Hasan Ali – 99 Names of Allah – Lesson 26

Hasan Ali
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Bismillahirrahmanirrahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi St. Somali Point Loma

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regarding a small line or hasna we just got a few lessons left.

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And hopefully you're doing your best to try and learn the names as well. Allahu la de la Ilaha Rahmani Raheem, Salam mine, Rosita Bella

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and her local variable so we refer to her rojava rasakan Fatah leemon hobbies basketball hofrichter Roger noisette muscle, a semi auto civil Hackman Abdul Latif hubiera Halima Lima furusato lolly you

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are her civil jellyroll Kadima. rockhaven Mooji was your hakimullah do the majority by Fisher he would have been working on COVID mattina Hamid al mercy and moody Merida Mahir meet and how you look at human logic the magic

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and mocha demo.

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Barton and Wiley metalli and Babu

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Malik Mulkey will duralabel curonian Moxie to Jabulani. Good morning. Now last week we came up to

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the name

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Allahu as a last name we did last week and this week we starting from the name of Ruth. Now Laszlo gel, his name, Oof.

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Rafa, Rafa is a very gentle gentleness and very delicate gentleness. So Rama is mercy when somebody is showing their mercy as fine it can be detected or it can be detected and you can see how allies having his mercy on the creation but we're all from Allah, Allah. So Allah is Rahim. analyzer Amanda's fine, but when Allah is Raouf is very, very delicate, and how delicate it is that people can't comprehend. how Allah is,

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is very, very difficult to find our lives Oh, for example, the rain His mercy, starts Rama alized man, when he sends the rains down,

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so when lessen the rains down, his creation can see that the rains are here. But how exactly that rain is going to now benefit his creation. That is now. So for example, if Allah was to take, you know, imagine, there's someone who is who is

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let's say there's some creatures who are right underneath the earth, the hibernating inside there. So wherever very very depths of the earth we're allowed to take that water

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that is as rough, as rough that is when Allah drove, for example, we might see that the rains have come down and there's there's a little lake here and the last put a little stream here and was made, you know, an ocean here and so on. But there are many places where we don't see where unless rain is reaching. Now that's just one example. how Allah is very merciful in the slightest way, even like with the wind, the wind is Allah's mercy law says, Allah says in the Quran, you Silvia when he sends the winds he said Ramadan he said this is a mercy and we can see the see the winds You know, when you get a wind blowing, it gives you fresh air, it makes you feel nice, especially on a hot day. It

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is definitely on a hot day everyone sees us Ramallah that's such a nice cool breeze, but where the winds are blowing, and then making some Rama,

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Allah, Allah being rose, we might not even see that we might not see a fly, where Allah has taken the fly very delicately with the wind and blown it straight onto the web.

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Now that that insect there the spider has been waiting to enjoy its meal, Allah has been removed to take that fly onto that web that is a loving, delicately merciful to that to that

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spider. Now there's many, many things in allas allas kingdom that he does in such a delicate way that none of his creatures might not even know or they might not even see. For example, there are certain things between us as well.

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allows us has mentioned his name, ruven surah, Baqarah 207 and number 207. So Allah said woman, nassima, Manichean absolute diva, I'm aborting la la hora.

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Orphan Black man, Allah azza wa jal has said there are certain people who have sold themselves in return for Allah's pleasure. they've sold themselves they've given themselves away. Pleasure. And allies, one who is very delicately merciful with his seventh will la familia. Now this ayah is about suhaib Rumi. So hey, Rumi, he came from outside of the Hijaz outside of Arabia. And he was white in his collection, he had blue eyes, he had blonde hair. He wasn't a European, he wasn't a European, but he looked like a European, very, very fair skinned, and so on. So he looked like a foreigner all the time. in Arabia, he was actually from outside of Arabia, but he wasn't actually European. Now,

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what happened is that when they were doing the hedge run from Mecca to Medina,

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certain people who are the poorest amongst the, amongst the Sahaba, they were getting targeted, and they were being tortured. And some of them were being asked to give up all the wealth and some of them were being attacked for their wealth specifically. So So hey, are Rumi was one of those that he didn't have big alliances inside NACA. So when he was leaving from Mecca to Medina, on Route, just from outside Moscow, when he was coming outside of Mecca, saw the machine they confronted him.

