Yasir Qadhi – Lives Of The Sahaba 23 – Uthman b. Affan – PT 03

Yasir Qadhi
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smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad Ali he was so happy about we are now continuing the story of birth might have been our fun and we're now on number three inshallah Tada. And as I had discussed last time, we will begin by talking about the Hadeeth pretending to live in our fun, and then move on to specific incidents that occurred in the lifetime of a worker and Omar radi Allahu taala and him and also if we're able to inshallah, we'll talk about the the choosing of a remand from the Shura. So let us begin because we had mentioned in our last lesson, what recommendable are founded in the lifetime of the Prophet so you sell them. So

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a perfect way to conclude that is to mention the genre that is called football in, or the blessings of an every Sahabi or every famous Sahabi has a number of a hadith about him. And these are Hadith are under the title for La Ilaha Bucher for a remote photo. And every famous book of Hadith Sahih Bukhari, Sahih, Muslim, Muslim and Mohammed they all have these traditions. And in fact, most of them have them under the chapter headings. So if you open up so head Buhari, and you go to a book which is called the book of the blessings of the Sahaba, it will literally begin one by one the blessings or overcome the blessings of the blessings of Earth man, and we'll find many of these a

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hadith. And of course, there are other Hadith outside of Sahil Bukhari. So let us begin about some of the Hadith that mentioned Earth man

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of those ahaadeeth is the hadith of a moose. And actually, that he says that I was one sitting with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in one of the wells of Medina. And a man came and knocked on the door of the garden. So the Prophet system said, go and open the door for him, and give him glad tidings of gender. I went and opened the door, and it was Abu Bakar and I gave him glad tidings of gender. And he said, Alhamdulillah, and he came and sat with us, then after a while, another knock came. So the process of said, go and open the door, and tell him that he is giving glad tidings of gender, the same story with modafinil hottub, and he comes in sits down, then the third knock on

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this hadith in Bukhari, and Muslim, the third knock, and the process him says, Go and tell him that he shall enter Jannah after a calamity befalls him, he'll enter Jannah, but there's going to be a major calamity in his lifetime. So I went, and it was earthman had been a fan. And I told him what the prophet system said. So he said, Alhamdulillah, while law will muster on all praise be to Allah and Allah will help me in my time of calamity. So this is the famous Hadith, which has been narrated by multiple Sahaba it is the most one of the most authentic hadith about Satan, Earth mount of the Allahu Akbar. And that is that the process of predicted will occur and Omar shall enter agenda and

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he then predicted Earth's mantle enter agenda, but there's going to be a crisis, there's going to be a calamity Allah Belvoir, you see, boohoo, there's going to be some problems that will happen to him. Now, it doesn't say these problems are because he's a bad person at all. It's simply as a prediction, you're going to face trials that the other two are not going to faced. There are also a hadith also in Sahih Bukhari that the Prophet says some made a statement about a worker Omar and earthman. And there are a hadith that this statement was made on the jevelin nor our Hara, in Makkah, and the same incident has also been narrated in Medina in Japan or heard. So either this

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happened twice, which seems to be the case or perhaps one of the later narrators basically got confused. It was only one incident but there are two narrations, both insipid hottie Simon Muslim, one of which mentions this happening on Java, nor are they Hara, and the other one happening on Java code. And it's the same concept that the processor was walking with a walker and omoton earthman and the mountain began to shake. As I said, in one version, it says the mountain of code and the other version it says, the mountain upon which is head off, which is called Java node. And if it's Java node that's maca. And if it's awkward, it's Medina and the mountain began to shake and the Prophet

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sallallahu alayhi wasallam tapped a mountain and said Earth would or should, okay calm down. Or hood okay for in them it can be universe so they own Russia hidden for you have only one Navy wants to do and to share hits on you right now. He is the Navy Oh buckles are so deep and there are two shades after

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So, and and as similar narration is also mentioned, as we said about an incident in Makkah. And so these narrations also signify that the Prophet system predicted that refund would die a Shaheed

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another famous narration involving Earth man that all of you have heard, and it is also body and Muslim is that once he narrates that the Prophet system was lying down in his own house, and he was wearing the lower garment. And the the, the lower garment, of course, had cleaved open to indicate or to show part of his leg. Okay, so he's lying down, he's wearing that lower garment, that is the forearm. That is the izhar that is very common in many Muslim cultures and is his own house and there's nothing I would anyway expose. It's just in one version, his, his shin, below the knee in another version, the upper part of or the lower part of his thigh. Okay. In either case, it's his

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house, and there's no problem in this and your own house. And Abubakar asks permission to come. And he allows him to come and conversation issues and the process is as he is. And then after a while, Omar asked permission, and the same takes place. And then after a while, man asks permission. So he says, to I shall wait. And he sits up, and he covers up himself. And he then calls earthmen. In then when he leaves, he says that messenger of Allah, I didn't see you prepare yourself obok Omar, why did you do it for Earth man? Like why this difference for Earth man. And so he said, in the earthmen, Roger loon happy Earth man is a very shy man, we're in the hospital. And I was worried

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that if I let him come in, and I'm lying down like this, that he would not speak to me and tell me his need of coming here. So there are people that are so modest, so shy, but man would have been so flustered and embarrassed, that he would not have been able to speak and the Prophet system out of mercy to him, out of compassion for him, decided to cover up the leg and then sit up, because even in some cultures, now, this is not in the Western culture, but in some cultures, when you are lying down, right, the elder or somebody who is respect, you will sit up, because this is not considered to be appropriate. Now, in Western culture, this has gone completely, but the Arabs and Pakistanis

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Indians know what I'm talking about that when you're lying down, for example, in a senior person comes you don't remain lying down, you actually get up. Now, of course, we are not senior. But the point is that the process of them feels a camaraderie, a brotherhood with the two of them, and he knows they don't mind him lying down. Whereas with a man of course, he feels the Brotherhood and camaraderie but he knows Earth man is of a such gentle and, and shy nature, his modesty is so much that earthman would feel very awkward. If the process of his lying down, he would feel very awkward and he wouldn't be able to speak. And this really shows the process of him was such an amazing judge

