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Episode Notes

Ustadh Ammar Alshukry presents a series on the 99 Names of Allah with real life reflections.

In this episode he talks about a powerful name of Allah – Alqawee and why it matters to you.


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The speakers discuss the lack of sweat and the importance of strong people in a fight against Islam. They stress the need for people to be strong and loyal to their values, and emphasize the importance of finding one's own strength and not giving up on others. The speakers also emphasize the importance of strong believers in their beliefs and finding their own strength, not giving up on others. The speakers stress the need for focus on benefits and finding their own strength, and emphasize the importance of learning how to upload a label and seeking help from allies. The speakers also touch on the topic of the source of power and seeking help from allies.

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Welcome to a tagalong discussion as you can see, I'm sweating buckets because somebody forgot to turn on the air conditioner here, this guy over here. So my question is I'm in the same room as bilad this guy spent the summer in Sudan How come there's no sweat on here? Cuz this

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summer also in Sudan, and as a result acclimated, and Plus, he's been in Houston longer than I have. Oh my god. Oh, Toby says Shoshana in an amateur lotta Doom he said toughen up because blessings don't last forever. You're not gonna have a see all of your life. It's not about

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windows are closed off to go back your windows

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where you basically need to toughen up. It's not about all those muscles and he can't handle 80 degree weather.

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Man, whatever. Let's go. Let's get started. Mr. manleigh. Forgive the banter between myself and Bella. This is basically how we are all the time.

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So we are going over the name of Allah azza wa jal are we appropriately the strong are we

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strong next? No we're not i'll come on. But for now we're going to be doing a poll and maybe we'll do a minute see inshallah out in the future. But alcovy is narrated. Many times in the Quran, Allah Isaiah, he says in the law.

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For example, He says, Allah azzawajal is strong, severe in his punishment. And in another version sort of to the law says in a lot of Bukka, Hoyle code it is a law says, your Lord is the strong, the mighty and lots of times covey is paired with an ICS the mighty,

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mighty the one was authority or all the above the mighty the one with authority. I don't know if it carries the kind of I mean, I guess they all carry the connotation of authority. What Allah knows best so don't you know what you mean by that? Because if you look back at

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why they are for Ebrahim, acquire them innovative a smile and you follow the verse in the end he goes with him rasuna man whom he actually is for you are lemo Makita well Heckman used to kill him and then compose with in neck analyzes and hiking Okay, so that's before whenever I hear man it's my dealer asking Yeah, they ask they say oh lord except from us the building of this foundation of this house and then he makes the door for their progeny to be from them as Muslim Okay, so monastic of Hajj and to accept them that is a very good question. I'm gonna have to look into that I don't know so I'll probably is the one who the one who overpowers and probably is don't overpowers and that's

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why I'll probably in an ICS it's usually when they're paired hot alcohol overpowers also but I'll probably speaking specifically about the strength of Eliza Okay, so for hot is definitely overpowering. Chloe though is poor who has strength who has power okay and so recognizing that a lot has it has this attribute of being strong and allies are dead because of his strength he overpowers everyone and no matter how many how much people you know ascend in their might and their power in human history or even in the present battle Bazalgette is over them and advisors yet is stronger than all of them. And Eliza Jen, part of what you know is manifested by understanding this name of

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Allah is that person feels that no matter what obstacle they face, whether it's in the form of a human being or any other obstacle that allows Oh Jen

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if ally supporting them, yeah, then they're not going to be out powered. if that's a word by anyone.

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Oh, power.

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overpowered over overpowered by anybody, right?

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allies are gently says what am sold on the law and young sort of what am Sauron Allah? How many and sort of in Allah Allah? Allah says, Allah azza wa jal what am Salam Allah, Allah azza wa jal will overpower, who are allies or will support whoever supports him in the love of your communities. Allah as a jealous, very, is truly strong and mighty. And Allah just says in another verse, he says in jasola, como la vida, Bella Kami says, If Allah is to support you, then there's no one who can hide it, there's no one who can overpower you. Okay? And if Allah is a good word to forsake you, then who's going to support you after him and upon him? Let the believers rely. And so again, this