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And they they had the arrows pointing at him. And what he did is he said, Look guys, and because if he didn't bargain with them, now they would have taken him back in southern Canada Portuguese. So he said, Guys, he said, Okay, I'll do a bargain. bargain and see all my belongings here. Yeah, whatever good now my money and expenses on olaiya he said, It's yours. Just let me go to Medina. Let me go to Medina. And he said even he said my house or have left behind my belongings he said to go there. Just take what you want. But let me just go to Medina. Now swallow this was why he gave preference to Allah and His messenger. Imagine a man who's leaving his whole homeland is leaving everything

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right. And they are going to they're going to kill him or they want to poach him or they want to take him back and he says, I you know the words he didn't say these words, but what he meant was I give preference to a lot His Messenger over all my wealth. Let everything say be a nice easy for me to say these guys. Yeah, imagine if one of us was in a situation where you say, your whole house can you find your whole house you belong to the house, your goods on the surface, I take everything, just let me make this journey. So when he came to Medina, obviously he was completely empty handed. But Allah azza wa jal, he revealed this verse and he said, there are some people who have sold

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themselves in return for a lot less pleasure. And allies delicately my friend How was Allah delicately merciful, whenever Allah uses his rufen there is more to say that Allah is going to be removed in the next world. More of his Rafa will be shown in the next world that this one, one of those Allah azza wa jal says, yo Mataji Dooku nopsema me, let me hide him.

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This is Surah Al Imran Ayah number 30. Allah says, The day when every single soul shall shall find every good deed of this present in front of them imagine every good deed in a shape or form, we will see present in front of ourselves. Well, now I mean, let me see and every single badly that we've done that will also be present in front of us. That was below anabaena webinar, who am I done by the the person who will wish that there was a great distance of the east and the west between him and his sins? That's how the person who wish but he's also got his good deeds in front of him. When you have milanesa Allah warns you about himself meaning Allah warns you not to trespass, his his limits.

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Well, la familia Abaddon Ally's going to be delicately merciful with his servants. Now what's one of those delicate limits was in Hades of

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most Muslim, Allah azza wa jal, he called one of the sevens on the, on the day of jasmine and he says, says My servant, he said, and and what Allah does is he puts a veil around him, so that no one can see what's going on between the 7am Allah and this point in casting this veil around a believer is Allah, Allah specific mercy on the seven Now which one of us is going to do that with which one I was not going to do that with Allah knows, but if he does that with someone, definitely Allah has been removed, and I've been very delicately merciful towards them. Then Allah azza wa jal will say, Oh, my seven do remember, you did this sin, you remember? And this person will start looking down as

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he finished.

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He loves to do remember, you did this sin, and the person thinks,

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finished now what's gonna happen to me?

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Allah says, Do you remember that Sr vsevolod. Do lousy Do you want to know what you're going to get in return of this

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and the

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person's waiting thinking this is it

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Jana, maybe the fire maybe something else, maybe some angels come punishing me. So Allah azza wa jal says, He says, I took that sin of yours.

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And I change it to a good deed and I gave it back to you.

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It looks like Yama, Yama are the biggest sins in that your ladra biggest sins in that that's only little sin. So he's now thinking Allah has been so kind to me so specifically merciful to me, that he changed this sin into a good deed use Allah there are some other sins, all our, all our bodies in philosophy, then have mercy on a specific message. Now this is this is obviously this is a specific mercy on anyone who wants to do that. And you can't bank on this, this is a law so that if you want to do something,

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now, that is a loss of what he wants to be Oof, Oof, and he has said are often Rahim in certain places, which means that is all not only specifically merciful, but he's also merciful as well in a general sense. So that we hope and we, you know, one of the things to say if somebody is in difficulty, and they want Allah specific mercy then to call out Yeah, oh.

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The other one is the Latif. Allah is very delicately in a very delicate way merciful is the Allah thief. So to say Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah as many times as you want, yada, yada, yada ofuro Allah azza wa jal will show his specific mercy on you.

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Because he has said to us to, you know to call onto him with with his names when I smell personnel as the most beautiful names. I've had Oh, he has so called him call on to him with these names. The next thing we're going to cover is Malika Mulkey now this this molecule monkey we covered this before under malloc. under the name malloc, we cover that medical monkey has been mentioned in Surah Al Iran is number 26. Well, as Odell has said, he has told us to say Allah Malik al mulk Allah Who is the owner of all the dominions till Malcolm and Tasha you give your kingdom to whoever you want.

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Can you see your kingdom from whoever you want? Or tourism and Tasha and you will give dignity to whoever you want to shine you will disgrace whoever you want. We are decal hide in your hands are in your possession on your in your power. Is medical hydrosol goodness in your hands. Oh goodness. In nacala condition Cody Do you have you have power over everything? Now this is shows that Allah azza wa jal

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he is the owner of all the demand is all the things that Allah has given to every single person in the whole of the world.

