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Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © Sherry Fayne fromron India asks a question about missing from the country. She explains that she missed the city of Bombay and her country, but she believes that people of the region are highly populated and have a culture of practicing their religion. She also mentions that the situation in Bombay has changed since the new government came to power and that people are living in a democratic society.
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Salam aleikum Dr. Zakir walakum wa salam rental avacado I am Sahil Sohail

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Bhagwan from Maharashtra India question Do you Miss India

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of course, I Miss India and the country I miss most, after the Haramain Sherry Fayne mark and Medina, the two cities the city of this most is is Bombay and there are various reasons for that, the Bombay Bombay is a multicultural society and highly populated there are people of various regions staying there. And, and I've been born and brought up in Bombay. So, of course, I miss my city, Bombay, I missed my country, Bombay, and most of my life I stayed in Bombay and in India and India is one of the few countries where mentioned in the Constitution, that it is the right of every citizen of India to follow, practice and preach his religion, preach, practice and propagate his

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religion. So, any citizen of India can preach practice and propagate his religion and I did that for more than 25 years in India. It is unfortunate that in the last about six years, after the new government came to power in 2014, the situation of Bombay has changed, the economy is going down and the fabric of the society is going from bad to worse, the communal disharmony is happening. That is there is a lot of atrocity done on on the minorities, especially the Muslims and the other minorities. And it has changed a lot and now after I've left India for more than three and a half years and the reports I read, I pray to Allah subhanaw taala that may he help the minorities of

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India, especially the Muslims, but yes, I miss Bombay and the reason I'm with Bombay is that I believe that the people in Bombay are very intelligent. And the question answer session that I used to conduct in Bombay was the best in any other part of the world. I have conducted question answer session I'm handled question answer session in hundreds of cities of the world. Number one, according to me, that I liked, what I used to come was Bombay. Number two, it was the by the way, also having people from all over the world, intellectuals from low middle high strata, but Bombay has its own charm. That the reason if you see on the YouTube you see on the pitch TV, the question

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from mommy or something different and that is that I miss that. But now since we shy the live session, mashallah, we have a mini question from Bombay. And this question also was asked again,

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from Russia, maybe soil back money from them. So I do miss India, and appear to Allah subhanaw taala that made the Federation of India be back, like what it was maybe a decade earlier, so that people can live more harmoniously in this country.

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