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Episode Notes

Ustadh Ammar Alshukry presents a series on the 99 Names of Allah with real life reflections.

In this 26th episode he talks about the name of Allah – Alawwal Alakhir

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The speakers discuss various topics related to human limitations, including the concept of the Holy Spirit, the use of "oh, what?" in relation to the "oh, what?" of the Holy Spirit, the use of shait elsewhere, and the limitations of human limitations. They also touch on the origin of the term "centime" and the potential for a new term to emerge. The speakers emphasize the importance of investing in one's actions and researching them to understand the potential outcomes. They also discuss the physical limitations of living in a certain distance and the potential for mortality.

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Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages, welcome to a discussion on the 99 Names of Allah.

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Hope this is not the first episode you're joining us in. If you are then click on the playlist button and go to the first video. Yes, or you could just enjoy or watch this video and then go watch the next video. Yeah, and the video before that the video before that was that they're all good. They're all Beautiful Names. Indeed. So hamdulillah suasana. So, today we are going over the names and oh well and then after a while till Alpha and Omega, the beginning in the end in the last class very good.

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And I O one and an acid Allah as we get he says and sort of that at the beginning of sort of the Hadees verse number 31011

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it's pretty straightforward. This is what he sort of had it had these Okay, I thought I sort of had this am I wanna throw you off, right? So it wasn't Heidi. He says he is the first and he is the last. He's the first and he's the last now.

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The province little lady sent him he used to mention as well in Heidi's in a prayer he used to say, and 1002 Felisa Kabila cache, he says, there are a lot, you are the first. So there's no one before you want that acidophilus about the cache, you are the last so there's nothing after you. So does that mean things will have an end?

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Does that mean things will have an end, everything will come to an end? Then we'll be resurrected, okay? And then there's eternal life. But there's nothing that is created, except that it will come to an end. Okay, the sun will come to an end, our lives will come to an end, but a lot as well is the one who lives and his life like we were talking about it. Hey, it's never taken away at any point in time. It makes me wonder about do angels have a beginning? And well, I'm sure they are beginning to they haven't yet all of the angels will die. Really. In fact, even the angel of death will be commanded to take his own soul. Oh, okay. And then there will come a point where it is just

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a lot. So you had an existence before the day of judgment.

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Very interesting. Yes. All the billions and millions and trillions in the talk about everything. Could Illuminati have fun losses? Okay, everything shall come to pass. We have powers are bigger. Now this might be like, an academic academic question. But does the Angel of Death take the souls of other angels? Yes. That is so cool. Right now. It's like seeing a movie in front of you.

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That is, that is very cool. Yeah. I'm not too. I'm not sure at the moment of the the authenticity of that narration, okay. But there is that narration, it does exist that the angels, the Angel of Death is commanded to take all of the souls of every Angel and then he's commanded to take his own soul. Right? And then it's just a lot of work.

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That would be interesting. It would be so

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this though, begs the question, to come back to an Oh, what Eliza did being the first.

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You know, when a person is thinking about

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a lot created this and allocated that and allocated this and allocated that, what is the question that pops into? created a lot, who created a lot, right? That's where you say, Oh, well, we'll ask her a lot as well as the first. A lot has no beginning. And the prophets of the light they send them he told us a number of things to do. When you come to that, like you reach that level of questioning, well, who created a lot? The first thing he says is to simply say, I'm into law. I believe in Allah. That's the first thing that you do. What is the second thing he says? In another narration, he says to recycle or low hat, okay. There are slight sort of dental floss Why? Because

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sort of the the floss

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identifies who a lie is a lie that identifies what lies with it is and it is diverse. Let me read to Adam unit. Yeah, so Allah was he didn't come from anyone nor is he and nor did he. Anyone come from him? Yeah. Right. And you know, something and how do you reconcile that with the fact that Allah created everything so kind of in a way came from him? No. Oh jelly. mula is under the context of Ragini project. Okay. So let me let me do an amulet he he has.

