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In this 41st episode of the series titled 99 names of Allah, Ammara Alshukry talks about the name of Allah – Attayyeb


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The concept of "naught" is discussed, with certain names and phrases used, including "naught" and "naughty." The speakers emphasize the importance of establishing good credit and avoiding getting into trouble by maintaining healthy eating and being a good friend. The transcript also touches on the benefits of being a good companion, including avoiding hot off during hot times and maintaining good credit. The speakers emphasize the need for individuals to establish good credit and avoid getting into trouble by being a good friend.

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Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls children of all ages Welcome to another episode of the 99 names a law 990 God

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I'm your host without fun I'm here title along with hamato shoukry as set on law I set up today we are going over what name a name of a law of D but oh boy you have not the web. Nope, it's not related to the web. No. Okay. It's two different letters. Two different Oh.

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Okay, I'll play you.

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Okay, so yeah, that was the shed that on the app. Or in English it would be ta yy IB. I said TYYEB de yet

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I prefer the I

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blah. Yeah, with a shuddha that that is so

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tall. Yeah. But here we go. If the camera could just focus on the way that I'm spilling it out so that'd be land and post production can connect what I'm writing basically no I just wrote a bit I you can just connect it can connect this later.

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Bring my air drawing to life. You're giving me more work man.

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The thing is the last time you drew it on the screen Yeah, you were like completely already on camera.

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Here you should draw it right here Look, okay. Right here in this space. Oh in this space. Okay, so here we go. Ready? I was looking at that camera.

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Boy you believe two dots line there we go.

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So what is the theme mean? Pure Yes, that's what

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Okay, so that's good labor which is the name of the city of the province of Elias and then the city of Medina is called FIBA however the Hadeeth that's in Muslim of Abu ala is where the province of the lightest and so there's nowhere in the Quran where Allah calls himself a play. Okay? So right then from the Quran we don't have it we don't have a name for him or anything like that. So this is one of the names that is a name of allah by the Hadith. Okay, now by the Hola. So there are some names that we've already gone over like a Jimmy Yeah, play

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SCT okay. these are these are Hadeeth names Okay, they're not put on ik names. Now a thebe comes from the hadith of Abba hora which is in Muslim in which the Prophet cellulitis and it says in the law to allow for you when a lot is played. What is the Allah, Allah to Allah tala is a description that we use when we talk about a lot

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with Allah so Allah hi Yes, so Allah is the highest purity No.

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Is that attributes of Allah not an attribute of a slave so it has nothing to do with purity, okay, it's about talking about law it means is far above and beyond some description and normally it's not a negative description. So it's so far beyond what we can think of it so it's like in comprehensible? Yes. So when random so you say a lot to Allah, we're talking about a law and it's a description that comes with the term Yeah, um, you know, every language has its so he is a play of an infinity and beyond? No, it has nothing to do with a play. Okay. So it's a description of Allah when I said in the light of

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the infinity and beyond stop saying I played, okay. It has nothing to do with the name of play, okay. It is a description of a law. Okay. Something that you say because I said in the law to Allah, Allah is to Allah has nothing to do. That's the end.

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Yes. Okay. I don't even know if I can say that. It's an attribute because the idea here is, for example, when you say he's an essence, because he can't describe anything be honest. You know, he's not that as you'd be on description. It's that. So when you say for example, Chapin hall with that, guys, if you're wondering what else and we're going so much faster and back and forth, because we just have food to eat? Yes. So I just got energy like the last video, I was kind of dying, but hamdulillah now I'm back. So subhanho wa Taala means a lot is

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free from imperfection, and data means above what people ascribe to him. Okay? And so people describe him so many things, isn't that a produce?