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of character. He knows and he assesses and he understands the values of friendship and how to treat everybody he knows all about grammar, are casual with him. As we say in English, we visited casual, or the expression in in Indian English is not American English, by the way, he's free with earthman. This is by the way, not American English, or Pakistanis. Don't use it in the American context, right? It doesn't mean what it means in in the Indian context, okay, but he's free with him, and he's open with him. No problem. He understands a little or seldom that obachan and Omar are compatible with this type of interaction, but this man is not and he will be too embarrassed and

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shy. So he sits up and covers himself up and it is once narrated, a similar incident is narrated, where a man comes and leaves and then it is Abu Bakar and Omar who get a bit flustered like jasola Why did he get the special treatment not us. So in one version is asking and another version it is a lot going on or doing the asking and once again, perhaps it is the same perhaps it is two separate incidents that Allah subhana wa tada knows best. In another version of a similar Hadith. The Prophet system responded and this version is also in Sahih Muslim, this one is just a Muslim. He says cha Isha. As the human Rogen, this the human Humala, aka, shouldn't I have some higher with regards to a

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man whom even the angels have higher have now the angels are the pinnacle of higher, the angels have reached the height of higher and the angels have higher of earthman that they have a sense of shyness and a

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sense of modesty around with man, I've been a fan. So how then can I not not also have that higher around Earth man, even a fan. And there are basically many traditions in this regard about higher of Earth man for the Allahu taala. And another group of traditions, predicts that the profitsystem mentioned to Earth man, that he would be basically killed or that things would happen. And he's telling him to remain firm. So these are predictions that no matter what happens remained firm in your position.

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In one Hadith reported in Muslim by Mohammed, that the prophets of Salaam said that they're going to be three trials after me, whoever is saved of these three trials, then all the rest are trivial, he can be saved. The three big trials, if you can fortify yourself and have a man during those three, then that's good. Number one is Moti my death, because at the death of the process of the bulk of the new Muslims, what happened to them? The new Muslims, right not, not the ones we know of the ones in faraway regions of Bahrain and Yemen, and what happened to them? If they do, right, it was too much of a shock. That's number one. Number two, that john, the job is the other big fitness if you

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can be a movement in the time of the general hamdulillah. And number three,

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that a halifa will be killed, who is extra patience and clinging to the truth, and he will be assassinated and killed. If you can remain steadfast and firm in that time, then you have, then you have saved yourself. And there is no other hollyford or Rashida that was killed, clinging steadfastly to the truth. Because earlier the Allahu anhu was assassinated, suddenly, Roman was assassinated, suddenly, the one who has was under a siege and we'll come to this inshallah, maybe in two weeks, we're gonna come to this right, the one who was killed, clinging steadfastly to the truth, making sure that he's not gonna budge from the truth. That was Earth man. Because the other

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two it was assassinations, individuals, we already talked about rumors, and at least we'll come to inshallah as well. This wasn't it was just a complete, like random, how did you comes into the masjid and kills him? Right? So the scholars therefore interpreted this hadith to mean, the death of Earth man, the death of Earth man rhodiola, who Thailand in another book, which is a famous book by Imam Muhammad and his son, Abdullah bin Ahmed, sort of the classical books of Hadith. And the book of Hadith is called for the little Sahaba. So Mr. Mohammed and his son, Abdullah bin Ahmed, they have a book, it is called photo Sahaba. So this goes back to the first two centuries of Islam. And

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it is a famous, it's a one volume book for the middle Sahaba and it goes over every Sahabi that they have, and in it is a chapter of arithmetic and are found in this book, Mr. Mohammed and so his son compiled it, but most of the had it go through his father. Okay, so it's actually Abdullah ibn Muhammad wrote the book, but almost all the Hadees go through his father. Okay, so he compatible for the Sahaba so in this book for the idol Sahaba, it is mentioned through a start to Eben Omar that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to Yvan Omar, that a man passed by the both of them have been in the process. And he said that on one day, this man will be killed. And he shall be the

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one who has been wronged by others. And even Omar said, I looked up and I saw it was Earth man even after and he is the Muslim. One day he will be killed and he is the Muslim. So even Omar was told this as a young boy, Omar was a young man in his 20s when the processing passed away. So even Omar is told that a time will come when this man will be killed and he is dumb of loom. So avoid the mean will kill this person. And in another version of a similar Hadith, the process of him said that when that he's predicting the future, and he's saying, and on that day, whenever something happens, this man will be upon true guidance for how the only thing under the hood and pointed to Earth man, even

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our fan, he pointed to even our fan, and therefore there are a number of traditions that mentioned that are as man will be the Muslim Earth man will be upon the rightly guided, if you like methodology, and yet another Hadith and this is one of the most explicit Hadith and disregard and it is also narrated in Muslim Imam Ahmed, and also in his son's book for the Sahaba the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam spoke to earthman one day and he patted him on the chest. And this was a way the Arabs would basically like in our times, we might hold somebody on the side

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Like, what do we do this in our culture, maybe hold him by the side. So in those days to hit on the chest was a brotherly love that you're just patting him? And he said, Yeah, Ruth man. And this is one of the most important traditions and I want you to memorize it. And it is reported in multiple books and authority and multiple books. It's a very, very profound Hadith. And it is reported in multiple chains and multiple wordings. But the main wording is the one I will give you all this man in the law has the origin asset and you will be second coming you saw a law might give you a shirt for in our article Muna fionna Allah and Allah Allahu Allah, Allah who had tattle on me. If the

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hypocrites tried to take the shirt off of you do not allow them to do so until you meet me. Don't allow them to take the shirt off of you until you meet me. And in another head if you said that in the law, your mutual calcaneus Allah will put a Camille's on to you. And if people try to * that away from you, do not give them that Camille's until you meet me. Now he's speaking obviously in cryptic language now. But this explains why the gentle, soft, shy Earth man refused to budge when they kept on demanding to give over the hill up to somebody else at the end of his life. Because if he had done this for jumping the gun here, then those

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bandits would have been the victors. And they would have caused much more damage than even what occurred. The fact that they weren't successful and added on the Llano became the halifa actually destroyed their plans.

