The Prophet’s First Madinan Advice (Hadith of Peace)

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When our Prophet ﷺ migrated from Makkah to Madinah, as he entered the city, he gave a prophetic advice which has been recorded in vivid detail by an eyewitness account who was none other than the chief rabbi of Madinah – Abdullah bin Salaam.

Narrated in an authentic hadith in at-Tirmidhi, ‘Abdullah bin Salaam said:

“When the Messenger of Allah ﷺ arrived- meaning in Al-Madinah – the people came out to meet him. It was said that the Messenger of Allah ﷺ had arrived, so I went among the people to get a look at him. When I gazed upon the face of the Messenger of Allah ﷺ, I knew that this face was not the face of a liar. The first thing that he spoke about was that he said: ‘O people, feed the hungry, spread Salaam (greeting of peace), maintain your kin relationships, and pray at night while others are asleep. With this, you shall enter Heaven in peace.'” [Sahih]

Due to its grave importance and captivating lessons, it is called the hadith of Salaam.

Join Shaykh Yasir Qadhi as he explains the four significant principles this hadith highlights which will eventually lead you to Jannah, in sha Allah.

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In Alhamdulillah, Ramadan Honister no horn is still futile. Why not rubella? Himanshu Rudy and fusina woman's RTR gardena manga de la hufa la Medina La MaMa you didn't

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watch Hulu Allah Allah in La La hoonah Sheree Kela

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Mohammed Abu hora sudo you Hello Xena Armand otaku la porta potty. Mouton. illa Anta Muslim moon. Yeah Johan de su taco raba como la de hada hakomi nuptse wahida wahaca minha Xhosa. Weber Thurman Houma de Jalan Kathy Rahmani what Chapo la la de de alguna de Waal or ham in law, aka de como la Kiba. immigrant, Mario brothers and sisters in Islam.

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When our Prophet sallallahu I think he was starting to migrated from Mecca to Medina.

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He entered in upon a city where the majority of its inhabitants were still non Muslims. We need to understand many of us when we think of Medina we think of an entire Islamic Society. Yes, that was the case at the end. But when he entered the city, perhaps 15 maximum 20% were Muslim. The majority of the city was a non Muslim city when he entered Medina solo and he was Hello. And when he entered the city, the people of the city were expecting him waiting for him. They were gathering outside wanting to see who is this man? What is his message? What is he teaching? There was excitement suspense building up. And one of the people who was there narrated to us the very first howdy are

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hotspot or lecture he gave, as soon as he entered the city of Medina, one of the people who was there was the Chief Rabbi of Medina, yahudi, Chief Rabbi, and his name is Abdullah bin Salaam, and Abdullah ibn Salam at the time, he was a yahudi. And he was expecting the profit to come and he wanted to check. Is this the same profit that Moosa predicted? Is this the one that we're waiting for or not? So he as a rabbi, is amongst the first people to greet the Prophet sallallahu either he will send them and he narrates to us this beautiful Hadith, which will be the topic of my cookbook today. The Hadith is narrated by Abdullah urban cinema in Sudan activity and it is authentic. And he

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says, I was amongst the first people who greeted the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when he entered the city of Medina. And as soon as I saw him, I recognized that his face was not the face of a liar.

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Abdullah, even Suriname accepted Islam by looking at the face of the Prophet.

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Before even the Prophet says have opened his mouth, the beauty, the majesty, the the spiritual light that Allah had gifted the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam with it affected people have lost in sincerity and Abdullah even Salah was a sincere person. He was a sincere person looking for the truth. And we as Muslims believe we as Muslims believe that there is a type of perception, a spiritual perception. The Arabic term is fiercer and fiercer means you can detect something call it a sixth sense, call it an intuition. Those people have Eman and taqwa they have something and people sometimes they they meet another person that something's going on in their minds. This person,

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something's not right about him. This is what we call rasa. And according to our religion, this is an Islamic concept. The more imminent taqwa you have, the more correct your ferocity is, and Abdullah ibn Sanam had this philosophy.

