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Episode 1/26: The Introduction and Jebril’s Hadith


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The importance of belief in Islam and the use of the symbol "phrase" is discussed, as it is linked to the body and soul. The complexities of the Islam system are explained, including the importance of unity in achieving the message of Islam and the use of the words "phec" to express one's belief. The speaker emphasizes the importance of witnessing Allah's creation and worship, as it is the result of his attributes, and provides examples of how people can connect their personal attributes to achieving their level of worship.

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Salaam Alaikum. And welcome to a new series about purification of the soul.

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In this series we'll be reflecting on matters concerning the role of the soul, purification of the soul. Allah subhanaw taala created man in three different components. The first and most noble of these is the root of the soul. And this is a spirit from the matters of the unseen the hate, and which none has the knowledge of its reality of except Allah subhana wa Tada. And Allah tells us this in the Quran, he says, they ask you about the roof, say the roof is from the command of my Lord, and you have not been given knowledge of it, except a little. And the second component is that of actual or intellect and rationale. And it is by this that a lost planet is a distinguished man from all

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other creatures, the act of the intellect the rationale, and the third component of man is his body or button. So in total, these three components the intellect, the rule, the spirit, and the body of a person, when they are joined together, they create a creature called inside they form to form a creature called Insan. Or man.

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Now las panatela has also connected the three components of the deen or the religion of Islam. With these three components of a human being. Let's turn to our guests. Salaam Alaikum. Salaam How can we what are the different components of the deen of Islam? The proponents of his Deen is Islam, sn and Emad exactly, Islam Eman and ESA. These are the three components of the deen and a Lost Planet. Allah made Eman or the inward belief system for the benefit of the intellect, Islam, the outer actions for the benefit of the body, and essence of purification of the soul and perfection for the benefit of the soul. And this can be seen very clearly in the hadith of gibreel alayhi salatu salam,

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which is related by Omar de la hotel. And so Omar Abdullah, who he says the one day we were sitting while we were sitting with the Messenger of Allah sallallahu sallam, they appeared before us a man whose clothes were exceedingly white, whose hair was exceedingly black. And there were no signs of journey on him. But none of us knew him. Okay, let's just take, take take a side point from here. Why did Amara de la Han who mentioned these four characteristics here? Could it be to emphasize the fact that the person who came was not a resident in the town? I don't know. He said, that none of us knew him yet. And he was not risen to the top, therefore emphasizing that, that he's not known to

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the people. He's not known to the people and also, because his clothes were exceedingly white, and His hair was, you know, exceedingly black, black. So he could not be a traveler. He can't have been a traveler. So on the one hand, he's a traveler, because nobody knows him, he must be a traveler, because in those days, everybody knew each other in the city. But yet on the other hand, this conflicts, he has no sense of Trump has no signs of traveling on him. His hair is exceedingly black, his clothes are exceedingly white. None of us knew him. But yet there are no signs of journey on him. So Omar continues with the law. I know. He said that he walked up and sat down in front of the

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Prophet sallallahu sallam, he put his knees against his knees, and the palms of his hands, on the thighs, on his thighs. And he said, Oh, Muhammad Sallallahu Tell me about Islam. Bernie, Muslim, so the Prophet slicin himself, Islam is to testify that there is none who has the right to be worshipped but Allah, and that Muhammad is a messenger of Allah, to testify, which is with the tongue, to testify that none has right to be worshipped but Allah and that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah to perform the prayers to do that.

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Sala to establish the press to give the zeca to fast the month of Ramadan and to give pilgrimage or to make pilgrimage to the house if one is able to do so. So, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam replied, sir, that you have spoken correctly. Now, we were amazed almost, we were amazed at him that on the one hand, he's asking the question, and then he's correcting him. He's saying, yes, you're speaking, right? Speaking correctly. So the man said, Tell me about a man the profits or lifestyle and went on to say that a man is to believe in Allah, His angels, his books, his messengers in the last day, and to believe in God or divine destiny, both the good and the evil? They have, he said, You have spoken

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correctly. Okay, so now we can notice something. There is a common thing with all of them. There's a common denominator between all the things that constitute Islam. And there's a common denominator between all those things which are email What is that?

