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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of avoiding money and not giving it away in conservative behavior. They also emphasize the need to be cautious when discussing financial or political issues, as it is important to avoid distraction from others. The speakers stress the importance of being a cautious person and not just a criminal, as it is not just a criminal, and it is a true passion. They also touch on the topic of "has" being a reference to money and the "has" concept used to describe actions and behavior.
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A person who

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finds himself

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revisiting his behavior in public

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and how he behaves in private and revisiting his manners, rethinking his investment and finances

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and always pondering over every element of his or her personality and doings.

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This is a person who has indicators from Allah.

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That their Eman is very complete

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indicators that their preparations for the home of the hereafter are in place.

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The messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said as Imam Muhammad narrates in his Muslim new authority of ebihara couldn't worry

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takuna by the nurse,

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be a person who has what he said, What are meaning caution,

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a person who distanced himself from the matters that could bring about doubt or even hold on. He said, Be a person who has caution. And you will be in the eyes of Allah, the Most devout of all people.

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A sign that Allah subhanho wa Taala wants good for a person

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is that he makes him very cautious in every one of his matters.

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cautious when he comes to his glances, cautious to what he or she listens to.

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cautious as per the type of hijab she was cautious to how you behave in public and what you do behind closed doors, and very cautious when it comes to your finances. And it is this last category which we want to be pondering over which we wish to ponder over today. What are caution when it comes to your finances?

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The messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has given us a fine example. When it comes to water coaltion a cautious approach to everything you do in life in preparation for the hereafter.

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And when it came to money, alayhi salatu was Salam. He was extra cautious

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as he knew that on the Day of Judgment for many people, their downfall will be because of the money.

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They're down downfall will be because of something doubtful they had put into their mouth and consumed within their stomachs. Something hot on that they had worn something doubtful that they had driven finances. And I will give you dear brothers and sisters 10 examples

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to show you what it is we mean when we say when we hear others teaching us of having water caution when it comes to our DNR and Dereham the pound and the dollar. It all started with Prophet Muhammad Ali he salatu salam

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Imam Al Bukhari and aerates on the authority of ns that whilst he was walking with his companions, he found a date on the side of the street. He picked it up and he said to those around him, Lola and me axia and takuna, Minh tombery sada I came to her. If it wasn't for the fear that I have, that this date belongs to the Muslim Treasury, I would have eaten it caution La ilaha illAllah.

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But it's even more remarkable as Imam Al Bukhari in aerates. On your authority of Babel Harris, he was once leading his companions for Salatu Nasser in the masjid.

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And as soon as he finished his prayer, he did something that they didn't usually see him do. He got up and he rushed into his homes crossing over the companions.

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And so they were shocked. He came back outside of his home, and he saw the astonishment from their faces. So he explained.

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He said to them, the car to Tiburon dynamin, the hub in the car to Tiburon and Donna Jani Minda hubby

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Forget it. And he had eaten dinner, oh and UMC and Indiana Amar to be charismatic.

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He said when I was praying, I remembered a small amount of gold that I had in my home. And so I really disliked the idea of going to sleep that evening, when there is some money in my home. So I asked my family to Distributed Learning.

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But there is more.

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This caution that we saw in his life and he Salatu wassalam this water was not only during his

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life but also during his last moments before he passed away, and he salatu wa sallam as he reclined on his deathbed

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and no one was closer to him during those moments than his wife I Isha. And she saw something that she would never forget. What did she see?

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Aftermath narrating his Muslim on authority of our mother on Isha she said Mr. Ronnie w lucky some of the law and he was sending Yahuwah hoffy psychotic mode, and oxymat Maryland, Kenya and in Africa, the prophet of Allah salallahu alayhi wa sallam instructed me

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to distribute some money that we had with us in the house, ie when he was passing away, and he was in and out of wakefulness, passing out and regaining consciousness. And then he passed out. And then he woke up. He said to him, he said, masala tea. Did you do what I requested? Have you distributed the money? She said, la Shalini, Mara Edelman, Kr rasulillah Allah O Messenger of Allah, I have been so busy concerning concerned about the situation that you're ill and your illness I I haven't distributed the money. He said to her haloumi ha, bring the money to me, please. So she came, and she had with her about seven or nine dinars, seven or nine dinars.

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And as she came with the money

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she heard the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam say, Marvin no Mohammed in

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and no lucky Allah azza wa jal were happy.

