The weak hadith in Sahih Bukhari part 1

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Shaykh Yahya Ibrahim discusses the weak hadith in Bukhari.
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Today I want

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to I'd have the level salatu salam, ala rasulillah, salam,

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and hamdulillah we're about an hour away from the hot off, and I guess it's appropriate that we begin studying a little bit more of Sahaja to hottie. Now some of you I know might have fallen asleep wha Hoo wee did my first talk

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Don't worry, I got it on my forehead. It's got it all recorded. You naughty people in the back there.

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So what I mentioned about sample Honey, I spoke about the shuttle to behati How will hottie envisioned what is so here, and how his standard of Soho is not mimicked by anyone else. So for I have used to be so here it has certain requirements. And I'll just repeat them quickly. First, that asenath will fuss it everyone in the chain of duration, you can connect them back to the lesson the last one he was sending them all the way back to the prophets I send them usually from an NGO hottie to others, it's about four, four people ahead of him to the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu he was sending. Basically, after a hadith is collected by Bahati, you don't need to worry about it.

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You don't need to ask, you know who else is after it because it's in Bahati. That's the key, you know, up to him that that's what's important. Now it's published, it's not a problem thereafter. The second thing so we said the first Oh the chain is connected. Number two is that the people in the chain need to be people of Adana, people of nobility honor, no one has accused them of any impropriety and I gave different examples and how that all comes into play. Third, that they had to be people of exactness people of luck. There's no question about their memorization, no question about their understanding. They understand what they're narrating and have the syntax correctly, the

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Arabic morphology is correct. There's no problem with what they're narrating from a structural perspective. And fourth, is that their narration is something

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that isn't contradictory. There's no shizune irregularities in it. Nothing that can be untoward, in terms of how people can apply its practice. So if I'm Bahati that took that so he and he said hold on a second. It's not just acceptable that two people live in the same city. If they heard a heartbeat from each other, we need to know that they were able to demonstrate that that was actually a reality and a fact. Now I want you to know that this wasn't unique

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circumstance, one of the teachers and this first hand he the first how the supplier handle hottie is the idea of vegetable Why? Why is the beginning of revelation all explained it in the chain of narration is Sophia, who is Sophia.

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And Sophia and him era. Now he was famous for this famous incident, where as he was narrating the Hadith of the Prophet, so I said to him, he kept a ledger, he kept a book next to him. And if one of his students walked out, say to make we'll do he would write his name. If another one fell asleep, he'd write his name or whatever the name of the whole bus Actually,

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I wouldn't have even asked

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you write the name of the of the person who fell asleep. Nice, not even fall asleep, but just like slumbered because even if you just slumber, and then you wake up, you missed it. And he would write their name down. And then he would say, these people cannot narrate Hindi for me today. Because they were not present or they were asleep. That's how serious they took the narration of the Prophet Mohammed, so I sell them. So if something like that came to me a moment ago hottie that, Sophia said about this person, he fell asleep in class, I need my medical hottie would not take that particular headache from that particular chain of narration. Why is the chain of narration important because

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the chain of narration is the basis of our deed. And Allah speaks of it in the portal. And as we recited this verse earlier today, I'm a neurosurgeon of the mountains in a layman in rugby, he was mostly known for the law when he was put up. There's a syntax and a chain of narration. The book came from a law through his angel in the form of a in a book to Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam. A lot women that you can see here, what could you be here? There's that single tax we're on loss training us to understand that this is delivered to us. It wasn't a book that fell down from the heavens.

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You have to be able to verify it. When the prophets lie Selim tells us to pray as is found in the Hadith and Bahati. It says saloon cannot 82 Moony will suddenly pray the way you see me pray. You've seen me pray. He doesn't say pray the way it's been narrated.

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Do I pray? Although definitely like us, we haven't seen the Prophet pray. But why did he say seen? He says don't rely on the one who tells me we heard the Prophet pray this way, when they could have seen it No, go to the one who see me pray and ask them first, the modality is as is more important than just hearing in this context. So, at the moment, Bahati would request and make known that the people who said they narrated from each other had to prove that the narration was met, and that they were people who attended to each other and that they learned from each other, and the shuttle Durbin amendment Bahati is the most stringent. Now in the categorizations of Hadeeth. We have the highest

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most authentic ID is the Hadees that is most definitely agreed upon Bahati and Muslim both agree on this study, after it is the hadith of Bahati after it is the Hadees of Muslim after it is the Hadith of the that that are collected in the pseudonym of Timothy and that who that would, and that's it and so on. coolin Allah Shafi man, Allah, Allah Shelton each of them in according to the stipulations that they have made.