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And by looking and gazing at the beauty of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he converted who amongst us can claim that somebody converts to Islam by looking at him other than Rasulullah sallallahu it he was sending him. So Abdullah bin Salim basically converts looking at the Prophet system. Then he says, The first words that he spoke were this. So this is the first call that a hotel called the IDF call it a quarter among the first advice he gives when he enters the city of Medina. And what is this advice? a yohannes of shoe Suriname water mo Tom was single or ham was a lovely lady when NASA neon una agenda the Salah for commandments followed by one prediction, one

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blessing, four commandments, all people all mankind. Notice he's not saying all Muslims he

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Entering a city, the majority of whom are non Muslim, or mankind yohannes. The message of Islam is not just for the people in this Masjid. The message of Islam is not just for me and you, and Johan, as this is what I'm calling you to all people. This is my message to you. And he mentioned four things. Now listen to me carefully. Each one of these four things, represents something bigger than it is not just these things. Each one is a pillar, and he mentions the door that opens up the big pillar of the big room. Each one of these four is an indication for a far bigger aspect of our lives. What are these four things? Oh, people are mankind. Number one of shoe salon, spread the

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center. Number two, to feed the hungry. Number three, signal or ham be good to your family. Number four, salute a lady when naturalium pray at night when everybody's asleep. If you do these four things, I guarantee you that hidden agenda, this alarm, you will enter agenda, insulin and peace. So what are these four things and what does each one represent? That is the topic of my brief and short hold but today, number one, spread this alarm spread the solemn here means spread the greetings of Salam say Salaam wherever you go, say Suriname. Now what does this indicate? Say Salaam. Remember I said What did I say? Each one of these four indicates something bigger than it each one of these

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four is the key that opens up the door to something that is much greater than it so number one spreading the Salaam indicates perfecting your love with one another Why? Because how do you begin and how do you end any interaction with another human being you begin and end with the salon as soon as you meet somebody you begin setup and then when you leaving you end with setup by the prophet system saying perfect the salon, spread the salon. Make sure you say it and you mean it. What this indicates is your luck your interactions with other people they have to be based on Suriname and spreading Suriname doesn't just mean saying assalamu aleikum wa salam aleikum, know, it means saying

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it, meaning it, saying it acting upon it. What does a seller widecombe mean? Do we even know that it means salam o Alaikum is a statement of fact and it is a dua and it is a mention of the names of Allah all three and one. It is a statement of fact, as salam or Aleikum may no harm and evil tattoo. So statement of fact, I'm not going to harm you because I'm wishing for you. So how can I say Assalamu alaikum.

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And at the same time, how am you with my hand with my tongue with my clock? What type of system is this? How can I say a samurai they come and then back bite you? How can I say a Salaam Alaikum and then myself cause you harm and I've just said a Santa Monica. So a Salam aleikum is a statement of fact that I'm not going to harm you. It's also a Dar es Salaam Alaikum main no harm ever touch you. I want what's best for you. I don't want you to suffer and be in pain. My happiness is your happiness, your happiness is my happiness. And it's also mentioning the name of Allah because one of the names of Allah is what I said. So when we say a cinnamon alaykum, we are also saying May Allah

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who is a Salam be watching over you may Allah who is as Salam be protecting you may Allah who is As salam bless you would send them so when we say a salam wa Alaykum what we are doing we are indicating to our brothers and our sisters we're integrating to anybody we say Sam to that no harm will come to you from me, and I want only what is good for you. And I make dua to Allah that the best and only the best happens to you. Can you imagine? If all of society perfected the system? Where would evil come from?