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And if earthman rhodiola, one who had given up because it was in his nature, to not be so harsh, and this explains why he suffered for so many days, and he refused to give in to their demands, because they were ludicrous demands and it would have caused more fit. Now we're coming to those demands. We'll talk about it briefly not as much detail, we will talk about it. So the Hadith is explicit and authentic and narrated in multiple versions, Allah will place on you a shirt, or if man understood this to mean the shirt of khilafah. This is an honor. This is a cloak of clothing that Allah has given to the earth map. When the process of said this, he doesn't know what he's talking about. Now

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that Earth man is the halifa then the people are fighting with man, when the hypocrites come and they try to * your shirt off, they try to take your shirt away, do not give them your shirt until you meet me meaning until you die. And that is explains the main reason why Earth man despite his gentle nature, never ever wavered in remaining firm to disregard he was a very soft person. And he was not the harshness of aroma or even the strength of aroma. And he attempted to plead with the people who killed him he negotiated from his house, but he never gave up his right to khilafah and Allah knows best if these Hadith had not been set to him, his nature would have been okay whatever,

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just take because that was his nature. But the process of them explicitly commanded him not to do that. So these are the main Hadith about Earth man had been a fan of all the Allahu taala and inshallah will now summarize what are the things narrated in the time of Obama and Omar and then also his appointing at the end of time, inshallah Tada, and then next week, inshallah, we will do his color for the first six years, because we all know some of you who don't I'll tell you, his colorful was 12 years, the first six were glorious. The first six were amazing years. And then the last six were when the trials began. So in the time of obok Guardiola one.

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He was one of the primary consultants a part of what we call the inner circle, the inner cabinet now, realize that the Sahaba did not have official postings of Oh, these are the ministers and this is the the Shura, there's no official, it's just understood, there's an inner cabinet of people that are consulted, and Omar and earthman, were both a part of this inner cabinet to a worker of Serbia. And we have a number of incidents in the book of history, which I decided not to go over because, frankly, it's a little bit too advanced and somewhat meticulous and boring. This fiscal issue. This governor, this administrator, this, I mean, it's not that relevant to us right now. But the point is

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that throughout our workers career earthman is giving him advice directly about matters of the state. And perhaps one of the most significant incidents that takes place in the life of a worker is one that many of us have

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But this is now the actual version straight from the books of history, the more detailed version that in the time of Oba Siddiq, there was a severe drought. And with Manuel de la one because he was a merchant. So before the drought had begun, he had ordered a supply of grain and caravan from Syria, not knowing there will be a drought because you know, you order these things. And then four months go by before the the merchandise arrives, arrives. So he was buying and selling. And we already mentioned earthman was a very successful merchant in the days of Jamia and in the days of Islam. And he had ordered grain and other merchandise food primarily from Syria. And it arrived at

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the time of the drought when people were dying. And when the grain and the food comes in. So the the the city sellers, the house, the the shop owners come to the house of Earth man, when the merchants arrived from when the caravan arrived from Syria, so they all come to the house of Earth man, because they want to purchase this and sell it to the people. So this man welcomes them in they see the grains in his house. And they offer collectively, so they've agreed to basically purchase it all at a very high rate so that they can get profit from the people. So they said we will purchase it for you. Basically, at 20% higher rate. And responses somebody has offered me more than the 20%

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going rate, whatever is the going rate 20% more. So 1.2 like because the way they did this, by the way, they didn't say 20% they will say for every 10 will give you 12 Okay, that's the way they would phrase it back then. Okay, so if mindset, but somebody has given me more than this, so they went up, okay. 30% 40% will pay you 50% above the price, whatever is typically worth will pay you 1.5 times that. And earthman said, but I have somebody who's promised me more. So they look to each other because they had made an agreement that they're going to purchase and then equally share the profit. And they said, Oh, man, we are the merchants of the city. Who is there that has given you Who is

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this guy tell us? We're gonna basically deal with him, because they had agreed. So He then said, Allah has promised me 10 times the price iE 1,000% right? You're telling me 20% 30% 4050 Allah has promised me 1,000% for every dyrham 10 I'm gonna get okay. And that's 1,000% can you compete with that? They said, No, we cannot give you we cannot give you 1,000%. So he said, so I call all of you to testify that all of this food is for the full bottle of Medina for free, no money.

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This was a fortune. And he's simply not for the first time in his life. And again, this is the Sunnah of Allah azzawajal that people like Earth man, when they give a lot gives them more. When they give such such generosity, it's not the first time he's given. So all of this he simply distributes it to the football of Medina, and one of the famous scholars of the past even Kodama, who died 600, something digital. He has a book called real world, world buka and his book of heart softening stories. And he mentioned in this book with his is not to even above that Eben Abbas saw the Prophet system in a dream. And the processor was dressed up in a beautiful garment in a robe.

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And he was he was very busy. He wanted to leave the process of wanting to leave. And he had been abuzz. His cousin said Yasuda law. We have missed you and I want to talk to you Why are you in a hurry to leave me? Why are you leaving when I want to talk to you? So the prophet SAW Selim said that in this dream that earthman had been a fan has given sadaqa and the law has accepted his sada and given him a bribe from Jenna in return. And we have all been called to the walima of that feast. So I'm in a haste to go there. Now, this is not a Hadeeth This is a dream narrated and we have a methodology when it comes to dream that these types of dreams there is no harm in narrating them but

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we don't base our Shetty or theology on them. Right. We know that recommanded been our fan is a person of gender. And this is one of the classical books of our heritage and it has the story in it about with might have been a fan and there is no How does narrating it and a lot of xojo knows best and we don't base any athlete or theology. But we do know that Earth man is a person of gender and that allows that which it has accepted his charity. So this is the main incidence and the time obaku

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When a worker was on his deathbed, as you all know, he calls Earth man had been a fan. And he asks Earth man, who should I appoint? and earth man says, appoint?