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Yes. Okay. Exactly. And that's why you'll have this you know, you you have this people will say that he begets not nor was he forgotten, which is not English. Yeah, exactly. That's exactly what I was

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gone. But the idea is that a lie that he has no progeny and he's not the progeny of anyone. I don't remember sort of teleclasses revealed people ask the province and license them they said, you know, give us the lineage of your Lord. Really? Yeah. And similar not a buck. Okay. said What? What's the lineage of your Lord who is your you know, who's whose son is he? Okay, okay. But they believe that about but the thing is they believed in a lot too, didn't they? The machine again? Yeah. So this question was came twice. It came from the machine again, and it came from 100 kitap. So the machine again when they asked the province level of it, I said

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They asked us not they didn't ask for the length of their Lord. They asked to describe their Lord. They said, What is your Lord made of? is even the hut visit from gold or is your Lord from silver? idols right? And so called Allah has revealed Another cause of revelation of that soldier, is they were in the province of Leviathan was asked to give the lineage of your Lord Okay, who is he? was the son of God who was a both? I don't know. Okay. Most likely is from the the Jews of Medina. Okay. And so the province of the lightest, but they don't do they believe in? Yeah, they said it was a different law. Oh, you said I said is the son of Eliza. Oh, wow. Okay. Yeah. So the province of the

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lightest, and I'm said recite sort of in the class. That's number two. The third thing that a person can do is, as the professor says, another thing, I believe in the law, say I believe in them, Okay, I'm done. Right? I'm closing, I'm closing off this conversation. The second is to say, sort of in the floss, okay, the third is to seek refuge in Allah. And yes, there is the law that I seek refuge in Allah so yet from the playing of shaitaan, or what have you. So I say, I seek refuge in Allah, Allah, or a steady Yeah, I really believe in astrology is fine. And then the fourth thing, the province of the listener says, is William de stop.

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Just as simple as that. Just stop, just turn it off. Okay. And I just turn it off, you start playing like that, you just think? And again, there are so many things that we not even paused. Yeah, just stop. There's so many things that we don't understand in our day to day lives, right. And we submit that we don't understand them. You take someone who's a business major, and you put them in an advanced physics class. They don't know what they're doing. Unless you're Elon Musk. I don't know who that is. But Tesla rockets. There was a business major. I don't know what he sold PayPal. Okay. He's a tech guy, actually. Great. But I'm sure you take him and you put him in other sciences and,

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or other topics. And they're completely lost. There's no one who understands everything. There are lots of people who think and assume and talk like they understand everything, but nobody really knows a specialist and everything. And we submit to our human limitations with regards to these types of things. And oh, as well, I think, I think human limitation but humble limitations.

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Humble limitations. Yeah. What do you mean, in the sense that we're all human, but at the same time, let's all be humble in our limitations as well. Whereas some people will be like, yeah, these are my limitations, but I am the best at this. Yeah. But at the end of the day, everybody comes to a point where they know they can't, you know, they don't they don't have knowledge, or they don't have understanding or they don't have comprehension, or they don't have the skills, everyone will eventually meet their limit. Yep, everyone will eventually meet their timid limit and so Allah azza wa jal is beyond our limit. And so one of the things that we just understand from this these names,

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and we're going to get to also when we talk about a vital button is just these are like, these are humbling names.

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What does that mean? These names humble you. Oh, the humble the individual, the humble the individual, like we come to realize that there are things about a law that we're just not going to know. I mean, it's not even just I mean, it's interesting cuz Yes, learning the names of Allah is humbling, but at the same time, there's so many things in this world that are humbling. Yeah, it's just like you just look up at the sky man. And that's the whole point. It's their view if we only understand like this much of the universe around us yeah. Then what about the creator of the universe right so

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allies origin is the first and Allah as Odin is the last he when everything else comes to pass and comes to endless ships? He said he didn't start in LA Eliza says that the earth the sun itself will eventually come to its its final phase. Yeah, right. Everything else will come to a final phase called luminary have fun everything that is on this earth or everything that beyond that will come to an end with powerful a big and the face of your Lord the United Kingdom will remain so a lot as a debt is an asset as the Prophet cellulitis and as a novel as a, as a just as a sort of that had it. Then this brings the question, are there any names and attributes of a law that are specifically

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mentioned? And

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are there any names and attributes of a lot as I did that are specifically mentioned in Heidi's quotes? I'm sure there are but

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just running through my mind right now. I can't think or what about and just yeah, there are lots Okay, there. Oh, the names that are specifically Justin, how do you Thea Yeah, okay. But again, you come to these names that are

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they become debatable. Like we talked about how a lot of names are debatable, like, one of those names that pops to mind is anamosa Okay, the price setter, Oh, okay. Because it man came total sort of I sent him he was complaining about products and this marketplace argument for having a laissez faire business policy. Exactly. And the province of Allied who said it, he said allies is the one who sets prices like I'm not

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But he called him and we say, the price setter, okay, so some of them. It's not in the plan, obviously, a lot of or there was someone who considered it to be one of the names of a lot. Okay, we're not gonna count that in the 99. Right. It's a it's a controversial name. Controversial, not as controversial, but yeah, exactly.

