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Poetry – Ummah of One

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Ammar Alshukry

Channel: Ammar Alshukry

Episode Notes

Poetry – Ummah of One by Ammar Alshukry

Episode Transcript

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Sudan is my hometown

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Jerusalem is my heart

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I flashes Syrian smile

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been Egyptian from the start.

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My kindness comes from Pakistan

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style Senegalese

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Yemen and Somalia join two continents at my meet a Mauritania mind Libyan legs Arabian disposition, Moroccan passion Turkish fashion Indonesian precision wherever Allah is worshipped on my people like include English esteem, French cuisine, American attitude. I've got history in Spanish soils in Mali and sand the future shining from Puerto side my president is where I stand.

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My eyes pier from Kashmir towards the Malaysian rising sun.

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Bodies indivisible.

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I'm an oma of one