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Faith in Hardship

Episode 19: The firm belief that what has come to you is decreed by Allah SWT can keep you steadfast during times of hardship.

Ramadan 2017

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salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Welcome back to the faith revival. So this hadith comes in the form of a father speaking to a son, which makes it very powerful. This is the famous companion or about the techno sommets or the allow Thailand. Robot as he was passing away. He says to his son, Yamuna Oh my dear son in Mecca, lanta de de Parma, happy Patel Eman, you will not taste the reality of faith you will not be able to taste the reality of faith had tabula Anima or siberica Lum yakko neoplatonic until you understand that that which has come to you was not meant to have missed you. Well, Anima athoc Lamia Cornelius liebeck and that which missed you was not meant to

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have come to you. And he says to him, yeah. boonie Oh, my dear son. I heard the Prophet sallallahu wasallam say, In a word, Mr. Haleakala column, the first thing that Allah created was the pen for call Allah who took took. So Allah said to the pen, right, Carla Robbie, one other aktobe and so the pan said and oh my lord, and what should I write? So Allah subhanho wa Taala anisette octobe naka de la Kula she had to Tacoma Sara writes the decree of everything until the date of judgment is established. Yabu Nia in nice America Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he called, oh my son I heard the Prophet sallallahu wasallam say minmatar and Aveda had Felisa mini whoever dies with an

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understanding other than this understanding is not from me, meaning is not of my followers and not of this religion. in the true sense. This Hadith is so profound, you will not taste the reality of faith. What does that mean? It is so easy to talk about faith when you're not in hardship. It is so easy to talk about what should work and what shouldn't work. But your faith is really put to the test your eemaan really is put to the test when you get hit with something of Divine Decree that you were not expecting something comes to you of Divine Decree that you were not expecting. And that's where all of that building up of a man is supposed to hold and you know, take root when something

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comes at you and respond to the test and respond to the trial. And an ambassador the allow tada and who says, Whoever establishes their belief in Divine Decree has established their belief in Allah subhana wa Tada. And whoever destroys it would destroy their belief in Allah Subhana, WA Tada, it all goes back to that firm belief. Now notice here that Roboto the Allahu anhu is saying to his son, it starts with knowledge. If you want the reality of faith, you have to at least have the intellectual understanding, spiritually, you might, you might bend a little bit when something happens and hopefully not break. You might have a hard time with some blood with patients when

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something comes to you, that would test your faith. But at least intellectually, first and foremost, you you have the ability, you have the knowledge, that what has come to me was not meant to have missed me. You know why? Because what what how do people end up letting shape on into their lives, the Prophet slicin said, Never say the word low, if why, because he said that opens can be met low tester however, shelter and if you say the word if it opens all of the doors of shavon shavon now has so many entrances because the word if opens so many possibilities, if I would have done this, if this would have happened, if such and such happen. If that happened, you're not going to have any

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time to let your eemaan take root and Allah subhanaw taala. If you're constantly questioning Well, if this happened, and that happened, the point is, are above the law and was saying to a son, come back to the realization that if you did that, and if you did that, if you did that, this still would have happened to you, you still would have been in the same situation and a loss of hometown and never was what was never lost control of the situation. You're a man has to be able to take root in that. And you have to find comfort in that understanding. And the robot does not saying you're going to taste the sweetness of faith. He said you will not even begin to taste the reality of faith until

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you come to that understanding. First you have to come to that understanding that the circumstances are beyond my control, that Allah Subhana Hosanna has obligated me to do certain things. But circumstances are beyond my control. If you have that understanding, then a man settles in the heart. And imagine a lot you know, you're able to taste the sweetness of the fruits of that amount. So long as you come to that understanding things happen. And this would not have missed me and this would not have come to me. All of this is planned and all of this is in a low head muffled. All of this has already been written by a loss of Hannah Montana. I'm comforted.

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And knowing that I do not know what the next page contains, but that Allah subhanho wa Taala will not allow me to escape from his knowledge or from his mercy subhanho into Adam Allah subhanaw taala. Allow us to taste the reality of Eman, alumna. I mean, see you all next time inshallah. So I want to talk to council