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Allah zerona

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so even though our enemies whatever they own today, Allah is the real owner of that and he has given them that power to have that. And if Allah azza wa jal he wishes he can take any of that away from anyone he wants. It's up to him. But it's we are not people who can who can tell a lot what to do. So I've covered a lot of this about mark and his dominion and his power over that in Malaga. So, you know, you can refer to that inshallah if you want to have further you know, explanation of this. Now the next name of Alaska we'll be covering the Boone Jalali will Ikram do Jalali will aka now ginger lalibela. Calm the name.

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Jalil is Jalali is all are inspiring all one who inspires Oh, Joanne is also

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his album is reveals so to reveal love to know how great Allah xojo is. Now with that is a chrome a chrome means to be to to take someone as your guest, and to be the host. So Allah is the Muslim Allah is the one who is the host Allah is the one who honors others, honors them by making them his guests. Yes, this honoring is a crumb. So Allah is not only he is of greatness, and all inspiring characteristics, but Allah also is one who honors others. Now, we've done in terms of gelato, remember, we did the word a jelly, with a last name a jelly. Now jelly is very, very similar to NTLM. So again, with this tafsir anything new or the the explanation of this word gelar will have to

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track back to what I said in jelly. And that will that will give you the meaning of that. But there's going to be something else as well. That's mentioned here that a man could three mentions that Allah azza wa jal him being vigilant means that he ought to be revered. That means he has a right. He is right is that we revere him, we look we look up to him. We

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Say how great Allah azza wa jal is and how high and how high he is, and he ought to be a being that is never denied. He ought to be being that is never rejected,

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because he is the one that will in the end, give everyone the honor or the dignity of disgrace them now

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ignore above the law said under the Tafseer of Buddha law, because this is a period ruled illegally crime has appeared in Surah Rahman number 27.

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of the Alon who said under this deceit that Lula Agha Matteo Kibriya he is of greatness and he is one who is who supreme

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam according to Hades, which we mentioned in the NASA in Buhari study from COVID and so on. This is a hadith Sahih, Hadith Rasulullah sallallahu taala has said and he is ordered, he ordered his Sahaba to say, yeah, the Dalai Lama, he said Alou

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said continuously repeat. Yeah, the Jalali Crump. Now this this name, whoever will say this name. It's one of those things where Rasulullah sallallahu himself has said in a hadith of Timothy, and this is a hadith long Hadith. Now, I'll say this whole Hadees to you and you see how Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam has given us instructions of which do I will give you what? So this one is in Timothy, three, five to seven, where Sudan and Sudan he reports from Jared.

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So they report eventually from Abu Mahdi Benjamin, Madame La Jolla de la Juana, who says that he's heard the Prophet said that the Prophet sallallahu Hetzer, Prophet sallallahu, ala Muhammad, a man who was calling and he said Allahumma, inni locata man and Yama, he said, Allah I'm asking you for the fulfillment of your, your gifts. I want the fulfillment of your gifts. So this is Luca tanaman, Yama. So Rasulullah sallallahu said what is the normal normal? What is the fulfillment of Allah's gifts? He said that Dawa turned out to be a beehive he said you have a such such as application UI to Allah, that I can only hope this profit or loss i'm saying is I can only hope that you will get

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good in return Allahumma inni as a Luca Tama man Yama, yes. And then Rasool Allah has explained he said because tomorrow nirma the fulfillment of Allah's pleasures and the last gift is what? That you are entered into Jenna entered into paradise and that you have you have success from being saved from the fire. Then Rasulullah sallallahu he had a man saying Yeah, well Jalali will Ikram. This is the number on Jada Jalali will cram Rasulullah saw awesome. He then commented by saying he was to G bollock facade. He said, Your daughter has now been accepted. So ask what you want. So this means if you want your daughter to be accepted, say yeah, then generally will come and if you want to make it

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even better, then say yeah,

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yeah, the rally will come and say Yeah, hi. Are you you're hi you Jacobian and yada, yada. You can combine both. That's even better. Oh, yeah. Hi yaka. You Mira matica masteries Oh, one who is ever living or one who is one who keeps the control of all his creation going on? A bureaucratic in your mercy do I seek your help from you through your mercy do I seek to help? And then according to the Hadith and Rasulullah sallallahu and then he had another man sing along with me as Luca Saba. He said, I will I'm asking you for patience. So pursue lossless and then said Sal de la bella sallahu wa via. He said, You have just asked a lot for a infliction. You have asked Allah for a problem.

