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Himanshu Rudy and fusina woman say Dr. Medina, Maja de la la la jolla. bufala Deanna Chateau La ilaha illa Huwa hula de cada una Mohammed Abu Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa early he was home he is in colo data for the de la Z's vadhana Buddha rose below him in the shade on the regime. Latina Armando de la haka, taco de la Mouton. 11 Tomasi, Moon vokalia un Latina mano de la havapoo covenants de de de la Kumara maga como la fille aku aku Amanita Allah Rasulullah, who forgot festivals and all Lima. All over the earth, Pharaoh Ibrahim will cover them in LBT was married robina cobalamin. In Samira Ali, before I begin, I would like to request you to please put away your

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during the duration of the hotbar not because of because of me or any of the hotels but because of the command with the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, in which he said that the one who is present for Juma further should not even play with should not even be distracted by a little bit of, of the cotton or anything that's

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anything that's completely irrelevant on the ground. That's not even captured their attention, their attention should be fully focused on listening to the hotpot and gaining the adjure from that. So I impress you to follow that design from Willow haven. I want to share to share with you today excuse me, a beautiful glimpse from the life of our Prophet Ibrahim Ali Sam. And there are many, many glimpses, many, many moments in his life that are worth, you know, exploring. And at every moment, there are a there's a treasure trove of lessons that we can extract for ourselves. But I want to share with you one specific moment. And one specific lesson is what I would like to highlight from

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that story. Ibrahim Ali Salam has lived a life.

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At this point, the story that I'm sharing with you at this point in his life, he is extremely old. He is according to the professor in the scholars, the seer and scholars of history. He is past 90 years old, even older according to some and he has lived a life of of serving a lost part out of a life of hardship.

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Isabella Ibrahim, Abu Bakar Martin for uttama Hoon, when the Lord Ibrahim tested him with many, many commands, many, many trials and difficulties. And each one of them he fulfilled completely past it with 100% grade, if you want to put it in those terms. After leading a life like that, after having been been thrown in the fire as a young man expelled from his city as a young men, going through hardships and adversities after adversities, not having a child for most of his life. Finally, having a child in this Marine, but then asked to leave that child in the desert as he's commanded to walk away. Then as the child grows up, then the command is to then sacrifice this child.

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And that test he passes as well. Now in the final stages of his life, is Ibrahim alayhis salam. And Allah tells him to build the gamma rays, the foundations of the gamma, the foundations of the caribou were already there, he is tasked with the job of raising them into the house of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Now think about this for a minute brothers and sisters, here is a man who has spent his life worshipping Allah serving the law at going through difficulty after difficulty. And here is the final chapter of his contribution. And in a way, extremely hard. Final Chapter. If any of you have been to Makkah and experienced the baking son of Makkah, you know how difficult it is to

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just sit in the hot tub. When the sun is

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above you, let alone do something that is as hard as building a building, let alone doing that with no construction materials or modern equipment or any type of air conditioning. You're doing it in the desert. As an old man, he is tasked to do this. Ibrahim alayhis salam does not for a minute question. Why is this task given to me? haven't I done enough in life? Haven't I suffered enough? Haven't I been through enough that that should be all that I need to do? To the contrary embraces it? He embraces it and he sets about about building

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Raising the foundation of the garba. With this marine I want to share with you a little bit of the history that goes into this that is mentioned to us by our scholars of seer columnar basalt Lila one Houma. hajah Marina, Chetan Minal Hindi Illa kata Allah de Abbasali Rama says, as narrated by Edwin Cafiero, W. Tamati, and many others that are the Melissa meet 40 homage to the place or where the harem is today to Makkah 40 Haji made from the subcontinent a hint to Makkah on his feet. What this is evidence of is that that place of the harem was a secret place from the beginning of the Earth from beginning of time that was a sacred place, and other minister would come and make the love an

