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wilhemina shaytani rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala

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Sayyidina Muhammad wa he was

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a beloved brothers and sisters in Islam Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah we made that your Allah bless us and Siobhan and grant us to reach Ramadan and Allah subhanho wa Taala accepted the DA from each and every one of us. I mean while hamdulillah and Subhan Allah really we should feel that sense of honor you know, like the judge, we may get the names that pops up the soundless when they get to alpha, they really feel selected and chosen. And we should feel the same way because how many that we know are not here for this Ramadan how many are here in this Ramadan but are not obeying Allah subhana wa Tada. So truly, truly you have been selected, I have been selected and honored to be to reach this Ramadan. And we

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should take every Ramadan as if it's our last Ramadan. So Allah grant us the full Baraka, the full blessing of this Ramadan, we'll talk about in detail but remember, one Ramadan, these 30 days, these 50 nights, if we can capture the goodness in it, then your agenda can be secure. Before we get into the lecture, a few people would like to thank a lot of work has to happen to reach this point. First you would like to thank the jemar for choosing this Masjid and hamdulillah to to be with us and there's a lot of people that follow these lectures as well and thoroughly we just say just accolade that you choose to share your data with us. And the a lot of work has been done on the machine and I

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I'll be wrong Not to mention that the humbler the maintenance team painted the masjid inside and inshallah the outside will be painted with a camera there as well. So don't look back, you know, don't worry about that. Behave yourselves as I always say, and the Torah we serve and hamdulillah is out is in the Muslim views and hamdulillah a lot of work by this committee to put together that tarawih survey. And of course we'd like to book a treat as well. And then of course alpha five will lead us in Sala we welcome back half with wafak leader of the team and half of the machine that is with us and with a couple of new faces if someone is with us, man and with mine Isaac's and of

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course we very very privileged and honored to have caught in an email with with us he sees for a few selected nights as best he can but he shall have the window that it's the whole month as

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we really honored to have Claudia.

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So all the base of the Father and all of them are working people and they all have side. You know, it's not just that they can do the therapy. So we make do I am alone makes it easy for them. It's a big, big burden on the shoulders, and we thank them and their families for allowing this inshallah as for the post therapy lecture, tonight inshallah, we will begin the introduction to the sutra use of surah Yusuf, this will be out of seal for the for the month. So last year we did sort of half the year before that we did use a mouth which is ama, and this year in sha Allah will take on Surah Surah, Yusuf surah Yusuf on insha Allah and this surah vahana life we begin as an introduction that

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surah Yousuf is Surah number 12 out of 114 surah number 12. And even though there's no clear Hadith about the speciality, if you write so besides what are you so many times you'll get so many headlines, so Hadith like that, but there is something special about the surah it is unique, in that it is the whole sutra was revealed in one go usually like Surah Baqarah, for example, it was revealed in pieces, one part in this year, in fact, Surah Baqarah. Over for five years, the terracotta get revealed ikura, five verses at the beginning. And in many, many years later, the list of suitable this sort of attack was revealed with sudo Yousuf is unique that Allah revealed from the

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beginning until the end in one sitting, and it is the only surah in the whole Quran. That the entire surah is one big story. And it is a story from the beginning to the end. Allah does not merit any story any other story in the Quran of any Navy in one go from the beginning to the end. So you look at the story of Navy Moosa one pieces in surah baqarah and other pieces with ambia. I mean, you have same with syllabi, Ebrahim bits and pieces and why because the story Allah just takes out the important bits for that lesson. Whereas the surah the story itself is the Listen, start to finish. And in fact, never Yusuf Ali salam, if you look throughout the Quran, he's just mentioned by name,

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you won't find the story anywhere else. So it's also unique. You won't find any nebby whose story is mentioned in one go start to finish. And then throughout the Quran is not mentioned at all, just finding one one or two places Allah mentions never Yusuf by name. So this is a very, very unique story. And on top of that, Allah says that Allah reveals the best stories, and this story is a synopsis. It is the best of the best. That is the best story that has ever been told. And the best story that was revealed. And of course, all the stories of a lot of stories are fiction, you know, even those things called movies, they will begin they'll say based on a true story. And when it is a