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The things related to Islam Islam outright, they're all outer actions. Okay, although the Shahada, of course, all of them, they have, they are connected to certain inward actions, but the essence of them are all our actions and testimony on the tongue. Okay, no one can be boosted without that. The prayer, the Zakah, the fasting

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and the hatch. So these are outer things. What about a man? It's an inner beliefs, inner beliefs, so we can see believe in Allah, His angels, his books, his messengers, got the predestiny, the good, the bad, the love and the last day? So

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this is Islam an email. Then the person asked about s and Bernie will tell me about ESA, the prophets, Allah lovely, some replied. He said it is to worship Allah, as if you see him, and tahu de la Cana Katara phylum taekwon Tara, for in Iraq, that you worship Allah as though you see him, and if you don't see him, then knowing that he truly sees you. He then went on to ask other questions, such as, tell me about the hour. The prophet SAW, Selim replied the one question about it knows no better than the question. What's he asking about him?

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He's oxen by the hour. What about that? No trophies only with the knowledge of what about the time, the time of the hour? What's the hour? What's the hour?

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So here jabril is coming. He's asking, tell me about the hour. In other words and the prophets. I said, I knew what he meant. When will the Day of Judgment be? What are the prophets? The lonesome said? The one question about it, who's the one question the prophets license knows no more than the one who is questioning Who's that?

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So and this is teaching a very important principle. Nobody knows when the Day of Judgment is not even the prophets license.

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He said, Then tell me about it signs. He said that the slave girl will give give birth to her mistress, and that you will see barefoot naked destitute shepherds competing in constructing lofty buildings. Then the man left and I stayed for a short time. Omar Abdullah Han, who says this, then the prophets license said, Yeah, Omar uttered the money side. Omar, do you know who the questioner was? Cool to LA hoga rasuluh Allah, Allah I said Allah His Messenger know best. He said that was gibreel who came to teach you your deen in religion. So from this, what can we see? We can see that Islam or the deen. The religion has three components. What are they?

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Email, Islam, Eman EFSA. Islam, as we can see, is linked here with the outer actions, Eman with the inner beliefs and ehsaan with perfecting, worshipping Allah as if you see him. And if you don't see him when you worship Allah, knowing that he truly sees you.

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And as a side point, if Islam and Eman I mentioned individually, then each encompasses the meaning of the other. This is because one can't have a man without Islam and neither can you have Islam without EMA. So you mentioned just the word Islam by itself, then it also encompasses the belief system. You mentioned the word Eman by itself, then it also encompasses the outer actions. But when mentioned together, such as in this hadith of gibreel, then Islam is manifest on the outer actions, while demand is manifest by one's belief. So Allah subhanaw taala, he made a man on the inward belief system for the benefit of the intellect. He made Islam, the outer actions for the benefit of

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the body, and he made some purification and perfection for the benefit of the soul.

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Now, if somebody goes to the hospital, if somebody gets ill, where does he go hospitals. He knows exactly which number to dial in.

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In some countries is 999 in some countries is 112 structions. Everybody knows if there is a defect, a major defect with the body, somebody breaks his arm, somebody gets run over by a car, somebody has an asthma attack. Everybody knows what to do. You take the person to the hospital, or you call a doctor. This has to do with the body. And we said, The inside is made of three components, body, soul and intellect. Why is it that we know exactly what to do when we have diseases of our body, and pains in the body if you like, but we don't know what to do when we have diseases of the heart and soul. And this is a big problem among the

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if I put it is very important to pay emphasis to all these three components of a human being the intellect, the body and the soul. And if someone pays more attention to one of these three components at the expense of the other two, then he will not be balanced. He won't be holistic in his approach to looking after his Deen. And this is why you find some people taking care only of their intellect and delving deeply into the Islamic creed and belief system and this is a good thing, but they ignore the aspect of purification of their souls. In the same way others they delve deeply into purifying their souls. Well, they think they are but they ignore the Islamic belief

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system. And further others, they perform acts of worship with their bodies, while their hearts are devoid of any concentration on humility towards Allah. Now, the they have all the this group have left out the aspect of purification of the soul, all of them are deficient in their religion. Now this series is primary primarily concerned with the first and perhaps most important component of man, the role of the CIO. So hence, we'll be talking or concerned most about the purification of the soul, and with what the prophet sallallahu wasallam in this Hadith, called epsilon or perfection, and we'll talk about that more after the break, inshallah saramonic.

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Many people trying to get together, but all their efforts were in vain, because of ignoring or turning away from this great foundation. We see many people come into the way of truth following the guidance of Allah subhanaw taala. But later on, they get off track, what is the reason behind that? unity is a results. It's not a cover up.