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controvert when I say controversial, but I mean, it's something in which there's a difference of opinion with regards to Okay, it's not something that's set in stone.

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Okay, so what are some takeaways from the name of acid? Right? The first Allah as again is the last. And so what that does is it reminds us that everyone else, their influence, their power is going to end. And if that's the case, then I should invest my actions with the one who does not come to an end. Okay, I make these actions sincere for allies, or yet if I make my actions for my parents, or for, you know, 7 billion people on this earth, yeah, they're all coming to an end, 7 billion people are going to come to an end within 100 years, actually. Right? So

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accounting, and accounting, give or take right a decade. But making it for allies again, it's truly to invest

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in eternal appreciation.

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Make an action sincere for the one who doesn't end. Yeah. And the second thing is, it's a really

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important reminder with regards to our own mortality. Yeah, like whether if you're young right now, sorry, if you're young, right now,

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you've got two options, you'll either die in your youth, or you'll live for a period of time and then you'll you'll pass away, and you've already advanced in age, then you've already reached that stage. But every single one of us is going to pass a law as of yet is the one who remains. We as much as we feel like we're immortal. Yeah, a lot of being an asset reminds us that he's the only one who lives forever, okay.

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Yep. So this is what I want us to share, inshallah tada with these two names, and a wet and an acid. So take us also just a quick takeaway in regards to Alolan acid.

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One in regards to our starts with start with, say, Okay, I want to be law, I believe in a lot.

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research was lossless, seek refuge in Allah from Chevron. And then after that, just stop, yes. And also an O one and acid, both of them, they created us in this this humility, that there are some names that we, you know, we're not going to be able to perfectly wrap our, our minds around. There are some things about a lot as we do lots of things about logic, that we're just not going to understand we're not going to be able to comprehend, you know, where did a lot come from? That's beyond our, he didn't come from anywhere. Yeah. And the fact that we can't understand that, or, you know, we can't comprehend.

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That just teaches, you know, it's interesting to ourselves, just the limitation of our own senses, right here. Is that just physical distance beyond a few miles, we're not able to visually comprehend it either.

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And this is like a known fact, where if something is far away, right, like, let's say you're in New York City, you can see the Empire State Building, right? If it's more than three miles away, you won't know visually, if it's three miles away, or if it's five miles away, or if it's 10 miles away. So I can gauge distance when it's close, exactly. relatively close, if it's within like three miles. But beyond that, you lose depth perception.

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Well, that's why we have two eyes so we can engage depth perception. But yeah, those two eyes are only so far apart. Yeah, the further apart, you know, if your eyes were further apart, he potentially engaged more depth, but just that physical limitation alone is humbling. Yeah, very much so very much. So you want to wrap up with a philosophy, okay? Essentially, just

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being sincere in your actions, right? being sincere in your actions and remembering your own mortality. Gotcha. Remember, mortality.

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So these are quick takeaways with regards to these two names. And ask allows you to make us understand and implement. I mean, it's just the idea of mortality. It's not even just remembering mortality. But the question now comes in, what are you going to do with your time here on earth? Yeah. You're not going to live here forever. Right? Right. And the more a person senses their mortality, the more they could potentially be driven to do better, very much. So you know, people who are you know, you hear this about this all the time, people who are told they have six months to live or Yeah, to live every day two things.

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You know, there's a story of a woman who she was told by a doctor that she had two months to live a Muslim woman and she goes and she all of a sudden she's just attacking, you know, good deeds. Just fast.

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Staying and praying and just 180 degree turn around. She wasn't living that lifestyle before. And then two months later she's making she's praying to Allah so yeah, she's doing all of this type of stuff. She goes back to the doctor Two months later, and the doctor says

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sorry we miss diagnose you.

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And she goes, You mean to tell me that I wasted two months of my life. Hey, so it's kinda like that was her perspective. But you know last time I'm Allah protect us. So these are the names or similarities in home to either cyber sim sim