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Because how can you do suffer? How can you have patience if you don't have a problem?

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You have to have first have a problem and infliction, and then you have to have suffer, right? So this person is saying, oh, Lord, give me some give me some. So if you ask Allah for sub, ask Allah for patience, that means you have to be afflicted you asked Allah afflict me first, and then make me a sob. It make me person hersa. Yep. So that's why this was Australia. He said, fossil, fossil hula afia. He said, ask Allah for relief. Don't ask Allah for sub. ask Allah for relief. Relief means that I will not relieve me relieve me from any tension I mean, and keep me relief from anything that I might come across. So this is a handy thing tip me then you say howdy to the good chain. And

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that's where Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam has given us easy instructions. So this this, da he has said a little bit

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Which means that continues to say yeah, the eulalia will krob

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krob krob sometimes Professor Lawson used to say the months and sometimes you say three times and sometimes you say plenty of times. Okay, so that is something that we learned from a last name. Yeah, the name good Delilah. So after this name is Alice named, Moxie.

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Luca, lolly oh one who possesses majesty and, and possesses the possessive honor and dignity. One who possesses majesty or majestic one or one of honor, or majestic 101 of honor, honor, I'm asking you to give whatever you're asking for you. So that's doolally will.

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Now, after this Buddha level exam comes a last name.

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Now Alma is the one who gives us the one who gives justice The one who gives you the just now, there are certain words in the Quran, Allah He means justice. In the Quran, Allah, this means your portion of justice just means your portion of justice

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and mocks it means the one who gives you your portion of justice to whatever you own whatever is your right, the one who gives you your right is alloxan. And your right to your portion of your right. Your portion of justice is Alkis. This is in Arabic known as kiss. So Allah said in various parts of the furnaces Baku de abena, whom will kiss Baku di avena, whom, for whom La Villa mon, Allah dealt with them in such a way that the judgment was done by giving every person every being their right amount of justice, whatever they deserved, they have got it this is on the Day of Judgment for the binomial case, or whom law alone and no one will be oppressed on the Day of

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Judgment. When Allah azza wa jal deals with them. Surah Yunus is number 54, you can find this, that is a very important idea. Because many people start questioning how you know, is this fair? Is was it fair for Allah to put someone in janome? For because they did this? Was it fair for Allah to let this person have was it fair for large? fairness, we don't understand we can only we can only say fairness from what we understand right now. For example, if you were to ask a child who is five years old, ask a child five years old, what's fair, his understanding of what's fair and an understanding of a 10 year old? Will he be the same or will it be different different drives? If you

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ask a 10 year old 20 year old fairness is 1010 or 20, fairness 20 or 10. inferiors will he be same or different? Different? Yes. Now you take a 20 year old and a 40 year olds, if you ask the 40 year old you say what's Tell me what's what's fair, and you ask a 20 year old was fair, will it be sable difference? Which one will be greater? The 14th of 2014.

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Now, if you take in, if you take a 60 year old one with great, much more wisdom, one with more experience, one who's been through life a lot more than the 40 year old, he is fairness, His justice, would he be greater than 140 or not? It will be right. We're different. Now you imagine, as we growing up, we understand fairness differently. What was fair to me 15 years ago is different 10 years ago, different five years ago is different today, and it's going to be different tomorrow. When Allah finally takes everyone to the Day of Judgment, all our understanding of fairness, will it be the same or will it be different? Now when on the dev just know when you get to the Day of

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Judgment, it will be completely different? Right now we think is might be the same? Right now I think is the same but when we get to the Day of Judgment, Allah will make a completely different understanding of fairness will be completely different. That's why

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when Allah azza wa jal, he reported back to us what people will say when they get what they get, no one who goes to jahannam will ever say our law you did injustice to me, no one. The only thing they will say is robina Ravana

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led by Nana oleaca, the very narrow book, they will say, you know O'Malley code one who owns one who looking after Johanna, one was looking at Jana, you should tell you a low to end this affair is finished. They will ask you say robina sadhana, Sabina fougere Anna, Allah we have seen everything we have heard everything so take us back, send us back to the URL. They didn't say Ravana of sun Now assuming our love seen everything I've heard if neither These are the people who are non believers. These are people who are going to Jannah because they never believed on the earth. These are the worst people they have Jasmine, and they will not say our lot we heard we saw and we believe that

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you did injustice.