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It's one of the meanings of hanoch and it's one of the meanings of asylum. Okay? I said, um, it's one of the meanings these names or shared these connotations. Okay, declaring a lot to be free from deficiencies so it's more connotation less explicit. There are some phrases that you just use naturally when you talk about Allah. Okay? So just like when you say the profit, you say, it'll sort of look something like this. And that's just something that comes with saying that the profit lessons name, generally people will say a lot, as they'll say, a loss of Hannah hood to IRA or something like that.

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It's just, I mean, as you say, a lot. Ah, yes, it's just a means of praising allies. See, I just say it's in the same breath. Just it's out of respect it's out of. It's not something that's obligatory or something that you have to do etiquette. It's an etiquette. Okay? Is that manners? Exactly. Okay. So the prophet SAW Sam says in a light dialogue play even a lot is the yerba Leia caballo de la Eva, he does not accept anything except that we just leave. Okay, so tip here means everything that is good, wholesome, pure,

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good, wholesome, and pure. Yes. Now how do you describe wholesome?

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You know, better than me? I don't, but I kind of find it that

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the way I understanding wholesome has to do with closer to being holy

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than it is to and that could work that could work in that name. Okay. So something that's something that was free from any sort of shortcomings, or from any sort of deficiency free from any sort of filth or impurity. Yeah, yeah, that would work perfectly. So Eliza is Liebe. And he does not accept anything except that which is sleep. And then the province of the lightest and it says and allies we did has commanded the believers with the same command that he has commanded. The prophets asked for the belief as for the prophets, or the messengers, he commands them and he says, Yeah, you should kurumi not play backgammon. Oh, sorry. He says, oh, in the Quran, Allah says Oh, messengers, Kuru

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monopoly, but he from that which is pure, okay. and do righteous deeds, and Allah commands of believers, he says, should be in the factory for me. Yeah, I mean,

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you know, that's the whole discussion, right? Because Allah, Allah makes a distinguishment. But even the nominal kulu mafia or the halacha, Allah says, Oh, you who believe eat from what is in this earth that is holiday and for you, so it's not just halaal? But the wholesome? Yeah, good. Okay. Okay. So both of them. Yeah, both of them were commanded both the messengers and the believers were commanded with this command of eating that which is pure, and then Hadeeth. And so most of them

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in the collection of Muslim, it concludes by mentioning the prophets I sent him then mentioned a man who was travelling for a long time. Yeah, Ash has ever been, he was dusty and disheveled, raising his hands towards the sky, saying you're up, you're up. But but his food was hot. And his drink was hot, and his nourishment was hot, and his clothes were held on. And so the profits a little lie, Sam said, How can his supplication be accepted?

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How can his application be accepted? But the question that comes up is how do you reconcile that reality with the fact that all laws over Florida human, there's the word because of one turns away from what they had come from? And they repent and come back to Allah? Would that not but keep in mind that the whole point where we talk about definitely law? Yeah, for like, preserve the commandments of a Lionello preserve you? Yeah, the whole point is that you receive more preservation and more access, based on what you do. Not right now in this moment, but what you did yesterday and the day before, and that's why we didn't mean that now you should.

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The answer to the question of how, what's the question that was asked, How can it be accepted? So? I mean, is it a rhetorical question, because if it's a Yeah, it's, it's in the sense where he's basically saying, because I, because I've always thought that Okay, he's not as he asking for answer. He's basically saying that this person's so far from being hurt, or because of the lifestyle that he was living. And so this then becomes a warning, it's a warning, okay, a warning to other people. Yeah, that if you want your diet to be accepted in your times of difficulty and distress, that you make sure that you invest in eating the head on and avoiding the hot off during the good

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times. So

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okay, but I'm just trying to reconcile that between somebody like Alright, so, do you now also, is it

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is it implied that if somebody is coming from that, and they want to turn a new leaf, so to speak, that then they should try to establish at least some level of

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good credit? Of course, okay. Of course, you repent towards Eliza yet and you try to do as best as you can, but a good credit, is it is it appropriate to say that part of the acceptance of that repentance and an assign of it being sincere is that you do establish that good credit? Yes. Okay. Absolutely. I mean, you have to

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there's no sincerity in a person just saying, Oh, I'm sorry. And it goes back to doing what they were doing. Unless they keep being sincere, and they're just trying and trying and

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Yeah, but one of the one of the requirements for repentance is commitment.

