99 Names of Allah #76 Al-Waarith

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Santa Monica. Tonight's name is Al awareness. Allah azza wa jal is awareness. And awareness means that Allah is going to be the last one remaining, that Allah is going to inherit, or take over everything. At the end. What this name kind of teaches us is what's going to happen to this world of ours. Everything that we see the earth, the sky, the sun, Allah promised us that one day, he's going to bring all of it to an end.

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And he's going to bring all of it to an end. Not to be mean, not just to punish people. But because Allah wants to be fair to everyone.

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At this time, when Allah decides to end everything in the world, it's going to be a very scary time. Allah is going to make the earth transform into something completely different from what it is now allows going to cause the sky to change into something completely different from what it is now. But Allah tells us that he's Aladdin. And he wants us to know that he's still in control, when all of these things happen, and that no matter how scary it gets, as long as we believe, and we try to do what's right, when we try to listen to Allah, Allah is the one who's going to decide what happens to who on that day. Allah is going to bring justice to everyone and give everybody what they deserve.

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That should make us feel confident, and feel at peace, to know that even something as scary as the end of the world, it's all in a lost control.

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That's because a law is otherwise. And that's all for tonight. Sit on like