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notion that you know what, so it's directly tied to reliance, it's directly tied to reliance, and it makes you put very, very, you know, an equation very clearly in your mind and that is that I have to make sure as I'm seeking the support of everyone in the world, you know, people for their projects and the things that they want to actualize in this world. Yeah, they, they take the steps to seek the support of this person here or this organization there or what have you, but this

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Verse reminds us that the most important entity, the most important aspect that you want to make sure that you are getting the support of his allies, though is that yeah, that is the most important factor in your equation. Okay. Also from the the benefits of understanding that allies realistically is seeking for yourself that allies are good, he loves strength, a lot of strength. Everybody knows the Hadith of the prophets of Allah they sent him says that mean of Kali, that the strong believers more beloved to Allah azza wa jal than the weak believer and in both of them are goodness. And so the strong believer now what do you understand from the aspect of a strong believer? muscles, right?

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Or a strong believer could be somebody? It could be a lot of things, right? It's physical strength, spiritual strength, its intellectual mental strength. It's

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just forbearance. Yep. Help me. Yep.

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It's position. All of that all of it. Yep. All of that. So strength is patience. Right? And forbearance is strength. And spiritual strength is strength. I mean, going back even to the martial arts training factor, right, I'll crux of it is strength training. But at the end of the day, the character facet and, and the personal development factor that you got all the strength for you to use it, just like that. Very good.

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Very good. So that self restraint is strength also. Yeah. And that's what the prophet SAW sent me says, He says, The strong one isn't the one who cannot wrestle somebody. Yeah, but the strong one is the one who can restrain themselves when they become angry. So he defines strength as being that also strength when you're with regards to your commitment to the religion, Allah says, Yeah, hold him kitabi before he says, Oh, yeah, hold on to this book with strength. And so you know, there's a strength that is needed for a person to simply just practice Islam. And then depending on their strength of their commitment and their resolve and their faith, they will practice at a higher

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level. Also strength in seeking, you know, in a beautiful, beautiful tradition of the province that I send them in Muslim and if there was any Hadith that I would like put above my doorframe doorway, it would be this one the province of the lotus and it says it has decided three things. He says focus on what benefits you outside, I may in fact, that's number one, focus on what benefits you okay? And how many times have you read in like self help until I got the importance of clarity right? So focus on what benefits you will stay in Villa and then seek the help of Allah and then when as I just don't give up

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these three things focus on what benefits you and then after I've qualified and figure out what it is that I want seek the help of Allah and get that support

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and the third is I don't stop I don't quit I don't give up and then he can hear exactly perseverance and then also don't say after that that

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I did such and such or if I only I had done such and such Don't be someone who questions your the things that you've done in the past the progress of the lightest and obsessing because if once you say if it opens up the doorway for shaytaan rather just say whatever a lot as we did wishes he decrease okay. So that

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also the type of strength that Allah does not love is a strength that leaves the person to be oppressive. A lot he loves the strength that leads to leads to justice. And so the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he said la put this at oma

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Lockwood this at oma May this may not be bless it or not be

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Yeah, bless it a oma in which the the weak are not able to take their rights from the strong.

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Okay, so any oma where the strong, strong arm the weak? Yeah, the province of the like I said them is declaring that or asking a lot, not be a homeowner that is blessing. Okay. Right. And so you know, this, it's interesting, because this idea that, I guess my question is, is it also referring to homebuyers and Muslims specifically, or just anyone that is governing Muslim or non Muslim? Because if you think about it, is the idea that a lot even blesses a blessing to people, if they rule with justice, regardless of whether they're Muslim or not, right. And one of the things if anything, as Muslims that we should be on the forefront of,

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you know, advocating for what's right and just especially here with the things that are going on, I think could be routed right into that very basic, of course, and that's what a lot established the heavens and the earth on the Amazon and on justice. And allies really commands us to be just even if it is against ourselves and our family members and the prophets of the light is seldom when he sent the early Muslims flee from persecution, sent them to Abba senior. The reason that he gave was because this king is just even though he was non Muslim

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I'm, in the last when he praised the Romans one of the things that he praised them was because of their justice. Yeah. And so this is all

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this is before he's Muslim.

