99 Names – EP 2 – Al Quddus and As Salaam

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Ustadh Ammar Alshukry presents a series on the 99 Names of Allah with real life reflections.

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Hey guys, welcome back to another episode of the tag along with a moto sugar here and we are discussing the 99 names this episode of the 99 names is going to be going over what are those nslm I'll produce a seller, the source of purity and the source of Salaam is the one who's free from all deficiencies. Oh, okay, sad it comes from sad, sad and means the one who's free from defects. So

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I said is the one who's free from all deficiencies that's the Mainer that sorry minor or major that's the major minor Yeah, I was like what is that? That's the major meaning of the word is set up okay. And so produce before that produces the one who's sort of appeared it Yeah, he's pure pure lies are good is pure.

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of the meanings of it produces that he's the one who is pure from all deficiencies a lot as the names are resembling in essence, Allah Allah is free from all impurity. Yep. And all that is bad, essentially. Yep. All defects. All defects were as salaam is. But okay, so

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allies produce is the one because here's the thing, you're not going to have just one name. I see you're trying to separate what's the difference between them. But each name has additional connotations that the other name does, because here's what I'm thinking. This is probably what other people might be thinking as well. Maybe. Is that okay? Salaam Aleykum. Could one cell produce alaikum know we can

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we can it doesn't even work uncle deciding but the whole point is a setup because it said I'm also means the meaning of peace. And that's what you mean when you say I said I want a Yeah, I'm asking Eliza Yes. For peace and security and blessings for you. And I'm asking allows you to protect you and to protect you from whatever mistakes and shortcomings and all of that that become deficiencies. Okay. But cadastre has an aspect of holiness, sacred sacredness of sanctity. And so, I'll produce is the one who's pure in all senses. And that's what holy actually means. Right?

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So this is a place of Okay, I get it. So it's a place of not a place of peace a place of salon but a place of sanctity, sacredness produce, that's why completeness color, okay, feeling whole being whole through the one who is whole Yes. And so a lot isn't produced he's the one who's pure and what that means also is that to approach Allah nothing that's impure approaches Allah and so we have to purify ourselves and so the heart that's impure, it's very hard for that heart to be close to Allah. Right And so for me to get closer to Allah, I have to purify my heart as best as I can and the people of paradise. They won't enter Paradise until they've been purified. Okay, that's what the

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angels say to them said when it comes to them. Oh, peace be upon you. You've been purified. Okay, for toto hardy to enter into paradise. So then tell you

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is pure. So is there any relation to a lot how's that in regards to work that you I don't know him having a name. Okay. Update, but the Medina has flavor. Because it's pure. Okay.

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It's flavor. It's pure, and gentleness, to talk about the privacy Sam said it's, it's soil is pure. And it's a it's an abode of purity. It goes into the shot at the highest or the lowest level.

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Yep, so Mr. Lake Are you gonna be okay? So you're, you're you're attributing all of this purity, and acid is reduced to alized. And that what that

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does, every address is just the so called the verb. No, address is the description, the noun, the noun, okay? Or whatever. I have no idea what you call it in English or Arabic. Okay, it's

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produce, you're attributing holiness. So Hadassah, His Holiness you're showing that to us is the descriptive word of it being sacred, exactly, okay.

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But this also means Baraka, okay, so, Eliza is the one who gives blessings A lot of us do what makes places bless it, like why places of pure nature, nothing this right? It is quotes and quotes. You have the same concept. And it is a city that is a blessing. It is a place that is blesses the house made to make this a place that is blessed and a lot as real as the one being produced. He's the one who makes certain things. Bless it. He makes times bless it he makes from Oban blessing, he makes the first 10 days of their blessing. He makes places bless it, what is it? What's the word that he uses for that? What do you mean? Like does he call it puts it as you call it and not what does he

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call it? mobarak miroir Okay, then it comes to the this term of buttock or the secondary meaning of produce, okay? And so a place becomes robotic or a place that becomes a blessing. He blesses a person's wealth. He blesses a person's lifespan that person at the age of

