Nouman Ali Khan – Ramadan With The Quran – Day 19

Nouman Ali Khan
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of the " Coleen's" word in relation to the loss of Allahu alayhi wa sallam, as well as the " Coleen's" word in relation to the loss of Allahu alayhi wa sallam. They also discuss the historical significance of the surah and how it elevates the rank of a believer. The speakers emphasize the importance of ease and the "beings of Islam" in relation to emotions and language, and stress the importance of not feeling stuck and not feeling like we've been stuck.
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And so then he says what offer and I look at the clock,

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he says and above and beyond all of that we elevated your mentioned for you. This to me is actually a continuation it's almost impossible to look at this I mean, in isolation you can understand this ayah but in continuation from the previous surah you understand this ayah better. Literally it says we we raised your mentioned for you, this is also the loss of Allahu alayhi wa sallam even even there's a narration about it It's so beautiful, but from our sorry the holy I'll read that to you first, a tiny gibreel Allah His solemn duty Angel Gabriel came to me the Prophet says for color in naraku your your your Master says to you this is a hadith could see so Allah speaks to the Prophet

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through Jubilee rally. So I'm going to ask him a question. A temporary kafer refer to the correct Do you know how I elevated your mention? Because he says, what a final look at the clock for your sake I have elevated your mentioned how have you elevated his mentioned? And so the messenger responded, Allahu Allah, Allah, Allah. Allah knows, I don't know. And so he said, either the cure to leukemia, Marie, when I mentioned you are mentioned with me, when somebody says La ilaha illa Allah they say what? Muhammad Rasulullah every time the Adhan is given, Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar, a shadow Allah, Allah, Allah Allah immediately next to it is a shadow now Mohammed Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa

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sallam right so the the name of Allah has the name of Allah that is raised every time the the voice of the man is raised, along with it is the raise of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the solo ads upon the messenger became part of our prayer. Every time somebody remembers Allah, along with it, they remember the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and thus the highest mentioned which is the mention of Allah now became Connect connected with dimension of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. But the remarkable thing about this ayah is that it's also mentioned in the past tense of a foreigner, we already elevated your mentioned for you. So what some have

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interpreted this to mean, look at how the oma will expand. Look at how there will never be a moment on the planet where a van is not being given. Your there's not a second that goes by there was somewhere somewhere around it's not happening. And every time the amount is happening, Our Messengers mentioned is being raised so hard Allah, and then what more can it be raised? When the law himself says in the law, how am I lucky Cata who use aluna? And maybe Allah himself and the angels send Salawat upon the messenger, what more what higher ranking of Vicar can there be that Allah Himself does the color of his name? subhana wa Tada. That's what he mentioned in the Quran.

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And he gets all of the legions of angels to do it. And as many as there are human beings, there are far more angels. For every one of us, there's at least a couple, you know, and actually, I would argue groups of them, because half of our for each one of us, there are groups of angels that protect, you know, and all of them have been commanded to send Salawat upon the Prophet alayhi salatu salam. So Allah elevated his mentioned and elevated as mentioned and elevated, as mentioned, on a side note, even though I haven't connected it to the previous surah yet, understand what that means for us. That means no matter what cartoons they make, no matter what fun, they poke at the

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prophets of Allah Harleys Adam, no matter what kinds of films they make, no matter what kinds of filthy jokes they make about those who lost a lot of value to them, it says useless as spinning at the sun, the spin only comes back on your own face, it is too high for you, you can't touch it. You can't touch the status of this messenger. So long audio setup. And this was set at a time where Muslims were not in power. This is early revolution. People are calling him insane. They're calling him a liar. They're calling him a magician. They're calling him all kinds of things. And they're they're hurling insults at him. He's one of the most insulted human beings in society. That's who he

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is. And yet Allah has elevated his mentioned, what we're learning now is when people humiliate you, so long as you can say that you're mentioned with Allah, you're in good company with Allah, then people's humiliation won't matter. Then that's, that's all that matters is Allah has elevated your status and that's something that has to be earned. You know, we're nowhere near we're never going to be anywhere near what the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wasallam. But I'll tell you something, what, what what elevates the rank of a believer before Allah? You know, what elevates the rank of a believer is things that bring a believer closer to Allah. Toba brings a believer closer to

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Allah it elevates his rank. The word of Allah elevates a believer not very lovable, Latina, amen. Amen. Como, Valentina, Elma Rajat, Allah will raise the ranks of those who have faith among you, and those who have been given knowledge in ranks, he'll raise you, he'll raise you raise you your connection with the laws, word, your bond with the laws word, your repentance, to allow your admission of sins before Allah, these are things that are going to raise you and the more you are raised, Allah says Allah Subhanallah katika maybe everybody speaks ill of you in this world, but the angel speak good of you. Allah speaks highly of you. You know, I'm reminded of that famous Hadith