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Can you imagine if everybody perfected the Salaam as our prophets of Salaam said spread the Salaam perfect the Selim, if we truly perfected this Anam, there would be no lying No cheating, no stealing, no backstabbing no back what they would all be gone, because that is what spreading the Siam entails. So point number one, monitor your clock with other people and perfect the setup. Point number two. And by the way up to salam, our profit system was asked a huge Islamic have been whose Islam is the best. In other words in our English, which Muslim is the best Muslim and the Hadith goes on. But one of the things the process of them said the Muslim who says Salaam to everybody, the

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one he recognizes and the one he

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does not recognize and will like your brothers and sisters, we have a problem in our modern Muslim world that we only say Salaam, to those whom we recognize. And that's not the sooner we only say Salaam to those whom we recognize No, you say Salaam to everybody. And when you say Salaam, you say it from the, from the reason you say it and you mean it. Assalamu alaykum May Allah who is a Salaam give you set up. Nothing but good Salah means the absence of harm Salah means the absence of evil. So As salam o Alaikum, may no harm ever befall, you may know misery may you never be in pain. So number one, spread this around perfect setup. And I said, What does it mean? Perfect, you're

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allowed. Number two, to

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feed your food to the hungry. Feed your food to the hungry.

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Dear brothers and sisters. Being a good Muslim is not something that requires selfishness. You can't be selfish and be a good Muslim. Being a good Muslim is not a private matter. Being a good Muslim doesn't just mean you go to your home and you go to the masjid and you go back home and you go to the masjid. No, go to mo to

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feed your food to the hungry. Do you know my dear brothers and sisters? That's the first commandments of our religion had nothing to do with salah and Zika and Hajj. Do you know that Salah became obligatory? 13 years after a croc was revealed? Do you know zeca and cm became obligatory 15 years after it was revealed. Hajj became obligatory 20 years after it was revealed. I want you to think about that for more than a decade. Those early Muslims are not being told to pray or too fast or to give up or to go for Hajj, think about it. So then what was Islam? What was Islam without these rituals? Because rituals came later on. Much can be said. But do you know what the second

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commandment Allah revealed in the Quran was the first we all know worship Allah alone, avoid idolatry, right? That's the first command line. Allah avoid the false gods. Of course. Do you know the second among in the Quran that was revealed? Do you know the second aspect of of purity of Islam that Allah revealed? Look at the early mock consumers read the early mock consumers how Allah describes those Muslims who weren't obligated to fast or to give Zakat or to pray How does Allah describe them? While you're a Muna Tama help be he Miskin why your team and what a zero in mo calmly watchi la la la, la la la Shakira. The believers are those they give up their food. Even though they

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love that food, they need that food, they desire that food, they share their food, with the beggars, with the orphans with the prisoners of war. And they say to them, we are giving you this food don't thank us. Don't thank us. Not we don't want your attacks, we want the pleasure of Allah subhana wa Tada.

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Islam cannot just be personal rituals. The second pillar of this idea for Remember I said each one of these represents something else. The second pillar of feeding the hungry. It represents social work. It represents giving back to the community. It represents standing with the oppressed, feeding the hungry, sponsoring the orphan, helping anybody who is in need. And my dear brothers and sisters, and I'm sorry for being so blunt here, and I am a guest and visited your land and your Masjid. But voila, he I don't have the time none of us has the time to be politically correct anymore. We need to call a spade a spade. One of the problems of Western Islam. One of the problems of Muslims living

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in the West is that they have neglected this very important pillar of giving back to their own communities. They live selfish, isolationist bubble lives, and they don't understand a part of Islam is to be social, a part of Islam is to feed the hungry is to have soup kitchens is to do something for your own community, regardless of whether they're Muslim or non Muslim. Hunger is not an Islamic problem. It's a human problem. And if you look at the theater of the prod when this first came down, when this verse came down, there were no Muslim prisoners of war. There were no Muslim yet. The first comes down in early Makkah, and the majority of people of Makkah, are pagans. And Allah says

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the believers are those who they give up their own food to these pagans, because it doesn't matter. Hunger is a human problem. And a hungry child. We don't ask him are you Muslim so I can give you the food. One lucky

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what Islam is this? You're gonna quiz the chap, what is your religion that I can donate to you? We have an issue brothers and sisters, that many Western Muslims have failed to do what our Prophet system did, which is what? To be compassionate and sympathetic to those in need around them. And because of this, people have misunderstandings about our faith. Look at our Prophet system, what did he do for those 40 years before it cracked him the first 40 years of his life What was he known for? He was known for being the compassionate the trustworthy the saw the mean, I always say this he was known as Assad Canada mean before anybody ever called him out of soon and and Debbie, and that is

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very important before you open your mouth with a new theology. Before you open your mouth with a new religion. You have to show the people you genuinely care about them.

