Ammar Alshukry – How Spying on People Corrupts Them

Ammar Alshukry
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the idea of privacy and how it can be used to gain personal information. They use an example of how a woman named Susanna may have been viewed as a villain, causing her to write a journal about her crushing name. The discussion also touches on how privacy can affect one's own viewpoints and how it can affect others' natural responses.
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I think really important and that is the idea of each individual having their own privacy, a

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not just my closet, but the stuff in my closet, I want to share everything with I want to share all of my secrets with personal because number one, you don't know how that will affect that person's viewpoints of you lucky or when it ends in divorce, that those secrets can become used, they can become weaponized. And so you will looking and digging into their private space, there's a quote, people have said the home okay, then you see the home, that he might corrupt them, or that he might, this is might corrupt them, they will corrupt them, or they might corrupt them. And I guess an example that I can give on that is if if you end up let's say you have a 15 year old daughter, and

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she's got a journal. And in her journal, she writes, you know, her crushes name. And it's something very innocent at that stage. And she's just writing a person's heart and then the parents see it and they completely overreact. And, you know, they, they, they went into her journal, they read it and now you know, she's got a girlfriend, she's got a boyfriend and she's, you know, halfway on her road to teen pregnancy according to the parents and then it extends to the extended family and everybody's looking at her like some she's some sort of villain, right and that she's some sort of this and some sort of that she could be corrupted by the fact that they investigated into her

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journal right because now she's being viewed as this person. And what is people's natural response when they're being viewed as this person that they're not?

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What is it

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if I'm bad, I might as well do it right. If I'm if I'm doing the time anyway, I might as well do the crime. Right. And so that in and of itself might have corrupted them more than if they had simply wrote out whatever it was, and they grew out of it as they naturally would have grown out of out of it.

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