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true story. Now, this actually

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interest in it. This is based on basically it is factual a the life story of an abusive and all the stories of Allah are truth. They're not. They're not fiction. So Allah subhana wa Taala says this is the very big story of the entire Quran. So why don't reveal the story why Allah reveals sooner, the sutra or other two nations as to why they were revealed. Then first one, and usually we look at when the sutra was revealed to understand fully. So what was happening when Allah revealed the sutra to NaVi Mohammed solo Salaam. The sutra was revealed around two three years before he made hegira which was the most difficult time of his life. So I shot many many years later I shall Austin Elisa Lam.

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Was the any day worse in the Battle of boyhood. Now the Battle of hood was very bad. Why because the NaVi system almost died and he was stuck in his face two times, he almost died. So she asked was the any day worse than him? And he says yesterday, I have thought definitively that year was a terrible year called the year of sadness. In that year, I will totally predicted him passed away. And in that year, the love of his life, Khadija rolana passed away. So both these external protector and his internal protector was gone, and things became so bad and he was so low libido is in such a low place emotionally, that he looked to leave Mecca and he went to the city next door. So for example,

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he leaves Cape Town, and he goes to Paul Wooster, whatever to look for, will you people listen to my message. And when he got to talk if they almost stoned him to death, and he said that was the worst point of the liftoff. If the NaVi system sits between Mecca and Medina, Mecca, anti affinity Allah, we do from here, we should I go, should I go for my people who almost killed me to my own people who rejected me, I don't know where to go from him, maybe so sometimes completely felt like he was lost. And so Allah revealed surah Yusuf, because it is a story of someone we know this, we know bits of the story of someone whose own people in fact, his own family throws him in a well, and he's

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completely lost and alone in a distant land. But of course, these are happily ever after the end. So Allah is revealing the story to say, this is the way of the Gambia that they go down and they teach it to a level when they hit rock bottom. And that's the case we never use. We literally hit rock bottom. And then Allah subhana wa tada takes you out. So put your faith in Allah. And the other reason for revelation, the Quran, she wanted to challenge the resource alum. And so these went to the People of the Book of Allah Kitab, the Jews, from Medina. And they said, Give us a question we can ask Mohammed Salim so that we know if he's telling the truth or not. So they said, Ask him about

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Yusuf. We don't have a lot of details in our book. But let's see what he has. And if it matches up, so Allah says you asked me about Yusuf, I will tell you his story in detail. And voila, you have the miracles of the surah is an older Surah compe what Allah has revealed in Surah Yusuf versus the stories of Joseph in the in the in the Torah and the Injeel. In the what is the least of it, you'd find it's vanilla, these two stories, there's no comparison, that Allah subhanho wa Taala has given such detail that is perfect onpoint so this is of the miracles of Allah to show that this is not from Hamas, and he wasn't he never knew who Yusuf was, but the details were given. So we begin I

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will be Lahaina shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Allah which is called the SDR of Allah, I seek protection with Allah from the occures shape on our Whoo, I seek protection below with Allah from the accussed from the shaytani r rajim. shavon. Is anyone that is for or anyone that is in this obedience to Allah. And we know in the month of Ramadan, Allah has locked up the shell Deen locked up the shell to have the gene. But even Allah says that they are human shell team, they are not locked up. So be we any sense that we do any sins, we see any fighting and backbiting. And this is from our own selves. We can't blame the police. We can't blame the gym. This is our own selves to be

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weighed in the month of Ramadan, the sins that are done are even worse. And Allah Subhana Allah sees that he's regime regime in his curse is away from the aroma of Allah that everyone is in Allah's mercy except the one who Allah rejects. So any of the shale team occurs and that's why they rejected Why do we begin with our machines on the regimes finally you start the Quran you The sooner we know in fact it's in the Quran Allah says we're either if you recite the Quran for a liquid Quran, Allah then ask Allah for protection from shaytaan why why Allah when I read the Quran I need to be first thing prediction from straight on. And in fact when you begin sada and when you enter the masjid,