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When FRR came and the processor comes rushing back to Khadija Milani, dusty Ronnie Khadija calls him calms him down. What does Khadija say? A different body? What does Khadija say? That paragraph will ah he we should memorize it. What is Khadija c'est la la la li la musica la vida. No by Allah Allah will never humiliate your love will never cause you to go straight. Why? Number one, you're good to your family. Number two, you feed the hungry. Number three, you take care of the orphan number four, you're generous with those who need generosity. Number five, what to eat what Allah Jimmy, I know it will help. And anytime some good needs to be done in this society, you're at the forefront doing it.

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Now who was our processing, being generous to Muslims, there were no Muslims in his first 40 years of life. Brothers and sisters, look at the rising Islamophobia. Look at the sentiments around us. And understand that if we were following the sooner and a part of the sooner is to care for the compassionate of our societies, a part of the sooner is to have soup kitchens in our time. A part of the Sunnah is anybody who's downtrodden and oppressed we stand up for their rights. And remember when you stand up for truth and justice, one of the early points of Islam no to racism, and Bilal inhabit she said manual fallacy. So haber Rumi are all equal to the elite of the forest if they have

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a man and taqwa that was not politically correct to say at that time. But truth shall always prevail. And if we stand up to those whose rights are being transgressed, if we stand up and protect the oppressed, if we stand up for the orphan for the poor, for those who don't have shelter,

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yes, it is true, it is true, we will get positive PR. But let me also say one thing, that should not be our goal. That should not be our goal. We will get positive PR, but our goal should be what? In the monetary bokun. They were cheap.

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And you see brothers and sisters, let me be very explicit here. feeding the hungry, is not good PR for Islam. feeding the hungry is a necessary part of Islam.

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We do it for the sake of Allah. And the good that happens is a gift from Allah.

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But we do it for the sake of Allah. What are the first students revealed? Our eternity you can do will be Dean for daddy can daddy only a team to Allah

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miski what are the first suitors revealed? Allah azza wa jal is saying Haven't you seen the one who has rejected the Day of Judgment rejected religion rejected Allah subhana wa tada The one who rejects a law that is the one who pushes the orphan away. That is the one who does not encourage the feeding of the hungry and the poor. Which means what if you believe in a law, you will embrace the orphan. If you believe in a law, you will feed the hungry and the poor will to try to harm social work. The biggest problem of poverty is hunger. So when our Profit System says eliminate hunger, this means people that don't have clothes, you give them clothes, people who don't have shelter,

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give them shelter, people who need anything, you give them that thing. This is a necessary part of Islam. And I'm sorry for being blunt here, but will lie I speak as a person who travels across the western world I feel I feel we have miserably failed in living up to the Sunnah of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam we all know how he was when you compare our communities where How far do we have? So number two social activism? Number three, saloon or ham. Be good to your family? fulfill the ties of kinship? How can you be a good human to your colleagues and coworkers and a bad father or mother or a bad husband and wife? Well, lucky it is easy to put on a show of good o'clock amongst

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your co workers. You sit with them three, four or five hours a day.

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You go home, it's easy to pretend to be polite when you're in public. Do you know the real people who know who you are, it's your family. And that is why our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, hydrocodone, hydrocodone de la was

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the best person amongst you all, is the one who is the best to his family. You know, if your wife, if your children genuinely respect you and love you, chances are you're a good person.

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And if your wife and your children despise you, when you come home, you become a Frankenstein, a monster, outside, cheerful smiley, you come home, you become the tyrant at home. That is your true.

