Murtaza Khan – Surah Yunus 2022

Murtaza Khan
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After praising Allah subhanaw taala and sending immense greetings and salutations upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa early was selling them, continuing with the book of Allah subhanaw taala which remember the first scene mentioned there is no ending to the book of Allah subhanaw taala it is a barren ocean, which has no ending, no bottom at the bottom of it to reach that you find a certain aroma, even call it the seed of the whole Mohit, the vast expansive ocean. Meaning that the more that you dig, and the more that you dive into book of Allah Subhana Allah, the more a person begins to Marvel regarding the speech of Allah Subhana Allah regarding the parables

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that I'm third and the similar tunes and the lessons inside the book of Allah Subhana Allah, that we begin a new journey with the Prophet Surah Surah is named after prophets, that you find the certain sources inside the Quran, whereby they are entitled by the names of the prophets, whether it be Surah Yunus, who would use of Ibrahim Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam, that is certain Surah inside the Quran which are named after the prophets and there could be a seer, a secrecy or a hidden element inside there, why Allah Subhana Allah gave certain sources the names of certain MBR certain prophets and the majority that remember they conclude a smell Surah Toki fear names of the sutras or

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revelation from Allah subhana data they are restricted and codified, as mentioned by the Prophet alayhi salatu salam. So in today's journey want to begin with Surah Yunus. The 10th chapter of the Quran is 109 verses and makansutra. You find that the majority of the Quran, Psalm 85 or 86 orders out of 114 sources are magical in nature. And it shows the emphasis of the Macan journey because a McCann theme of the Quran is one primarily of Tawheed of belief in the Oneness of Allah subhanaw taala. And later on home was Shabaab with only the people and young people focus upon the Quran. To see a slew will Quran. manhood Dawa filled Quran the methodology of giving Dawa inside the Quran

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because sometimes people want to look at other books or other studies and we failed to understand that the most prime or the primary text of had an email and belay Subhana data of Tawheed and one this is the Quran because most of the Quran is speaking about the Oneness of Allah subhanaw taala and if we read those Ayat inside the Quran, it gives every battle a rejection of people who stray away from the belief in Allah subhanaw taala as we study for example, the story of Ibrahim Ali Salam Alaikum Tara Illa Allah the had the Ibrahim if you're a be an actor who loan milk Have you not seen the one who disputed to argue Ibrahim Ali Salam Allah gave him the mole gave him Kingdom ship as

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really matter for sila implicated mentioned he was in the mood was given power. What Abraham realism said to him, that my Lord is the one who gives life and death color and who he will meet. He said I'm the one that gives life and death that's what the mood answer was. On first three dimensional he brought two people out of prison. He executed one and set the other one free and said this is the meaning of life and death and even a child knows that that's not the meaning of life and death. So Ibrahim cannot own button. We're Heatherton Abraham was one OMA one nation one individual. This was something we lack inside our lives that look at the the way that we respond to people

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is very inappropriate manner. Because people the Quran teaches hikma teaches wisdom when to Jeju al Kitab Illa bility he acid when you debate with the people the book, you debate with them in a good manner, or the reader submitted a bigger Bill Hickmott evil Murray Dalton Hasina did dispute with people in fear preaching harsh admonition at times of fear preaching, don't go off the limit. Even the Prime Minister should have an atmosphere of Tawheed don't reviled and curse their gods, lest they come back and they revile Allah subhanaw taala Allah's Prophet Allah without any justification to insult Allah Subhana Allah, Leon Allah who will help Allah is the truth. So even you assume that

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you say certain things. You don't create an atmosphere of hatred. You use the mimetic you use the logic you use and hikma you use wisdom. So every mannerism gave him the example that if you claim to give life and death for a number yet division, similar machinery effectively I mean and mercury, you claim to be a healer, a deity, change the alternation of the sun. Change the direction of sun for boo hit Allah dicovered Well, Lola will call them a volume in for Bolita be Myrna gobsmacked taken aback no response wasn't able to respond. That's what a Muslim should we need the Quran leads an individual towards using the Quran or Snoogle Quran

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The way of the Quran makes you calm in every respective element of everything that you do. That's what the Quran should do. Not that we become individuals or passive individuals, the way that we approach certain things. And even inside the Surah, Allah is highlighting inside the surah how to give Dawa to be what they do rebuttal towards individuals and how to read patient inside their lives. So Allah as per the inside is sort of speaking about Tauheed will bath when you showed resurrection coming in front of Allah Subhana Allah and a rebuttal of what the mu Shikun at the time of the merkezi that 13 year period, when a prophet Hassan was living inside Mecca, approximately you

