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Episode Notes

Ustadh Ammar Alshukry presents a series on the 99 Names of Allah with real life reflections.

In this episode he talks about a powerful name of Allah – AlKareem and why it matters to you.

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The conversation covers the origin of the virus and the importance of generosity in fear. The speakers discuss the use of honoring someone's claim and educating others to avoid confusion. The importance of showing proof of one's actions as a means of learning and obtaining knowledge is emphasized. The conversation also touches on the topic of global Rich List and the importance of not missing out on opportunities.

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Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, brothers and sisters, welcome to another episode of the discussions on the 99 names of a law, or the names and attributes of a law. Apparently there's more than 99. And they're not even all agreed upon. Yeah, the proof that there's more than 99

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the province of Assam says the light is a nice man. Yeah, you know, I had them and I had the whole agenda. He said that to a lie, belong 99 names 100, except for one, whoever encompasses them? Does it saw this term? And I think we talked about this early on. Yeah, definitely didn't know enter Paradise. So does that mean that a lot as a joke, that's it, he has 100 names? And that's it? No. And the proof for that is different statements of the province that lies in the meat. So for example, he taught us in one day that we make that we say, all I asked you about every name that you have,

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that you revealed in a book.

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Oh, for you talk to any one of your servants. That includes angels, that includes any everyone, okay. Oh, is that something to be feared in melee and duck, or you kept to yourself in the knowledge of the unseen. And so that basically means that there are names that a lot as it has, that some he didn't teach to anybody, okay. And there just is also on the Day of Judgment, the prophets the lightest and and he says that he will

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come and he will bow down, he will prostrate in front of Eliza yet and he says Allah as the year will teach me, Mohammed, He will teach me ways to pray him that I don't know now. Oh, interesting. And then a lot of you will say to Mr. Mohammed, raise your head and intercede. Your intercession will be accepted, and it goes on. But the point being is the promises are missing. I will be taught more praises of a library that I don't know. And then you have the progress of the virus. In another famous application. He says laughs Ethernet and it took him I think that NFC, he says, I don't have the ability to praise you. Like everything that we know, it's not enough.

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You are as you praise yourself.

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Like the only one himself is saying everyone falls short of praising online. Okay, everyone. And so the only then you have those who go the opposite route, and they say, Allah has an unlimited amount of names. Okay. And that's not right, either.

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Because to say that a lot, has unlimited attributes would indicate that they're always increasing. Oh, okay. Right, to infinity and beyond to infinity and beyond. And that's not right. They're finite. We just don't know what the numbers. Okay. We don't know how many. But I think is how do we know they're finite? Because otherwise, you're saying a lot as good as creating new attributes?

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Well, I guess that becomes an issue. And that at that point, that's when I kind of check out

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your bags already, sir. They're in the lobby.

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Cool. What? Oh, by the way, my curveball question. In the last one. In regards to WUSA.

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Yeah, so it's it's such a discussion, I don't really have time to go too deep into it. But it seems that

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there are scholars there, Tabby, lean and seller who said that a lot as your showcase portion, very, very small share of his lights, and the mountain and that will cause the mountains to crumble. And allies are getting those best. Gotcha. Cool. What name and attribute are we doing in this one? So we're doing lkt alkhoury. And Corinne the generous, right? That's how it's generally translated. Okay. However, let's just go a little bit deeper into it. Can you does it mean the generous, Katie means the one who no one is equal to

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or you can imagine generosity. And Carrie is not. It doesn't carry just the connotation of generosity. Aim is someone who has no Pierce. Okay, so Allah is good is Karim. Part of that is generosity. But a lot as a good is peerless. That's what it means. So how did that get caught up or become so connected with generosity? When a person is generous? That attribute makes them fearless. generosity is something that's so unique that the more person it makes you stand out, okay, makes you head and shoulders stand.

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Like person who's kidding. Yeah, absolutely. Okay. That I guess that's what the word outstanding actually means. Yeah. Okay. He's extraordinary, extraordinary. So Allah azza wa jal is and Karim Allah says, Yeah, you heard in San lava like a bit bigger Kareem all

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human beings what has

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diluted you regarding your Lord and Kareem? And then Allah says a little hard work of Abdullah Masha Allah COVID the one who created you for so Walker He made you equal in your creation to everyone else or he will proportion to five the luck made you up right or corrected you you

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Sort of measure productivity in every in any way excuse me that he wishes.

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This is sort of an afterthought. Yeah, okay. I'll come back anyway. A larger dimensions him being Kadima in many different aspects.

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Just I just imagined galaxies and exploding stars.