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How can you be good to strangers and nasty to your own family? That's not the good Muslim will say no, or am the good to your family, your immediate family, your parents, your children, and then of course, your cousin's your uncle. So family is the building block of society. When you make families strong, society is strong. And when family tears down, society stays down. So one of the principles of our religion there are four principles and this idea, right, number one, good luck with everybody. Number two, social activism give back to your communities. Number three, family, family because society needs good family. And then last, last, but not least, nonetheless. Last, personal

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rituals. Notice in this Hadith, where did it come? Well, so Luba lady will not

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pray at night when everybody is asleep, don't don't have to publicize your you're a badass. Pray at night when everybody's asleep. rituals are important to your brothers and sisters. But there were three things that were mentioned before rituals. rituals are important. let nobody misunderstand. But the professor's sort of emphasize three things before he got to the rituals. And then he even said about the rituals, the more private the better. You don't need to show me your rituals. You don't need to post on Facebook, how many times you pray in your you know, private, as much as possible, private, it is important, but keep as much as you can, private. And remember Islam is not

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just rituals. Let me say another difficult statement. Brothers and sisters, and I don't want to offend anybody, but will lie, we are in a serious problem right now. The pressures around us what we need to understand, we don't have time to bury our head in the sand and ignore everything. What we have done many of us Islam is now only about rituals. What we have done, Islam is concentrated only in the rituals, and we ignore the other elements of Islam. Good Allah being honest, having a pure art, wanting what's good for other people feeding the hungry, being good family members. This is just as Islamic as the other element as well. Please, nobody misunderstand me. Of course, it's

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important to pray. Of course, we have to fast of course. But in this heavy, it's there. But there are other things as well. Why do we jump over the first three and we concentrate on the fourth.

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Remember what our Prophet says Adam said, verily a man, verily, a man reaches the place of the one who fasts every day, and prays all night, simply by his good luck.

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You don't have to be the sole one, a one the one who in order to get to the highest place of gender Islam is a is a is a comprehensive, holistic way of life is not just a bar that that define you as a Muslim. It's how you are as a person, it's how you are with your wife, with your children. It's how you are in society. All of this is also important when it comes to defining Islam and even rituals. The more private the better it is, what's our luban lady Vanessa Nia? Yes, some rituals have to be in public Juma has to be in public, but otherwise, as much as you can do in private, do it in private. And of course, this haddie concentrates on 200 Why? Because he who protects the hedges

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protects everything else. And this clearly indicates each one of these four things is a window to much bigger than it because the one who protects the 100 Have you ever heard of anybody who prays 200 and he doesn't pray the five prayers it's impossible, right? Have you heard of anybody who prays to God and he doesn't fashionable that doesn't work that way. So by mastering tahajjud you've mastered the rebar that the rituals and that shows us each one of these four. It's one thing if you master it, everything else follows it right. So these are the four things that are mentioned. Number one, good luck with other people buy through the Salaam number two social activism through feeding

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the hungry primarily. Number three, being good with your family. And number four, your personal ibaadat with Allah subhanho wa Taala. If you do these four things, what did our Prophet system say? I guarantee you You shall enter Jannah in Salaam in peace and this ID is called the hadith of Salah. This is called the hadith of Salah. Why? Because it's narrated by others.

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Don't even sell them. And it begins with Sam. And it ends with Sam spread this Sam usual enter agenda in Salaam May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us that Salaam in this world and the author of botica law he would want to find a way you can be more female to a dictator Hakeem audiometers marone was tough for a lot of the money What? What he said was you may put them in first off

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hamdulillah al hamdu lillahi WA, in I had a solid a lady, let me lead what am youlet wollombi akula? Who Khufu and ahead, what are your brothers and sisters, it is typically not my methodology to talk about anything of a political nature when I'm in another land. But unfortunately, the circumstances call for us to comment on the tragedy that took place in the neighboring land of Belgium, the bombing that took place in Brussels. And my dear brothers and sisters, we have to be very, very clear and explicit here. That it is an undeniable reality that all of the scholars of Islam, from the east to the west of all different theological schools have agreed that these types of