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find that is a primary goal was establishing of Tawheed Why do people deviate in today's world why because they have a lack of accord or lack of belief. That's what you find is wishy washy statements and and think people say make excuses about people etc. Because they don't know they don't read the book of Allah subhanaw taala we're gonna ask you to do deep in a reading of a car and read the simple elements of the Quran, or what it teaches an average Muslim, an average individual, and even a learned individual. Because the Quran is full of so many lessons time and time again to awaken our souls in our mind and the recognition of Allah Subhana Allah amalco Luna Tara concert to be sold at

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Miss Lee. So when emotionally couldn't they give this? This this argument about the book of Allah, Allah is made up it's just ancient favors. So Allah makes this this how did this challenge just like in the beginning of the Quran challenge to bring something like the Quran let's let's argue debate about the book of Allah strength. Let's not debate about other things. Let's argue about belief. Yeah, 100 kita betta Allah Illa Kelly Martin Sawa in bein in Albania, come on people to the book, come to a common ground, come to a common ground and learn that Buddha Illa Allah, that we should only be worshipping Allah grant that that's the common ground. That's the focus we should have

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inside our lives that come to this goal. That Are you going to agree to worship Allah is granted or not recognized Allah subhanaw taala not? Are we going to delve into other issues? That's the primary message of the Quran of recognizing Allah Subhana Allah, and how do you recognize Allah sprinter anma Allah yet konia and yet you universal signs of Allah, the other medium ayah is the book of Allah the speech of Allah subhanaw taala that if this has been invented, or this would be made up, then bring something like the book of Allah Subhana Allah and we can find that 14 144 years have gone by and no individual is able to challenge the book of Allah has come to Allah. So Allah Mensa

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suited for con the 25th chapter that debate with them or Jaya he don't be Jihad Kabira what Jaya hit who strive and struggle against them be jihad in Kabira with it at the Amelia road inner Quran referring back to the Quran because even Surah Furqan the whole surah is the main theme is the Quran. tabernacle lady Nasrallah. Allah bill for Cana Leah Kunal Allah Amina the Zerah blessed to be Allah's primary sin upon his service a foregone for carbon Esma in Quran for cod is amongst the names of the candidates, right? btme wrote a whole book and for cod being an only a man who only has shaped on the criterion between the friends of Allah subhanaw taala and the allies of the devil. Was

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the distinction been unhappy with Barton? Between towhee D was shaky baybayin a bit. It was sunnah T. What's the distinction? There has to be a distinction mark, that distinction marks come it spills from the Quran. The Quran highlights and this is the distinction. These are people who had an image and these are people who have recovered people disbelieve in Allah subhanaw taala. And as we find that Allah poses these questions, is that the surah Coleman Yasuko communist center, he will add, who is the one that provides the provision? So you provision from the heavens and from the earth? Brings it forth from the earth? Who is it is only Allah subhanaw taala these are arguments presented

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to the Quran and presented the rest of humanity who sustains you? Who takes care of you? Who controls the universe? Who will delegate what are they going to respond is Allah subhanaw taala and then the end of the surah give you a brief summary of the surah that now tells us to be patient. They're in this journey of giving Dawa to ALLAH SubhanA stories new Hala Islam has mentioned story of of moves and figure out and attaching upon Eunice la somebody is named after the surah that he mentioned in the Surah what Tibbett may you have Ilica was the head Qumulo what will hierarchy mean? Whatever it may you have delayed, your task is just to follow that which has been revealed to you

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follow that inside your life. Saving what we've been told you're a Muslim, just follow the teachings couldn't continue to hit Boone Allah for Toby Rooney. So you claim to love Allah Subhana Allah Allah, what should we do? Follow the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, likewise the beginning sort of era Allah mentions that don't follow others, allies or friends besides Allah Subhana Allah kalila karoun literally is that you you ponder or you reflect

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When I tell you when Dooney and Olia, don't follow other Olia besides Allah subhanaw taala. So this is the message of Quran follow the Prophet alayhi salam remain patient upon that, because indeed your reward or your urgent aid lies with Allah subhanaw taala. So these 100 or nine odd verses that we find that are a mystery, obviously, we can't go through 109 verses in such a timeframe. But we can extract certain verses inside these 109 verses that we can resonate to these verses and see what Allah's prompt is trying to hide that inside these verses, and how they're appropriate to our daily life. And if you mentioned at the smart console, at some point, I mentioned that this, this