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appoint over to be the halifa. So a worker asks Earth man, who should I appoint to be the halifa? Earth man says, appoint a worker, four, he is the best, and there is no one that aroma. Four, he is the best, and no one is better than him. A worker said his famous phrase, you have spoken the truth or truth, man. And if I were to pass over him to anyone else, it would have been you. So a worker. And I mentioned this when we talked to a worker on his deathbed, he as well not predicted, but he said, You are the most worthy of the healer for after trauma. And that is exactly what happened. That is exactly what happened during the time of Omar. Now we get to the time of Omar as well as man

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remained a trusted adviser. And once again, the books of history mentioned now this is 10 years. So earthman has a lot more specific narrations, and again, I decided to skip over many of them, some of them will come over indirectly. For example, restaurant was one of the main ones to suggest the dates of the hedgerow. When should the hijra begin the calendar? So Omar was the one who asked the question, once you begin the history calendar, and earth man was the one who suggested beginning with how to run, for example. So man has a role to play even in that calendar that we have, as well, if man was one of the first to institute registries, the ones called an Arabic Doha wind registries,

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that in the early days of obok, or the Sahaba, were so few, there were no registries. You didn't have to sign your name when you took something from the Treasury. It was an open society, people new people, Earth man was the one who suggested to Omar to have a registry of people to have them in categories to basically like a census if you like, and to keep track of who's getting what. So these are all ideas coming from the mind of Earth man and honorable hottub implemented them. Also it is said by some of the scholars very interesting point to said that Allah subhana wa tada bless the early oma with people who complemented one another perfectly. So the gentleness and mercy of Abu

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Bakar was complemented with the strictness of Omar and the two of them together brought about the glorious time I've overcome a deal. And the harshness of Romo was complimented and coupled with the shyness and softness of Earth man,

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and Allah subhanho wa Taala, then bless that era, as well. And this is the difficult reality that every leader of every position knows that will lie. It's a very difficult line. When should you forgive? When should you punish? When should you look the other way? And when should you be strict? This is something that anybody who's in charge of anything, you have the same problem. How often should you forgive? How often should you and people are different, their massage is different. And Allah zoologia bless the early oma that you had both of these figures, Albacore, Omar and Omar and earth man, and they together complemented each other and brought about that glorious era of the

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first to Hoda is also narrated

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of the accomplishments of Amanda as well or of his responsibilities that during the last year of the hilife have removable hardtop during the last year of the philosophy of Roma yBnL hakab. He allowed the oma hartal meaning to perform hajj, now realize the Manhattan momineen had special laws upon them. They had different laws and of those laws was what

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they cannot.

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Okay, that's one law. It's true, they cannot remarry. Okay, that's definitely one law, they cannot remarry. Another law.

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They cannot be seen in public, even in what we now call regular hijab or scarf, that they have to have an extra layer of protection. Now, I've spoken about this in my other classes, and this

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causes some confusion. The Quranic term for this extra layer is a job.

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Okay, what did I sell to Mohan de matar and first aluna min was a job. And that is why when the Sahaba would visit the house of Arusha, there would be a physical curtain. And that curtain was called the hijab. And when she went outside, there was a tent around her. When she went to the Campbell there will be a tent, you couldn't see even her body. There will be a complete covering around her. That was

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The extra layer of hijab and Allah subhana wa tada mentions this hijab for the wives of the Prophet.

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He mentions the femur and the jilbab for regular Muslim ladies. Okay, well you're gonna be homare hinda Allah God him.

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Yeah, you wouldn't be only as logical Vanessa cortizone you'd Nina la hindlimb Angelababy hin. So kaymar and jilbab are the terms that are used for other ladies. And the Arabic word kaymar means that which covers the head. And the Arabic word jilbab means a loose covering something that is covering the body. So ladies in the Quran are commanded to cover their head and their bodies, Mr and Jeeva. Okay, and the whys of the process them are commanded to cover their entire personas, their entire bodies by a special layer that is called hijab. Now, what has happened is that we have taken the term hijab, and applied it to the hammer and digital bap.

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And that's what we say when we say does she wear the hijab? Ie does she wear the hammer? There's nothing wrong with that it's not an Islamic. But the problem now comes that you have groups of people that come and say, and this is a complete tangent from Roman and whatnot, but it's necessary we understand this. You have groups of people who say, oh, Allah never commanded Muslim ladies to wear the hijab. The hijab was only for the wives of the Prophet SAW Selim.

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And this phrase Kadima to help him read about it. It is technically true, but what is intended is false.

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Okay, anytime you hear somebody say, Oh, the hijab was only for the wives of the processor. This is technically true. But what is intended is complete falsehood. Technically, it is true because Allah has commanded the hijab for the wives of the process of them. But when this man or this lady of our time says, Hey, Job was only for the wires of the process, and he means crema, and that's wrong.

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covering of the body, and covering of the hair is an explicit commandment for all Muslim ladies. Don't call it * fine, call it Mr. College about call what you will, but the concept is clearly Quranic and Islamic. But what we have now is this notion that, oh, the covering of the hair is a Persian custom, or a non Muslim custom imported into Islam, the Quran doesn't commanded the hijab is only for the whys of the process of them. And all of this is simply a type of revisionism a type of changing of history in the Quran, that a simple reading of the Quran and Sunnah will contradict. So going back to our story, the wires of the process of them remained at home, and they got a stipend

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and they were taken care of the knees, but by and large, they remained at home, and they wanted to go for Hajj. So Ramadan kebab. In the last year of his life, he didn't know it would be the last year of his life. But in the 23rd year of the hedgerow, which happened to be the last year of his life, he gave the permission that okay, all of you can come, and we'll make special arrangements for you. Because this is now a logistical, you know,

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extra, that you have to have a special part of the caravan and everybody has to be here. So this area and this, on this caravan of the wiser the process of them, Earth man was placed in charge of it. And that's a very sensitive position, a great honor that these these are our mothers and earth man. And also. Now, these two were placed in charge of taking care of the wives of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And there are other things mentioned in the halacha Roma, as I said, I skipped over them.

00:34:02 --> 00:34:42

Because it's too technical. I mean, what he said to Omar, what are the what are the taxation laws? There's a number of things that he said, What are the financial the fiscal, I mean, I'm sure you would get bored and we just I just decided to skip over them. Point is he was one of the inner cabinets and the time of ambit of the hot tub. Okay, now, let's get to the somewhat controversial story. It's not controversial for us, but it is controversial for other groups of the appointment of Earth man. Okay, how Earth man was appointed. For us. It's an open shot. It's clear history, no problem whatsoever. But as you know, this is where the tensions become really pretty nasty. And

00:34:42 --> 00:35:00

there is an alternative version of history that non Sunni groups have. And we will not mention their narrative today at all. You should just be aware, they have a totally different narrative. They have different books of history. So our books of history are very clear. There is no contract.