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When they adopt they had him in Mohammed Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Lola to Allah azza wa jal Mojave and she heard him say,

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What does Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam expect that Allah would do to him? If I was to meet him and this money was still with me in the home.

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And what goodness do I have in the eyes of Allah? If I was to die and meet him, and this money was still with me in the house.

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And this money was distributed there and then before he passed away on his own he saw to us this wasn't constrained or limited to the messengers on the low on he was sent him. This rubbed off on his companions enormously as well. cautions so much caution in everything they did in life, fearing the Hellfire, hoping for gender, especially when it came to the deals the dealings with money, Abubakar of the Allahu anhu a very famous incident which Imam Al Bukhari generates on your authority of Asia. And me No, I mean, his higher to Alia on your authority of Native American and others. And I have put the narrations together.

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There was a servant of Abu Bakr, who would bring our backyard or the Allahu anhu food from time to time, and Abu Bakar would eat and he would usually ask the servant Where did you get the money from to buy this food? If it was halal, Abubakar would eat. on one particular day he forgot because of hunger. And so he began to eat.

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And then the servant said to him, you didn't ask me where I got the food from. He said to him, Where did you get the food from? He said to him Taka Han to lira Julian Fijian helia Tikka Honiton one option kahana illa Anika dato

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phylogeny fee yummy Mina for our Pani for her the lady Hua Allah Rita Kula Minho. He said, well in the past in Jamelia before I became a Muslim, I told somebody about his future, and I don't have knowledge of foretelling. However, I managed to cheat him. And so he met me on one day and he gave me the wages for that service I offered him and so this is the food that you are eating. Abu Bakr said to him or finless

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What have you done kita Antonia Kenny, you almost killed me. Instantly Abubakar put his mouth, put his hand into his mouth, and he tried to induce vomit. How alanya Takaya? He tried to induce vomit and it wasn't coming out of his system. He said Bring me water. They brought him water and he began to drink water. He puts His finger back into his throat and he was able to release the food and he drank more water and he was sick again and more water and he vomited everything till his stomach was empty.

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Then he made a dua alone in todo la cama Hamlet who

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saw our hamato ashara in wahana hola

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Allahumma inni I tell you, la Cammy Mohamad hooroo was wahala Allah I apologize to you from the remnants of that food that is now inside of my veins and have made their way into my intestines.

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Then his family said to him, your hammock, Allah kulu ha Domine actually look man. They said to me, may Allah have mercy on your upper back if you do all of this to yourself just because of a mouthful of food. He said to them what law he lo Maharaja Illa NFC

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by Allah

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if that food that I had eaten from heroin

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was only going to leave my body with my soul. I would have still made sure that the food leaves me because I heard the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam say cu just said in Alberta been soft in finance.

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Every human being he said, whose body grows because of haram food, then the Hellfire is worthy of that body.

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And then you move down to ameerul momineen. Amara, the Allahu taala on who and a very similar incident Mr. Malik narrates in his motto that Omar he drank milk one day for stash and raja babu, he really enjoyed the milk. So he said to them in a local mhada lab, and where did you get this milk from? And they told them it is from Emily's sadaqa. It is from the camels that belong to the Muslim Treasury. So he realized he shouldn't have drank that milk. It's not his instantly what are our who feeds me he was aka Yahoo. He put his finger in the bottom on the back of his throat and he regurgitated everything that he Hendrik

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Omar Malhotra himself was the man who said listen to these words, da da da da da da da da da li Mahabharata Reba. We the companions stayed away from nine tenths

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of the transactions of halaal. Fearing that we will enter into interest we will have 90% of halaal trade fearing that we may go near Riba interest, this is caution what our brothers and sisters that we are referring to

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when it comes to your finances the pound on the dollar.

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And then Abdullah human mobarak Allahu Akbar, listen to his words. He says

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Dr. Herman Minshew hatin Elijah Minh and amiata, elfin fie sebelah Sumatra, Sumatra, Hata Bella, sit me.

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He said for me, to put aside one dyrham in business that I fear is a little bit doubtful. For me to reject one deal, that is doubtful is more beloved to me, than to spend 100,000 dirhams in the path of Allah, and another 100,000 and another 100,000 till he listed 600,000

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that you really chose the side of caution, fearing the hellfire. And they did not try to cover up the hot arm of their businesses by spending on the massage it and spending on the orphans and spending on the widows.