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because we're in this gathering and male acceptance gathering from us. You know, there's you know, mommy and beighton min min beauty law there's there's not a home among the homes of Allah in which people gather the data sooner Hoover in a home, you know, they're reading the book of Allah and

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Trying to understand it together. You know, and then that Hadith ends with was the carambola, who fumin, endo, those, that group of people never does a gathering of people get together, trying to remember the book of Allah and trying to understand it better in one of the houses of Allah, except a lot of talks about them in the company that he has meaning in the highest of the angels alleged talking about us. That's the honor Allah azza wa jal gives us the Quran Allah gave to the heart of the prophet SAW a salon, and by means of that Allah raised his rank. And now by extension, when we enter the Quran into our hearts, our statuses get raised, we get elevated, you know, this, this gift

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that was given to the pseudo lossless of them, is a gift that permeates through him to the rest of us. And so May Allah azza wa jal raise our ranks in those that are close to him. So, this is what I found out like as a clerk, the, of course the other meanings that have been extrapolated from this is on the Day of Resurrection, meaning Allah has given elevated his mention, even on the Day of Judgment where nobody gets to speak and he will get to speak where he will have the ranking and he'll actually get to mention things to a lot of nobody has the right to mention to Allah, only he gets to negotiate on behalf of his oma, you know, every other people will go to their prophet and

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say, Ibrahim your friend, can you help us out here? And he says, No, I can't, you need to go as somebody else and they keep going from one to the other one profit to the other. You know, and until it was also I tell him, he says Allah, Allah, I was made for this. Yes, I'm the I'm the one who will speak on your behalf, you know. And so, now we get to this next portion of the surah. It's a brief surah. But this next portion is about hope. He tells His Messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam, for in number accuracy, Yusra in numerous Nusrah, beautiful eye art. Therefore, there is no doubt about it, that great ease or ease will come along with difficulty.

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No doubt is will come along with difficulty twice. And the the sequence of this is in a mile or three us run actually suggests it is it's actually unusual, even perfect reflects some of us soon because you have like Instituto de la Suresh Allah who doesn't use Allah. Allah will make ease after difficulty. The word use this after. You know after you go through a hard time, Allah will make things easier, easy to understand. here Allah said with difficulty. There certainly is murderously useless. What that's done is we're now understanding that if we want to have ease in this life, then Allah azza wa jal will put us through some kind of trial. It is only through that trial that you

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will get to ease ease is not the state of life in this world. This is a reinforcement of luck at hotmail in Santa Fe cupboard. In naka de Manila, Rebecca Callahan. Pamela T. Human beings were created in labor and toil, the difficulty that you're going through is the only way you're going to taste the sweetness of ease. It could also mean hear that this life, the difficulties of this life, you have to go through to experience the ease that's coming in the next life, it could mean that you saw here is about the era is about what's coming at the very end, it could also mean from the previous surah what a hero to hydro locka means una de una is also and the authorized user, your

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mission is going to become easy, but before it does, there's going to be a lot of difficulty that comes with it. You're going to be happy at the end though, like the messengers being prepared some a lot more understanding mentally, and he's been prepared emotionally, that your, your challenges are going to get tougher, and they will get tougher. But always remember this with every single challenge, Allah will open a door with every single difficulty, Allah will bring some kind of ease, it'll come along with it a lot doesn't just send difficulty, he sends difficulty with ease together. It's like a two item package that's delivered

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in nama is so powerful and so beautiful, that when you and I are going through a difficulty, we know for a fact there's an ease associated with it. It's not eventually it'll come it's already come with it. It's just, you know, you're going through the pipeline right now and it's gonna it's gonna hit you, it's going to come. The word also, in its original meaning actually means that something stuck in the stomach like constipation, or food poisoning and things like that somebody's in extreme pain inside the stomach. They used to use it for a camel, camel, that's young, but it won't deliver a child like it's it's having a hard time delivering the child or you can't even get pregnant, even

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though it doesn't have a problem getting pregnant. It's not too old to have a child. When there is an internal deep internal problem that's actually called the result. And by the way, the opposite the something moving smoothly and passing smoothly. That's actually the origin of the word user. So something being stuck is awesome. And something moving along is useful. And this is a very picturesque way of describing difficulty and ease. Difficulty for all of us in one way or the other is when we're stuck in a situation when we don't feel there's a way out of that situation where we feel trapped by a situation. We just feel like can this. Just be

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Over, can I just get out of this somehow can things move along? When that when you're in that kind of a state, it could be sickness, it could be a lawsuit, it could be whatever. It could be a conflict, you know, whatever it may be, it's you feel like you're stuck. And then when ease comes, it means things have moved along, you can actually get out of that situation. And that has passed and now you can go go into ease. And so movement and passing is ease and stopping and stagnation is difficulty. The Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi salam, at some points in his mission is going to feel nobody's accepting Islam, things are only getting more and more difficult. The start the

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circle of hatred around me is expanding. And the chokehold is getting tighter and tighter and tighter. I'm stuck. And then a level make a way out and that is going to be hinged on that's the use of so in number four in number three use raw allies telling the prophets Listen, I'm now this is the part I'd like you to remember. Just like you were devastated Koran wasn't coming.