00:35:00 --> 00:35:41

Diversity, very straightforward. And this is what common sense as well would dictate, as I will explain their version of events has some conspiracy theories and some trickery and deceit and whatnot. And that's their version of events from our side. It is well known and we mentioned this that promotable. hottub appointed the six people when he was stabbed, and he said that you will have three days to decide amongst yourselves, who will be the Khalifa, you have three days, and then after that, whoever you decide he will be your halifa anyone who then disagrees he is the rebel, fight him and kill him. Okay, once agreement is done, that will be the khilafah and he said sohaib A

00:35:41 --> 00:36:14

roomie will lead the Salah for those three days. Why? Because he wanted to appoint somebody neutral. It wouldn't make sense to appoint one of the six to lead the prayer, because that would be preference to one of the six. Okay, so he appointed sohaib Rumi to lead the Salah. By the way, I find this interesting, I find we we should all have an affinity with Sahaba Rumi, because he was raised in the Byzantine Empire. So he spoke fluent Latin. So he's leading the saga and he speaks

00:36:15 --> 00:36:56

the mother language of English because English is coming from Latin. Okay, speaks fluent Latin, because he's raised in Rome. He's raised in the Byzantine Empire. By the way, ethnically, he was Arab, ethnically. That's where he came back. But he went as a very young lad, we'll get to historian we get to trouble Rumi. Why did he end up there whatnot. He went as a young child and he grew up in the Byzantine land. So he is speaking Roman, Latin basically like a native. And, of course, he's Arab, ethnically. So he speaks Arabic as well. And now he is leading the sada so he's fluent Arabic. And he speaks the mother language of English as well. So the ones that happy, he's the only Sahabi

00:36:56 --> 00:37:18

that we know of that could speak fluent Latin. So so a bedroom is leading the Salah for three days, and the six gather together. And this is now on a Sunday morning of the death of Bob, he passes when a Sunday. So on the morning of Sunday, the six of them gather together and AdoramaTV now says

00:37:20 --> 00:37:30

let three of you there six, let three of you withdraw and nominate one person in his stead. Let's cut it in half. Okay, this is how we're going to begin

00:37:32 --> 00:37:45

each one, whoever wants to voluntary let each one of you who is of this three, choose one person that you will nominate and then you get out of the race. Okay, so who wants to do that? So,

00:37:46 --> 00:37:46


00:37:48 --> 00:38:36

narrated none nominated, Ali Vitali and Zubaydah nalli are second cousins as we'll get to, okay. So very nominated, because I'd rather it to be the one in charge. I don't have any desire to be the Khalifa. And it will be my mind nominee, okay. palha gave his right to Earth man, even have fun. And tall 100 men are also close relatives. And sadly Obi Wan cos gave it to Abdul Rahman the one who's saying was divided into three. Okay, so sadly VW will cause gives it to Abdullah madam mouth. So now we have with man Ali and Agra, not enough, clear, three of them have voluntarily withdrawn and they said my vote goes to him. So automatically, there are three votes. He, I mean, Allah knows whatever

00:38:36 --> 00:38:53

that amount had desired, he probably would have wanted all three to nominate one person. So that would have been clear, but there wasn't a majority. Each one is nominating one. So we're back to square one. But now instead of six, we have three. Okay. So Abdul Rahman says to the other two,

00:38:54 --> 00:38:55

that I don't want it.

00:38:57 --> 00:39:23

Who of you to is willing to recede? You're right, and we'll leave the one the rest the last standing. Okay. So all of this is voluntary. There's no pressure on anything other than a man says I have no desire I have no I don't want to be the halifa but who amongst you is willing to step back and then we'll hand it to the last of them and Allah Zoe's will be his helper and he'll and he'll have the support of the Muslim ummah.

00:39:24 --> 00:39:29

Both of them remained silent. Neither said anything.

00:39:30 --> 00:40:00

So it's clear that the both of them are willing and interested in as I mentioned, when you go back to the story of it from the very beginning of the line, who there's nothing wrong with this at all, some people have this desire and there's nothing wrong and they feel themselves qualified, and they feel they can benefit the woman and they are now handed this responsibility with man and Ali and they both felt you know, I can do a good job inshallah, they will, will will will benefit so now

00:40:00 --> 00:40:12

Neither of them wants to step out of the race. So, Abdur Rahman when he sees that neither of them is stepping out says, Okay, do you both agree then to make me the arbiter between the two of you?

00:40:14 --> 00:41:09

So if you're not going to how else are we going to do this? Or basically right? I'm the last one left. I'm going to step back. But both of you have to agree that you will then listen to my choice. And I promise you by a law that I will do my utmost to choose the one who is the better qualified amongst you. So he is basically saying, I promise to be neutral and fair. And I will do my sincere best to choose the right candidate. Okay, so the both of them agreed. So Pamela, this shows us the cordial nature of the Sahaba. This shows us the purity of their politics. And just compare this to not just our country and the dirty politics going on now. Any country, any political scenario, the

00:41:09 --> 00:41:56

smear campaigns, the slanders the innuendos, the advertisements that are meant to denigrate the other the mockery, right. And the egotistical nature of each candidate, I am the best vote for me, we will look at the Islamic system is so this early stage, and I'm not romanticizing. We cannot look at do mayors and our buses on earth menu and compare this of course not things happen in their era that were not the best, but now in the time of the Sahaba. And you cannot compare the Sahaba to the earth man, it's Come on, right? The Sahaba What an amazing, pure election, you couldn't get poorer than this. Not a single person saying vote for me. Because it's egotistical. Not a single candidate

00:41:56 --> 00:42:42

saying oh, that person, he has this track record and that track record and he did nothing, absolutely nothing. This is Islamic politics at its best. And that's why they're called the whole of Russia do not one word against the other, not one word in support of yourself. That's the ideal. So adamandeve now says, I promise to do everything I can to choose which of you two is the better one, but you both have to agree to my arbitration. And of course, they agreed. And this takes place on a Sunday morning. So Subhanallah within an hour, from six candidates, they're down to two. This is Islamic politics are not like the primaries here. And we're still wondering who's going to come and