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Their priority was to show caution, everything else to them was extra.

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And then you have Abdullah Russian Allah homare a man said to him eyes me give me advice, please. He led down to the ground. And he picked up a small pebble. And he said to him, missile ohada mindwatering yada houfy halbig nutcombe insalata.

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He said to him see this amount of what a caution that you allow into your heart is better for you than all of the prayer of humanity combined. Caution What are

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and then you have also the shape of Imam Al Bukhari, the famous incident. Al Hassan Abdul Aziz Al Jazeera ye who refuse to inherit any money from his father when his father passed away.

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This is the shape of Imam Al Bukhari. When his father died, he refused to inherit any money from him Why? Leisha Patton holla

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because his dad's income was a little bit doubtful.

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And as for the 10th example, or the 10th narration that we promised, this is pertaining to a woman How can we forget the women when we speaking about what they have shown the exact same water caution as the men did when it came to the pound in the dollar. History tells us of that woman who would hold on to her husband every morning before he would go out to work. And she would remind him of Allah. And she would say to him it dusty Lahaina where fear is cleaner. For inand US Bureau Island juyuan US Bureau and now

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she said to him fear Allah. When you go out and you buy and sell, Fear Allah with regards to the money you're going to bring home this evening, because me and the kids may show patience towards hunger, no problem.

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But we cannot show patience towards the hellfire. These are brothers and sisters 10 examples I want to share with you as how our predecessors approached the concept of caution in every one of the elements of their life.

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And specifically when it came to their financial transactions.

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What helps such people

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to be people of what our caution

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is the fact that they realize that we are living through very unusual times, years of deception.

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years where the haraam has been painted with a very attractive gloss

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and what was in the past completely unthinkable, has now become perfectly acceptable.

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What was previously not too long ago, something embarrassing, shameful, disgraceful today has become noble and honorable.

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What used to be an all out haraam yesterday, not only has it become halaal for some people today, but for those who try to speak out against it, they are shot down by their own Muslim community before anybody else.

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The people of caution they realize we are living through unusual times, years of deception. And this is the description given by the prophet Muhammad Rasul Allah about these types of years that we are living in. He said as a man watchman narrating his Muslim on your authority of ebihara sejati Allah nurses unawatuna hot diet

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you saw the coffee and coffee when you cut them off he has sada when you do not know what you mean, why on TV Hawaii, Villa de la, WA Villa Kala Raja taffy who had taken the movie.

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He said soon Oh, my companions you are going to experience years years of deception he said, where you will see the trustworthy man being deemed as corrupt and the man of corruption will be deemed trustworthy.

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And the one who was truthful will be classified as a liar and the liar will be classified as truthful. He said, during those years you will see a revival of speaking.

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They said O Messenger of Allah, what is our way below Who are they? He said it is the foolish person. Speaking on public affairs, it is the foolish person speaking on public affairs.

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This is why the brothers and sisters our companions had a completely different mindset.

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They would inquire and investigate and check and speak with the people of expertise before investing with their money before buying and selling to ensure that the money that you're putting into their stomach through food and drink is entirely pleasing to Allah because what a loss it would be for a person to arrive on the Day of Judgment, only to find that the only hurdle between you and Jenna is a few pounds that you had earned from

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what a loss it would be to be barred from entering gender, because one or two mouthfuls of food that you had consumed from us.

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And therefore brothers and sisters, what are being cautioned being a cautious Muslim is not about a long beard that you grow.

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And a wonderful it's not a job that you may wear, and a thought that you raise well above your ankles. And this is part of the deal. Undoubtedly.

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Being a cautious Muslim is not about crying your eyes out in the month of Ramadan. During the Torah we have Salah or spending on the building of massaging and sponsoring orphans and reciting for iron and bursting Mondays and Thursdays and being the first to pray in the front lines of a Masjid and this is part of the deen. However,

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a man who saw a man who has

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good deeds can be done by anyone.

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This is not what differentiates between you and I and US and other people. a righteous person and perhaps an evil person. It's not these things. This is part of the deen

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as what happened in the world he said lo koonta Korea Masseria, Jani Sala locum Takayama Surya Nana fac had tambura female goofy back knee, I mean halali I mean,

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he said if you were to stand like a pole, like a pillar, like a statue in Sala Masha Allah, He said he will not benefit you until you show caution to what's going into your stomach halal or haram.

