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The speaker discusses the issue of Muslims living in a "slacky image" and causing problems, using examples such as WhatsApp and email complaints from siblings, struggles with couples and parents, and the "has been" label. They describe the "has been" image as a "has been" label and use the "has been" label to describe the "has been" image. The segment also touches on the negative consequences of the "has been" label, including pride, desire for status, and struggles with couples and parents. The transcript describes Allah as a woman who is too lazy to say she is a woman and uses the "taila" label to describe himself as a woman. The segment also describes Allah as trying to convince people to take a stance on Islam and is involved in trying to convince people to take a stance on Islam.

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A couple of months ago,

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weeks ago, and it is it's happened for more than a few months now. I continuously receive calls via WhatsApp, or email.

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And people are complaining from each other. Muslims are in trouble with Muslims, not only with his brother that's sitting beside him, and those who they see in the masjid. You also have trouble in the family. wives are reaching out complaining about their husbands. husbands are reaching out complaining about their wife, children are reaching out complaining of their parents neglectful attitude towards them. Parents are reaching out saying look at my kids, I don't know what to do with them. And there is this young evil law hits reached peak with me these problems and the situations that Muslims are living among each other. That is totally contrary to Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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Advice dissolve. And as I pick up the call, and as I listened to these problems being married, I think, what am I going to say? What do I say? I've been saying the same thing for years. And the same thing for months and weeks and you only half an hour ago someone called just the same problem Half an hour later, someone else's calling about the same thing. wife, children, children, people, brother, someone in the community someone This is a law he The solution was in two words. Listen carefully. The solution one law he was in two words for everyone to settle down and look after each other's problems and solve these issues. What are these two words? These two words are the same

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advice Allah would give a Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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And these two words are tequila,

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fear of love. The

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two words would solve the entire problem. But I tell you people are living an image of Islam. Tequila doesn't do anything. And I can't threaten anyone with tequila anymore. Unless I say brother or child. I'm going to send the gang do with a gun. And you'll come and we'll shoot you and your family. Oh, now brother, one second. What do you need? What do you want? And then then we get serious. Tequila. That's nothing anymore. Well, that should have been the biggest wake up call in your life is tequila. Moving threatening with anyone that's going to come to tequila doesn't live in our life anymore. A lot of social told the Navy sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Yeah, you have Navy,

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you tequila. This is

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the loss of the lover either you're selling them. And worse off, people get offended. If you sit through tequila, people get offended. Thinking that Why are you saying to me tequila.

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You know the word Allah. It should shake the

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alarm. So shall he says in the Quran about true believers in the Malmo moon and levina either through Kerala, once you let

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the true believer of love describes him in sort of the unfurl. He says the true believer is the one either the Kerala

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if the name of law was mentioned, when she left.

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The house trembles he cheeks can enter. You're telling me tequila, please. What have I done wrong? Tell me what do you need? What's the advice? How can I reform now? Before it's too late? That's the attitude.

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The way you say

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this is the state of the people today. The killer has no benefit.

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Why is it become like this? Get to the point where I say

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you get to work with this person or not.

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What's wrong? Come back to the word tequila. When the Lord described the gaffer in the Quran, and careful The one who doesn't even except to make a search that to Allah. When Allah described him in the Quran, you know what he said about him? He said what he says look at Allahu Allahu schmetzer Ooh, la Vina la mina Akira. He says look around Levine. I mean, dude either who messed up Sharon? And Kapha has been described exactly opposite to the believer. What he says look at Allahu Allahu, if the name of Allah who was mentioned alone to a disbeliever

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boo boo la Vina la mina, will

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you see this word?

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But he didn't even know what it means, but it already just sounds nasty. It just sounds heavy. It sounds difficult. Something's going on. That's exactly with the gaffer. That's how a lot described his heart. When he hears the word Allah Schmelzer, it gets frustrated. It gets fired.

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Straight it With the name of Allah.

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When Allah azza wa jal described now the moon Africa now I've given you the moment the careful let's see how the moon as it is described when you use the word tequila here clearly and sort of the law says

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what is the key level tequila?

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You see that? You see that? If a Mona was told it tequila Allah he's saying and when it is told to him it tequila, you know what happens? Allah describes what happens to him

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to laser to be Lytham

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la Aqua. When people don't feel alone.

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They're too lazy to Bill isn't Yanni his pride overtakes his pride overtake him. And he begins to commit more sins. This is what ahavat will is set to build if a means means when I say to me tequila, pride begins to boil up in his heart, and then it overtakes him altogether. And his attitude and his personality and his corrupt behavior begins to come out. And it just causes him to do more sin and more sin and more sin. There are people like that he listens to music, he said to me, tequila, puts it up

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to realism.

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Instead of turning it off and saying just like a low Halo puts it up. If you tell someone else he your wife reached out, and she's complaining about your attitude at home,

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my brother he goes back to his wife. Why did you discuss this matter to so and so. He you think there's a wall here?

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Someone is reaching out requiring and taking Islamic advice. And you're not happy with that? Check your email. Check the state of email that is inside of you. One law he my brothers did these are limited on Earth. They are limited on Earth. Most of us have passed the halfway mark already.

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Already. We've passed the halfway mark. There's only a little bit left. A few more steps and there's the grave. And then everything you've heard. You're going to wish you implemented some of it. But then it's too late. But then it's too late.

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Fira love my brother's one law he won law he the solution to every single problem is to it tequila.

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Don't be like the gaffer who wish mas de la Vina la mina will

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Don't be like the mon efac who are too lazy to believe them. What was his conclusion Allah says for her smooth jahannam sufficient for him his jahannam for rejecting the name of Allah for rejecting the advice it tequila for her smooth jahannam what a bit silly me had a What a horrible place it is to be a loved one who created jahannam is telling us what a horrible place It is to be. What was the solution? Take aboard tequila.

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take it serious. When it's told to you say that's it? I don't need any more advice. hos don't give me anything else. Now just teach me how do I get tequila in this matter? Take the advice on board and go implement way the appeal Allahu taala

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my brothers in Islam

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yet he imagine imagine in the vehcile Allahu alayhi wa sallam was among us.

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And he specifically came to you after a complaint he received from someone and he said to your reform with your brother apologize to him. Go back to your wife apologize to her wife go back to your husband apologize team you do it. If interviews are seldom told you that will allow you to do it and in a proper manner you do it and you would not argue there was a difference now what's the difference in the bizarre seldom is not among us philosophy. run freely around and do what you want. Just like little kids in a house when the parents are gone you got a bit of freedom to do what you want.

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My brother's in his stamina vehcile Allahu alayhi wa sallam Suna is still alive among us. Rejecting and Nerys Allahu alayhi wa sallam himself and rejecting his sooner is exactly equal the same in punishment with Allah subhanho wa Taala nothing different. Nothing different in them and our Eman is being tested. Then if indivisible Arsenal was with us can kind of understand that you're going to implement that which he told you because he's there. But now is a bigger test of a man. But do you implement that which he taught us or not? Subhan Allah