00:42:42 --> 00:43:04

we're making dua to Allah that that guy doesn't come He just likes vanilla, you know. And this, any of this tends to think nothing at all, nothing within an hour from six to two, and the both of them are agreeing that the other is qualified to to basically take over. So Abdurahman, then this is Sunday morning. And the deadline is three days, he spent the next

00:43:06 --> 00:43:10

72 hours, it is said he barely got any sleep,

00:43:11 --> 00:43:57

thinking and going house to house and asking all of the Sahaba. And even the delegations and the omura that had come in those three days when they heard the death of Roma, or their loved one. And he even It is said as the ladies behind the curtain like they had this notion of young ladies with behind the curtain who would literally go and get their mush water, which of these two is better, so that he gets a type of understanding of the people of Medina, Who do they think is more qualified to be the Khalifa. And he also visited earthman and Ollie privately. And he asked earthman that look, if you are not chosen? Who do you think is the most qualified out of all of the six of us? And with

00:43:57 --> 00:44:12

one said it is going back to the six commensalism? If it's not me, it is definitely the most qualified. And he asked the same question earlier, the low one. Suppose you are out and the six of us are back or the five of us. Who do you think is the most qualified? And he served us? Well.

00:44:14 --> 00:44:53

Now this is our version. And this is what like the logical and the one that appeals most. And the one that makes the most sense when you look at how they interacted with one another. And here's where I mean, I am not sugarcoating it. The fact of the matter is clearly each of these two is interested and they think they can do a better job than the other one. But there's no negative in their hearts about the other. And there's not a feeling of Oh, if I don't get in then then the world is lost. No they understand if I don't make it you know, the next best person is the other candidates. So even as the enrichment of the long run home they both assumed that the other person

00:44:53 --> 00:45:00

is going to do an amazing job. no problems at all. And out of the rest of the Shura. They both are nominated each

00:45:00 --> 00:45:44

Other if it's not going to be them, which clearly demonstrates for us what we consider to be the true Islamic brotherhood. And by Tuesday night he had decided, and our books mentioned that indeed, some people had said that Ali should have been the halifa. But the majority of them, and this was the feeling of the most of the senior Sahaba, that Earth man was the better qualified. And again, there's nothing we say that highly an earth model the Allahu anhu, definitely those two were closer together in the rank, then let's say Obama and Omar, there was a clear difference between the two that are working on Omar, they were not exactly the same. Everybody knew Obama is

00:45:45 --> 00:46:30

head and shoulders above it. Right. And they knew that Omar is above everybody else. And we all agree that Ali and the Allahu anhu, their difference was not that market. And that's why there's so much talking and discussion and whatnot. And to the very end, at the end of the Tuesday night, so this is Sunday, Monday, Tuesday night, and now is going across the city and asking people, and he makes his decision. And before he announces it, he has a private meeting with both Ali and earthman. We don't know what he said, is a private meeting. But so Paolo, what an amazing what an amazing leader was out there. I mean, even though he never became a leader, what a farsighted,

00:46:31 --> 00:47:08

truly true manager. He knows exactly how to manage. And we'll get to his biography in Sharla, in a few months, where he talks about the mouth, and the demonstrates his character, and he had a private talk with Earth man and a private talk with Allie, we have no idea what was said is completely private. Nobody else was there other than those two, but it's clear what he's telling the two of them. I mean, you don't have to, you can assume, what is he telling it that he's chosen of man. And basically, he is a great candidate, you know, but and he must have given his reasons. And he would have told us man, that look, I'm going to choose you, and you need to realize that it was a close

00:47:08 --> 00:47:44

second, and you need to keep them close to you, which is what Earth man did. Our little the loved one was one of the most trusted ministers of Earth man, which explains in our Sunni perspective, everything fits into place. The other paradigm really has some cognitive dissonance, dissonance, we're going to call it they really have some big puzzles that don't come together. How could it be a minister under us, man? How could it be a judge under us, man? How could I do so much under a man as we're gonna see, when we talk about this inshallah in a few weeks doesn't make any sense? If he truly felt that this is a divine right from Allah, and from the messenger, then he couldn't be

00:47:44 --> 00:47:57

living amongst such quote unquote, the hotels or the hypocrites in their perspective, right? It would have been hypocritical for him to be acquiescing to all this going on. Right, this is our perspective, in any case, so

00:47:59 --> 00:48:04

another 100 an hour makes his decision and on the verge of Wednesday, on the budget of Wednesday.

00:48:06 --> 00:48:47

He calls all of the seniors so how about and also some of the governors of the provinces would also come it is even said that while we was there at the time, because while we had done Hajj that year, and had decided to come back to Medina, and Omar was stabbed after the performance of the Hydra, as we said, by literally a week or two, so, many of the governors were still there in Medina at the time, and after about him now, after sohaib, left lead solid till further up drama and then climbed the member and he was wearing the turban of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam as a token of Look, I am now bestowing the the decision I made. So he then gave a hug but praise Allah subhana wa tada and

00:48:47 --> 00:49:37

then basically addressed Alia directly in front of all of the people. And he said, Oh, I only heard a lot when I thought carefully about this matter. And I asked the believers, and I realized that all of them will agree for Roseman, so do not have anything in your heart against this decision. So publicly, he is calling I leave Navy authority to a high standard. And Ali lived up to that standard. Throughout the entire time of Earth man had been a fan. He lived up to that standard. no grudge, never wants any statement. Why you not me nothing. And in fact, as we will come to either the Allahu anhu himself and his two sons, literally defended Earth man to the very end. And it was

00:49:37 --> 00:49:42

only when they went to take a break and rest did the riffraff and rough Ian's attack.