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40 might do what another person would take them twice the amount of time to do, right, versus a person as well. They don't really have a lot of money, per se, but they get so much blessing out of that wealth, that, you know, someone who has double their income may not be able to actually achieve. And so allies again is one who does that. And so what this name teaches us is to actually seek blessings from allies. Okay? Then we come to a set up and I set up is the one who's free from all imperfections. So allows a yet is a set and he's the one who, who's free from all imperfections. So any imperfection that is attributed to a lot we know that a lot has a good history from that. And

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so the idea that God would get tired, exactly. And that's what I like to get exactly. So just call up Mr. moto ally says that we've created the heavens and earth Well, maybe you know, Matt, and what's between them, you sit at a young in six days. Well, Mama said I'm in loop and we were afflicted by by exhaustion, there was no thing get tired, there was no need to rest. So that exact concept a lot as a surgeon, he rejects it. And I totally didn't even know that you were gonna cover that. Yeah, exactly. But that's the whole point is that it's logical, right? And so allies are dead. He says,

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you know, on the day of judgment, he says, he had told me Oh, man, oh, no, who said Oh, why don't my dog Kadeem and on the day of judgment that people are going to say set up or that people when they enter into paradise are going to say, set up. And a lot of people come into agenda, it's a place that where there is no exhaust, there is no time and there's no deficiency, okay, now hold off, like you are now entering into an abode that has his dental setup, it does Oh, okay, that is free from all imperfection and deficiency. And so Jen has data set up that Jeunesse does, okay, and a lot of debt is a setup.

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Right? And so a lot as we did is, you know, one of the ways they went to interact with this name is that we recognize that a lot as it is a system in what he gives us what we withhold, there's no imperfection with regards to if Allah withholds from you, he's not withholding out of stinginess supplies and withholding because of lack of resources or anything like that a lot of withholding, because he's at Hakeem as well, right. So all of that comes from a loss, perfect ability, and at no point in time, does what I have, or when I don't have whether it's functions of my body, or whether it's resources that I had wished to acquire, is it due to an imperfection on on the last part? So

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essentially, one shouldn't say kind of, like hukam shortcoming on God's part for what is no lapse of judgment. Yeah, there's no mistakes. There's none of that. Got it. Okay. So laws are set up general data. So

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we've got producer, producer, which has has to do with a place of sacredness, holy sanctity, and that's related to mobile data, because it's also bless it. Yep. Got it. Yep. These are the three that go together. These are two that go together. Well, blah, blah, blah. And roboticle. I was just answering what you had mentioned, it was a question that you had, but it's not a name of him. Gotcha. Yeah. So producing a salon. Yeah.

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I'm assuming a lot also couples these names together in the Quran.

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I sit down and there's a seller. Well, there there are a couple together and then there's sort of that hash. Okay, but that's just a long list of names. Got it? Yeah. But off the top of my head I don't think actually there are any.

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So what would it be appropriate to use produce versus Salaam and making the art or reaching out to a law or in referring to Allah subhanaw taala and in either of the two so sit down would be

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you know, you're asking a lot dogen obviously number one for peace for yourself. Okay, right. A lot of you allow me to sit down will make us sit down to bottle up no tilapia, Delilah, Declan. This is a data you make Allah urs and Armand from euchems. This piece in the security and this freedom from deficiency asked for produce I can't think of off the top of my head had to add that the province of lesson and made with this toss up to produce but based on the meanings that we say that we've shared and produced would be used for something like I'm asking a lot as origin for blessings and something that I have, right I'm asking a lot to bless something that I that I own or something that I desire.

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So I want that Baraka, okay? And so I asked a lot as we get by so asking Baraka versus having wholeness and satisfaction and security and peace and peace, okay?

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Got it, or you can combine them together.

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You know, and that's really, this is part of this concept of US law that you I'm trying to figure out, and I'm contemplating and I'm planning for my supplications and I'm, I'm using words that I hope to be effective, and the drive that I make, that concludes our session on this and a seller. Join us next time on tag along with our model shoukry. On the 99 Names of Allah said I want equal