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In this 48th episode of the series titled 99 names of Allah, Ammara Alshukry talks about the name of Allah – AlHaqq


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Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls Welcome to another episode of the 99 names I'm your host blouse on and I'm here with our moto shoukry tagging along, going over what name today we are going over the name of a lot and how I'll have bought

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it and half comes from the word. Really? Yes Okay cool. I thought I was just throwing that out there

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and how it happens the truth okay. And the lot is the truth. He is unhappy. And so for example in shawlette and Nord verse 25 Allah says we are the moon and Allah who are helpful moving and they know that a lot is a habit and moving.

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No, so that's one of the names of Allah as well. Okay. Moving

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Okay, now there is a beautiful supplication that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam

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made in the two authentic collections of modern Muslim Okay, and I bless his cousin said that the province of the lightest synonyms say and tell how to work Toluca happen to happen well

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well Jenna to happen when now happen whenever you happen is called the eight truths. So this is Hadith. Yes. And this is a supplication This is a praise that the prophets have sent him would make before supplicating so you say you are the truth and that helpful? Okay, so I'm the

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You are the truth. Okay.

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Until hapu, or polka hop and your speech is true, or your speech is the truth.

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Lucca happen with all local hot Toluca happen coloca Hakuna so you are the truth. Yeah. And your speech is true. Okay. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, look, I happen to happen and your promise Your word is true. Well, what are the well I do happen okay. When you talk and meeting you are true.

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Well, Paul, Luca Luca, happen. Okay? So what's your Promise? Promise? Okay. Oh, louder.

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gotcha. Your promises true what's the default aka meeting us? True meeting Okay.

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What agenda to happen agenda so the Paradise is true. When now what will happen to Agenda two? What is agenda to happen okay, when now what will happen? Okay. What never used to happen? And maybe you whenever you want to happen and the prophets are true, and Paradise is true.

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So, until Hubble

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Toluca hacohen will happen, while the coca hacohen virgin not will happen for now, now gonna happen when now happen. Well, now how could What? Whenever you and I happen to be, you know, how can one Mohammedan help Mohammed and Huck. And this sequence is really beautiful, because it starts off with a lot is the truth.

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And if Allah is the truth, yeah, then his speech is true. So it's a logical progression, and his speech is true, then his promise, which is part of his speech is true. And if his promise is true, the meaning of is true, then meaning M is true. And if his meeting M is true, then paradise and the Hellfire true. And if all of this is true, then the prophets are true. Yes. And what they said, and if the prophets are true, then how much of a lie they send them is true.

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That's true, isn't it? Yeah. So it's interesting cuz when you break it down, it's making sense because you're just taking what I like is that the profits profits are true than the profits are true in what they said about a law and in what it is fulfilling and what they foretold about the upcoming profit who is Muhammad, so he's true. So the lesson okay? And so, this

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is called the or some have called it the eighth truth. So I don't want you to think that this is like branded as the eighth truth or anything like that. 345678 like you got it. That being said, the takeaway from this name, a lot of being a lot loves the truth and he loves the people of truth. And so, if I am a person of truth or not, So would it would it be safe to say that this is something that one can also try to embody right? The idea that

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If Allah is truthful, he loves those who are truthful. He loves those who speeches through his phone. He loves those who fulfill their promises he loves. Absolutely, and all of that. Absolutely. Okay. Allah loves the truth. He loves supporting the truth. He loves the people of truth. Now my question is gonna be I had him in a huddle, and those who make their prom covenants they fulfill them. Absolutely.

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Am I a person who lives the truth? Am I a person who loves the truth? Am I someone you know, a person who loves the truth? I'm a chef. He says, I never debated anyone except that I hope that they were the ones who are correct. Why? So that I could submit to the truth when I hear it? I see. You see, it wasn't to prove the other person wrong, but moreso to genuinely seek the truth and knowledge and if he wasn't, so it wasn't a soul was less than debate. It was more a discussion to the deeper understand.

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Do that that's a really good mindset to go into. He says, I never debated anybody. This is something that's consistent, except that he he wishes that that person is the one who's correct. Why so that I could submit to the truth? Am I a person who loves to submit to the truth? Am I if I lose an argument, but I came to the truth? Am I happier than I came to the truth? You see a story of life someone likes to see who was a consistent seeker of Truth? Am I someone who's willing to sacrifice for the truth is the truth more beloved to me than everything else?

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And so, being a person who loves the truth and my person who lies Am I a person who is too faced? Am I a person who doesn't live in accordance with the truth? All of that goes against this concept of Allah azza wa jal being at help. A lot is that happen? He loves and supports the people.

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So in other words, if there's a simple thing, be honest, be truthful. Be true to yourself, be true to others. And hence the prophet SAW Sam says about truthfulness, he says in a sitcom.

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He said, righteousness leads, sorry, truthfulness leads to righteousness, and righteousness leads to paradise. I'm

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one of the names of Allah. You've mentioned before that butter butter is related to that we are going to get to that. Okay. Do not rush the guns.

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That is another video coming very soon. Okay, we'll cover about a job.