00:49:43 --> 00:49:59

Ali rhodiola one cent Hassan and Hussein armored and with weapons to guard Earth man, how can anybody claim that Ali had any grudge against her? Again, from our perspective, this whole narrative, really, I don't want to be too

00:50:00 --> 00:50:42

Harsh critic is nonsensical for our for our perspective, true, Ali felt he could be a better halifa So what? Nothing wrong with that he didn't have a grudge against Earth man. That's the key point. He didn't have any hc then he hasn't at all. And he was a loyal minister, a loyal Muslim to the philosophy of Earth manner. We'll talk about this inshallah, at its time, and I'm not going to go over the other side, just you should know that the other side has an entirely different version of events that you will not find, basically, in our sources, that it was a conspiracy from the beginning. That's the the other side loves conspiracy theories, everything is a conspiracy, because

00:50:42 --> 00:51:19

it must be a conspiracy when the entire Sahaba came together, and they rejected Ali rhodiola. One, what is it other than a conspiracy, right? So every single generation has multiple conspiracies, there's always plots that are coming together. And from their perspective, the six had already or the five have already decided they'd already made up their minds that they're going to cut it off. And apparently from their perspective, I literally alone who said that this is a trickery and deceit, but it doesn't make sense because even their books acknowledge he gave the beta he gave the oath of allegiance on Wednesday morning in front of the rest of the Sahaba. Everybody was there,

00:51:19 --> 00:52:01

everybody saw it. And if truly This was voted him, then he shouldn't have given the oath and he should have died a Shaheed and met Allah subhana wa tada as a shade. But he didn't he gave the oath. And even they acknowledge he gave the oath. But they say he did it under pressure, what pressure? Daya shade, what pressure and what is the pressure there that's going to happen. You're if you're really that certain, then go ahead and die Shaheed, as Hussein and others were about to die, as well holding on to the truth, as we talked about it and the issue of Karbala. Again, the point is that from our perspective, and we're not saying this to stoke the fans of sectarianism, as you know, my

00:52:01 --> 00:52:27

position is very clear that we have our narrative they have their narrative. In this world, we will live with mutual respect, even if we don't respect the beliefs will respect the person as a human being, and even Yes, as a Muslim, and they have the right to hold the belief, even if we disagree, and Allah will judge in the era. And I am very clear, that I do not make to feel of those who

00:52:29 --> 00:52:35

look down at some of the Sahaba. That is Fisk and beta, but it's not.

00:52:36 --> 00:52:45

I'm very clear in this regard, to look down upon some of the Sahaba. And to speak ill of some of the Sahaba is a

00:52:47 --> 00:53:25

evil innovation, and it is a sin in the eyes of Allah. But in and of itself. It is not a rejection of Allah subhanho wa Taala it's not blatant Cofer. Now, some extreme elements of it could become a type of cover, but not generally speaking, criticizing some of the Sahaba is Fisk and beta average is not covered. And from my position, that group by and large, if they say they Kadima and they pray, and they fast and they go for Hajj and whatnot, they are within the fold of Islam, but they are not correctly guided within Islam.

00:53:26 --> 00:53:31

This is my position in the position of basically almost all of the classical and mainstream Sunni Roma.

00:53:33 --> 00:54:28

now realize that and with this we conclude in 10 minutes in sha Allah, the order of this aboubaker then Omar generous man, it might have been a little bit gray, at the time of the death of Omar that some Sahaba supported it, and most of them supported Earth man. Okay. But with the choosing earthman rhodiola, one unanimous consensus was reached, even without God alone, he gave the ban, even Adi rhodiola, who gave the buyout to Earth man. So it is now a matter of theology for us to consider the * off of Ruth man to be a valid tailor for it's not just the history for us as Sunni Muslims. This is Al Qaeda and theology. And anybody who disputes This is not mainstream Sunni Muslim. And

00:54:28 --> 00:54:54

there are many, many narrations that prove this point. In fact, there's a famous Hadeeth inside body that even Omar rhodiola one who said that during the lifetime of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam, we would not consider anyone to be equal to a worker and then after him Omar and then after him Earth man, so he even mentions Earth man, and after that, we will be quiet and not mentioned anybody.

00:54:55 --> 00:54:59

now realize when he is saying this, it is still in his 20s so the loved one had been around

00:55:00 --> 00:55:39

To speaking and it is just a few years older than him. Okay, so in the lifetime of the prophets are seldom, it was clear over Carmarthen, when Omar passes away, Ali is now much older. And so there's a little bit more of a gray area. And some people did say that Ali was more qualified than Earth Monrovia lower and Should I call the who is one of the most famous saburo the students of the the Sahaba. He said one of the prophets of Salaam died, the Muslims chose aboubaker. And if they knew anyone who would have been better than a burqa, they would have chosen him. And whenever Walker died, he chose Omar and if he knew anybody better than or what he would have chosen him. When Omar

00:55:39 --> 00:56:24

died, he chose the six and those six agreed on earth man, and if they knew anyone who would have been better than Earth man, and they didn't choose him, then they have all betrayed us and our treacherous meaning who can accuse them of this. Now he is speaking in an era already the fitna has begun. Already in the time of the early oma years, people are speaking against Earth man rhodiola one in Kufa, the people who killed the earth man, their followers remained, and they're already speaking ill of Earth, mundo de la and the talk has begun. From a very early time, the talk has begun. And on the other side, it is true to say there are people speaking ill of it for the low one.

00:56:25 --> 00:57:07

So this fitna, unfortunately we're going to have to come to it sometime, but we're going to gloss over it. As we said, it really dates back to the early ommaya time. So Shara is speaking at a time when people are already talking about this. He says Look, if you're going to say that earthman was not the best halifa You're accusing all of the Sahaba and especially the six of being treacherous and who amongst you will be willing to do that. And inside mentions in his famous tub of hot inside mentions that when the news came to Kufa of the election of Earth man, Eben Massoud was the leader of Kufa at the time, and Eben Massoud was the one who made the announcement to the people of Kufa.

00:57:08 --> 00:57:55

In this room, the famous Sahabi is giving the announcement to the people of Kufa and it is the people of Kufa who will eventually come as well to be of those who are surrounding the house of arithmetic. And he even must route said that the Sahaba have chosen the best amongst us, Earth man, and they have exerted their best effort to find our halifa. So even Massoud acknowledges that Earth man is the best person. And therefore, anybody who considers the hadith of Earth man to be invalid is theologically not a Sunni Muslim, and has left the fold of Sunni Islam. It is a point of theology. However, there is another point and it's a little bit advanced. And sometimes I don't like

00:57:55 --> 00:57:57

mentioning these issues at the same time.