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You will not they will not say that. No one will accuse Allah

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of injustice one because they will be convinced they will say Ravana I'm sorry now semana hodja, Nam and sollen. In mukhi rune, they will say now we've got 18 on the Day of Judgment, all the beings whether it's cafe mushrik, Mulan, whatever the non believer the policies, the moon hide the ones, the atheists, the one who is mean believer, the one is monastic, the one any one you take on the Day of Judgment, there will be four makini mean that Allah will give them full belief. 100% believe that everything Allah said in the Quran was right. Everything that Allah has revealed was right. Every judgment Allah made on the judgment is completely fine. Everyone will have that conviction. That's

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why they will say number one, they might say Allah take us from take us from jahannam. They might say, you know, lesson your lesson, the punishment you've given us, they might say, give us a few more days on the earth, they might say all these things are not reported. But no one will say that you have committed injustice on us. No single person will say that. So this teaches us that we don't whatever our understanding of fairness is all these questions that people are putting to Allah. Well, you know, whether allies this allies is that no one's understanding is complete, because Allah has said, yo Ma, yet t we loo when the explanation of everything will come. That's when everyone

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will say lockjaw, rabina, whatever the message is brought, that was absolute truth. Now we can see everything. Now we know we understand everything to its last portion, we understand why this will happen. Why was I born here? Why did I meet these people here why this happened that happened, what choice I made, the lack of

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messages, every single message came to the truth, that will be the conviction on the Day of Judgment. As for right now, we can't see any of that. Right now, you can't see any of that. Right. One of the things that we understand from the Day of Judgment is when a lawsuit will give everyone is due portion, when Allah will give it give it to them, they will be absolutely content that not one single thing should have been given less. And if anything is given more than this a bonus see one thing Allah will do is though his books it his books, it he gives everyone the due portion, if allow us to end up giving everyone do their due portion, all of us will go to Johanna.

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All of us will go to Ghana, because we can't do enough to please Him. That's why Allah said that he's got 100 His mercy his his slices in 200 pots. And he's only used one pot for this world. And he's going to he's he's reserved 99% of His mercy for the Day of Judgment, because only through His mercy when he's going to give extra here bonuses and bonus there an extra here. That's how people will end up in general otherwise, no one has the ability to go to jail now from what we've done with sinful creatures, and the things that we have done, we know we will only find ourselves being given not enough of a potion to reach them. Now the next name after this is a jamya

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which is Allah azza wa jal is the one who reserved a one who collects everyone together,

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collects things together collects everyone together. One of the main things about this by January is that Allah is going to bring everyone together on the day of jasmine, Yama, Yama, Yama, gem,

00:28:29 --> 00:29:05

this is a Surah Surah number 64. And number nine, allows origin has said that the day he will gather all of you locked in a Day of Gathering, that is the day when people will start snatching from people, their own actions, their actions. So if you can find an opportunity to take deeds from somebody else, through a right away, you will say yes, this person person swore at me, I want to take this much to this other person will come to you and say this person hurt me. They'll take some of your deeds and thus, the snatching that will take place between people. The fact that Allah will bring everyone together, there is no doubt. Yeah, I think I just want you to think for a minute all

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the people you know in this world, think about your family. Think about the people who passed away in your family. Think about the people who are here. Think about your friends, think about your social life. Think about your, your enemies, think about your friends, in college, university, whatever. Think about the people you meet on database, think about your teachers, right? All these people you're going to be with on the day.

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All these people are going to be with or there's going to be no one else, no one missing from you, not a single person will be missing. Imagine, imagine, you know when you know one of the things is like for example, if you go to a class,

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if you go to a class, sometimes it's there's you know, people will ask you know people will be present, but sometimes there's people who are absent, right? Someone's sick, someone couldn't make it right. If you think about something big event bigger than a classroom is worth 15 2030 pupils are supposed to come think about some of the bigger luck that you bought now, a conference and the conference.

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As opposed to 500 people do all 500 people always make it or other people upset. People are upset. Usually the bigger the event the more people upset Yes. That's what happens if you got now a football match with 90,000 people you're guaranteed a few 1000 will not make you guaranteed a good few 100 will not make it

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but the only biggest gathering where no one will miss it is the agenda. No one would be absent you sick is still gonna be there. There is no way anyone can be sick. Anyone can come in excuse. You know I can't make it today. You know? No, no, because what will happen is

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Rasulullah sallallahu has explained to us this whole jammer this you know, there's an ayah of the Quran and if you see the structure of it you will find that allowes of jellis messenger was you know one of the trustees you look and look and you will find locally because you do Canada you will find this where it allows you to listen to rally man I never I number nine robina in January, Natalia Malawi, in Allah, Allah, Allah Allah, you are the one that will gather all people for the day there is no doubt in that day. You are Allah azza wa jal, surely he is the one who will not break his promise. Now under this, you will find in the capacity you will find the hydrogen tivity where you

