to the last kind of dialysis, kingship is eternal and is not restricted to a time and a place. He is the King everywhere. And he is the king of all times. And this is, it's really humbling because

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I went to the pyramids last summer. Okay. And, you know, first time being in Cairo, I wanted to see the pyramids and I wasn't the Mayan pyramids. No, no. It was no, it wasn't the Sudanese pyramids, although ours are older. But I don't want to get into though for real force. Oh, wow. Are they similar in shape? They're similar in shape? Yeah. Obviously, it's the same regions, probably the same. Same ferony dynasty? Yeah, but we were just ours or earlier. Okay. And ours were smaller. So they're less I'm talking about Sudan, by the way, ours are less known than the Egyptian ones. And actually, there's been a lot of tension between Sudan and Egypt over the past couple of months

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because of this. pyramid, a lot of a lot of

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lots of data, rectify all of our fears. But the idea here is

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so the Okay, go to the pyramids. Yeah. And you see these incredibly the ones in Egypt, yeah. Such magnificently large structures, and you think these people build these things for them to die? Well, somebody might argue that it was built by aliens. Yes. We don't even know. We don't know. We don't even know how they were built right in. What did they do? Like how do they do it? broke a brick came up to my shoulder, single brick, a single brick came up to my shoulder, so it's just like, how did they do this? And then, you know, how how, what kind of people were these Pharaohs, like in that society? You know, we look at people and we say, you know, this person kind of rules the world but

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these people really ruled their world. Yeah, I mean, they were gods. They were worshipped. And yet,

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now, when you go to the pyramids,

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these mock these Incredibles

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structures that they built. Yeah, to honor them. People are just standing in front of it going like this.

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The whole thing like, hey, look, I'm holding a pyramid. Yeah, like this. Or look, I'm jumping over the pyramid. Yeah. And I keep thinking to myself, man, if they saw what these people were doing, they would they were they would be tripping. They will

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be executing them. Yeah, like on the spot. And so just look at how, and they've just become nothing. Yeah, they've just become nothing. They're not even known who these people are. They're just Pharaohs. So everybody sees a second. Okay, one of them. Yeah. Right to unharmed. You can.

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Yeah, just very rare names. But Cleopatra, who are these people? And so everybody and if that's the case with them, then

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one of the main lessons to learn is to not be so impressed with people who are transit are also transit. Everything is so transit and we spend so much energy and time being obsessed with people who are so transit. You look at someone like Michael Jordan 20 years ago.

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It was just 20 years ago. Yeah. Now you got these kids who are like, Oh, well, Ron James. People still no, like, I think people still it's not the weight the shoes. Yeah, okay, that's fine. But it's it's not the same, like authority or power or and then so many people invested so much time and we continuously do that. Yeah. Not realizing that we're all so incredibly, terribly temporary anyway. So just that's just one concept with regards to and medical loss of status. kingship is completely it was you talking about just the eternal and not bound by space? Yeah, I just think of myself post 1492 all the way up until the 1800s, early 1800s. Spain was the largest empire in the

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world. Spain, they covered not only Spain, but they covered everything from like, Canada down to South America. Yeah. They they ruled it all. Yep. The first nation that Texas was governed under was Spain.

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Look at Britain, sun never set on the British Empire. Yeah. And now they jokingly say the sun doesn't rise on the British Empire. Because it's always cloudy there.

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But that's the Yeah, that's the reality. Right? So

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Allah Subhana, Allah is the King. Some differences between that were mentioned between King and owner obviously, is that kink is a a king has an authority over people. Whereas an owner has authority over objects. So you don't say I'm the king of this pen, okay. I'm not the king of this microphone. I'm not the king of this toaster. Okay, but you say I am the king over these people. And so Allah subhanho wa Taala he says, Hello to be Robin millikin. Right, because you're a king over people. Yeah, say that a loss of Hannah data is the Lord of mankind, the king of mankind, whereas a lot of pancreatitis called the master the Day of Judgment. Now, interesting note, the scholars they

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said, So would it be fair to say not necessarily people, but the king of creation? That is a life?

