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We move on to the next.

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And this next parable

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comes in shorter term calf.

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And this is the second parable

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talking about the reality of higher to dunya the reality of this worldly life.

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And so previously we had a parable

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that a lot presented concerning the reality of this worldly life. And that was in Surah Kunis and this is now the second and then the third one will come. In surah two headed isn't Allah.

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So as for this parable that we have in sorbitol calf, Allah subhanho wa Taala says,

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while the Arabia Allah, whom Allah Allah metal hayati, dounia

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Amina sama Eva terlato, for telavi number two, with a

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tzu huri.

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War can Allahu Allah cliche.

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The roar

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of loss of Hannah who Allah says here in verse number 45, of suitor to the calf,

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and present to them the parable of the life of this world. It is like rain that we send from the sky

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and the vegetation of the earth, it mixes with this water, and then

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it becomes dry remnants

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scattered by the wind.

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And a lot is able to do everything.

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And so here Allah subhanahu wa taala compares this worldly life

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to the Earth's vegetation,

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disappearing and drying up.

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And so just like when the rain is sent down to the earth, causing it to mingle with the seeds that are in the ground.

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We see this after the winter.

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When the spring season comes, and it starts raining, and the weather changes,

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that water mixes with whatever is in the ground,

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the earth to produce bright, fresh vegetation,

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plants flowers,

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but then that lush greenery

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and that beautiful scene.

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It only lasts for a period of time.

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And so it only remains attractive

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for some time.

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And that is during the summer season.

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And then once the summer is over what happens?

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Those same lush, beautiful plants and flowers and vegetation. They turn dry

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and withered up and they fall to the ground. And then these leaves

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after losing their color.

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What happens you see them on the ground

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being tossed around and scattered by the wind. This is the picture that was kind of what Allah gives us here in this verse.

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But notice Allah subhanho wa Taala did not mention one thing.

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Allah mentions here cannot in ns allaahu Minister Murray foxtel Bobby Heenan, that will on

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the worldly life is like water that we send down from the sky and then it mixes with whatever is on the earth of plants.

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But no mention, there is no mention here that these plants come out these probes and

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we see greenery, because that is all that is obvious. That is obvious from the context of the verse.

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Right after that.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala says for us baja she mentored who would react

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What happens to this vegetation, it turns

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it turns into dry remnants that are scattered on the ground

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water coming down and mixing with the earth

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to produce something

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until it becomes dry.

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This period is very, very short. And that is what Ally's indicating here.

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And that's why a lot did not mention that, you know, these plants came out. And we saw a beautiful scene. And it lasted for many days or weeks or months. No, right away, Allah mentions for us about her, she mentioned the through Korea, all of a sudden it becomes dry remnants that are scattered on the ground,

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this period of attraction and beauty is very, very short, that it's so short that there's no point of even mentioning it.

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And so, likewise is the dunia. Likewise is the JR that we are deceived by its beauty, its glitter. And we are attracted by it, thinking that you know what, this is the ultimate enjoyment.

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And so today we are young, we are strong, full of energy.

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in only a few years, we will grow old and weak. And we will lose that energy and that beauty that we want us to have.

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And then the end comes as a loss of Hannah who kind of takes away our souls leaving our bodies to become bones scattered in the ground. Just like those leaves are scattered on the ground, blown away by the wind. And so here Allah subhanahu wa tada is waking us up

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to reality, and telling us that this worldly life

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is temporary. And it will one day suddenly come to an end.

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It will one day suddenly come to an end.

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And this is one of the most beautiful parables in the Quran. That Allah subhanho wa Taala gives us because it's so vivid. And it's so clear, because all of us can relate to it.

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Every year we see

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the dead Earth, the the the trees that are dead, and they don't have any greenery on them.

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We see when the water comes from the sky and rain comes, we see all of a sudden greenery starting to come around.

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And then we see vegetation and we see beautiful colors and flowers.

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And then that attraction, we enjoy it, but for how long for a period of time temporarily.

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All of a sudden before we know it, the fall season is here.

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And that green color

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that was very beautiful for us that we enjoyed that beautiful scenery, all of a sudden, it is turning into yellow, and red and then Brown. And then these leaves are falling to the ground scattered away by the wing.

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is my life and your life in this world.

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This is how it is. And so among the lessons that we learn from this parable is first of all,

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the nature of the dunya is that it disappears quickly.

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the reality of pleasures is that they are temporary. Whatever pleasure we enjoy in this dunya

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it is temporary

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and that pleasure only lasts for a few moments for a period of time.

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And so this should serve as a reminder for any sane person to not become diluted by the dunia.

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Most people out there who are enjoying themselves

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in haraam.

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They do it because they think that this is the ultimate enjoyment. There is no better enjoyment than this.

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Then this enjoyment that we are enjoying in this life.

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And so they have become diluted by

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the life of this world, not realizing that, this enjoyment, it's temporary, and it's quickly going to come to an end.

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The second lesson that we learned is

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that the dunya is something that

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will either leave you or you will have to leave it.