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shall know how Allah brings people on the Day of Judgment. And there's a difference intercede whether this fire that Allah's Messenger talks about is actually one of the one of the Allah mazzara, which means one of the signs of the Day of Judgment, or whether it's called to happen on the Day of Judgment, some unforeseen upset, it will happen on the day, what does that mean? That means when people will wake up, when people wake up, they're going to wake up wherever they are, and you don't can imagine how many people you've got to gather together. This is trillions and trillions and trillions and trillions, this there's no does not extend to how many last together. So how's the

00:32:01 --> 00:32:44

log on to how is a law going to move people to one platform? So this had this explains that some have said this is one of the signs of the last hour before the day of judgment comes on. Some have said this is the sign when seraphina has really blown into the trumpet, and people get up and what happens is they get up from the grades now who wants to move is anyone want to move? No one wants to go there, you know and get together and the whole cadaver lab the whole judgment is going to take place so a fire will come this fire he's so so strong that he just pushes people on people run Run, run, run, run, run, run, run. Yeah, me too. Me too high, too bad to attack you tequila hi to

00:32:44 --> 00:32:53

Nashville, follow me, which means that this fire when people are tired, and they have to drop down to get some rest, that's when this fire will stop.

00:32:54 --> 00:33:28

And you'll still be burning, burning, burning, waiting for people to get the rest and they get up again. And then it says moving in and starts to move them all in one direction. Now. Most of them for SR have said that this is actually one of the day one of the signs of the Day of Judgment before the day of adjustment. Most of them have said that but some have said that it is actually one of the things that the first thing that will happen on the Day of Judgment, so you can't disregard it. Because there is also that, you know that explanation. So it might be the case of the magnifying lucky are the ones that get up on the day of judgment and then next to Madina munawwara the next day

00:33:28 --> 00:33:48

now you don't have to die in Madina, munawwara to be next to the puzzle of luck and arrange that for you. Lucky are the ones who are far away from Medina Malala but they get up on the Day of Judgment. And Allah azza wa jal then makes them come quickly to towards, you know, where Prophet sallallahu wasallam is, you know, there are many ways Allah will bring people together. Lucky are the ones who will have the hatchet and the, you know,

00:33:49 --> 00:33:59

the resurrection amongst the Siddiq in the truth, who was the Shahada, the martyrs salah and the righteous ones. So we make the laws of the law he makes us from from those individuals.

00:34:01 --> 00:34:11

And now we come to the last tunings that I want to cover today, which is Allah, honey and alimony, alimony and alimony. Now,

00:34:13 --> 00:34:45

Allah azza wa jal His name is Ronnie, which means he is independent, and his name is moving in which means he makes you independent. A lot his he himself is independent, he doesn't need any of his creation. That's Ronnie, he himself is independent. And I'll mogilny is when he makes his part of his creation independent from another part of the creation. That is money. Okay, so his name, Allah Vani has come in Surah

00:34:46 --> 00:34:59

Al Mohammed surah Mohammed 38 ayah Allahu Allah, Allah. Allah, Allah is independent and you are the ones who are in need. You are in need, Allah so Allah says in Surah lukeman

00:35:00 --> 00:35:09

La Mohammed he surely he's the one who is independent and he is most praised. A lot of Adela has said one of the one of the meanings of

00:35:10 --> 00:35:37

G novena. The Rena means richness. kena means riches, but the real hiner means that you independent from others. So what happens is that when Rasulullah sallallahu, started to ask for money for the masjid, ask money for Jihad and so on. So what happened is that the Jewish individuals, some Jewish individuals, they said, well says he's asking these people for money, because they will reach they will reach individuals. So Rasulullah Salatu was doing was he was getting some

00:35:39 --> 00:35:42

for farmers way. So what did they say? They said, in the last half a

00:35:44 --> 00:36:24

year, according to the olive branch and 181 they said, Allah is poor and we are rich. Why is this such a poor Allah? Why can he help his Prophet Muhammad's lesson? So Allah said laqad 70 Allah I have heard what you just said, and you wait to the Senate to makalu I'm going to write what you just said. And you know you killing all the messengers I've written that down as well and you wait till we get to the dead gentlemen no and aku has ever had it when I will say to you taste the punishment of the Fire tastes that when I will say that to you that you remember this. You say that I'm poor, you saying that you will reach a lava? Who's the who's the one who makes others which is Allah azza

00:36:24 --> 00:36:24

wa jal.

00:36:25 --> 00:36:52

So this was, this is where we find that iron another iron in sort of farted number seven item a 15 to 17. Allah says, Yeah, you are not Oh people and to muhfucka with Allah all of you are poor people to allow all of your need of Allah. All of you are in great need of Allah azza wa jal Allahu Allah Muhammad, Allah azza wa jal, he is the one who is independent, his most praised in Yeshua, you the Hebrew come, if he anytime he wants to, he can just wipe you out.

00:36:54 --> 00:37:14

Well, yeah, to the Hulk injury, that he'll come with a new new creation there. And then just like if you, if you want to, you know, just get rid of successes, let's say you've got something small in front of you. And you want to say, well, let's say you're doing a project, and you say you wrote you write, say

00:37:15 --> 00:37:52

10,000 words in there, right? And you get fed up. And the guy got fed up after writing this book. 10,000 words is a federal, he just takes the paper and rips it all up, and he throws it away. And he deletes a whole file. And then he wants to write a new 10,000 words, again, he can write a new 10,000 words he can write, he can do start all over again, it was I remember, I met a couple of people in life who told me they've written a whole book and then the girl got so frustrated with it, because it wasn't what they wanted. They just scrap the whole thing. And then they rewrote the whole thing. Again, if you want to do that you can do that now allows a reason there's 10,000 people here,

00:37:52 --> 00:38:16

he wants to wipe all of them away and put new 10,000 people he can do just either he can do he wants to wipe away 100,000 here and replace them with another 100,000 he can do that. So, English I use him if Allah wants to, he will just take it that way. If you have injuries and he will come with a new creation or medallic Allah is not going to be bad in some at all and Allah if he wants to do that.

00:38:17 --> 00:38:21

Another objective is to explain how a Laszlo gel is running.

00:38:23 --> 00:39:03

Now in terms of him being moving in terms of being him being the one who makes you independent from others, he has said in yakou, fukumura IUPUI, Milan In fact, the decision sutra and note number 32. This I was revealed because there were certain poor people under the care of certain certain poor people who Muslims, certain poor people who were Muslims, and they were slaves, and they had to work for themselves to get pro freedom. So the master would only free them if they work to a certain level. So Allah azza wa jal said, you know, have mercy on these and try and marry them off and try and even if the poor just made them off and take care of them so on, he said, Don't worry about the

00:39:03 --> 00:39:41

poverty, he akula fukuhara even if they're poor, you Guney you Allahu Allah will make them rich, alone, enrich them alone, make them independent from others. Another one Allah said, Are you Neela who couldn't mean Sati Sati the Surah An Nisa and 130 which means that the husband and the wife each one Allah has made them independent in one way or another according to their wealth that Allah has given them. So if it comes to divorce, the woman shouldn't fear that you know, I mean, we hope that there's never divorce but if you ever comes to that, and the woman has to initiate fear now what's gonna happen tomorrow? How am I gonna live where I was gonna, you know, there's never been a woman

00:39:41 --> 00:39:59

who's left her husband and tomorrow she's died because she couldn't feed herself classes. Each and every one I give them their own independence. In dependency however I want each and every one are luggages are now an important Hadith is an AMA is it also important Muslim Bukhari Hadith number 6446 Muslim had his number 1051

00:40:00 --> 00:40:44

Rasulullah sallallahu ala Sammy says Lisa lagina and Kathy Lara, in Nevada, Lena Lena neffs. He said that becoming enriched becoming in becoming someone who's rich, is not because you've got a lot of wealth has poured over you. That's not richness. richness is the richness of the soul and the and the self. So if there's someone here who's sitting here, someone listening to this, and you haven't got 1000s and 1000s, or millions of pounds in your bank, you haven't got 1000 400,000 pounds in your bank, you haven't got that. But one thing you have is that you are person whose heart is not yearning, the 1000 pounds, you don't need 1000s of pounds, whatever Allah has given you, you are

00:40:44 --> 00:40:52

happy with your content with it. You are a rich person, while the one who has got 100,000 if his heart still wants more, he wants more. He is a poor person.