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makansutra There's a whole follow up of approximately seven Jews, seven non stop Jews observe the Quran all being marked consumers, making an establishment of the believers regarding a creed and the belief and the commitment towards Allah subhanaw taala and as somebody recommended several witnesses that some of the Quraysh that made this comment that why is Allah is Panda sending this Quran upon this your team upon this orphan, upon the Prophet and so did not Allah find anybody else? Just like in today's world, that's what people say that who these people carrying the message, these downtrodden people, backwards people, medieval people, medieval thoughts, medieval concept we live

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in a modern world is that old God found these people to be carrying the message of God is that the message that we should be putting inside our life, say the month of logic of people, it doesn't fade away. That's sometimes we think it fades away that people may have new thoughts, new perceptions, their arguments, their thoughts, their perception, already documented in the Quran, they just resurface. Every so often, again and again. Because we're not in tuned with a book of Allah's contact, we find it strange, or people that come your new argument about atheism, or rejection of God or about modern world whatever it may be. It's all day inside the Quran, what the arguments are,

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what they believe in Allah rejects it time and time again. So Allah is probably sit down and listen to these individuals. I can address your argument and how our hyena interact with the minimum. I didn't Marvel are the starting that we sent a revelation to a man just like amongst themselves, and unwillingness to warn mankind or mistreated Lolita Avenue, and none of koderma Silkin to give them people the glad tidings likewise to warn them that this is something we should establish and a truth Sitka Ender a beam, a true from ALLAH SubhanA, Allah, Allah Katherina into herder, the Sahara mobian. And what the disbelievers say, this is nothing about magic. This is futile speech. So once

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you give the evidence of the Quran to them, then they say it's just futile speech, ancient fables, we're not interested inside this. So our job is just to deliver the message that was the job of of the Ambia to warn the people around them and let them know what the truth is. That's what insight is so refined that wrong fear Subhanak Allahumma what the here Don't be hustlers. What is what is the code of the believing individuals, when they enter into paradise? They find recall if I didn't hamdulillahi rabbil Alameen their final call is All praise belongs to Allah subhana Dannah that's it because he had mentioned that Allah Subhana Allah will hamdu in the beginning, if Tada and in the

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beginning and in the end all belongs to Allah subhanaw taala that's if you look at inside the Quran where Allah mentioned, five places are the Quran speak Alhamdulillah speak about All praise belongs to Allah subhanaw taala focus on the suitors inside the Quran Allah Allah begins disorder, even Alpha tell you mentioned many times recite 17 times a day, even which is understood the phrase and Hamdulillah that will suffice us just to understand Alhamdulillah and you mentioned mentor, even you find that have what we haven't changes Subhan Allah will be happy, Allah Allah Aloha now they talk about what it is well Subhan Allah will be handy. All praise belongs to Allah is prompt Allah, and

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then the glorification and then praise or they add separate sentence that Subhanallah the speech delay Subhanallah from any but and we Joomla and Jimmy gelida a new sentence and praise belongs to Allah Subhana Allah just the heart Whoa, Hola. Hola. My blogger begin to dissect and try to decipher what is this meaning of just saying these simple terms? Yes, there's simple terms. But look at the impact of the of these terms.

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Calima attorney coffee for attorney attorney Sonny Habib attorney Irani, you find that two words, two phrases which are very light upon the tongue outcome aka la salatu salam, Saki la attorney filmi Zanni. Heavy in the scales. Habib attorney, Illa Rahmani beloved to Allah Subhana Allah Subhan Allah be humbly Subhan Allah Allah in simple words, simple words, but look at look at the impact of these words. So when a person says the Shakur relates to pantalla Alhamdulillah Allah subhanaw taala and hamdulillah and let the unzila Al Abdullah Kitab while I'm getting

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in the beginning of Soto calf that we find, Praise be to Allah. They sit upon his seven a book, there is no Elijah, there's no cookie

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This is a straight Book, Al Kitab Al Quran. Is it Moby is nor is clear, it's simple, it's easy is part of the human nature that you could say a person could pick up the Quran and live with the Quran and hamdulillah and let the Calaca summer work he will add beginning of Surah An arm that we find this sort of Sixth Chapter. Name is sort of Tawheed v this is nothing but follow replete with iron about the Oneness of Allah subhanaw taala instead of Hadith it's a Muslim you find in Allah Jana Jana Munna tends to be people of gender just like they've been inspired to give this be just like you will be inspired to breathe. That's going to be the toughest. Tell Jana, that they're going to

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give you an inspiration that they they breathing just like you breathe you your breathing will be breathing, the praise and the glorification of Allah subhanaw taala when they say Subhana Allah Houma Imams Sophia and authority he mentioned the believing individuals, when they want something inside paradise, they're going to begin with this phrase, they're going to glorify and ask Allah Subhana Allah and the angels will respond to them. When ask them what is it that you desire, what to hear, don't feed her Salam, the greeting that they will be will be peace and when they've enjoyed whatever thought about whether the food the drink whatever they want, as indicated mentioned, they