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We have to be united from inside. And Allah made this clear and he said, What? aloha

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Assalamualaikum and welcome back.

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We said that this series is about

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primarily about the most important component if you like of man or the roof and the soul. And so we'll be concerned with purifying the soul and what the prophets lie Selim in the hadith of gibreel that we mentioned before the break what he called EFSA now before we go on to what is meant by Sam, let's take a recap on the three components of a man

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The first one was Islam of a man of a man as the body is the body

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the soul and the intellect and the intellect Now tell me

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tell me about how is the intellect connected to one of the components of Islam? The intellect Dean which one is it connected to? As the intellect as La is a man with a man How is it connected? How is it connected? Because it's a it's like an inner actions inner beliefs Yes. And so this is connected with the intellect the person has to think about these beliefs and believe them and that comes in the intellect Yes. And about

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Islam for example, what is it connected with with regards to the body's limbs to the button to the to the body to the body of the president is primarily concerned in essence with the actions the outset craning his head Yeah, exactly. So one does those with with actions with the body Yeah, and so on. And is connected to the soul

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so that you know your perfect, perfect your impurity your root impurities and protect yourself? Exactly. So so we can see how the deen of Islam is holistic in its approach to that

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Do with, with a person with a human being an insert.

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Now what is meant by a son, which is what we are primarily concerned with here or does get in the foot purification of the soul is the sum of one's action and the perfection of one's action. So literally means perfection, to make something good, this is what it means. Now the statement of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam explaining the pillar of his son, that you worship Allah as if you see him, and if you do not see him, then he truly sees you. This statement is actually a pillar of how to achieve Epson how to achieve Epson because why because our sun is actually when a person makes good his action makes his action good. And people differ in the sun of making good of the actions.

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So from if Sun is an obligatory portion, and then there is an F sun, which is a recommended portion. Who can tell me what the obligatory Porter WSR portion of F said that every Muslim must achieve? Making good his action?

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Be that you know he's sincere in his actions, he has to be sincere in his action. Yes, and according to him, and it's got to be according to the son of the prophets lie Selim. And we see this in the Quran and Sunnah. For example,

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the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said in the Milan, Albania in nimbala, Malou miniart actions apart by intention, and also we see that we have to do any action according to the son of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, because the prophets I some said, Man, I'm ILA I'm Elisa Ali, I'm Runa. For horrid, whoever does an action which is not in accordance with our way, then it will be rejected. So in the Milan Albania actions apart by intention shows that for an action to be accepted, it has to have the right intention. When I'm Lena hava, Melissa men who facade whoever introduces into this affair of us that which is not from it, it will be rejected. This Hadith shows us very clearly, that

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any action that we do has to be in accordance with whose way

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the way of the Prophet sallallahu. So this is the obligatory ESA and every single individual, every Muslim has to reach this obligatory level of esa as for the extra sn, or the Mr. haberl, recommended level of sn, then this is to perform one's actions in the station of maraca being watched on the station of Moshe had to talk about this more merkabah is the first stage it's a lower is lower than matcha. matcha is the highest level of worship that a slave of Allah can reach. And if he reaches this level, then he has reached how Kali again, the reality of certainty,

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the reality of certainty, and certainty is of three levels, we have finally been, or before that we have randomly affiliate knowledge, certainty, which is of knowledge, if you like. And then a higher level is what

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I generally have the knowledge of the eye, if you like certainty with the eye, and then the highest level is how co-located a reality uncertainty was the three differences. Let's have a look at an example if a person he has about a special fruit that he can't get in his country, okay, he just has about it. He has no money again, he has knowledge of the certainty of this fruit, if somebody truthful comes to him and tells him about it.

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But then he goes to that country and he sees this fruit, what does he have? I know, I know he again he gets to see this. And so he has the certainty of the eye, okay of the eye of seeing, and then he tastes this fruit. He has Hochuli again, he has encompassed certainty if you like, in a certain way. So maraca is mentioned and this is to be maraca is the low of the two levels. This is to worship Allah, knowing that he is watching.