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homage to that spot. And this is a narration that we find in many books of history, even in the Koran when rahima Islam is leaving his son and his and his wife, Ibrahim is my pain and sorrow and he's walking away. He says ogbonna in a scan to mean jewelry at the word in lady these are in in the waiting room. Oh my Lord, I have left my family, my kids and their progeny in this valley where nothing goes next to your sacred house. And at that point the house was not built yet. That area was sacred from the beginning of time for Ghana Mali Island at Cana modren Beatty hollien illa Zamani, Ibrahim, Allah we mentioned that that area remained wicked even though it was an area that was

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secret. It remained vacant from mine aloha Darla Amara Ibrahim Baba ma Buddha who smile was happy not debating. Use Goofy,

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Goofy, Goofy law for subtle Aloha, Sahaja Yogi and Allahu modera, who says Ibrahim alayhis salam was commanded by Allah after the birth of Sumerian is how to build the GABA and

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E Brahim unless I'm asked to know where is the place for this that he wants to see where this places for qualitative more aggressive now Brazil the Alomar says but as Allahu Allah has a habit and Allah Katahdin garba for jhala, the zero ebrahimian she feels the rehab.

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A loss Pamela sent a cloud in the shape of the gamma and it would you know it's going and Ibrahima Sam is walking in its shade until it arrives at the place where the GABA is. And then Ibrahim Musa was called and it was said to him, an ebony Allah villainy her letters it was the shadow of this cloud, build the Kaaba don't make it any bigger or any smaller than this. And then Allah Mata since jabril, Asada also Allahu gibellini, a doula who Allah mobile there is at the Ecole de de la is working on Ebola Hema mccannon bait, then Allison gibreel to tell him exactly where the foundations are. And that is the mentioned sort of homage. The gibreel mother made Ibrahim see the Macan and by

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the police of the Kaaba, then Ibrahim alayhis salam, as now he knows where to build it. He starts to raise the foundation, and he is involving his son his money in the process.

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In the narration of urban cateel Ibrahim al Islam asks the help of his man who agrees. So

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vajilla is Maria DB la Jara Ibrahim. Ibrahim is Marina Islam is bringing the the rocks and smart, smart either Sam is bringing the rocks and Ibrahim is using them to build the foundation and to raise the structure. And as they're doing this, as they're doing this we're Humira, Nero pinata cobalamin in karate, as they are, as its marine is transferring the rocks from one place to the other. And Ibrahim is taking it and layering them into the house shape of the house. They are saying our Lord accept from us You are the one who sees all excuse me, you are the one who hears all and you are the one who knows all

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and then even the thesis project Allah Yemeni Hata Dora How will elevate and they're building the structure so they're going around the garba to build it. They're going in circles to build the house. And as they're doing this hula hoop I have to learn about Barack Obama in seminary. to continuously keep seeing this statement are lower except from us. You are the one who hears and you are the one who knows. And this is the point I want to share with you all today. From this little

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groups have the story of Ibrahim alayhis salam of the many, many amazing moments of his life. This is this little glimpse of him putting the rocks. And I want you to try to imagine it how it looks like raising the foundations of this building. And as he's doing it an old man, and as his son is helping him in the baking heat of bubcon to do this, they are not complaining.

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They are not complaining. They're not being ungrateful. they seize the opportunity, and they're grateful for the opportunity. And they say to Allah, oh, Allah, oh, our Lord, oh, look sent this from us.

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This acceptance, we're taught in the shed era, we're taught in the in the books that it means Cabo de la healing Babu. Allah is happy with the person who has done that action. And he gives them a reward for their action. That is what acceptance of good deeds means. There's conditions to that even claim, for example, liens on conditions. And these are things that are accepted and widely agreed upon that, number one, it has to be done on the basis of the horse in a couple of luminaries in the foundation of our good deeds has to be piety. It has to be number two sincere, if it's not sincere, it is showing off in rehab and rejected. It has to be in accordance with the son of the

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profits are so low. But minimalism, you know, for what a person might have good intentions doing something that, you know, is a good thing. But if it's not in accordance with the sort of the process of them, it's not counted as a good deed. These are the preconditions for the acceptance of a deed. But what does, what does it do to the person whose good deeds are accepted? What does that person look like?