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won't that will be given to them. Their praise Allah granddaddy ask Allah Subhana Allah Subhana Allah Houma grant this for us, then what is given to them after they've enjoyed this

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and in hamdulillahi rabbil Alameen then at the end of it after rejoicing and having that they give thanks to Allah subhanahu wa taala the Hey yo, yo yo como salaam, WA Delhomme, Agilent Karima. They greetings and they will be Salam. greetings of peace for the believing individuals. Suleiman column column Mirabell Rahim. Peace greetings for the believing individuals will be sent to the belief in the individual symptom for the whole world Khalidi be in a state of felicity of rejoicing, of good bliss of blessings, enter into this paradise of Allah subhanaw taala then illustrate off this in the following verse, verse 25. Allah mentions will allow you to do in a dirty Salam. Well, yeah, and

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even your show in Surah Seraphim was takim I salaam Jana will know who you are do Illa daddy salaam Allah could you to the home of peace as Kathy mentioned that the agenda is lay Sophie and Knox or any deficiency or any corruption Jana is pure. Wala do Illa Dar Salam, Allah cools you, encourages you to come towards Darussalam the home of peace of tranquility that we find and then Allah mentioned strategy Latina Asana husana was the the tone and those will be given an Oceana was the the tone, there'll be given this alostar is another meaning of Paradise will be given goodness was the other tone. That's what you find in such a rock man. Hello, sunny, inland SN What is your award

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of goodness except for goodness? Camera today New to Dan. The way that you live your life inside is dunya is that the general Sunnah of Allah Subhana Allah is the way that you be recompensed inside of Accra. That's the general golden rule. How you live this dunya is how you'll be recompensed inside of Astra. Don't expect to plant corrupt soil or crop vegetation on the ground and begin to think that inside the dunya you're going to have good spoils or in the earth are you going to be given good immensity will be given to you. That should not Allah Allah Allah does a sunnah upon Allah planet on this earth. And likewise, when you take care of your vegetation, you plant your crop

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inside this dunya you protect it from weeds, from insects, from an infection, whatever it may be, you take care of it, it takes time. It takes it takes pruning takes care, that then you see the fruits. That's exactly what agenda is. So even Sunday, so it's going to mention the parable of this dunya how it is in front of Allah Subhana Allah that the effort we make inside this dunya is equal to effort inside Akira. And we find that a clear meaning Latina as Christina was yeah that one Ziad have given a more evil

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Sowell could Accra increase of reward in South Africa is one interpretation. But a more classical interpreted based on the Hadith such a Muslim is that the believing individuals will get to see Allah's paradise that in Accra, and as we mentioned many times, we don't need to go into deep theology and begin to debate and argue about people what they acquired what their belief is. Quran is a simple textbook. It's a simple textbook that you read, and it gives crystal clear answers. We'll do yoga isn't now there are in our BIA now the return on that they face will be radiant will be glowing, will be shining will be gleaming, looking at Allah subhanaw taala you can't make

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taweelah of these iron and even though it's all about I'm a tabula they had, they may have a justified cause at that time in the interpretation and their relationship with them.

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Book of Allah Tala, but the intent wasn't to create upheaval inside society, as some people tried to portray that a meaning to deviate people away from the power of Allah. They may have taken a wrong view won't matter who they prefer to be forgiven by Allah because some of them are Mufasa rune. Some of them are magnanimous These are the words that DeviceID what they wrote and they made these mistakes. Does that mean that we wipe away everything about them that they're wrong inside inside their works? That mistake is a mistake. That's as far as it goes. But we look at what the Quran teaches us which is crystal clear. As we began Quran is simple even when you know your belief. They

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say Come with me Shane, what was Samuel Basu? Nothing is like Unto Allah Subhana Allah and he's the old here you know, the old saying, cool who Allah Allahu Samad. Let me lead Well, I'm good at Columbia could no one even cool for one understand this one word? What does it mean? What do I need? What are sharing? What when I'm Athene The who subhanaw taala simple it is to understand who Allah subhanaw taala is and what Allah Subhana Allah wants from us. Allah wants us to bond ourselves with him. Subhana Allah not to go around and to mesmerize people, average people who don't understand these technicalities. Massive people don't understand technicalities, they just want to know what do

