The Fitnah Of Donald Trump

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A Closer look at the reactions of the Muslim Community to the election of Donald Trump.

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The transcript describes a political debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, where Trump is criticized for his actions and Hillary is upset because Trump's campaign is waiting for the election. The conversation also touches on the former president's actions, including cutting a finger and offering a drink of water to a coworker.

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But before I begin, I, you know, I have to really say something about

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the Muslims these days.

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So Panama

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as if Hillary Clinton is ill, Maddie and on top of

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the Muslims are so upset

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because the Hillary did not win as if Hillary is ill, Maddie that we're waiting for.

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I don't know what's going on with the brothers and the sisters.

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You know, listen, we understand the, the call the call the pros and cons of both. And you tried,

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but it didn't work.

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And it's sounding like

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you know, Donald Trump

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got into office.

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beyond a law, his will.

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As if Allah did not will it and Donald Trump like challenged ally, this is how it's sounding. Well.

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Allah Subhana Allah says in the Quran, hula hula Malika.

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Allah is the owner of,

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of the kingship

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totalcare Manisha

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you bestowed at least in this country, we have to give them this, that they get it through some sort of any relatively legitimate process.

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And other people they get it forcefully in other parts of the world. It's still within allies will allies degree allies decree, but Allah will for him to become the president, total milkman, Tasha attenzione, Malka, man, Tasha and you take the kingship from whomever you will. What do I do? Man, Tasha

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and you

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honor dignify whom you will. What? Do you view maleate boot down home He wills Mantashe look at this at the end what what be a decal Hi.

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All of this is higher.

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The fact that he given the kingship to this one and took it away from this one.

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dignify this one humiliated this one, it's all one.

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And I told you the story before and I have to tell it to you just to restore that belief in

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you know that King who had ministers

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a king and a minister.

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The minister is the authority who believes in a court of law.

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For one day, the king is messing around with a knife he cut his finger.

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Further minister said hire insha Allah

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This is good the insha Allah Rasool Allah

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for the king got upset and he said what good in me cutting my finger take him to jail.

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Put him in jail.

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Arrest him.

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So they arrested him. He was placed in jail.

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So in his way to jail he said what higher insha Allah it's good in Sharma there's goodness in this one to insha Allah.

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It was the habit of the king and ministers that every week they go out

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to hunt and have a nomad can a lifestyle.

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For Of course he doesn't have his minister the minister used to be the one who leads his way.

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He doesn't have him this time for he got lost in the jungle.

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He got arrested by a group of bidwill who used to worship idols.

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And it happens that this day they are supposed to offer a Kobani a human Qurbani to the idle

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ship. We will not find anyone better than this guy is dressed so nice.

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I mean, he is the carbine right here.

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But he looked at they looked at his hand, they found him missing a finger. They said stop for law.

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We offer a Qurbani like this to our God, get out of here. You're not even

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To be a crowbar,

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he will stay

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in his way back to the ballasts. He started reflecting upon the statement of the king

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saying now I understand why the minister said it's good that I lost my finger because what I have that finger, I would have been slaughtered by now.

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So immediately when he arrived at his palace, he requested the release of the ministers.

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He said, Listen, I understood why you said higher but what is good in you going to jail? He said, Would I have been with you on the journey? I would have been the full body.

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So it's all good. And this is the style of Eman.

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This is the asset of faith.

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This is what faith provides for a believer that no one else can give

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colusa Ivana Illa naka de la Helena

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what was wrong with us.

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sent to you

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