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it's not to say I would be lying to you Why? Because she

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plays with you and disturbs you so much more when you evaluate. Now we all know Subhan Allah, you can binge watch CDs for hours and days and months and weeks and you won't feel tired. But so behind Allah if the taraweeh those 10 minutes too long, we get hate mail. It was too long. The journal Juma

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But when five minutes too long, why? Because shaitan makes it very difficult on us to do make it better. And if we begin by saying I wouldn't be loved because he is playing with us and forcing us to stop also as a beautiful thing that Allah mentioned, that if Subhanallah when you do acts of worship, you say I want to be less than whatever things list in worship way shaytaan is easier to corrupt you when you should be mindful of Allah subhanho wa Taala. When you begin Nevada, what about other things that can easily become sinful. And lastly, we say I want to be law, because this is from the Latif This is the beautiful things of the scholars they said, Allah wants to place us in a

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in a home in agenda with Islam straight on. So our challenge in life is to expel him from our hearts so that we can get to Jenna, when we begin with so whenever you recite the Quran, you say how do we let him know straight on the regime? Okay, whenever you open the Quran and recite from it, as you're going to go through the month, but you say Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem at the beginning of a surah that's why you'll find when the party begins in the middle of the Jews, he will say, you know softly out the electrical energy and then he will begin to recite that article, whatever it might be, he will continue from the middle. Now Bismillah R Rahman Rahim we begin In the name of Allah Rahman and

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Rahim we said this many times the difference between Ar Rahman AR Rahim Rahman is the one whose mercy encompasses everything even shape on the one who has mercy for every single creature in creation. He's our man and our him is a special kind of mercy for the believers, Rahim. So one is passive, meaning Allah in His default state is a man. And when he acts he acts with with Rama. And Rama mentioned something beautiful, that when you begin something with Bismillah, you're about to eat you about sleep, you're about to enter the house. It makes that an act of worship, you get rewarded for that. The minute you went to eat, you say Bismillah R Rahman Rahim, you actually get

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rewarded with that. And if you want to know if this thing is a good thing, one litmus test is can you say Bismillah? You're not gonna say Bismillah before you roll the dice at casino the casino. Right? You won't do that. So if you can't say Bismillah before it, then chances are it's a sin. You won't do it in the name of Allah. Okay? So it's just simple thing before you go sleep with him or whatever. And you get rewarded for that it becomes an act of worship because you did it in the name of Allah Subhana Allah, you just if you don't slaughter the animals Bismillah that meat is haram. You just put a last name upon it. And now this blessing in that is a very powerful statement. We

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begin with the first verse and we'll end up with the first of us. So Allah says Allah Valencia, Tonga, rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Allah

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ma tilaka. To Nikita bill moving, Allah begins the surah like Allah begins with a Baccarat with these hooroo from

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Surah Baqarah begins with an E flat mean, the surah begins le flam ra surah Sr. See, what are these words What are these letters? They are called the disconnected or the disjointed letters they aren't words. If you open the dictionary in the Arabic language we all find Alif Lam Meem and these are of the mysteries of the Quran. These are of the mysteries the Amato today, we are thinking and struggling What is this? No one knows the meaning besides a lot, but just some things for us what we do know let me explain some things we do know. So of the 114 surah in the Quran. 29 of them begin with these

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29 surah start with it. So Baccarat surah, Yusuf Surya seen Soraka they begin with these these disconnected letters, you know these and as I said, these are letters for you to understand. They're not words, it's like saying, x y, Zed l m y, it doesn't exist liters, right? They don't even have there's no tequila Lima, it's not like that. It's just liters without tequila on them. 29 of the suitors of the Quran begins with these letters, and four of that 29 actually take the name from the scene, because it begins with the scene. Soraka Soraka Soraka. And, again, for interest sake, if you look at these macaque the art if you add up all these letters from meme raw cinsault, you add them

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all up. It's exactly 14 of the Arabic alphabet, which is 28, meaning half of the Arabic alphabets is used for these Macaca half of the Arabic alphabet alphabet is used for this Macaca and they always begin the surah you won't find in the middle of a Surah Al Islami inside the surah with the end of the surah always the first idea is that any flare meme except Surah Surah Surah number 42 was first and second verse is a Macaca Surah Surah begins for scene I in scene. First is our scene and the second is in scene. What is the reason y'all laugh with us? Now we know Allah does not put gibberish in the Quran. We believe that Allah has put things everything in there has meaning and purpose.