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you do in a data center. They want to know how to get to Paradise, how to understand that you don't need to mesmerize them their brain will occur it will fall suffer will philosophy and other things. You should just show them this is what you need to do inside your life to get close to Allah subhanho wa Taala What are your haka? Would you have thought on what a quarter on Zillow on that day they face will not be doomed or there'll be darkness in the faces, well, Zillow, there'll be no disgrace. Believing Indians will not be disgraced on that day in front of Allah subhanaw taala for Kamala Shara Delica yo as I mentioned, incident Allah will protect them from any any calamities or

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any hardships on that day in front of Allah subhanaw taala for what reason? What reason would Allah Allah protect these individuals? The answers given inside the surah Allah in Olia Allah Allah hopefully Allah him wala homea has a Latina Ermou what can we get the code and I blaze that the benchmark that the this is how the benchmark there's no special weird there's no special dress sense. There's no special turban there's no special vicar there's no special demeanor. Even sometimes Musa even if I have this special demeanor, if I dressing this way, I'll be slightly more pious and another individual. These are all good things. Every person wants to uphold them by their

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lead you to look down upon other people, to despise other people and to make you feel that maybe I have a superior complex of another individual I should be giving some respect over another individual, then even these symbols are questionable. These titles are questionable. These names and slogans are questionable, because that's not the intent of the Quran. That's not the intent of the Quran that leads us to lead to being arrogant towards other individuals. Rather the Quran leads us toward simpleness that may be tempted to say every single person Kulu Motoki, holy Allah, every person who fears Allah subhanaw taala is a friend of Allah. You don't need certain what people in

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this world that we live in, in medieval perfect we're gonna have to display this no hundreds, there's not 1000s There's probably 10s of 1000s 100 1000s of people who are close to Allah subhanaw taala that we don't know of, and will never know of them. But because we created this image and this is a symbol. There are even elements when they discuss the verse in nama Yasha Allah in the Maya loving Abadi and

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the people from monkey seven who fear Allah subhanaw taala are the polymer studied. The meaning of this verse is not speaking about scholarly individuals is a deeper meaning and a meta field of diversity to mention somebody want to pluck that that's the display the aroma or the people fit Allah is punctata. That's just a tertiary understanding. The deeper meaning is that any individual any individual who practices Islam, to the best of their ability is one who fears Allah is one who fears Allah subhanaw taala and brings themselves close to Allah subhanho wa Taala for these individuals, that is some added a question mentioned that when you see these individuals, you

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remember Allah subhanaw taala that's why it's plausible. That when you when you see certain individuals who is reading the Quran, reading salah, saying good words, it does remind you about Allah Subhana Allah that good people remind you about Allah Subhana Allah bad people drift you away from Allah Subhana Allah no one will Bushra for these individuals will be a Bushra glad tiding Amma road to Salah whether it be a good dream or jeopardize your dreams or blessing him from inside this dunya will be granted to these individuals or the other meaning they will be Bushra min and Mala Iike that the angels will greet these individuals when they leave this dunya as Allah mentioned in

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the Ladino call are a boon Allah for Mr. Como tetanus de la animal Mala to Allah Taha for wala similar ayat in such Surah Yunus as you

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mentioned the angel of greed these individuals who remain steadfast in the journey in their belief towards Allah Subhana Allah Bucha Kumar young, as I mentioned another piece of the Quran Glad Tidings you this day what Phil Akira so glad tidings inside this dunya and glad tidings inside of Accra. And Allah mentioned wala, Yasmin will further Akbar, that great tremor, or the great terror on the day, it will not * them, what, what, what Aloka, whom, and melodica. And the angels will mainly meet these individuals. And this is the end of today's Ambia that we find a story of the prophets, at the end of it, that you find that is great Karawang overcome these believing

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individuals, normal Bucha for dunya offered Astra there's going to be granted instead of inside this world, peace at rest, and more so inside an era let up de la de Kenema Tila there is no changing of the words of Allah trintellix As you mentioned, so not Allah, the student of Allah is trying to you can't chop and change it. As you mentioned last week on our emotional feeling you like someone a physical attachment, whatever it may be, oh, yeah, this person deserves paradise.