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I know this is after he was okay. And the Romans are not Muslim, but he's just mentioning the different things, the attributes that they have. It reminds me of, of how when head off of Herrick leaves was questioning was Abu sufian. When, yeah, and his thing was like, even he himself was like, I'm gonna ask your people if you're alive. Yeah, just like just just that even the very basic virtues of truth and justice, but reckless was also a politician's and so what he did was he put up a soufiane in front of his companions, and he put his companions behind them. Yeah. And so he told them, he said, Hey, if he lies, just give me a signal. Okay, so I was if he doesn't see it, I can't

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see them. Yeah. And so that's like, that shows you his cutting also heraclius or his experience? Yeah. And so he puts him in a position where he doesn't know so the only thing that he can do is tell the truth. But just to conclude with regards to Kali?

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A few things and that's number one. Allah azza wa jal recounts different times in which his strength became apparent for the believers. And so with regards to the zap, when 10,000 people by the Battle of the trench, the Battle of the trench, okay. When the the I an army, the likes of which the Arabian Peninsula had never been seen,

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was gathered to wipe Islam from the city of Medina, and get rid of them once and for all. So much so that the Muslims resorted to a tactic that had not been seen in the Arabian Peninsula up until that point, which is the building of a trench, and they camped out and they couldn't cross the trench, and they'd camped out camped out until finally a lot of you had sent after a month, like a dust storm or a loss and wind, severe wind. Yeah.

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That kind of scattered their their camps, their tents. And a number of things also happened at the same time. But basically, there was no there was no

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there was no like confrontation. Like there was a couple of arrows here and there and off that finally, exactly. It was a standoff that finally ended and then they left and so a lot as we get he says we'll come for la mina Nakita. What kind of La Vina Aziz Allah says, And Allah azza wa jal saved the Muslims from fighting or he, he made unnecessary, what kind of local universities and allies the agenda was, or is strong and mighty. And so this is like a showcase of a lot as we just power. And the prophets have a lighter sending them. He taught a booster shot. And this is incredibly important as well. He said, shall I not teach you about one of the treasures of the

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treasures of Paradise and the province of Musashi? It was then told by the prophet so I sent him to say, now how lol quwata, illa Billah. To say that there's nothing, there's no source of power and all sorts of strength except for a lot as origin. And that, that's it? Yeah. Okay. So the province of cinemas telling him say that this is one of the treasures of paradise. And what that does is that it reminds you, you know, that Allah as a God is the source of all power. Yeah, in the moment where you feel weak, and that you say La la la quwata, illa Billah. I'm just also wondering, is there a linguistic relationship between a coffee and a play? You

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know, no, because sleep doesn't come over him?

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Or, you know, there's not, it's not that I know. Okay. Not that I know. So, the prophet SAW the light as a lamp. How did you know he's on the law? I know when he was

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what highly demeanor widow, the lion who was leading the Muslims and the Romans were like scattered locusts on the horizon. Yeah. It's not anything that would capture the hearts of anyone, right? That would take the heart of anyone Khalid milolii sells the Muslim soldiers. He says, How about the law? He says, c'est la la La quwata illa Billah. Forget about what you see in front of you. There's no remind each other no other powers and all sorts of power except for Eliza yet. And so you seek power, knowing that a lot as we did is the source of power, and you are empowered, knowing that a lot as of yet is the powerful.

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And that's it with the right sort of

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cool, and the action items.

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Learning how to upload a label Ah, that's a very basic action item and just practicing saying it recognizing it. There's a reason why, when the mme For example, He says, Hey Allah, Allah to Allah for that, that that's what you say, la La, La Puente de la Vila. Because you don't have a source of power. There's nothing that's going to propel you and take you to the masjid and make you respond to the call of the mother. Unless Eliza gel is your source of power. Right, you need to be charged up. So that

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and then taking the steps that we mentioned so far, we mentioned a lot of them of them is focusing on what benefits you and then seeking the help of allies.

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Making sure that you seek the help of a lot all the time. Once you depend on yourself, the prophets allies enemies to seek refuge in and being left alone for the blinking of an eye. He didn't want to be left alone. You know, he always wanted allies with your support. So being conscious of that all the time. What's a lot is in hamadryad Alex lamberson resume, consider