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terroristic attacks, number one go against the Quran and Sunnah. And number two, cause more harm than good. Both of these are realities. And if you do not agree with number one, because there are people out there, they might be a small percentage. But there are people out there who have self taught LMR, who have people that have studied on their own, and they're attempting to justify these deeds, by snippets of lectures here and there by quoting an incident of the Sierra here and there. But I stand by what I say no scholar of repute, no scholar who has established his scholarly credentials of any theological school has ever justified and condoned the killing of innocent

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civilians in this particular manner that's taking place you don't just go and you bomb people in this matter, it is how long and it goes against the Quran and the Sunnah, and the methodology of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And for those small groups of people who don't agree with what we are saying and our interpretation, 99.99% of the world says this, you follow your self taught roadmap. Look at the second point, look at the second reality. Forget the text, then use your common sense, has any good come by more bloodshed by more violence by killing more people look at the realities of the last 15 years more invasions, more bombs, more drones, more draconian laws, more

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problems of the Muslim community who has benefited in all of this bloodshed, this senseless violence. Dear brothers and sisters, please use the intelligence that Allah has given you. Well, law hinda de la ilaha illa, who I personally am one of the most vocal critics of much of Western foreign policy, don't call me some type of stooge for America. I am an American, and I criticize my own country, perhaps one of the most vocal go looks listen to my lectures on YouTube, I criticize the foreign policy, but that doesn't mean we kill the innocence around us who have no clue, no understanding nothing to do with that foreign policy. What vision what are called what foreign

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incident are you using? We live in this land, you've gone to school with these people. They are not the ones guilty for the crimes of Iraq or the crimes of understand or whatnot, they're living their daily lives. By what justification? Are you going to say that it is permissible to kill these people, an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, it applies in some circumstances, you cannot open up the Koran and books and then think you are a *y This is the biggest problem of these movements, brothers and sisters. The equivalent is somebody opening up a book of neurosurgery finding a paragraph and then performing neurosurgery right then and there. My dear brother and sister in

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Islam, look at your edema what forget me there are people that have spent 5060 years in this in their in their in and they are the senior owner of the world. They were reputable. Before all of this fitna began, finally one amongst them who has justified these types of deeds, you will not find them. The only groups of people that justify these deeds are young people that have self taught their faith. They have read a few books, maybe done this and that and then they're saying, oh, it is handled because of this, if that's handled because of that verse and whatnot, brothers and sisters, you don't just open up the text and then cut and paste according to your whims and desires. And if

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you disagree with this point, number one, point number two, which is what good has ever come out of anything of this nature? Dear brothers and sisters, please think use your rash. This is not the religion of Islam. Look at the Theatre of the process of Do you know what eventually happens? God says one of the great

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scholars of the Tabby room he studied with some of the Sahaba. Do you know what a zoo he said? He said, The best time for the Tao of Islam in the spirit of the process of them. When most people converted, more people converted in that timeframe than any other timeframe was when the Treaty of Arabia was in effect, and everybody lived in peace. And people saw the reality of Muslims, more people converted during peace than all of the wars before that. This is what zubiri is saying. And azuri is not as tough as an American sellout. He's a Tabby who studied with the Sahaba. Even Chavez Rouhani clearly said, the biggest benefit for Islam was that period of peace when people could see

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the reality of Islam, brothers and sisters. Imagine if Allah had not blessed you to be born in a Muslim family, and you're living in another family. And all you hear about Islam is bombs and violence and terroristic issues. What will be your impression of Islam and of the Prophet of Islam? This is what has this these groups have accomplished? And I say loudly and clearly, these radical groups have harmed the image of Islam infinitely more than all of the foreign policy of Western lands combined. They have harmed the image of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam infinitely more than all of the Western foreign policy blunders combined. Because those blunders didn't harm the

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image of Islam. Yes, innocent Muslims were killed. I agree but harming the image of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam bringing in negative concepts of Islam. It is these groups that have done it, not Western policy.