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When even a companion it's also an individual walking paths. And he said this a pestle powder. What did the Prophet ISIS do to these individual combat he rebuked him he taught them a lesson that you don't know the inner Surah You don't know that he did elements that extend you this person could be a warrior. He could be Mujahid, he could be doing this, but you don't know internally. You have no right. You have no right to claim that this person is a person of paradise or person hellfire. And this is speaking about Muslims. So how do we have the audacity to speak about non Muslims to make a safe conclusion or to say we're not sure

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the Quran NAn De La Vie carry Matilda, there is no changing in the commandment of Allah subhanaw taala and these are individuals who understand this dunya that's what Allah mentioned his power but it's also Yunus in number method higher to dunya combined and tsunami to simmer for Teletubby the battle and the parable of this dunya is that the rain that comes down from the heavens first Teletubby in about two or three mixes with with your vegetation with a plant and mix it with a water go in and a bigot vegetation begins to sprout. And what happens with this vegetation? Member? Yeah, well,

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human beings cattle begin to eat rich vegetation had either acid acid or do so the cupola was the unit. When it's Earth has taken its beauty is reaches peak, it's never and it's beautification is there, what is Allah is trying to do Allah the wipes it will out,

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destroys it, the harvest the crop is taken away, wherever a storm, whether wind or whatever it may be, is destroyed. That is a parable of this dunya that we find that Allah mentions because Alika NuForce actually call me Yetta corrode, meaning that this This dunya is just a passes away

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everything a peak, that you may begin to think to enjoy certain things of this dunya. But with this away, how sieben withers away, is to take away there's no value of this dunya Wahaca or more, but there's a word here, and that is the ending of everything that exists upon this earth. That's it because he mentioned that people of the dunya that sometimes we have Muslim, don't we all look at the dunya we will look at the duty we see this person has been given this and this honor and this dignity in this world. And this property, whatever it may be. This we have to read the Quran the message the Quran, read how the Prophet has some he he lived the Quran, don't look at the people

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around us. Don't look at us. Look at the Prophet eyes of how he lived his life. That's our benchmark. That's the role model because he was ruler of all rulers. He was the one who deserved to if the earth was to be expanded for a profit and so but look, I lived a simple life. You know, we just pray we just say these words about people we don't we don't really understand the deeper connotations of the Sunnah of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, because we really live that life, we wouldn't be in the state that we live in at the moment. We wouldn't be in this state, just chasing after dunya leaving for the dunya building for the dunya. And then justifying the dunya the Prophet

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saw was the most simplest of people. There's a reason for his love when he left behind, what did he leave behind a small bone, a broken bone, bone, a cup, a few utensils that he left behind a simple room that when you go down into says that his wife or mother would have to crouch to move her legs, so he's able to make such underground, that's the room. That's where they slept, that's where they lived. Because he told him what we know about this. Dunya we were greater objective in this dunya you come and you go set the Vic you might need to this dunya but don't make the dunya your end goal. That's what we mustn't become the end goal is nothing but this dunya and to achieve inside this

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dunya and that's Allah the wounds us are mentioned that that the disbelieving individuals that hadith is such a Muslim.

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Yong Yong Misu Phil Phil Finnair, that a person who live whatever the life that he lived Allah would would

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Put them inside the inside the fire one dip, one dipping inside the fire and pull them out

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and ask them did you have a writer name? And

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do you see any blessings inside your life?

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One small dip inside Jahannam this this calf rose Allah never I never enjoyed anything inside my life. That's what I look at the encouragement of Prophet Islam. That is the one I whip span one hair strand in paradise. Hi Ramona dunya while Murphy her alma, Anita, you know what your weapon an animal with just one strand, one strand of that if you have that is better than the dunya and whatever it contains

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the Prophet I'm told us that to Roctane couple, a couple of Fajr to sunnah to pray them before Fajr better to the dunya whatever it contained, why is he arranged give us full history time and time again, because he knows the answer the world that people will come and so we have this we have that we have that. So we have to strengthen our belief

00:31:05 --> 00:31:37

that well our home dunya while an Astra for them is the dunya for us is Allah and sometimes dunya may be given by this and become your objective inside this dunya that's how many times Allah is trying to give this method here to dunya inside the Quran, parables of the dunya inside the Quran, and Allah as per the mentions, that these people who understand these parables of Quran Allah mentioned your your Natsu ajet como ADA to Mira become or mankind a Merida has come from your Lord, was she fairly Murphy sudo wha hoo done Warahmatullah Momineen that's what the Quran is more able to an admonition,

00:31:39 --> 00:31:56

what she found, and a cure, Lima fish sudo for the ailments or sicknesses inside our hearts. And as we mentioned, we have to make a mental which is focusing on external elements without unbearable Kulu that's to the Quran tackles of an Al Asad, one

00:31:57 --> 00:32:02

of jealousy of hatred, Ranco bad feelings, bad foods.