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What's the purpose here Allah because we don't know the meanings of these of these words. And there are many many scholarly discussions but we won't go into that we just doing proceed one on one, you would find 99% of the time. The next I are off to this part speaks of the Quran. Yes seen. And then

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well Quran Hakeem Alif, laam Meem Delhi, Calcutta this book. So the next is following these words is got to do with the Quran. So there is a link between the majesty of the Quran and the Sunnah. And it's a challenge. So one of the scholars have said, this is these words to challenge the Arabs, that I it's sort of a way when you hear these are the flaming, what does this mean? He listens, and now he's paying attention to the Quran. So Allah sees being something like it's being something like the Quran.

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Right? So, these, these macatawa, as we said, we don't know but the reason for that, so this sort of begins with le flam RA and then the next ayah we expect it to be about the Quran and so it is, Allah says, tilaka will be moving, le flam Ra. These are the verses of the clear book, that's what it means. Allah says this is these are the verses the clearbrook, but let's take them one by one. Tikka.

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Tikka is actually in Arabic, those so the eyes actually say, those are the verses of the clear book. Now why does Allah say those are not these? Even Surah Baqarah Allah says, Valley, Calcutta that book is no doubt in it. Why does Allah point to faraway and not near? If you look at Subhana Allah, if you look at an analysis in this, when Allah speaks about the Quran has Al Quran, this Quran but when it speaks about the book follows a vet book, why Quran is a dissertation and it's in fact the only religious scripture in the world with its actual name is in the old find the word Bible in the Bible, you won't find

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the gospel you know, inside those holy scriptures, you won't find the name. Allah has put the name of the Quran itself in the Quran and the book. Now the Quran means very cetacean and Al Kitab means the book these are the two names of the Quran. Now the Quran is something which we decide here with an abyssal Salaam received revelation, he didn't get a book. He got words from God from Allah, we as the book itself is we aloha my foods. remember Allah says that I sent down the whole book in later to cover what is this book, these a scripture with a law in the library in the summer. So in the lowest Heaven, Allah subhanho wa Taala, sent down the book in a tablet form. And jabril then took

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the words and related it to the Beatles album, right? So that's why the book is exalted. Hi, motherfu akimoto hora, Allah says this book is high, it's not on this earth. It's exalted up there. Also, some scholars have said, this is for the book that will come meaning the Quran has not yet been written in the time going to be so seldom, these verses will eventually come in a book form a book that has no doubt, meaning it's a book that has no ambiguity in allocatable movie in the clear book, no book on Earth, has is so clear and precise, and has zero ambiguity and has sold no doubt in its in its authenticity. Like this book. Allah says, this book, or that book that will come will

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have zero doubt in its vanilla. This is of the miracles of the book. So Allah begins this verse. In fact, the first three verses of the surah is all about the Quran. And that's why Allah says these are the ayat I admins vs. But in the Quran, when Allah speaks about Isaiah, he speaks about miracles. So Allah says prepare yourself these are the miracles of that book that has come down to the lower center. We'll talk inshallah more about these if tomorrow inshallah We will also as we as soon as Ronald Islam, we have our our quiz. I think the cards have been distributed. So easy question for you tonight. The simple question, what is the theme of this year's Ramadan talks? What

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are you know, surah Yusuf surah Yaseen? Surah ambia you just take the correct, fill in the correct one, put it in the box and inshallah there are prizes to be had at the end of the month. For any questions, concerns, comments with [email protected]. And if you'd like these lectures, oh, wait for trouble to third. No, it is not gonna hate us at Amara Kumar. Who would like to