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What is the hazard Hadees? And are there hasn't had eaten? it? The answer is yes, but they are not considered from Al Bahati. A hasn't had it is exactly the same conditions as a Sahih Hadith with one important difference is that when it comes to love, the understanding and cognizant of the narrator doesn't have to be the standard of the of the the Sahaba. They have to be honorable, they have to be connected in their chain, but they may make mistakes in the wording. It's not verbatim, they might say things like Louis, I, you know, I heard and it might not be a quote, but it might be this was what was described to me or shown to me or seen by me, right? So that means that how do you come

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down from being a so here where I'm quoting, to being on discussing and that becomes a husband, Hades, the last of the categories, which is considered by Eve. And for the moment go, hottie by Ethan maluma, were kind of treated the same, that they were hobbies that did not meet the condition of us and also here, meaning that there was someone in the chain who's missing, or there's someone in the chain who has bad memory, who mixes things up who has become unreliable in their narration or has been accused of impropriety in their Deen or in their relations with others. Ah, this is actually a wonderous book and the way it's been structured, is is quite magnificent. And I have a

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few notes that I'll mail out to you in chat law

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in the coming day or so, but I thought I'd go through a few things that might be of note to you. How did he remember how do you get the idea of writing so and Bahati? It came from his haka mill,

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who was one of the narrators that Lima mahadi narrate from Alejandro de la is hockey, just in passing. He said to handle life, only somebody would take on the momentous task of gathering just so he had it. Rather than putting it all in together, it would be really awesome. If somebody actually you know, made a book that was just so here and remember how it says Kolkata to your country, this was in Medina, it fell into my heart. And I used to sit near the profits of the long run, he was in lems household near where he is very, and I began to collect this hadith book now that has Sahih, Al Jazeera, and Muslim and Mufasa this book, so Hazel, Jasmine, is to come 16 years to write, but it

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began with somebody else's idea. And I want you to understand that our Deen was not meant to be that we wait for other people to enact it. It was meant Hey, that's a good idea. And I know it's his ID or whatever, but I'm going to x I'm going to do the best I can with it. And I'm not going to say all Mashallah he thought of it. I'm sure he's going to get to it at some time. And there's no practice procrastination when it comes to the matters of faith. And when it comes to the matters of the oma, you seek to propagate and to teach and to use and to spread the word of Allah subhanho wa Taala as quickly and as competently as possible. If it is within your level, and within your lane, push

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forward and don't look back. That's the methodology of an Imam Al Bukhari. And that's where he gets the idea of

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some of the peculiarities about the law here. And I thought to mention

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that the chapters and I mentioned this earlier in the talk previously

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Before sanathana, or before we had our break amoment Bahati, he did extensive chapter three. So the titles of the chapter, were extensive. In some books. The chapter title is a page.

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The chapter title is a whole page, because he wants you to know that the Hadeeth collected here, they're going to meet all these different requirements. Second thing is he didn't just narrate the Hadees once, but he narrated the Hadees in more than one chapter heading. So you'll find the heavies of the beginning of ye and you will find the B IDs in the beginning of Eamon and, and in different chapters, because it can be applied to more than one context. And that showed the Fifth Amendment Bahati that was revolutionary for his time. Another thing that you find that is peculiar about it, is that it uses in mind the thought meaning the hanging chains, so one of these famous ones, you

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hear a lot of people say music is from the Hadees, isn't it? I say no, no, hold on the profits by selling Yes. And the moment he said the prophet SAW, Selim said that before the day of judgment, there will come a time where a massive musical instruments singing and not is going to become widespread in the oma along with drinking. I say no, that it doesn't. Look, it's right here. No, that's actually in the chapter title of the chapter. insulation. It's not a handwritten Bahati. It is a narration from the province I send them but without any snags without a chain of narration. Why is it without a chain of narration, Amanda Hardy's telling you this is not a hadith that is

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according to my standard, but it is worthy of mention because you're going to hear it in other places. So I want you to know, I know this already. But I'm not narrating it. And it's part of the chapter heading. Right. And that's from the Fifth Amendment, Bahati. So it's important to know the structure of the book before you begin to read it. And therefore you find people who when they pick up a Bahati in English, and they haven't studied it, they don't know that the technicality of it. They say the Hadith is in Bahati, and the answer is no, there's no sentence for it, meaning it's not from the Muslim or the only mammal Bahati and therefore it is not considered. so here we can pause

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the recording for just a second.