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And so you know the difference between someone who's actually committed and someone who's paying lip service. in every field, we know that you are in fitness, you know, when a person is sincerely trying to change their habits and when they're not. And so a lot knows if a person is committed or not. And the famous example, that's given up that is the man who killed 99 and then killed 100. And then he, he, the point is, is that he started his journey. Yeah, he was told you need to change your environment and leave your friends on leave everything that you know, and you need to go towards that place. Yeah. And he started walking, he didn't just pay lip service and say, No, I'm going to

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hang out with the same people, and hopefully, I'm not going to murder anymore. So

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the idea here is that a person should be very careful of what they eat. And by not just eating a better word would be consumed. Okay, what they consume, consumption is not just the food you eat, yet, it's also your wealth, where you get it from it, where you get your, your, your wealth from, where you get your, you know, how you how you make your money, all of that. It all affects you. And so this is the main benefit, and Allah knows best. This is one of the things that things that we can kind of try to embody, side of Nebula cos Yeah, the great companion of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he asked, he said, Ask the Prophet for him to have a dog that is always manifested, I want

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to be someone who whenever I supplicate to Allah, whatever I asked for, it just happens. And so the prophet SAW the license and told him, he said, make sure that you only eat Thailand, and your dog will be accepted. And so sadly, we never go cos later on, he ended up being. So you can imagine how stringent he was with regards to his food intake and where he took it. And by the way, food intake didn't just mean the nature of the food itself, but the means. And so I will work for example, he was so sensitive, and a lot of mahatama. Also, work was so sensitive. At one time one of his servers had brought him some food, and the food was the same. But it tasted different to him.

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So I asked him, he said, Where did you get this food from? Yeah. And he said, Well, back in the days of jelly, I was a soothsayer. And I had, you know, done a service for a particular people. And they never paid me for it. And they just paid me for it like today or yesterday. And so I went and I bought some food for it. And I brought it for you. Yeah. And I'm Walker says You almost killed me.

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Right? He said, You almost killed me. And then he started regurgitating the food. So he vom. Yes, wow. And then I will walk out of the line who said if, if, if this food doesn't come out, except with my soul, I'm getting this food out of me. Like I do not want to be nourished with some hot on food. Even those in Jay Haley and even and even even, you know, I don't want him to hop out one time he's drinking milk. I asked Where did you get this milk from? And the person said to him, I got it from the, the the cows or the or the camels of, of South Africa basically belongs to the Muslim state or what have you. And I just went and got you a bowl of Maha pop,

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again, rebuked him severely because of this notion. They had such a sensitivity to what they consume. What was the what was it against drinking the cows. That was for the Muslims? Exactly. Right. That's exactly his concern, but almost like, he's so sensitive to taking any advantage over his position.

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was okay, okay. Yeah, this is the same person that took his son's watermelon. Yeah, exactly. Yeah, yeah. So he was so sensitive to these types of things. And so I mean, just just to give context, it was like, it was all built up in Oman. Right. I don't know if it was until I think, I don't think it actually was until I think it was one of his much younger kids. So anyway, it was a time of drought. He's the governor and the ruler, the President, so to speak. And, and he, his son had saved money and bought himself a watermelon. And he's enjoying it. And he's like, where'd you get that? watermelons? I bought it. And he's like, nope, and he gets rid of it. Like, ain't nobody gonna,

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ain't nobody from my family gonna eat before the people eat? Yeah. Right. And I mean, I guess that's a form of leadership, what leaders eat last. So yeah.

