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Ustadh Ammar Alshukry presents a series on the 99 Names of Allah with real life reflections.

In this episode he talks about a powerful name of Allah – Alwalee and why it matters to you.

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Welcome to a discussion on the 99 Names of Allah. We are here with Amata shoukry Assalamualaikum. And yours truly devout Han.

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All right, so what were you gonna say we're jumping into it already and already is translated generally as the protector.

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And it happens or it comes a lot in the fall on at Wesleyan and Mola which is similar to a wedding or from an annuity and the meaning of a wedding or where we talked about the the meaning but it's mentioned a number of them is me that Ally's agenda is unwieldy and allows me to we're going to speak about it in another video. And what oh, Allah, Who are you letting me know, famous versus sorcerer? Bukhara is a symbol to guardian. Yeah. Okay. Very Guardian protector. It's interesting, because you talked about how,

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when in business relations, I mean, like as a safe out, like I'm doing market services for a client. Yeah, right. I essentially one. The mindset that they've always talked about is, when you take on a client, you are the clients protector and Guardian against all of this stuff. Okay, what do you mean by other stuff, like against, you know, other?

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It could be the competitors. It could be other service providers that may not have their best interests in mind. It could be it's just the idea that when you bring on a client, the client needs to feel like that you are their guardian. Yeah. So they want to feel protected. They want to feel like they don't have to chase after you and they that you basically, whatever it is, responsibility you've taken. You're taking care of it from A to Z. Yeah. And you are looking out for their interests, just like it was yours. Yeah. Yeah. Very good. Very good. Alola. You know, you've probably heard of like, so how about being called Mola Fudan? Sadie Mola? Eva. So what that meant is

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that there was always heard mowlana from the Desi culture, yeah, you hear Motown also. But that's like, moldy stuff.

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Exactly. And in our culture, you also you have mowlana, called mowlana. But we go back to the time of the prophets on the light, I send them the Mona, someone who, for example, you have a person who is not from a particular tribe, or he was not from Polynesia, he didn't even have a tribe, okay, necessarily, but they took him in. Okay, so they basically were the client, not as a client, but they took him in as a person who's like, backed by this tribe, protected by the stripe. So they'll say this person is under in care of, you know, how you put it on, like an envelope, okay, in care of so and so. Right? This person is in care of that person. Okay. So it would protect that person, and

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it would, you know, protect them from being harmed or abused, because they knew that this person is backed by this tribe, or backed by, so Eliza gel is the protector of those who are in prison system, where you got like people when they like there's different groups within the prison system if they don't want to get picked on essentially, even High School. Right, high school got clicks, if you're not part of a click your your freshmen. Very good. Yeah. So it's the same concept here in the tribal system. some extent Yeah. Okay. That makes sense. Yeah. Like, they literally just take this person or someone takes this person, he just says this person is under my protection, okay. Or it's

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understood that this person and that person is protection. And that's it. They're not necessarily, you know, they're not, it's not as tight as when a person is born into that tribe, but it's as close as you can get. Gotcha. Okay. So are there anything like, what would that person does under the protection of a certain tribe? What would they not have that somebody that was born into? It has? What would that person have?

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Or the other way that I look at it? It's almost like citizenship versus permanent residents. Okay. Like you're a citizen. That's it. Yeah. You can't get you can't actually, you can't get kicked out like they can't. It's unheard of. Right. You don't get unless you like trees or something. But if you're a permanent resident, yeah, the ties the bonds are not as strong. Okay, right. you commit a crime, you get deported. You travel overseas for a year, you get, you know, you've given up your residence.

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Okay, so, yeah, so it's not as strong. That's the way that I look at it a lot. So already, already is

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the person who's close or the cousin or someone who's responsible for you. And when they talk about the lead, I have a lot as well over humanity that's talked about into two types. One is that Eliza is the general guardian and a protector of everybody. Right? So Eliza looks after everybody in a lot of digital watches over everybody and allows you to protects everybody. And then at the same time, there's a specific layer which is for the believers. And this we layer of Allah azza wa jal, the more a person, a sense in their mind and in their taqwa and in their righteousness, the closer they are to Allah as well, the more Allah zoja protects them and looks

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After them. So what's the like? How do you explain that? A lot explains it in a hadith. He says, Man, I really worry about Ubuntu a bit how he says that whoever shows enmity to a colleague of mine, I declare war on them. Okay. And so this is where they talk about what your lawn exactly allows you says my slave does not come closer to me than with anything more than what I've obligated. So that's the closest and greatest way to take leaps and bounds towards a life is to do what he obligates. So. Okay, so I guess this is exciting. But what do you allow? Louie? That's his name. Right? Okay. Not a title. No. Okay. To my knowledge, I don't know. Okay. I haven't really read his

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bio that much. Chateau de la de la. Yeah, I don't know. It could be a title. He's from your culture, man. You should know from Deobandi culture. And he only came into my attention only recently because apparently he also did a commentary of of Mr. Malik Mata. I see. Yeah, I don't know if he if that is titled or not. But other than I wouldn't be surprised if it's not his actual name. Okay. Also there in traditions, you'll find that they will have multiple titles. So for example, there was a period of time in medieval Islam. Yeah, where they would all have like a combined name, okay, like shuttle for Dean or Maria de or these types

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of thing, but it wouldn't be his actual name that was like, or it's almost like, like, I remember when I went to India, my my uncle keep calling me without Dean.