00:40:53 --> 00:41:27

According to the description, the measures will allow a wrestler, he is a poor person, because he's still in need, he still want As for you, you don't even need your Alhamdulillah whatever Allah has given me, I'm content. I'm not independent. Now there's this guy, he's independent. He wants to know, where's the next business I can make? Where's the next place I can, where's the next few pounds that can make he's always think like that. Now he's not independent. He's not really rich, he's poor, because he's always in need of the next thing. Allah azza wa jal has kept so many businessmen out there. So many businessmen out there who are never fulfilled, who never fulfilled

00:41:27 --> 00:41:34

with what they what they have got. Now, this hadith in Timothy namazi I'm going to just relate this to you and then we'll end the session.

00:41:36 --> 00:41:38

And by the way, the name of

00:41:40 --> 00:41:49

Mooney has also come in one way or the other. Now we're gonna Ally's The one who enriches people has come in Surah.

00:41:51 --> 00:42:00

Now here, this hadith that I want to call to you, and this is one life you there's actually two headings that I want to go to one what is the first Hades in

00:42:02 --> 00:42:42

the magic band Hakeem and so on? Good chain says you have no Adam. Adam, followed by the tea, become free for my worship. just become free from my worship amulet. sobre Kareena, I will fill your heart with richness. You just be free to worship me, you can feel content inside, what the fuck and I'm going to stop the poverty and poverty reaching you, I'm going to stop that the doors of need and want I'm going to close all of those. We're in LA but if you don't become if you don't become someone who's free to worship Me, and to free to serve me, then malatya de cashola i'm gonna i'm going to fill your hands. I'm going to fill your hands with business, you're going to be busy.

00:42:42 --> 00:42:45

You've got no time for me. You can not have time for anybody else. Well, I'm

00:42:46 --> 00:42:58

not going to stop the doors. I'm not going to close the doors of poverty on you. And this is one 100 the second one which is a Sahaja mentioned Bukhari and Muslim where the hula hula Holly Sallam he said

00:43:01 --> 00:43:38

he's he said, woman Yes, Stephanie, you will need in Romania start if you're a hula, whoever will try and seek independence, if you're going to say, I'm not going to start begging people. I'm not going to start asking people for money. I'm going to I'm going to stay independent for people I'm going to work myself I'm trying to earn myself and get on my own feet. And I'm not going to be in need of other people. I'm not going to go to people say oh, you know, I'm going to need Can you help me out to beat this and I'm not going to do that. Whoever does that you need Allah Allah will make you rich. This Allah has promised and I've seen this. I've seen these people whoever doesn't ask

00:43:38 --> 00:44:22

people for things and they stay away from people from asking people Allah will make them rich. While mine yes star fifth, Whosoever seeks modesty wants to stay away from fascia from obscenity from Xena from mancora from you know lewd, lewd things, loot, loot, you know, scenes or imagery and so on. Whoever stays away from that you're a favela. Allah will make them modest, Allah will give them the right modesty in Islam. Now Subhana life you if you look at that the people who always go to lewdness always go towards fascia. They're sha Allah, Sasha Allah, footstep designer, whoever wants to go towards these these you know, images and things or people are looking for, you know, the wrong

00:44:22 --> 00:44:36

times the wrong type of relationship outside marriage, they're looking for that alone make the shadow of Allah will make their edge desire for those women. Or the desire for those men for the moon. I'm saying go up. Whoever Have you seen these people who are who begged

00:44:38 --> 00:45:00

in this country as well. Back home you can see whoever started begging. Have you ever seen a beggar who begged for six months? And he said Alhamdulillah This is enough for me now now can start to get a live and I'm not gonna I'm gonna stop being Have you ever seen that? You're smiling. You know why? Because Allah said, What Allah did you start begging Allah is gonna make you want to

00:45:00 --> 00:45:18

Big he's gonna make you all your poverty will always come to you. When you stop asking people Allah will make you rich this Allah design, we think you ask for something you get enough you will be able to make it and you don't ask you're going to lose out Allah Nirvana is totally opposite way. You stop asking you start getting on your feet, Allah will make you rich.

00:45:19 --> 00:45:31

Give us so feel free to use these names. Now if somebody wants to enrich this just kind of making dua to Allah if you want to be rich yeah Money Mo Money Mo Money Mo D again and again. We're Ella smell.

00:45:32 --> 00:46:00

These are beautiful names. You ask if you want justice, if someone's not giving you justice, and you want to just move to the Korean repeating Korean Allah knows, Allah is the one who gives you your due portion of justice. So if you carry on mentioned that Allah will give it to you. So be Mila with the help of Allah. So generally we Shana you've got about 10 odd names left 10 or 12 names left. So inshallah in the next two weeks we will finish our next couple of weeks.

Ar Raoof, Maalikul Mulk, Dhul Jalali Wal Ikram

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