00:57:58 --> 00:58:05

Because we're in an era where there's so much information, it's probably helpful, and it's healthy that I mentioned, rather than you hear it from other sides.

00:58:08 --> 00:58:19

There were some scholars in our Sunni tradition. And I'm not going to mention names for this class. But some of you all of you know some of their names, some of these are very famous,

00:58:20 --> 00:58:53

who held a position that is not found any more in any mainstream group. And that position was that Ollie would have been the better choice over earthman rhodiola, who and whom, but rathmines choice, and it was valid, and he was a valid halifa. But Ali was better than Earth man, in terms of Raja and Ali would have been a better halifa. And it would have been better if the Sahaba chose it. But they chose it as man and that's fine and life goes on.

00:58:54 --> 00:59:17

Okay, this position has been explicitly found in many rules of the Tabby rune and taboo taboo, and at bat taboo and later third generation amongst Sunni Muslims. And the line between Sunni and Shia is actually not that clear cut.

00:59:19 --> 00:59:20

It's actually a spectrum.

00:59:21 --> 00:59:39

And the ending of Sunni Islam is the beginning of shares. And there is somewhat of a gray area in the middle. So you have this group, which is the group that says Ali, so it should be obok or Omar Ali and earthman in terms of what

00:59:41 --> 00:59:41

in terms of

00:59:43 --> 00:59:49

not khilafah ranking, the Raja and the philosophy of mind is valid.

00:59:50 --> 00:59:59

But are these would have been more appropriate. Right. This is a trend that is found in some Sunni scholars.

01:00:01 --> 01:00:51

And you then have more than this, that the hilife of earthman is invalid. And it should have been the halifa. And this is the beginnings of trends of shear ism which don't exist anymore. No shear groups as this anymore. As far as I know, okay, because this group acknowledged obachan Roma to be valid. But they said between alien Earth man, it should have been an earth man's is invalid. That is a position that was found in the first groups of Shia which no longer exists. The first groups of Shia never spoke about Obama and Omar, how could they want it was such a glorious era, when so many for to hat and conquest took place when it was such a beautiful world back then. Nobody, nobody at

01:00:51 --> 01:01:41

that stage is speaking about Obama. So the beginnings of the show your criticisms of Earth man, and the support of elevate over Earth man, those versions no longer exist anymore. They're gone, historically. And eventually, these versions gave rise to later ones, which then now impugn Abu Bakr and Omar as well for the long line. And we said the only group that doesn't do this, in an extremely harsh manner are the ladies of Yemen. They're the only group that consider Abu Bakr and Omar in order for man to be legitimate, but not the best. And they say it would have been better for all three. And Ali was the best, but the other three are jack is permissible, and they're not as

01:01:41 --> 01:01:57

ranking. So that is the one group that as I said, the Sudanese consider Shiri the series, consider Sunday. These are the ladies of women. They're also called the fibers of Yemen, because they believe the Zaid is there 50 Mama, then they go from there. The point being, from our perspective, from our perspective,

01:01:59 --> 01:02:44

there is now unanimous consensus. And I do not know of a single Sunni scholar really for the last 1000 years that has held the position that the loved one was more qualified than Earth man, that's a gone position even in Sunni Islam. And in the Shiri side as well, the position that a worker and Omar were valid holder for Earth man was invalid, and it should have been the hollyford that's also gone. So these middle grounds that were gray areas are gone, what we have right now the mainstream so both sides, and there is a huge divide between those those mainstreams and how they understand these times, inshallah, Allah next Wednesday, I will discuss the first six years of the caliphate

01:02:44 --> 01:03:32

earthman and the amazing, amazing conquests that took place, which were a continuation of the era of Komodo hottub and the conquests of parts of what are now the Russian states and of Africa, and further inland in Syria, and the first naval expedition and the conquest of Cyprus. An amazing conquest. Muslims ruled Cyprus for hundreds and hundreds of years. And it was at the time of earthman had been a fan that the Sahaba landed in Cyprus next to the island of Greece. Imagine the symbolism here, right? So all of this inshallah took place in the era of Earth might have been our fan, and we'll summarize that inshallah next Wednesday, and with that, Sharla we conclude for today,

01:03:32 --> 01:03:34

and I will see you next Wednesday, inshallah.

Shaykh Dr. Yasir Qadhi picks up from where he left in the previous video by enumerating the blessings  of Uthman Ibn ‘Affan RA taking support from various Hadith.

Some that warrant a significant mention are as follows:

  • Anas ibn Malik narrated the following hadith:
    The Prophet ﷺ once climbed the mountain of Uhud with Abu Bakr, `Umar, and `Uthman. The mountain shook with them. The Prophet said (to the mountain), “Be firm, O Uhud! For on you there is a Prophet, a Siddiq, and two martyrs.” (Sahih Al-Bukhari, Vol. 5, Book 57, Number 24)
  • A’isha reported: Allah’s Messenger ﷺ was lying in the bed in my apartment with his thigh or his shank uncovered that Abu Bakr sought permission to get in. It was given to him and he conversed in the same very state (the Prophet’s thigh or shank uncovered). Then ‘Umar sought permission for getting in and it was given to him and he conversed in that very state. Then ‘Uthman sought permission for getting in; Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) sat down and he set right his clothes. Muhammad SAW said: I do not say that it happened on the same day. He (‘Uthman) then entered and conversed and as he went out, A’isha said : Abu Bakr entered aind you did not stir and did not observe much care (in arranging your clothes), then ‘Umar entered and you did not stir and did not arrange your clothes, then ‘Uthman entered and you got up and set your clothes right, thereupon he said: Should I not show modesty to one whom even the Angels show modesty.

Uthman RA was a trusted member of the privileged group and was magnificently benevolent in his charity and it was unlike any other. He is also credited with the commencing of the Islamic calendar at the month of Muharram.

Shaykh Yasir also cites the story behind the appointment of Uthman Ibn Affan RA as the next Khalifa after Umar Ibn Al Khattab RA and what led to it coming into being.

For more such information about the beautiful blessings meted out to Uthman RA, please do watch the video.

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