The Parables of The Quran #18 – Surah Al-Zumar 9 – On the Blessings of Knowledge

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Nina Shay. banyule onging Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim

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smilla Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah Allah Allah He was so happy woman Allah but today we're going to do one of the sayings of the Quran that is now commonly quoted. So that Zoomer verse nine, Allah says in the Quran well hell yes they will arena Allah Muna will lead in Allah Allah moon, say, does the one who know Is he the same as the one who doesn't know? What the hell yes, they will let you know. Yeah and the moon in the moon in this rhetorical simple question Allah subhanho wa Taala emphasizes the superiority of the one who has written over the one who does not have room. Do you think they are the same? The adamant, the Jai hill? Do you think they're the same?

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The one who knows La ilaha illAllah, the one who rejects Do you think they are the same? And this concept of making the one who has been superior of blessing him of praising him? This is a standard motif throughout the entire Quran. In fact, one can even say that the Quran came down to teach us the purpose of the Quran is to educate and that's why the first verses What if caught up, learn educate, and of course the primary education and the primary reason is the purpose of life and the purpose and knowledge of Allah subhana wa Tada. The Quran praises him and the people have in from the beginning to the end. Allah says in the Quran, the other fella who Latina armero mean come one

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Latina otter in madora. Allah is going to raise the ranks of those who have Eman and those who have knowledge amongst you knowledge by simply having knowledge your ranks are going to go up the RFI Allah Allah is going to increase their ranks and that is why Allah subhana wa tada considers the people of knowledge in the same category as even the angels in the verse in Surah, Allah imraan in which if not, I am says this is the highest praise that Allah has given the people of knowledge that Allah subhana wa tada himself puts them in the verse right after the angels Shaheed Allahu Allahu La Ilaha Illa Hua well, mela iica two were all in me are a member of the Mullah iica and the people of

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knowledge along with Allah, they all testify to La ilaha illa Allah so Allah Himself testified on their behalf and he praised the people of knowledge. In fact, our Prophet sallallahu either he was sending him his own status, Allah said, the primary cause of it is because of the knowledge Allah gave him. Yes, indeed, our Prophet system is the best human being and the most perfect human being, and he has many things we do not have. But perhaps the number one thing that caused him to rise to that level is what Allah says in the Quran. While I lemak a Madam continum work on a formula here they are vema what Allah commanded him to come to Adam, Allah taught you what you did not know and

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because of that Allah has fallen upon you is immense. Allah's blessings upon you is immense. Why? Well, I lemak among them to contact them. And that's why Allah says what agenda cobalt lanpher hada he found you, you didn't have that knowledge and he taught you and Allah azza wa jal mentions in the Quran, ma Quinta de mal kita boy the man you did not know your Rasul Allah you did not know what is the book and what is knowledge and emang until Allah subhana wa tada taught you so through him, Allah azza wa jal raise the ranks of even our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and that's why Allah mentions the prophets. And he mentions it was through him and through achema. For example, in

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one verse, Allah says, We gave her all the knowledge and hikma we gave, so a man for him for him knows what a man we gave the family of Ibrahim wisdom, the family of Ibrahim, meaning all of the prophets of Allah were given wisdom. Therefore, as we're talking about all of these phrases in the Quran, it is important that we memorize and we understand one simple phrase and that is Allah saying in the Quran, or xojo says in the Quran, in sha Allah, I mean everybody who dama the only group amongst Allah's creation that can truly have the hatia of Allah are those people who have in no manner exclusivity, the only people who can achieve the level of hatia the level of fear and tough

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work that is worthy of Allah or the people of him. Now somebody can say, but I'm not an alum. The response they will hear is not the annum of the *ery of the Mufasa. Their aim here is this

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The one who gives fatawa and Mufti no they're in here is the knowledge of who is a learn how to worship Allah and that's actually accessible to every single Muslim. When Allah is praising him there in here is there in that leads to the worship of Allah, then here is the basic knowledge. We're not talking about the *y animal first setting the item that is good, and that is praiseworthy. But the primary reason that Allah praises is the simple in of knowing who is Allah and then following up that knowledge in the worship of Allah and that is accessible to every single person. And you know, the evidence for this, the very verse that I quoted at the beginning surah

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Zoomer, verse nine, Allah says, hell yesterday, neither Muna volodin Allah and the moon, is it the same? The one who has written the one who doesn't? Do you know the very phrase that this verse occurs in? What's the beginning of this verse? Who can tell me the quiz quickly? Who can I know, she doesn't know who can tell me other than who started in the fall? was the beginning of this verse?

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One person, please save the whole gem. I also have to have this let's say, one person, what is the beginning of the very verse Paul hellyer stolen? You know, what?

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were the people in

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your life stuff?

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Man who according to an honor, a lady surgeon will call him and Allah gave the example of the one praying to her Jude, Allah said the example of the one praying to her Jew throughout the night, and fearing Allah subhana wa Tada. And then Allah says, Is it the same The one who knows the one who doesn't? So this is not the realm of advanced filk it's not the realm of advanced of See, it's not the ring of deriving a solar filter and giving it to us that is praiseworthy, don't get me wrong, that's very praiseworthy, but then that Allah is immediately talking about his basic, the basic aim of who is Allah and what is Islam and how to worship Allah and then following that you're in into

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into what I mean. And that's why Allah says the one who prays the hadoo that is the one of Edom Subhana Allah, look at this, the one who understands, hey, I limit let me sacrifice a little bit of my sleep. Let me pray to God that Allah says, Is it the same The one who knows versus the one who doesn't know so real or ill is that which leads to the among the leads to the actual worship of Allah subhanho wa Taala and if you don't have that type of in and you memorize facts, and you know, stuff, that's not the end that is praiseworthy. In fact, Allah criticizes superficial, that does not lead to Iman, in the verse in the Quran, Allah says, Yeah, the moon over here a minute higher to

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dunya womadelaide 30, humble if you don't, they know the outer mechanisms of all of this world. They know how to get to Mars and come back. They know how to get to the moon. They don't understand the atom. They understand subatomic particles, but they have no clue about the hereafter. Allah criticizes those who have a superficial enemy without getting to the soul that Ill Of what use is it? Who cares if you win the Nobel Prize in Physics, and you don't save your own soul? What of what benefit was that however, the best is to combine I'm not criticizing secular knowledge, the best you have a realm of Allah and you have realm of this world as well. That is the real mustafi and the

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more you learn and the more you put into it, the more Allah azza wa jal will raise your ranks. So as we do are doing all of these discussions one action item for all of you do your brothers and sisters one action item, make sure that you inshallah, after this month is over, associate with the ill and learn the basics of this religion. Learn the Quran that you're reciting learn the basics of fifth learn the basics of how to worship Allah, we're not talking about advanced stuff, just the very basic not everybody is going to be an atom but don't remain a Jai Hill Simple as that. You don't have to become an alum it's not necessary it's not wajib but your don't remain a jarhead learn what

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you can attend halaqaat listen to lectures and then whatever in that you get put it into Amazon and if you do so your fella who led in armor domain comm world Edina in the Rajat May Allah makers amongst those people and inshallah will continue tomorrow. So I'm going to come up with

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what are the ganas who can step in Vietnam KGB shave evolution, Ernie era be worth to be

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