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How do they talk? How do they act? What's their attitude? That question is what this ayah answers and gives a glimpse of the attitude of the person who last patola has accepted their good deeds is an attitude of gratitude. That's Ibrahim Arizona, tasked with this difficult task doesn't complain.

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Doesn't say Why me? People go through difficulties in life. Often they say how bad has happened to me? I was a good person.

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I did everything right. How come this happened to me? I did everything right. Oh, God.

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That's not the attitude of gratitude. That is what Les Paul is teaching us from the, from the example of Abraham and so the, the, the gratitude is, or the

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Ibrahim alayhis salam shows us that he doesn't take the good he's doing for granted. He's not taking it for granted. He's saying Renata Koppelman, he's asking a lot, who will accept this from us, because taking it for granted, would show a sign of arrogance, which shows someone who has a job like they think too highly of themselves, they think they're especially important because they've done something good. That's what that's a dangerous, and a slippery slope. That's quite often the case today, especially today with social media, we are almost forced to share our private lines,

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we are forced to put them on display.

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We are forced to talk about our good stuff. In fact, quite often the measure of how good you are is how popular you are, how many likes you got, how many views you have on YouTube, that's actually a measure of a person's content, their goodness. To the contrary, this idea, your measure of goodness, isn't the number of likes, isn't the number of followers or views. It is actually this attitude that Ibrahim alayhis salam is personifying that all except this, I don't know if it will be accepted or not. I am not good enough for to to take this for granted. And if you don't accept it, or none of this matters, doesn't matter. This got lots of likes and lots of views. Doesn't matter if hundreds

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of 1000s and millions come by this house to worship you. If you don't accept it, it doesn't matter.

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And that's the lesson for us brothers and sisters. That's how we should treat every action we do for the sake of Allah, Allah. If Allah Allah does not accept it, frankly, it doesn't matter.

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It's not worth it. For us, this should be the thing we think about when we do something, when we get into a argumentative situation, when we are blessed with something like as a community Alhamdulillah Allah has

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left us with the opportunity to expand 100 love.

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And we should, at that moment not become

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enabled or enamored by ourselves. To the contrary, we should become humble and

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our Lord accept this from us. Because if you don't, this is a matter.

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We shouldn't become, that should that a good should not cause evil should not bring about divisions, it should bring about unity and people coming together. Because that gratitude is then expressed in that way, by coming together and being thankful to Allah subhanaw taala. This brothers and sisters is the lesson. Many beautiful lessons from the life of Rahim Allah, Allah gives us one glimpse, and shows us one little statement that he's saying. And that's all that we need to think about rabbanut coppermine Our Lord accept this from us who

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have suffered from

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slavery, Los Altos, amatola he was, he was

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one of my teachers, she used to say that it's very easy to do good deeds.

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But it's very difficult to hold on to the ledger of your good deeds.

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As a deep statement, I want you to think about it very easy to do a good deed by giving sort of,

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but very hard to maintain the reward that's not to the loss of the party can be many other a person may invalidate the reward of their good their saliva, by reminding others of their generosity by using the good as some sort of a leverage by using it as some sort of street credit, as a way to boost their standing. If that is what good deeds are used for lotto to do so the particle move invalidate the

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invalidated that's a very scary proposition. So I'll leave you with that thought. The good that we do brothers sisters, let us not invalidate that, that is hold on to the Azure because every single good deed that we do, we will desperately need it on the Day of Judgment. And let us be humble, not arrogant, when we have done something good. And let us remember that example of our father Abraham, Minnesota. Rob Burnett, a couple minutes even when he was making the greatest project after living a life of all sacrifice, yet he is asking for acceptance. All of us are in way more need of that. I asked his mother to give us a trophy to understand the Quran and Sunnah to implement in our lives in

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the lava mala eco usando Nana NaVi you will

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see mala salia Mohammed infinte masala Mohammed film Allah, Allah Allah, Allah and Allah Suma de nada Milla de Russia, he was gonna hold the Yoruba alameen

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wa was akiha and the high lumens aka undervalue hava robina Taco Bell Minh in Sameera limb to Ballina in Ottawa Brahim Massara