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This is mentioned in the statement of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, if you do not see him, then he surely sees you. If you do not see him, then you worship him as if you see, knowing that he surely sees you. So when a person enters the Salah, when he begins praying, he worships alone, knowing that Allah is watching him, and this is the meaning of Morocco but that a person worships Allah, knowing and feeling that Allah is continually watching over him. And the more that one has this perception that Allah is watching him, the higher his level of action

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But this is the low of the two levels of mazahub recommended ESA, then you have a higher level than that. And this is the highest level of worship. And this is Misha had a witnessing, that you worship Allah subhanho wa Taala as if you see him. Now of course you don't see Allah, you don't witness Allah Himself. Okay? But this witnessing is the effect of Allah attributes in his creation. So not actually witnessing Allah himself because the prophets license said that you worship Allah, as if you see him. So it's clear that you don't actually see Allah, but he worship Allah as if you see him. So it is actually worshiping Allah, knowing the attributes of Allah. So the more that a person

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certainty and knowledge of Allah as names and attributes increases, the more he scribes, anything that occurs in the creation of Allah, to name an attribute of Allah, and therefore this station of Moshe hadda is obtained by one who magnifies our last names and attributes, and then has a great knowledge of them. And for example, he actualizes and realizes that allows knowledge encompasses all things, and that he sees all things so based upon this knowledge of attributes, he tries to uncover if you're shy, to uncover his private parts, in seclusion, when nobody else can see him, but Allah subhanaw taala and this is mentioned in the Hadith regarding a person's aura. Alas, messengers

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license said that Allah is more deserving of you, being shy from him. So one would cover when somebody asked the prophet SAW Selim, can I uncover my private parts in private in seclusion, the prophet SAW Some said Allah is more deserving of you being shy from him. Now this is due to the person having reached the level of Misha witnessing, let's have a few more examples of when a person can connect the things that occur in the creation of Allah with the names and attributes of Allah, Samantha, like the food, exactly when a person's eating, how does he Connect? He connected with the creation of a love for animals? And what are what God has blessed us, but what a blessing which

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which names and attributes of Allah? Do you connect that with?

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Somebody eating, he remembers Allah. He says allies. He's the one who sustains he's the one who provides any more example, you could say and Hakeem the most was, because if one examines the creation, the heavens and earth universe, he realized the complexity of it. This is This can be seen if one studies Science, Science by somebody you can see the complexity of it. Only someone who has achieved someone who has great wisdom can create something like this. So another example could be when a mother's feeding her baby, or she wakes up in the night

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feeding to feed the baby, the baby screaming online, the mother shows mercy. And this reminds us of a Lost Planet Allah, the mercy of Allah Subhana Allah His mercy is far greater than any human beings mercy, far greater.

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So therefore, so therefore a person remembers the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala. Likewise, when we eat, we said that we remember that Allah is the giver of sustenance or Arosa. In the same way, for example, when we see someone committing a sin, what we remember

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most forgiving, Allah is most forgiving, and also at the same time, he is the most Severe in punishment, should you do a call, each should eat a cup. What about when we, when we hear of somebody being blessed with a newborn son?

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the one who gives life when we hear someone's death, eliminate, the one who gives? Who causes death? Yes, what else to the creation of Allah, the heavens, the sun, the moon, and realize the lies the Creator, the one who may have been so when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam died, you can imagine the effect that it had on the Sahaba this person who took them who, who Allah subhanaw taala used to take them out of darkness into light. They love the Prophet sallallahu Sallam so much, so much that they would give up anything for the prophets. I said, a woman came once from the battlefield. In one of the battles she came running, she said she was told your father has died. She said how is it a

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sort of loss of life and she carried on? She she was told he's okay.

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Then she was told your husband has died and how stressful the last lesson

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is. Okay, so I'm fine. This is the way these people they love prophesizing. Now when the Prophet slicin died, people couldn't imagine that the prophet SAW Selim has died

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and Omar Abdullah and who

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We're standing outside the mosque causing a commotion. He said Whoever says that Mohammed sly Solon is dead then he has like, I'm gonna chop off his head. Okay because he couldn't imagine that the prophet SAW Selim has died. Abu Bakr radi Allahu anhu. And we know that he had a higher stage of Eman. He's the highest of this oma after the prophets, I send him an email. What did he say? He said, Man can I do Mohammedan for in a Mohammedan, but not whoever used to worship Muhammad, then let him know that Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam has died. woman can Abdullah and whoever used to worship Allah for in La Jolla.

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Allah is Ever living, he doesn't die. So he connected the calamity of the death of the prophets. I send them with one of the attributes of Allah the name of the evolution. inshallah in the next episode, we'll begin talking about what is purification of the soul. And then we'll go on to speak about how to obtain this noble quality. Wa salatu salam ala nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa salam alaikum