00:32:03 --> 00:32:42

That's what that's what I'm focused on. I'm Roger Kolb, a focus primarily on the hearts that we focus upon. So every time of Josie used to mention that we classify people or the doctor of the heart that she felt with the map is to do that even sicknesses, even medical sicknesses, you should not just take medication. But entertain the Quran inside your life. Have the Quran inside your life have the recital of Quran inside your life. We're not saying don't take medication take it inside your life. But some of us become so overly reliant on modern day science that we fail to understand the ailment the Quran is Shiva or Lima fish to do for the pure whatever exists inside our heart. In

00:32:42 --> 00:33:09

other places record Allah mentioned one another element of karate malware she found what Rama told me, We sent down from the Quran, man was she found what material meaning that which is a cure and a mercy for the believing individuals who are Latina airmen who who done what she fell for what type of individuals, those who believe those who believe for them, it becomes who then was Chifa that's when Allah mentioned who then Mutata in Allah didn't say Quran is guidance for Muslims.

00:33:10 --> 00:33:48

He said who then will move in for pious individual meaning those who want to absorb the Quran? Those who want to come Akbar Quran want to come to the Quran, Allah will open up the message of Quran to them, if you just want to be the average Muslim does it just have maybe have some read in the Quran at some moments in the week in the month in Ramadan, that's it, then that's how your Quran will be. But if you approach the Quran at this, this is my spiritual guide. You mentioned many times the Quran is houden is guidance, guidance for mankind. That's how we approached the Quran that we read it on a daily basis to find guidance, to find spirituality to find steadfastness, called before the

00:33:48 --> 00:34:23

lay will be rahmati for be there Lika fro who Hiram in managing our own destiny because it means rejoice. And this blessing this is the best we should be rejoicing in the blessing of the Quran, which was given to the Prophet sallallahu sallam, even though some MUFA city tried to say this refers to the prophet Elijah to slog but applicati goes against that view. He doesn't speak about the prophet Elijah rather other verses inside the surah speak about the prophet Elijah flow when it says highlight sublime for cut the BS to become prominent mean copy after the attack alone. The I've lived amongst you a time span Can't you comprehend, they knew the profit or loss of the courage. He

00:34:23 --> 00:34:54

was either knew him he was the own son, they tribesmen from their own clan, from the lineage he was amongst them. They knew who he was, there was nothing hidden about the life of the prophet Elijah to some they knew who he was. So even when they weren't read the serious time and time again read the Sierra the application because they find the famous Arab proverb. The best witnessing best testimony is when your enemies say about you. So when when Abu Sufian is there standing down in front of the leaders and he wants to lie.

00:34:55 --> 00:34:59

He wants to say something against the Prophet. So when he asked the question, does he lie

00:35:00 --> 00:35:36

What type of person is he? He has to testify the truth about the Prophet. So because he's a mean a Saudi, that's what we must him should be truthful. In our speech in our character behavior. We find that Muslims, we cheat one another, we lie to one another. That's what we do. We can be dressed to whatever type of Muslim that you are. But these are traits that we don't we fall away from these traits. These are traits we should be really living inside our life, being the individual having traits of the Quran characteristics of the Quran, impact of Quran as we began with and as we find that Allah has kind of mentioned I'm Jaco Luna Tara, are you saying that he invented this we began

00:35:36 --> 00:35:52

with he never invented the Quran, the Prophet said was only with illiterate couldn't read couldn't write. This is a blessing given to the Prophet Muhammad awesome Shanga eight Jazel Quran unlike what's inside the surah one, the most profound miracles of the Quran, when he speaks about her own

00:35:53 --> 00:36:30

walk on our site, a couple who were contaminated mousseline and now now you want to believe that's what this there's no, there's no told about when when your soul come to the top of your throat and you say I want to repent now to Allah. There's no Toba when the angel of death is right in front of your eyes. So for now, we want you to repent them then, when the angel have different debris coming there to him at that moment in time. And before you disbelieve it, What is Allah say for yo Luna jika be basilica it Hakuna lemon Hello fucka wind up cathedra Mina Nursia and Tina Mahaffey loan for Yo Ma Luna de kabhi Bonita today we're going to preserve your body

00:36:31 --> 00:36:50

we're gonna make the body come out from the Red Sea that people can visualize this is surrounded by some element of diversity dimension the lookout for out he used to boast that look at me look at my castle at the edge of the edge of the of the of the river and look at his river flying all around me to understand this is paradise on earth.