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This brothers and sisters is what differentiates between a cautious Muslim and a completely careless Muslim. How he behaves with the pound and the dollar. This is a benchmark when you buy and sell How was he does he showed you that his product is faulty is he willing to pull back a product that he's

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told you he knows is faulty. How was he when he is told on a yearly basis? It's time to give us a cap.

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How is he? How does he behave when he is told your investment is doubtful? How does he behave when he borrows money from you? Does he give it back?

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How does he behave with the pound and the dollar? This is how we discover who our true passion is.

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And that is why I'm able to tame a lion he in his book algebra,

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fellow Dr. Lamb and

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he said, that God alone Allahu anhu once heard a man praising another man and a woman Oh, the Allahu anhu doesn't really think that they know each other.

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So over he said to him, hello, anta Jara, who Edina Allah Dr. De feu Saba, who was a who my brother got mad that you are praising Are you his neighbor?

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So that you know his morning and his evening? The man said no.

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He said to him, hello. Toby denari was Dr. Han Allah they need to de Haan ob Hema Amana to nurse. He said to him, have you dealt with him with regards to the dinar and the Delta?

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Have you had any financial dealings with him?

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The man said no.

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He said to him has

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been suffering and ready to

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return. Have you ever traveled with him?

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And I said, No, I haven't. Omar said to him in Nicaragua before. You don't really know him Then do you? How come you're praising him? You don't really know him like?

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Perhaps you saw him bowing and prostrating in the masjid. So you thought he's a righteous person?

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I'm not a saint. And that's not how to judge the piety of a person. This is part of being part of Islam.

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Have you bought and sold with him?

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Brothers and sisters, do not add to your account, do not add to your savings don't add to your income from a source that is doubtful, let alone a source that is definitely Haram. Is it worth it? When the whole world and everything within it in the eyes of Allah is not worth the wing of a mosquito? Is it worth it? If you and I don't realize this now, voluntarily,

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then we will be made to realize it by force. When we die, or when we meet Allah in his court when you're there we will realize what unknown of vichara Allah says But how will realization benefit you on that day?

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To the businessman

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who is making his living and his wages

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through a restaurant eatery business, be cautious have water Be cautious. And remember that the same way people are coming to your venue to consume food. Remember one day you are going to be consumed at your venue the venue of the grave. Be cautious of the food that you are providing and the drink you are providing and the environment that you are creating. Be cautious.

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To the businessman who is making his day to day through property and construction and building the homes of others be cautious.

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Don't allow your construction of other people's home make you forget the construction of your own home in general and nobody can build that on your behalf.

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To the businessman who is making his day to day through the nine to five job like perhaps a lot of us are Be cautious have what to be cautious and don't allow those hours to distract you from your Salah. From your obligation towards Dawa your presence in the masjid. Don't allow it to distract you from your Islamic identity.

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Because when the Angel of Death makes his way to you in order to claim your soul, nothing is going to distract him

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to the businessman

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who perhaps is making a living through the selling of an intoxicant whether alcohol or drugs greater than that or lower than that. Remember, be cautious.

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Because if your own sins are not enough for you, then prepare yourself to carry the sins of other people on the day of judgment because you are responsible for them.

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To the individual, the male or the female who is justifying their income. When the people of goodness give them advice, be cautious.

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I put away those justifications that you know will not stand in the court of law. They have judgment

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to the person who is making an income from a doubtful source or a source that is definitely haram Be cautious and realize that the very first victim the very first casualty of that

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money that you're bringing home will be your Doha

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because Allah does not accept the dua of somebody who eats and drinks from the Haram and what good there, what good is there in life if you no longer have a connection with Allah in the form of law,

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and the second casualty will be your sadaqa. Because Allah does not accept the charity of somebody who earns from Haram, rather as a booty Mija. He said, The person who spends in the good causes when he is earning from heroin, he is sinful in the eyes of Allah. Not only is it rejected, he is sinful in the eyes of Allah, how can you wash your clothes using urine? How can you build a building on the sea that has no foundations? How they're how therefore can you give a charity when the money is sourced from her brothers and sisters in Islam, the concluding message for myself and for your good selves? plug in this act of worship water caution in everything that you do in life. As our mother

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it says she would say in acuminata funan, AF bada bada bada she said you are Muslims are not giving attention to the greatest act of worship in existence. She said that is what are

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approaching matters in life with caution.