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In this 49th episode of the series titled 99 names of Allah, Ammara Alshukry talks about the name of Allah – AlBarr


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Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, and children of all ages. Welcome back to another episode of the 99 names. I'm your host without on and I am here with Amato's Shangri

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La. Am I recording? I hope so. Yes, I am recording. Yes. Hello.

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So today's episode is going to be follow up if you if you've been following along if this is not your first episode, welcome. do go back to the other episodes and watch it from the beginning.

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But this is a follow up because last episode we were doing a lot how did you make it so that in the middle camera, you're taller than me? What did you do? I stood up straight. So what I can do is I can go like this.

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Oh, so that's your trick. You stand up straight. look taller than people. Yeah, do stand up straight. But you know, I could I see.

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smoke and mirrors. You want me to get you a plaque? No, it's okay.

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I'm fine with the earth.

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Because I can arrange that. You know, it's alright. Yeah, I tried doing that before but you know, it just kind of got tired. You didn't try with me. Obviously, I did a few videos there. But I was off on another camera winner request something that's silly.

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Okay, all right. So anyway, we were before we were talking talking about a hot, right? Yes, in the previous episode, we see that go ahead. Watch that now and then come back to this one. And in the end, he's talking about something about bid. Right? And I'm like Alberta and you're like but a bit. And then you're like you're jumping the gun? Yes. And so so there is kindness and the sun. So it's not righteousness?

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No, it's not righteousness. Bill is kindness. Goodness. I mean, it could be righteousness, but it's goodness.

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Okay, Evelyn's excellence in everything like that word benevolence, what does that mean? benevolence is what's called when you're charitable and you're giving hold on hold on this is gonna be fun. Okay, Google,

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define for me benevolence.

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So, definition of benevolence is

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marked by or disposed to doing good

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benevolent donor, generous, I suppose organized for the purpose of doing good, marked by or suggestive of goodwill. So So that's it, okay. So giver to give of oneself, oh, you know, what this makes sense? Because if you look at it,

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almost all of it is talking about giving. So before we jump to it, yes, because some people may not know, either there is an ayah, just like, you know, have I done QC which is a talk about Allah throne. I bill is a verse in the Quran and suta Baqarah verse 177. And if you open it up to there, it is a great verse because that is a verse that was revealed within a context where people started questioning the Muslims, when they were ordered to change direction of the Scribbler from Jerusalem, because that's where the prophetic legacy in the direction of prayer has been, for the longest time, until a suitable isocenter was ordered to change the direction to Mecca. And so they did that. And

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the people were asking questions as to well, the work and the good deeds and all that stuff, and a prayer stuff you did before either that's not that was wrong before is right now or what you're doing now is wrong, and it's not right anymore, or something's wrong and I'm confused or whatever. And so they said, well, when it comes to the righteousness and prayer, lace is better unto will lose righteousness, or rather kindness and goodness and benevolence. There isn't that you turn your head from the direction. It's not that's not the point right? To change your head, head towards the east or the west or anything like that. But it is and then the verse mentions Mohammed Abdullah, he will

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do me a favor.

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While kita b1 Nabina, Allah Allahu

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Misaki so you believe in all of these things, you believe in Allah you believe in the angels you believe in the books. You believe in the prophets and and you give the wealth that you love to the will kotoba your extended family Walia. Tama, the team, the orphans Well, what Misaki the poor and needy urbanists have been the beggar was sabinas wayfarer there

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was a lien which is the beggar buffeted a clock those whose necks are tied and imprisoned.

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That's slavery. Yeah, the slaves and locked almost all on day and then after the giving of all of that, they establish their prayer and then while at the Zakah, they pay they pay their zeca

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una via had him either How do they the covenants that they make they fulfill them. So the people

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Their word was savarin. And they are of the patient filled

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when harm is caused upon them, what the VA II and they find themselves in a calamity of some sort of disaster

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or Hainan bus and through whatever other hardships and stress and harms you have to go through hula, you can the Sadako and those are the people who are trending in the nose as well. And what we like

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those are the people who are God conscious. And what's interesting is this verse is also a great description for the response versus Sultan Fatiha. So if you look at Sultan Fatiha, you're asking for guidance right? And Allah follows that up with saying, Well you want guidance, Delhi Calcutta boo la Riva Fie. Who de Lille Mata Ki. It's a guidance for those who have Taqwa who are God conscious. The question is, who are the people of taqwa, look at it and better describes exactly who you are.

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And so I've been waiting for a long time to finally share all

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you are going over the names and he's like, let's do a bit. Let's do a bit before we close out.

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We'll do a very beautiful, so I will bid the name as Bilal spoke about the concept of Bill exists. And as mentioned a lot of times in the hold on however, Ally's name is not any better. Okay, his last name is at a bar bar. Okay. And literally, what that means is that a lot is the Dewar of Bill, but you don't say he is at a bit you say that he is unbutton and so a lot is used for a lot and Bill is used for the action. And so a lot is

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the one who does better what is Bill? Bill is everything that we just talked about, so it's like you drive but you are not drive you are a driver. It's kind of like that, okay, I mean sure, but the idea here is there are a lot of names why this is the case i don't know but the law isn't but he's a doer of and he's he's not that but he can do that like shut up but for example in the other names you don't change the way that the name is actually or the name that is pronounced okay a lot is out of man a lot not a lot man but a lot is that how for example is my loves hockey

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and he loves how or why it is that a lot goes from from it being built to a bar i don't know but that's that's the that's the reality of it. Okay, then we come to what is the

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the benevolence that allies are your showcases and that's beyond the description of any video Think about it. Like if now the definition of benevolence has to do with goodwill, right? Doing good is just the idea that you try like Allah has given us so much right this goes back to this rough man of Rahim is neither one of those really comprehensive names Yeah, that just are manifested in other names as well. Okay, right. It's all of the laws, goodness and all of the laws grace and all of the laws bounty and all of the laws generosity, all of that goes back to this concept. I go back home I thought you're gonna start reciting that all of a sudden, and you know what's beautiful about that?