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And I this became the fourth item, there were three items before what were the three items I remind you, you used to be an orphan you got taken care of. You were seeking and Allah gave you the beginnings of Revelation. And then you were bankrupt. And Allah made you independent. And now the fourth one, you were devastated that revelation wasn't coming and it came to relieve you now know from here on, there will be other difficulties. Now that he's given four instead of three. Now there's four case studies, now that he's given you these eases each time I know for a fact now that with every challenge, every difficulty along with it and ease away out and escape will be there.

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Except that and Allah says that twice to him, as if to say this is going to happen over and over again. Also, when you give somebody comfort, this is you shouldn't look at this too. Technically. Like, what's the bollati secret behind saying for in number ellerslie? You throw in nama Allah? Seriously, this is natural speech. And natural speech when you're trying to comfort somebody and you say, it's gonna be okay. It's gonna be okay. Why do you have to say twice? The person doesn't turn to you and say, I heard you the first time.

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They don't say that. You know? You don't say it's okay. It's okay. Calm down, calm down. Don't cry, don't cry. You do that, don't you? That's actually an expression of love. It's an expression of intimacy. And that's what Allah has ever done, has done for His Messenger, salallahu alaihe salam, when he says in the nursery useless. On a more subtle note, even though it's not so explicitly obvious, it should be mentioned that when you use the Nikita form, use run, you sign it, you and two times the same occurs. Let me put that in simple words. Elosa twice, your son, your son twice, when you put on something like the man, the man went to the market, the man was tired. Am I talking about

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two different men men? Or is it the same guy? The same guy. So since I lost that is twice the argument has been forwarded that the same difficulty is being talked about twice. But use run is Nikita. And that actually means Amen. And it could be another man, two different ones. So the different, the difficulty is the same, but the ease that comes with it is one kind of ease then yet another kind of ease. Some I've extrapolated from this, that every time there is difficulty, Allah actually gives two sets of ease. And there is a narration about about this too. That's more said it's argued whether it's authentic or not, but the profit slice of them extrapolating from this is

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reported to have said with every difficulty, Allah will give two sets of views, not one, and that you sign because you sign it and use it as twice. I would argue, even though that's an interesting way of looking at the text, and it used to be more convinced of it before from a from a purely natural point of view. Now, the fact that the mcdata is more accurate here, it's actually supposed to be Nikita. So it's actually the natural form of speech. It's not an unusual macula. It's the fact that you Soren hasn't been on it, it's expected to be that way. So I'm still more inclined towards the first view, Allahu taala item. And that is that Ally's consoling His Messenger sallallahu

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wasallam. And saying it twice as if he just this is something he needs to really deeply internalize for in America, in America, and that is so natural and familiar, it resonates with the fitrah. When someone is in crisis, they don't need to hear about hope or things are going to get easier once they need that reinforced for themselves. You know, Allah knows who he created, human beings need that kind of reinforcement. You know, our, our, our state of our logic is the same, not the same as our emotions. When you're studying mathematics, you're not crying, or maybe you are because you don't get it but like,

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but you know, the language of science or the language of math or the language of logic and reason, that's different language, but the language of human emotion is different. You know, in the language of mathematics, you don't have to say something twice in the language of science. You don't have to say something twice. But in the language of emotion you do. And human beings aren't just robots, we just, I already told you, it's gonna be easy. Now go, No, no, it's not like that. It's emotional language. It's loving language. And so the

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These are the kinds of things I'd like to reinforce for all of you to remind yourself in myself. Koran is not a book of rules. Koran is not a book of history, or art is the loving word of a lot to us like this or not to be it's letters from a lot of us literally what Allah calls it letters from Allah to us. Think of it as someone who loves you who wrote you a letter.

Surah Ash-Sharh

In this talk Ustadh Nouman teaches us that Surah Ash-Sharh is one of only four surahs in the Quran that address Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) exclusively. Here Allah consoles His beloved messenger by reminding him that He has elevated his mention within the heavens. The consoling words of Allah in the central ayat of the surah are a message of hope to the Prophet, and by extension to all believers who live their lives in the path of Allah. Allah reiterates that within difficulty there is ease. In fact it is only through trials and toil that we can taste the sweetness of ease and contentment both in this world and in the afterlife.

2017-06-14 – Ramadan 2017

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