A thief who left a legacy

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The transcript describes a scene where a man named Jesus Christ claims to be the god of war and uses hate language to incite hateful comments about his actions. Jesus Christ claims to have received 18,000 lashes and is associated with Ebola. The speaker questions Jesus Christ's actions and suggests that his actions have a tangible effect on social media.

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Abu Hasan Have you heard of him? Abdullah the son of the great Imam Ahmed Mohammed, he would say Quinto Cassia and asthma Our Lady Akula Rahim Allah Who Abdullah how you send off Allah, Allah and Emily Haysom.

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He said, I used to frequently hear my dad, Imam Muhammad saying, may Allah have mercy on Abul Hasan. May Allah pardon and forgive a wolf

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who is able hate him?

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Who is this great man who left this impression on the great Imam Muhammad him to handle a memorable handle? See, Imam and my brothers and sisters suffered immensely in prison because he was defending the causes of truth. And he would be lashed for doing so. I remember but he himself he said that I don't fear prison I am not afraid of being executed. He he feared the whip the fitna of a cell to the whip. And on one day when he was being summoned for his session of lashing, he felt someone tugging at his clothes from behind. So he looked back

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at him and said to him, Do you know who I am?

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Even back I said, No, I don't. The man said to him, and I will Hi Samila Yara Alesso parar October feed you Annie. Um you didn't want me Nina and needless to say, Nanea Tasha Alpha cell with Desiree.

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He said my name is Abu Hasan that free spirit, the famous thief. He said to date, it's on record that I have received 18,000 lashes on my back. And I've showed patience towards those lashes in obedience to the devil and in the cause of worldly gain. So oh Imam, you show patience as you are in the obedience of Allah, and in the cause of the religion of Islam.

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Allah, despite his sins and his crimes, the thief he didn't deprive himself from acting proactively.

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As a result, his words would have a tangible effect in strengthening Imam Muhammad.

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And he qualified himself for Doha from the email which we envy him for.

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And the books of history have eternalize the words of email of Ebola hate him because of a single moment of proactivity that he courageously took so on what basis do you believe to yourself?