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It's like, I don't even make sense. I know, right?

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Maybe he's just giving you like a nickname or he was just playing around with your name maybe. So a lot as a kid, he says that whoever comes close to me with what I've obligated, yeah, right, that is the closest thing and then they will continue to come close to me with voluntary actions until I love them. And then once I love them, then I become the scene with which they see and the hearing with which they hear and the hand with which they strike and the feet with which they walk. Yes. And so the province little light is sending them. So the point here is that you can actually

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closeness and proximity and protection from Allah azza wa jal. The more you have Taqwa. And the more you do these things, the closer you that you become, basically, man, and of course, very much,

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very much so. And it's all measurable.

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And measurable. In what sense? How do you measure?

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It said that goes up and down. You never know. Right? You never know if this person is actually a value of Eliza yet or anything.

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How do you measure your own taqwa?

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Through action? Of course, okay, measure it through your actions. You measure it through your staying away from his prohibitions, you measure it through these things. Am I somebody who you measure, you monitor your heart? Am I someone who

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wakes up for credit on time? Am I someone who, the things that Allah has obligated on basic stuff? are you covering that? And beyond that, am I wherever I feel, or I know Allah loves me to be okay. Sometimes we're just having a discussion about this yesterday, is sometimes you get diluted into thinking that what you are doing is what's most pleasing to Allah azza wa jal, even though really, if you were to rationalize it, you know that there's something that you could be doing that is more pleasing to Him in that moment, but it's not as fun for you, right? And for we're talking to the kids in college yesterday. And so I gave them the example of attending a lecture somewhere where all

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your friends are going to be right. And it's like a celebrity chef or something like that, as opposed to entertaining your guests at home with your parents. Now, for one, it's much more fun, but we all know that being there for your parents, especially, you know, if if the situation requires it, say for example, it's friends who have they haven't seen in 10 years or something like that. Yeah. Where and you know that the discussion is going to be all about foreign politics and whatever you know that your presence there is going to make your family your parents in particular incredibly happy or your presence is incredibly needed. Sometimes you will be like no Well, you know, someone's

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always here I must gain his knowledge or her knowledge right after. This is a once in a lifetime. lace and Kearney missed out on being a companion of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. Like there's no event that you can miss. That is a bigger event than the messenger ship of the loss of the lions and lumpia. He didn't make the trip from Yemen to Medina, because of his mother.

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But what is awesome say about that the prophets, the lawyers and him said, If you meet him,

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ask him to make the offer you and he's considered to be intimate. Yes, Mr. Wood. Every time a caravan would come from Yemen, he would ask a fecal waste is always there. It was always amongst you like the prophet SAW Selim. Even though he was absent. He never met the

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As I said in the Prophet knew of his presence, okay, but he was Muslim. Yeah, he was Muslim. Okay. But he never he never he never became a Sahabi he never went to go meet the problem. This brings the question how many people existed at the time of a pseudo was a Salaam embraced Islam during his time but never met. They're called Mohammed Amin.

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Okay kamatera mean which basically means these this is that particular title for these people, okay people who are alive when you look at their actual like, if you look at their actual biology yeah or their file their birth dates, okay? You'd be like, Oh, this person is a companion. Right? And so the the scholars in the sit there and they dig and they look and they say Wait, is this person did he actually ever meet the province of Eliason was he ever actually in the vicinity of the province a lawyer said no, and then they go No, okay so this person that but as far as their their status their dates and times you would think that they were a companion okay right but they never met little

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subtle losses and so then you come to me, I have no idea okay.

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You're saying so then we come to I was out on the line who your hood, Lenin Rosa. Rosella come

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in St. Louis, like a moron. Kiss me you how it is. Okay. So then we

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can write on your PDFs. Yes, I can. Fantastic. So we end here with an Willie inshallah Tada. And so actually, I guess I mean, we can just go back to the whole, monitoring your email and monitoring your email and taqwa and are there specific if you can think of that hell just really doing what the prophet symbol is and really doing what the prophet symbolized in them narrated to us from Allah azza wa jal, okay, that's the Prophet sallallahu sallam. He says that Allah said, keep coming closer to him through righteous deeds, specifically the things that Allah is obligated and having taqwa of Allah. Because Allah just specifically says that he is the lady of the month Ducky, the more

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adequate to what Allah surgeon I have, the more we lie I get from Allah in earlier. An Indian matakohe Allah says that his odelia are the people of taqwa. I wonder how many I or it has somebody compiled or is there a work available which takes all of the if and Heidi described

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like for example, you have the first five years total Baccarat you have I don't know it's funny is that I was doing research less than a month on top when I didn't really find that many books that were completely devoted to the concept of stucco which is very interesting because stuff what is the most important concept? Yeah, it's the most you know, you could argue that it is

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the most important concept after toe feet is this a hell of a lot and it's the thing that a lot calls to the most in the hold on when

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with regards to the things that Allah addresses to humanity that he addresses humanity the most. Yeah, you have nuts you have any add them all of that. Yeah, is to have to have allies with you.

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But I, as far as I know, maybe one of the viewers has some access to some books and things. Hey, guys, if you know if you have something do let us know in the comments. Oh, yeah, very much so because

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as far as like independent works on this topic, I haven't come across anything nearly as satisfying especially when it comes to practical steps to increase it because that's a concern that we all have about knows best.

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Alright, so Lowe's and Home Depot, Cypress Simpson.