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Allies again in a beautiful verse he says, Well lo a logical multilineage monisha Allah is the one who removed you from the stomachs or the wombs of your mother's left out of monisha, you didn't know anything, which I ended up with something I would have soldered on to school and he made for you. And then he mentioned you didn't know anything, you were completely ignorant. And then he gave you the tools for you to become knowledgeable and that is made for you here IQ and seeing and sad hearts. So are these verses the seeds for a crop is middle because you

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know what these verses Yeah, no. Because how are they not? Because it almost relates to the idea of that. allotment that that was they did not know. Well, that comes a lot a lot as you had mentioned a lot like you didn't know. Yeah, you don't know anything. Yeah. And I'm the one who taught you I'd never been in sort of a man. He taught you speak he taught you how to communicate to others. So so in

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relation to that. What do you mean by sort of being?

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Know, being a here is clear proof. Okay. And it's all bad? Yes. Okay. It's true. Beyond that you're able to establish evidence.

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Yeah. So Allah is

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just learning research, understanding is the game. So just a reflection, I'm just thinking about how if you're talking about ban a lot teaching in this regard.

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And the idea of being a Sikh is evidence and the idea of learning and a lot of teaching that which we don't know, the idea is don't take something at face value, even just knowledge itself, but seek to establish as proof of evidence, seek to establish the proof of evidence of what it is that you're seeking to know and learn. If you learn something from somebody go to the source, go to it's proof, just a reflection of it.

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Good for you.

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Honestly, it was just confusing for me. I didn't get that it's just I guess it's just a jumble of thoughts by that I'm trying to articulate but didn't do a very good job. No, no, no. It could be also that I just don't understand my mind is sluggish, right? No.

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No problem at all.

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Where were we? So I'll carry him right. Totally threw him off.

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A couple of things with aggressive fitting. The first is,

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when we talk about lies. Are you kidding? how his allies are just kidding, I see generous a couple of ways. One is allies, we get the scholars who say itself is up, they say you're allowed to use any of your theories, any meaning that he gives, and he praises, okay? Like, if you're the one giving your natural reaction is to not to praise someone who did something that you facilitated for them. Oh, giving somebody the credit, even though you did it, kind of like that. Okay, so a lot has been is the one who gives us patience. And then he praises us for being patient a lot, gives us a minute, and he praises for believing in him a lot as we get is the one who gives us everything. And then he

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praises and rewards.

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Right. So a lot as he gives us all of the gifts. And then he praises us for using them or for actually acting in according to how he

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could not have done it without him anyway. And that's why, you know, even when you praise Allah, say, for example, this one we're talking about a lot as the person who's watching the video, a lot of it is on who facilitated for us a lot as good as done, who inspired us a lot as good as or who gifted us these moments of praising him. And so even if you were to say, at Hamdulillah, and under particular de Allah is a good is one who inspired you to say it hamdulillah. And so you for you, then you need to thank him for inspiring you to say

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exactly, and as we go on to a whole goes on forever, a whole.

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Also, educating someone who's caring is someone who gives before they are asked, because even when you a person could be generous. Yeah, and they give but a higher level is what you know, you totally anticipate everything you give before anybody asks. And isn't that more beautiful than the person who because even asking, has this aspect of you know, Mandela, it's It's humiliating to us, no matter how insignificant or whoever it's always and so a lot as it did, giving and of course, with the rest of it. It's not humiliating to ask for

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lat rather it's worship and it's close within its nearest Yes. But Allah has to give so much even before us asking. Imagine if you had to ask a librarian for a heartbeat. We had asked him for our vision, we had to ask him for our hearing anybody on a breathing machine every right yeah. It's an allows you to continue continues to give. And that's why I one point in time I man, I mean, how thankful Are we just just simple basic things like you got breathing bowel movements, sleep, like just such simple basic stuff, all these systems that are just keeping you going and you're never thinking about it. Yeah. So you don't even realize it, like you have that blessing until something

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goes wrong. And hence, you know, there was a man who once came to the province, the lawyer said limit he had committed a sin and the Prophet commanded him to be an expiation.

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The man left the masjid upset. And it was somebody who was a hypocrite, but he said, my wealth is just disappearing in so the I think afara charity and expiation ever since I entered into the religion,

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otherwise, and so, you know, even just him saying Hamad kind of gives you like, so he was was it was that a defining factor that the Muslims would see him as it was sort of locked versus non hypocrites. I would also always call them Mohammed. It's definitely it's a it's a sign. Definitely. Because even Allah never calls the prophets of cinema his first name, okay. And he never he never calls upon him by his first name. He never says yeah. Whereas a law calls all of it not. He calls the other prophets by their by their names. Yes, it could he Yeah.

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Yeah, he said.