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And that's an amazing connection that you just made because

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the people of Jenna you know, the name of bata shows up in the Koran. Yeah. As stated by the people of Jenna. Okay. They are the ones who say, in Khun Nam in an Andrew who in the whole bottle Rahim. Yeah, the people have done that. They will say that. We used to call upon a lot in the dunya after they talk about how Allah saved them. Yeah. You know, we were before in our family. We were very much 15. We were very worried. We were very stressed out being in the dunya. Trying to get to Jenna. Yeah. And so they're saying our our Lord saved us from the punishment of the hellfire. We used to call upon him in the dunya saying that he is at the bottom of Rahim. Allah. Wow. Okay. And so the

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people of Paradise are saying that in the dunya, we used to call upon a livelihood by the Bahamian scholars, they said, the reason why they invoke that name, in this particular poem,

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this place in Paradise, is because of all of the bounties that they are experiencing while they are in paradise. Well, how does the line go of all of his bounties and all of his grace and all of the sights and the smells and the taste will be forgotten without a trace as a frozen in time and space when you see his face so the people of Paradise will experience the greatest asset and the greatest benevolence and the greatest reward. And the reward of a lie is that people will you know, for finite periods of time finite service, they will be rewarded with eternal bliss and eternal happiness in paradise. Now from the action items or the fruits of a bitter or a bottle is bitter.

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You'll be a person of that same type of category and body benevolence. And hence when we go back to the verse of the Ayat of Allah, Allah says that you believe in Allah righteousness, not that you just face the east or you face the west or you know, just the rituals of, but the righteousness or benevolence, all of this is that you begins with the belief, you believe, and then will act and madala should be the will,

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that you give wealth, even though you love it, even though you have a need for it, that you distribute that goodness to other people, the poor and the orphans and the

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affected. First thing on the list is that your family and your extended family that we look over, like you really spend on your family, sometimes people will may be good and benevolent and generous to their community. But you know, they might be miserly within their family. Not just that that's true. And some people unfortunately, that is, there are some people who are the stingiest to their family members. And I don't mean stingy just with regards to finances, but they're stingy even with regards to the generous sought to the generosity that comes with a smile, the general, the generous pneus of kind words,

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some people are very, very stingy when it comes to just compliments that they give to their family members. That's all that they're asking for. And the second thing is for you to give to your to give to your quarterback to give to your relatives, yeah, it's easy for you to give it a fundraiser at MSG, because that information is brought to you. However, for you to give to your family members, you have to you have to be connected. Yeah. And that's the relationship, you have to have a relationship, you have to know what's going on. And for a lot of us, that's really where the challenge is. We don't want to talk to our extended family, especially if it's extended family

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overseas, if so much of a hassle. Your parents give you the phone and put a gun to your head and say,

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say hello to your cousin or your grandfather, they see like Ha Ji

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but to create relationships with those people, by the time and the last thing to say with regards to bill is of course, the name bill comes with parents many times bill o'reilly then that you'd be kind and you show excellence to your parents and Netherlands towards parents, if you're going to be generous towards anybody, be generous towards your parents, if you're going to be in the service of anybody being in the service of your parents instead of the law. Robert hamaca Mara biani Yeah, that's an awful lot. Okay. Allah commanded you to say that and say, My Lord have mercy on them as they raised me while they were young, to such a level that the prophets that I sent him is like a

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Muslim, he listened to this, he says, in a bottle very similar to louella. de lo, it would be, he says, from the highest level of bill is that a person shows kindness to the people that his father used to love. Okay, so continuing the relationships of the parents.

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In their absence? Yes. Your mom's friends? Yeah. Your dad's friends, people who are to do that you also have to be connected to them. Of course, you have to know them. Number one, who are your dad's friends? Who are your mom's friends? Who are the people that they love that you recognize that and then that you show, and to continue those relationships, even in the absence of your parents. Yeah. And so, you know, I've lived near one time a man was coming, a Bedouin man, and I believe it was so happy to see him. He gave him his camera, and he gave him the turban that he was wearing, and he put it on. So this guy is leaving now from under Lebanon with a camel and a turban. This isn't Who is

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this guy? He said this was a man that he used to love his father.

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He must have been an older guy. Yeah. Okay. The province of Allah. They said

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not necessarily. He was an older guy. He, I mean, I'm not used to keep the live night bus in his company. And he was 30 years younger. Okay. But nonetheless, he this was a person who had a friendship with, okay, and someone that my mother used to love the products that I sent him the Friends of Khadija he would we're not talking about parents here. But we're talking about the bill that the province I send them had for her deja. Yeah. And that will fight that loyalty and that love that benevolence, when he would sometimes slaughter an animal, he would distribute the meat and he would command for it to be distributed amongst the Friends of Khadija years after her teacher had

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passed away. But showing that type of kindness and making it so that people they're obviously going to miss the presence of that person, whether it's a mother or father, they're always going to be in there missing that presence. But sometimes you can make it so that it seems like their absence is not so absent because of your presence. And that's it a bit. And then

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what's the lesson and hamadryad is I have a sim sim concealed