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Episode Notes

Ustadh Ammar Alshukry presents a series on the 99 Names of Allah with real life reflections.

In this episode he talks about a powerful name of Allah – AlJameel and AlJamal and why it matters to you.

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Welcome to another episode where we are discussing v names and attributes of Allah. Tada, maybe we'll hit all 99. Omar says we will inshallah. inshallah, but once you get to that level,

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we're gonna find that not all of the names are agreed upon. And every person who's ever tried to encompass the 99 names of a lot, so yeah, they've actually had to,

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they've had to take some sort of liberty liberty, okay, for sure. And so you have scholars like Evan has who, who came up with the concept 99 that is, okay, that is Howdy. So as I said, I'm sollers tried to reconcile the headaches with Okay, these are the names that are coming out, but they don't all agree on all the names. They don't agree on all the names and different people. So for example, some sought out the names, and some even went beyond 100. They're going to be on 99. They went to 130 to 104. You know, more than that. Really? Yeah. Okay, then you have people like him who just said, You know what, it's a name if it was, it came with the Elif lab

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or something and something on it. So he got up to the high 60s, and others got to 99 itself. Okay. And then of course, there's the famous list that's in everybody's houses. And that one was actually an he had a one of the scholars who was narrating that Hadith. And he said, they are a human medical producing, he listed them like that. Okay, so a lot of people

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I don't know, then she'd be short with Sure. There's a lot I'm sure there's lots of sheets, okay, that have been made by that. And school kids memorize it like that in the Muslim world. They just say the night that's my personality se na SMA? So I guess the other question, the conflict seeker and means wondering which one is there a book or a compiled list of all the names that are disagreed upon? That a disagreed upon? I don't know. Okay, I think that's, that's your life's

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Find the names of people that don't agree

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with all of the names that people don't agree upon, and

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your contribution to this field.

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So, one of the names is one of the names I'll be talking about now is in Jimmy, okay. The beautiful is this? It's Yeah, for sure. And you know, people assume that this is the name of Allah xojo. Yeah. And that it's something that's agreed on, but it's actually not, you're not going to find it. In, for example, that famous list, you're not going to find that Jimmy, but

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the Prophet sallallahu Sallam did say in the logic,

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he said a lot is beautiful. Okay, he loves beauty. So then the question becomes, is that one of his names? Where is this? Either that a man came to the province? I said, I'm in the province. I said, I'm had made a comment. And he says, that whoever has an atom's weight of pride will not enter Paradise. Yeah. And even the word pride, by the way is the wrong like, it's not a perfect translation. Okay, good. So the province has said and he's gonna define for us what it is, but he says whoever has an attitude of gibbet is not going into paradise. And the man said to me also Allah would like to look good. Yeah. And then the province I said that's not good. He said in a lodge

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immunity from Belgium and he said it was beautiful. He loves beauty. Okay, what escaped he says if cable but will help often us it is to reject the truth to belittle people. Okay? So when somebody comes to you when it says pride, yeah, you're like pride of what like, I'm proud of my accomplishments. I'm proud of my family. I'm proud of my and they think that that's what that means. If I hadn't Adam's weight of pride, then I'm not going to enter Paradise. No kid is something particular and even that word for pride. By the way, there's lots of different Arabic words that would have

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made us proud in that context. But there's this is very contextual to exactly a thing. It's very contextual. So if a person is too proud to listen to somebody, right, or their pride is going over to Jimmy, Jimmy okay. So the context is that the profits that are negated that aspect, and he said no, a lot is beautiful, and he loves beauty and so the concept of a lot as being the beautiful, okay, and allies are just loving beauty. It's not listed anywhere in the Koran. Tamil is not listed in the Quran. No, no Jimmy not otherwise it would have been known as being a name it wouldn't have been controversial Got it? So Allah azza wa jal and even a la gente says For example when up when

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fee Hi, Gemma in a three hoonah working in a salon. And just speaking about availability, talking about horses This brings me to a question of like, can you Is there any work in which it compiles Okay, these are all the names mentioned in the Quran. These are all the names mentioned the Quran and Hadith and these are the names mentioned Justin Hardy.

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I haven't come across a work that's exactly categorized like that. Okay. So I don't know, I guess they'll be to add to my list

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to your list, okay. So a lot as a yet is talking about

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horses and mules and Hameed and donkeys, and he says, litter kabu How is Xena? Allah says they serve two purposes. One is for you to ride. But the other is a dormant, Xena. And so again, this is this is a law, who's the one saying this? He saying I've created these animals for you to not only to, to ride and to have that purpose, but also to look good. And so you know, if I'm gonna get a car, make it nice. I mean, I want to be part of it. See, right. So it's like, it's not just people like oil. He gets me from point A to point B. Okay, that's great. That's one aspect of it. And it's beautiful. There's nothing wrong with that. But there's also nothing wrong with me having a car for the purpose

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of beautifying myself. Yeah, it looks great. It's amazing, right? So there's nothing wrong with one where does one draw the line between having an awesome car? And the idea of what was the Arabic word when it's not given the sort of, yes, extravagance? Yes. extravagance is completely relative, okay. It is always relative to that particular individual, okay? Because what's extravagant for you is not extravagant to somebody who's a billionaire. I search results, okay. If you buy if you make 12 bucks an hour and you buy yourself a Corvette, that $1,000 car, yeah, you're being completely extravagant. Okay? And it's just one of the easiest examples just watches. Okay. Okay, if I buy $100 watch, do

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you consider that to be extravagance? No, not at all right. But if I am, like, in 10,000, if I'm living in a country, where my salary is 50 cents an hour, yeah. And I buy $100 watch. That is the height of extravagance. Okay. Right. So you have people say these people this, this family spent $100,000 on a wig. Yeah. Okay. The guy's like a multi millionaire many times over him spending $100,000 on his daughter's wedding is actually him being incredibly conservative. Yeah, that's like the he's doing a like a bare bones wedding for his daughter at $100,000. Yeah, so you see, it's absolutely relative with regards to what is considered extravagance with regards to that. Coming

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back to this topic, though.