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It goes on like that. However, with Mohammed Salah sentiments always Yeah, you had nibi

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Oh, Prophet.

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He'll talk about possible loss of lighters and lumps. In the I don't know what tense This is called. But it won't be direct. He won't be the third person. So he says in Makana Mohammed.

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Mohammed is not the father of any of your men, but he's the messenger. Even that verse that was revealed and he turned away. Like when I was doing Langella ama, his name isn't mentioned. Right. Yeah. But he's not being called upon directly for sure. So, so if that's the case, and even his wives, right, this intimate relationship where any anybody by their wives, whether the President of the country or the king, they're called by their first name? Yeah, you know, but even his wives are calling me out. So that doesn't get more intimate than that. And so for them, to call him by his first name is definitely something that's absolutely out of the ordinary. So he says, ever since I

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entered into the religion, and so a lot as we then revealed versus, in short, it embedded, okay, speaking about, you know, what you're upset about this fundraiser. And this is something that I reflect on every single trauma bond because people get squeezed. And some people actually get frustrated, they get upset, like, they don't want to go to the misery anymore, there's so well, they find another and they get a fundraiser, they're

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like, you're gonna have to stay home basically. So this man, he is upset about all of this charity that he still has to give. And then a lot of digital revealed your call to Allah to Manitoba. He says that I've spent an incredible amount of wealth as well. And let me know who had this he think that nobody sees him. And then a lot begins to mention a few blessings that if you were to receive an inventory for it invoice for you wouldn't be able to be a bank. This is an image I know he didn't make for him to ice.

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What do you sign OSHA for tea like these eyes, they just never ever, ever, ever, ever stopped, right and your tongue and your lips and your tongue just talks all day, and you never get a cramp. You're never sore. Your tongue never gets dehydrated, you know, you don't cramp up, and then a lot of horses and get sore. But your heart is working. You work your heart to heart you work your heart is a muscle, every other muscle, the body gets sore. Yep. But your heart doesn't. And your tongue doesn't. Yeah. And your eyes, your eyes, maybe low light or what have you. But your eyes generally they're working under losses. What is our wish, if they do it now in HD and greater than that, we

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guided you.

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And none of us would have been guided without the guidance. And the loss of all of that is from the benevolence and the generosity of allies. And Kareem also is the one who when they have power over you, they forget.

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They don't exercise the power. They don't exercise their power in the province. I said when he entered into Mecca and he said, What do you think I'm going to do with you? They said, You are a Kadeem, the son of lkt like you are noble. It's translated as no vote, but the word they use is Kadeem, you are Kadeem son, son of a khadeem. Brother. Right. And that's what the province of Eliason was and Yusef was in Kareem. And what did you say to his brothers? You know, this very well? What did you say to his brothers? He says, There's, there's no there's no blame on you. And that's what the prophets have said. I've said to the people of monkeys and there's no blame on you. He

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followed suit. And so keep

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thinking about it in English is like your your Korean your eggnog Kareem Abdul Karim

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Be nice, be nice. Be generous be forgiving be be kidding. And column is absolutely an impressive attribute to have when people have cut them. You love them. So is a chrome related to

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crime is the most carry, okay?

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Carry across who doesn't exercise of power, the province of the lightest and then described the laws being Karim. He says, He says your Lord is heavy and carry Allah as again is shy and carry your stephie for life. I know that's high at high Yeah, okay. Yeah. Okay. Hi is it's also modesty shyness. It's a very comprehensive term, but the promises and describe the lies being that and Kadeem why he has is to hear that he is too shy or too modest or that if a person one of their his slaves raises their hand, that Allah allows them to be lowered,

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empty handed and disgraced. It is impossible that you raise your hands like this and it wouldn't be up to you and that he leaves you empty handed because of how Kadima has a Guinness? Is that why they said to do that? To raise your hands? Yeah, you raise your hands? Of course, when you're asked a lot as we did for short, is that or is that simply an advocate of it is an advocate of drag you can make job by not raising your hands, right? But it is definitely an edit it increases your likelihood inshallah. So what's the takeaway?

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The takeaway is to recognize allies urges, generosity and benevolence over you. That's the first that you recognize it, because you be conscious of it that you appreciate it. Is there any mention of green in the statements of within salon, unless the persons are setting foot on? That's it. But the idea is that I become more conscious of the losses, but there are a lot of people who just they don't pay attention to blessings, they have no idea they have Vep no attention, one of the blessings that I'll tell you right now that most people don't even think about is just the blessing of security. Hmm, we're just sitting here, we're not worried about anything, we've got our cameras up.