00:36:51 --> 00:37:26

And as soon as the lead whatever people how they live and the etiquettes and the words Allah destroys them to show them when karoun walk walk around his pumper charade showing his world for his property What did Allah do made him sink down into ground with everything to destroy it to send a lesson that's a read about our own for our own Harmon read about these tyrannical leaders that we find that we've unreplicated these people in our society again today we what the end of these individuals were what they turn into carried out upon the face of the earth. And as we find for Yeoman and a DECA be buddy got we got to preserve your body as a sign for people that come after

00:37:26 --> 00:38:04

you. Then Allah's plans are mentioned the only time about unis lsn, which is very strange at the whole surah is named after Eunice la Sidama. His name is only mentioned once inside the surah saying that if only the people of the village had believed that the people of Yunus and a Salah giving praise he believed in the people and they believed that time and that's the holy Surah becomes entitled his name given to Eunice La Silla, Allah stronger dimension some newer de Rasulillah levena Maruka Anika Elena loon Jin Momineen and this is a lesson for us. This is how we rescue the prophets and like obligated to rescue the believing individuals that a person who follows manhood Ambia

00:38:04 --> 00:38:44

methodology of the prophets inside the life that Allah subhanaw taala will rescue these individuals because the prophets and the true believer individuals have that total belief and reliance does at the end of the surah mentioned williamses Calabi Turin fella Kashipur Allahu ala who if there's any calamity that befalls you any adversity, any hardship, none can remove it from you in the Hua, except for him Allah subhanaw taala as we began with Quran is Tauheed belief. You don't need to run helter skelter here and they asked this person and that person just read to yourself, raise your hands call upon implore ask Allah subhanaw taala we'll call it up boo como de Rooney StudyBlue calm,

00:38:44 --> 00:39:07

they will also call upon Me I will answer that's the the message of Quran is we don't need it. We began to go into discussion while there's a way to get to Allah, why this intermediary? Why does say why this righteous person? Why did that individual why this grape or this person, whatever it may be, is simple. We don't even need to entertain it. We don't even need to discuss it, that you should just read the Quran, if any hardship is going to befall you.

00:39:08 --> 00:39:46

No one can remove it except for whom except for Allah. That's it. If that's what you're creating, maybe it might take time, it might be yet it might be 10 years might be 20 years, maybe you pass away, but your creed is firm upon that belief in Allah subhanaw taala when you read behind it fell out early for the if Allah wants goodness for you, fell out or gulliford need no one can stop that. No one can stop it. If Allah wants to give you with property, long life whatever it may be on a dignity no one can avoid that. No one can come and stop that if Allah has placed every individual you see will be him in your show me everybody will go for Rahim. He gives whatever he wants to

00:39:46 --> 00:40:00

serve. He's the Most Merciful the Most Forgiving Allah subhanaw taala as we mentioned, easy belief and easy message. Kalia your Natsuko Giacomo HUMIRA become of mankind there's come a message that true from your Lord for money Tada

00:40:00 --> 00:40:39

For a number yeah Teddy Lyndsey, whoever is guide has got it for their own self, woman donor for in nama your bill to Allah when an ally can be working, that if you go miscarried for you, I'm not a warner or watcher over you or protect over you speaking about the Prophet alayhi wa salam. So our job is just to remind people, to warn people, we're not there to stand over people, and watch our people to make sure that everything that they're doing inside their life is right. As you mentioned, a message of Quran is developing your own bond, your own relationship, your own fear of Allah Subhana Allah, that you live a life of obedience towards Allah Subhana Allah, what Tibet, you have a

00:40:39 --> 00:41:16

lake, in Allah concrete, the surah mentioned, follow that which have been sent to you once we had Kumala Have patience inside your life, until the Command of Allah subhanaw taala come there is no instant results. There is no instant result some things that we think of, we think that people should instantly change, life should instantly change. Everything could change around us. What slip, be patient inside your life have Kumala until the commandment of Allah comes while we're chiral Hakimi and he's the best judges and some will they because he mentioned that you find the relationship between the beginning of the surah and end of the surah because the beginning you

00:41:16 --> 00:41:55

mentioned and if lamb rah and someone who gives this mystical interpretation, and Allah Allah, I'm Allah 101 that sees what's the patient's will be patient, Allah sees what's going on inside the lives of the Muslim those case taking place inside the world. And Allah subhanho wa is the best of judges that are Tilka to Kitab Hakeem, this is a book which is full of wisdom. Allah is is full of wisdom is the wise one will Cairo Hackie mean so many things in this dunya we can't see the end results when the veil is lifted, we are able to see the end result that this is what would have happened or this would have not happened to me inside my life. But a key message one of

00:41:55 --> 00:42:27

perseverance, one of belief, indoctrinating so with the belief in Allah subhanaw taala having that weird recitation of the Quran, with a double de facto with reflection and pondering and we read the book of Allah and this is the message from Allah, Allah to better me as an individual to follow the methodologies, methodology of these MBR these these prophets, may Allah give us all the Tawfik ability to approach a book of Allah how to read the book of Allah struggle to ponder to reflect over it and to live according in our lives to the best of our ability with a message of the sewers inside the Quran.

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