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The fact that he wasn't willing to take from the grounds of charity. But then that also comes to the question of, how would that also be considered people have an elevator since his daughter was married? No, no. Okay. And even his daughter wouldn't be considered according to some from a little bit because a very strict definition of a debate is literally the people from the province of colitis and him himself. Okay. So although he said the sentimental fallacy is that, but no one considers the amount of fallacy to be a little bit in that sense. I mean, it's just, you have more or less an honorary Yeah, you have general and specific

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It's okay. Because the whole issue of charity not being able to be given to the family, the profit. So I don't know what that wouldn't classify to be isn't. It's definitely not something you get through marriage. Okay. So despite that he was still be like, yo, we're not taking from the jail, he was looking at it from the position of him being the honeypot. Okay?

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And so he put very, very, very strict restrictions on his family. So for example, he told them, and he warned them and he said, If I find any of you committing a crime, I will double the punishment on that. Because you are my family.

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Well, we're whereas normal context, the family's like, oh, let's they're the ones who get away with all of the crimes. Yeah. He said, I will double the punishment on the crimes that any of you commit. I will. His Son, I've lived near Oman, he did have a camel that was being

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that he had. I don't remember if he had bought it or sell it, but he was it was grazing. And Omar. And did well, camels doing great. Yeah, it just it was just pastoring amongst the the pastor of the Muslims. And I met him hot dog commanded him to sell that and to donate its money to the Muslim Treasury. Okay. And he told he said Why? It was just pastoring with everybody else. You know, it's interesting. He said to them, he said to them, he said, No, it wasn't just pastoring with everybody else. Yeah, all of those shepherds were saying that's the camel of the son of immutable meaning, let it eat first, let it drink first saving especially It was definitely getting special. That's

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according to Omar. Okay, that's because of his support. And so he did not allow for his son to benefit from that. It's just a sad reflection of about how somebody in power removing any and all conflicts of interest, not only from himself, but from his family, and them not having the ability to benefit at all, from their position of authority. I mean, it wasn't just his family, but all of his governors, he would have them before they took on a position. He would have them relinquish any kind of knowledge. He would have them No, he would calculate their assets. Okay. Whatever your assets were, those are the same assets that you're going to get out with, okay, any additional

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assets that you make while you are a governor? That's going to be bought? cynical back? So whatever your net worth is going in? That's we're gonna walk out No, no financial or less, or the financial game? Okay. Yeah, that's interesting. And that's very difficult to, to stomach for some people. And it's very difficult to impose, but I'm gonna hop up, but that was his character. And that's something that a lot gives people for, for you to be able to lead people in that way and for people to people to listen to you. But then again, if I'm upset, you ain't walking with any extra dollar. What are you gonna do?

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Like, you gotta be like that big dude, that can tell you, but that's why he was created in that way that was created. And so I believe it was Ayesha, who said like she was, it was as if he was created just for that to strengthen Islam. Okay, he was just someone who a lot designed, okay, in every way that he was out of the line. So I guess the major the key takeaway from all of this is

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just, if anything, if you want your daughter to be accepted, he's from how that? Yes. And so, but going back to the point was not only that, but to nourish your families with head on, okay? That you pay attention to what you're feeding your family to pay attention to. I remember I had a friend of mine who wouldn't invite people over to his house. So it's a very, very, very religious front. And when I asked him why he said,

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he said, I'm sorry, but my father has this house, and he's paying interest on it. And so I just, I don't want to bring my friends over and host them in a place like this. And I was like, wow, that's like really, really, really.

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It's unique. You don't come across people like that. And I'm not saying, you know, Phil, issues aside. Yeah. I mean, that's more of those Gish. It's, it's an issue of just presence of mind. Yeah. Right. Where you're concerned about interest and you're concerned about, you know, how you're feeding people and you're concerned about how you're hosting them. Yeah.

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So he's concerned about hosting people to that level. What about a person who's putting his family in that position and he's raising them day in and day out?

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in ways that might be harder.

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Okay, so we end here in shallow sort of license to either slip it's interesting concealer