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And Gemma, so ultramar firstly is

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so Jamil and Jim are grouping these together. Yeah. Okay, Gemma is actually Gemma is just, what do you call it? It's the

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Jimmy Jamil is a description. Okay, man is the is the noun the noun, okay?

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So Ally's Beautiful, beautiful is Jimmy. The description beauty is Gemma. Okay? So the Hadees mentioned is the mean or Jamaat? The Hadith says in Allah Jamie you don't you hate Boogeyman? Okay? laws beautiful. He loves beauty. Got it? Okay. So Allah as I did is and Jamie so everything about Eliza ulis. Jimmy, even his names, he calls them in the smell of Krishna, the Beautiful Names, okay. Allah has created this earth and he could have created this earth to be in any way that in any way that he fashion. Yeah. But when you just look at this creation, you see the beauty that's in this creation, you realize that this is a Lord, that is beautiful, who loves beauty, beauty in and of

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itself. Not only that beauty in and of itself, the appreciation that we have in our hearts for beauty, if you think about it, is actually proof of existence.

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Why? Because if we were simply the result of evolution completely, right, just like every other animal. Well, animals don't stop to look at a sunset. Right? animals aren't like captured enamored by another beautiful creature that they see. Well, what is it in human beings that makes us so

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appreciative romantic of beauty? Yeah, it will sit there and will be. I have a poem that I wrote on the subject.

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On this particular subject, I'm just going to read it for you.

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As it directs to God as beauty itself directs to God It says, Have you ever seen a dog stunned by the sunset? Or a bear marveling mountains captured by snow? Or a camel enamored by a starry desert night or a bird breathless by the scenes that sees below? And if you've never seen a cat gaze finally in the eyes of another with resolution and press, then maybe something extra has been placed in our souls that is not by evolution addressed for if we're for animals, just like all others, then why are so so easily captured by beautiful places and beautiful things by beautiful moments enraptured, maybe the beautiful made us and left our love of beauty aside that we may believe in him

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and recognize that beauty points to the divine.

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So the question now is what do we do with this we just the action point is simply go out and see beauty and appreciate it is to be beautiful, me beautiful, beautiful and your character

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appreciate beauty for sure. No

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A lot of people don't appreciate beauty. And what I mean by beauty is not just beauty, the physical beauty that too, but also beautiful things that have been done. I think there's a level of confidence that is being encouraged here. How so? In the sense that don't shy away from looking good, be your best. Oh, of course, not just in character, but in appearance, of course.

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Of course, the prophet SAW lies in them would wear a cloak, and the companion would say, I would look at the moon and look at us a little less I said of them. And now I come to the conclusion of the province of Salem was more beautiful than the morning. Everybody knows that the province of Iceland then used to love to comb his hair. He used to love to oil his hair several light years and he loved to look good.

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And he was the most distant from the dunya. Yeah, the prophets I sent him used to love to smell good. The thing that was made most beloved to him in this video is asleep in a nice app. What's the Bleep is perfume? Okay. And then also different from old.

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Rude is a type of sleep. Okay.

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But rude is not the word for perfume.

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It's not okay. I'm saying rude is a particular type. Okay, gotcha. Gotcha, gotcha. So clean and this. So basically complete, but asleep. Sleep clean is clean. Got it? Clean, but with a bath at the end. So please, yep. Yeah. And so the Eman And this, by the way,

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increases people in their love of allies.

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You know, we love beautiful characteristics, and we love beautiful people and things and

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design architecture. We are so attracted to beauty. It's unbelievable. And so the more a person realizes that a lot of his beauty he's the source of beauty, the creator of beauty. And you know what, when we entertain that we see what no one has ever seen, no ear has ever heard has never been conjured up by our most wild imaginations. Yeah.

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And we enter into this place that was designed by laws and yet with every pleasure.

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The most blissful moment will be when we cast our eyes and see a Jimmy.

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That is how beautiful Eliza is all of the pleasures of Jenna become.

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Not even comparison. Nothing comes close.

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So we asked a lot, I guess the question that comes up with when, when Allah smiles out revealed himself onto a mountain is that the mountain crumbled in its beauty.

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Because Moosa is I wanted to see a laurate

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I'm done with my section. Whenever you whenever you say the thing is, I get nervous because I don't know which way you were. Your mind has been. I was not expecting that moose

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mountain question at all.

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That's what happens when you you know.

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The question is a five year old kid would ask, that's how

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they are and you just have to figure it out. And

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you don't know like, Guys, if this video gets 100,000 views, right? I guarantee 100,000 people will not have thought of that question. That's

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a million. It's not gonna nobody everyone's gonna be like, yo, where did he get this question? He's 100%. Anyway, so

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and there's no shame. We don't know anything. Then we just say a lot of them and we go on there.