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Dear brothers and sisters, ask the people of knowledge go to those whom you trust, find out and you know, bravery doesn't necessarily mean every single time fighting and killing. Yes, there's a time to be brave in that manner. And there's sometimes a time to be brave in other manners. Look at the seal of the prophets of the Lord he was seldom and you will understand these actions have nothing to do with that blesses zero, do your brothers and sisters, Allah azza wa jal clearly mentioned in the Quran, that whoever kills an innocent life it is as if he has killed all of mankind. And our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Whoever kills a more I hid and a more hot more I hate is a non

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Muslim, whom we have a treaty with, whoever kills them or I hid will not smell the scent of Paradise, even though it smell goes to such a long distance. And our scholars of today have said that us living in these lands. It is a type of ad. It is a type of Treaty, that we are not allowed to view these people except as people who we have a treaty with. That's what the passport and the visa indicates that we have signed the contract we are tacitly approving none of our senior scholars of any school any school has justified these deeds so please brothers and sisters, ask the real people the knowledge and see for yourselves what has happened and then do what you can to dispel

00:33:03--> 00:33:48

these myths. Follow this Heidi have good manners, be charitable and social work, be good to your family and perfect your rituals. This is the best that work to Islam. Brothers and sisters. This Hadith that I quoted today is the hadith of Salaam and realize that we are the people of Islam and we spread Salam wherever we go. And we believe in the Lord Who is the Lord of Salaam Aloma and the salam wa minca salaam Salaam comes from Allah subhanho wa Taala and we are the ones who spread that Salaam in this world. So we asked a lot who is a Salaam that he makes us the people of Islam. And we also pray to Allah subhana wa Taala that we are the true believers of Assam, that Allah subhana wa

00:33:48--> 00:34:34

tada will call this call us to enter His abode because his abode is called taolu. Sam, Jenna is called down to set up so we want to get to TAO to sit down and a lot is calling us and Allahu is SNM is calling us today to set up what La Jolla drew in a data center. So we are the people of Suriname and the people of Islam and we believe in a center and we want to enter a data center and you know what will happen when the people who believed in asylum and who spread the center and and who perfect Islam? Do you know what will happen when they enter darussalam As salam will greet them with the greetings of Saddam saddam Hola, murghab de Rahim Taha to whom yo yo owner who set up so we

00:34:34--> 00:34:59

believe in Suriname and we worship a Salaam and we spread setup and we want to enter a data center and our sincere to our to Allah subhana wa tada is that we are the people whom he greets with the greetings of Salaam as we entered out of solemn because my dear brothers and sisters when a seller sends his Salam upon the people of Salaam as they enter darussalam no harm no evil, no one

00:35:00--> 00:35:40

Fatigue no suffering can ever touch them because a law who is a Salaam has guaranteed set out to those people. And that is why that place is called Jenna because there is nothing in general except for Salam. O Allah Khomeini de mundo la mulata don't know if you had to meet them but you love apologia when the Hammond Illa for Raja whether they know it la vita data when I married a feature when I see run into your startup allama Filipina What if one is in Sabah Puna been a man wanna take a few proven as elderly lady Amano Ravana in Nicaragua Rahim Allah Omar is that Islam our Muslim in Alomar is an Islamic Muslim in Allahumma Israel Islam and Muslims in Oklahoma Arjuna our other

00:35:40--> 00:36:13

Islamic Muslim in a suit and fish grill who've been upset watch me Rafi Ted bt yada yada Aziz, Rebecca law in the law Metallica, Mr. Akuma Mr. embedder ebrahimian fc within the Malacca de Potosi within the Steadicam au harmonium and Genie he would say, for the admin for an Anima in the law how Amanda equitorial soluna nebby Yeah, Johan de Dena amanu sallu alayhi wa sallam with us NEMA Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik Abdullah Sudha Mohammed Ali who savage marine rebels the law in the last movie,

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the quarterback was young and in fact, it will moon kariobangi

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Kuru Kuru Kuru Kuru. Yes