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And, you know, we're planning on where to go to lunch and the entire cities ahead of us, and it's all open for us to go. And you know, what, if you leave your family at home, you're not worried about them. hoath fear is a paralyzing emotion, the lack of security, once that is taken away from the city. It's you know, that's one of the reasons why the you know, the the jurists, the scholars, the companions, they all believed that an oppressive

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ruler is better than chaos.

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Because in chaos, you have no safety whatsoever. There's no safety whatsoever, everybody's infected, and they'll talk about Don't even say something like, you know,

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a, a tyrant ruling for 60 years or 100 years is better than

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the chaos of the day. We see that there, we see the effect of that. So this, you know, just appreciating who's listening

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scholar or just so many of them, so,

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okay, so

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feeling the feeling appreciative of the blessings that Lazarus has, if you look at your family, that you look at your health, and you look at the money that you have,

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and appreciate that, you know, there are people who are waking up to date you're making $80,000, upset, upset at God, feeling that they are less fortunate, or that they have the short segment of the stick, because they're coming is 35,000 years like the happiness threshold. After that money and happiness have no relation. Great, you know, the province little like this, and he says, Look at those who are above or below you in this world life, and don't look at those above you that will make you more

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it will make you more likely to not reject the favors of God.

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When I'm when all I'm doing is watching The Real Housewives of Hollywood. All I'm doing is Keeping Up With The Kardashians all I'm doing is just watching people who have more money more fame before them it was Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous well sometimes you might look at them and be like

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you said I'm the lead from one app but my oh my god they're so cool. Oh my God, this Oh my God. And the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that one of the signs of the day gentlemen is that a person will be said about a person how cool they are, how intelligent they are, what EISA physical

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minima, they will not have an atom's way to faith in their heart. You know, and that's like, to me that's like our celebrity culture. It's we are so impressed by people who don't have an atom's way to be man, but that's neither here nor there. We come back to this issue of

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Looking at those who are below you, if I spent my time looking at the 6 billion people who make much less than me, and that's one of the really cool apps by the way for you to check out is you just look up global Rich List. And we just google it global Rich List you'll find

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you put in your, your currency, you put in how much money you make, and it'll tell you which percentile you fall into. Okay? When it comes to the global setup, okay, when it talks about, you know, billions of people who are living on less than $1 a day, where do you fall behind? Where do you fall,

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you will most likely fall in the top 10% of the world, if not the top 5% of the world, if not the top 1% of the world.

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And that person is waking up upset at a live surgeon. Right? So part of understanding of last cut off, you know, interesting look at those who are below us like the thought that was it the farmer is not

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only the farmer is not an atheist. Yeah. Because of the fact that they have to rely so much on the fact that it's just, I think part of it has it, is it what is it that breeds apathy. In that regard, apathy towards one's own blessings.

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I think it's just the lack of focus. And it's also part of it is a lack of always looking at those who have more, it's a disease, like it destroys the heart. If all you're doing is looking at those who have a better family than you, that's also social media. Everybody shows their best attributes, right? They showed the best that they have. They don't show an hour before when they were, you know, in a fight or their families. Yeah, I woke up like this, oh, this face is

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the face that you get all the time.

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I can I can realistically say I woke up like this. Yeah. And practicing becoming more kidding with yourself. generosity, couldn't even be self column can even be just saying good words to people, just having that attribute of giving and giving and giving and giving, giving before your ask giving more than you take, giving more than you take. And recognizing that it is a high high level. You know, what can it be? He says,

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He says the verse he says, load on Misha two minute nap is a famous airport. Okay. He says he's one of the best. And he's one of the most arrogant, and he is just he's just a poet par excellence, extraordinary with all of the attitude

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that a skill brings for Oh my goodness. Like he's like a celebrity, for sure. He's like, he's got that diva attitude. Okay, all of that.

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And when he's introspective, it's unbelievable. A lot of his stuff, though, is praising kings anyway. Okay. And he says loaded Shaka sadhana suku. He says, if it wasn't for difficulty, everyone would be an all star. If it wasn't for difficulty, everyone would be like the cream of the crop. Okay, I do the mosquito when

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he says I do the Muslim Katara he says, but generosity,

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bankrupts and being in the frontlines kills.

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That's the reality. That's what separates everybody the fact that you know what, if it was easy, everybody would do it. Yeah. Everyone would be the best but generosity, bankrupts, and being in the frontlines, everybody would be a hero, but nobody wants to die. True. Or like a demo? Yeah. Are you saying I forgot, but

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no, the thought was, if everybody's awesome, then what is awesome. Yeah, exactly. Not everyone's willing to pay the price of awesome. And that's what separates everybody. Yeah. So this is a cream and we've been here for a little less than 100 hours.