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king of the jungle? Right? Okay. King of the king of beasts. Okay. Yeah, that's fair enough. That's fair enough. But yeah, it's a creation that's a life. A loss of panorama is the master and the king of the Day of Judgment, both of them together over the people and with companies. So what's the difference between the idea of master kingship and ownership master and kingship So again, it's exactly that that Master? I don't know if you mean medic versus medic. Is that what you mean? I don't know. Because many times Maliki Ahmed Deen Malik means ownership. Okay. But the idea that Maliki oma de Malaga within, I've always heard it translated as Master Master the day of judgment or

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the day judgment as I don't think master is appropriate. Okay. I mean, I don't know what master means. Okay, in that sense, but it means the owner Matic means the owner, but like I think master has to do with I mean, and maybe we're going into like, older English, maybe where like, you know, with one simple example. Master Wayne. Right. Okay. Like the butler. Okay. Who is the one? Yes, right.

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You call a sensei Master? Yeah, exactly. Yeah. Or professor.

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Okay. So you call us and say Professor awesome. Okay. But that's why Brazilian jujitsu. The guys are not called senseis. They're called professors. Got it. But the translation in Japanese is like if there's a professor they'll call him sensei. Yeah. So yeah, so I think what you're saying is right, that master here you go back. Yeah. Beyond just mastery. Yeah. And master meaning the one who is obeyed, okay. And if that's the case, then you see that a loss of habitat is the Master of the Day of Judgment. He's the one who is obeyed. And that's that's why the scholars they say it's restricted to the Day of Judgment. Because the idea is, is that on the Day of Judgment, he's the king of the

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He's the king of every day. He's the medic of every day. But on the Day of Judgment is the day when no one challenges him, okay? And he's the Master of the Day of Judgment in particular, because on that day, no challenges and no competitors nutshell speak, not even the whisper, the tears of that day will be enough of an inhibitor for that is the day where the Kings fall silent, and the powerful are humbled and every violent tyrant will be exposed to be but a flesh and bones, and along with all pretenders be humbled to watch the throne. That's the idea. He is the medic of the day of judgment and the Master of the Day of Judgment, and the Owner of the Day of Judgment.

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Yeah, that's dope, man. Thank you. It's interesting. I just just closing story, the idea of maybe bringing the concept of Dominion home, I was writing rush hour traffic in DC, I was riding the bike share, to catch the train. And round five, six o'clock, DC is typically gridlock. And so but if you're on a bike, you can weave right through and get to where you're going. And so myself and a whole bunch of other cyclists, we just kept going, and I hear this loud noise, yo, pull over, right. And it was loud enough for me to stop my bike and pull over. Like Danielle, and then like, not only myself, but others. It was a police officer. And so as for our ID. Now I had this guess for all of

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your ID. Yeah. And I had this inkling to just go for it. But I'm like, Yeah, I don't want to have a police chase on. Yeah. And so he's like, and he writes me a ticket. I'm like, What is this for? He's like, you pass the red light.

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I'm like, I'm a cyclist. So yeah, it doesn't matter. You pass the red light, the red lights or stop signs for cyclists? Who told you that? And I'm like, well, the guys I ride with in Virginia. He goes, you see these license plates? You see that flag? This flag? Does that look like a Virginia flag to Wow, this is Washington DC, the District of Columbia. Red lights are red lights. You don't cross them. And, and then he's like, and then just give me a ticket and gives everyone else?

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And I was like, Yo, this guy. Did

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you have to lay him out yet? Yeah.

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He pointed out to me the signs. Yes. Oh, who's the meaning and jurisdiction? I am operating with him.

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And so as you man, yeah, you got you. So, so a couple of last notes with regards to the takeaway. The king. Yeah, the takeaway, I think here, what is appropriately, Allah is Al Malik and Malik and Malik. He is the Matt the king, the owner, the master to be obeyed. Yes. Then to understand that we should be aware of the fact that we are within his jurisdiction. Always Always. That's very beautiful. Does that look

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cool guys, see in the next video, inshallah.