A Dhul Hijjah Series Day 03 – Quality control

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Advice. Number three, be more concerned with the quality of your worship than its quantity.

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Who is great in the eyes of Allah? One who's a pilgrim on a yearly basis, but when arrives he's looking for shortcuts, and simply can't wait to throw it all behind him.

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Or is it the pilgrim who has barely enough money to catch a bus ticket, let alone a flight for Hajj.

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But observes the pilgrims on TV as pain tears into his heart, and he cries his eyes out wishing to be with them, who I asked you is dear to Allah from these two individuals

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who is offering the better quality here, Olivia Hello a moto will hire Talia will you compassion Muhammad Allah Allah said He is the One who created death and life. Why? In order to test which of you will be best indeed underline that word best. It didn't say most indeed. Who will be best indeed quality of the Habana.

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And you will be amazed at the 21st century Express versions of Hajj where some will arrive at the very last hour of the day of Arafah.

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They will sit at the very edge of the boundaries. Then when the sun has set they go back to their hotels and relax. Is this the hedge that Allah wants? What about most deadly fan? You ask? They say yeah, it's okay. I can compensate for it by giving a sacrifice. Okay, what about the knights in Minar? Yeah, I can compensate for that by giving a sacrifice. What about the pelting of the stones? The Emirati says, Yeah, I can compensate for that by giving a sacrifice. So what's left for him? What's left Exactly? Well, what's left is a throw off and OSI. So in other words, he's going to remain in the comfort of his hotel room

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or his home city and returns back for tawaf. And so when the congestion has lessened. That's the end of his hedge. He didn't shed a sweat. He didn't fatigue in the least. He wasn't exposed to a single particle of dust and then he says, Hey, I'm doing good news. I do hedge every year, Masha, Allah.

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I can get in there's more to hedge than that. Focus on the quality of your hedge, your sincerity, your presence of heart, your sense of bankruptcy to the king, as opposed to offering Allah Almighty loose change and then priding yourself for that. Focus on the quality of your worship, not so much the quantity