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And so sometimes the dunya, it leaves from us, meaning that, you know, you could be full of energy and youth and full of health, you're very healthy. But all of a sudden,

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that good health is taken away from you. And now you're ill, even if you're young.

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So you can enjoy yourself anymore.

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And so this is the dunya being taken away from you,

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or your rich. Another example is you're wealthy and you're rich.

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And you enjoy the junior with your wealth.

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All of a sudden, one day

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you're hit with a with a financial calamity in your life.

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And all that wealth is gone.

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And so either the dunya will leave from you,

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or you will have to leave the dunya.

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Meaning that you will have to eventually die and leave this dunya. And so either of these things can happen at any time.

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Either of these things can happen at any time. And so the intelligent one, the intelligent person, he never relies on the dunya that he has, if you're truly intelligent, you would never rely on whatever you have of this dunya.

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Don't rely on it, because either he will leave you or you will have to leave it.

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The third lesson that we learn is

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that we must prepare ourselves for the accurate from today.

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Because death is something that can come at any time.

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Don't delay for a day that may never come.

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That's the reality of this dunya. It's short.

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And so if something is that short,

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if something is that short,

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we shouldn't be thinking that you know what i have tomorrow. I have this many years ahead of myself. Let me enjoy myself.

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Right now, while I'm young.

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You know, however I want even if I am breaking the laws of a law, and this will be in the law, let me enjoy myself. Because one day when I get old,

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I'll have time to repent, to turn to Allah and to worship a lot, etc.

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But the reality is that

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none of us knows if we will live to see that day.

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Until the wise one is the one who looks at

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his current situation.

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Your past is gone. So don't worry about your past. Your past is a closed chapter. You can't change your past.

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You can't change your past. Whatever has happened has happened.

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The future is not in your hands. You don't know how long you have to live. You don't know

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if you will live to see even another day.

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But what you do have is your present.

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What you do have is your present. Take advantage of what you have in your hands right now. And that is your present.

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This is what Allah subhanahu wa tada will questions about because as for your past, then you can repent from your past.

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Whatever evil whatever sins you did in the past, you can repent from it. And you will find a loss of Hannah who attended the old forgiving The one who accepts our repentance, as long as we're sincere. So the past is taken care of your future is not in your hands.

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What is in your hands is your present. So take advantage of it from today. And do not delay it for even a single day. Because

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we shouldn't be like one of two people.

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is a man who never entered domestic

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who never entered domestic to pray.

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on the day of his janazah

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he was forced to be brought into the masjid so that the people could pray his janazah

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Don't be that person,

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nor be the woman who never covered herself

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except on the date of her janazah

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where she was forced to be wrapped in those shrouds, where no one could see her.

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And so, the lesson that we learned from this is that we have to change ourselves from today

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and not delete it for a day that may never come.

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The fourth lesson that we learned from this parable is

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that notice how Allah subhanho wa Taala concludes the ayah Allah subhanho wa Taala says, What can Allahu Allah Krishna in moqtada? Allah is all powerful over everything.

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Why did Allah subhanho wa Taala mention here that he Subhana Allah is capable of everything, he is the most powerful to do anything.

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This basically indicates that just as a loss of Hannah who attalla is fully capable, fully powerful to create, he is also fully powerful, to bring that creation to its end.

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And also to bring it back to life.

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And so Allah subhanho wa Taala gave us this parable of how

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he brings the dead earth to life.

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And then, how this life of the earth comes to an end. Likewise,

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similarly are we human beings, Allah subhanho wa Taala created us from nothing.

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Just like he was able to bring us into this world, he is fully capable and fully powerful,

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to take away our lives. And then once we are bones scattered beneath the earth, in our grains, Allah subhanahu wa taala is, once again, fully capable, fully powerful,

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to bring our wounds together

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and to bring us back to life to resurrect us for the Day of Judgment. And so, no one should think, how is it possible for us to be brought back to life, after we have become boons that are scattered beneath the ground. Allah subhanahu wa tada has refuted this,

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this thought and this allegation that the machine used to have throat doctor and you find

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Allah subhanho wa Taala says, and the majority Kuhn and the kuffaar they say, how is it possible for us to come back to life after we have become scattered after we have become bones, dust and boom scattered in the ground. And then Allah subhanahu wa tada refutes them

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through so many different ways. And so, the point is,

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that Allah subhanho wa Taala is fully capable of doing anything and nothing is difficult or a loss of Hannah who went to Allah.

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In fact, to bring us to life from nothing

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is more difficult

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to bring something back to life after it already existed.

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And so, something that never existed

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to bring it into existence from nothing, this is more astonishing or more

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difficult, then to bring something back to life after it previously existed. But for a loss of Hannah who with data, nothing is difficult. And so a loss of Hannah who went to Hana is all capable, all powerful to do anything. And so just like he brought us into this world, he will once again bring us back to life. After we have become scattered

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dust and bones in the ground, we ask Allah subhanahu wa tada to make us to take advantage of

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This worldly life in his obedience and we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to raise us on the day of judgment in a state in which he is pleased with us, and without we come to the end of this session Subhana Allah will be handed a shed will either Hilda and presto fuuka tuberculate was Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh