Ali Hammuda – Prohibited wealth – Naming the casualities

Ali Hammuda
AI: Summary © The concept of prohibited wealth is discussed, including restrictions on money purchases, deception, fraud, and voluntary activities. The umbrella of "arthing," which refers to individuals who use their money for a specific purpose, is broadly discussed, with the third category being "arthing." The devastating impact of the weapon "the heart" on individuals is also discussed, with a brief recap of the title and a brief introduction of a woman named Sophie. The segment touches on the origin of the title "naughty man" in Islam, with a brief recap of the title and a brief introduction of a woman named Sophie. The title is a woman who has been killed by a door knock and is unable to return to her family.
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If a business opportunity was to be presented to any one of us,

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you will find that the average person will be very meticulous.

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When it comes to the questions that he will ask about the nature of investment, just to ensure that his money is going to a safe place. He will ask questions thoroughly. What are for example, the projected return on investment?

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What are the startup costs? What are the threats? What are the opportunities? Are there any other partners involved?

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Do we need to take out a loan and so on and so forth.

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What is amazing however, is that in the lives of many people who asked these questions,

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you will find that it will not cross his or her mind for one moment even to ask the question is this investment Hello.

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Now, what is amazing is that the Prophet Muhammad Allah who salatu salam prophesized that this day will come,

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where people will no longer care about how they make their money, and how they spend it as well.

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He said as Imam Al Bukhari narrates on the authority of ebihara yah,

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yah T. Allah nursey zemana

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Daniel Mar amin, amin, amin Hara.

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He said a day will soon come, where people will no longer care about where they take their earnings, whether it is from Holland or whether it is from Iran, it is all the same to them.

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Now what is even more amazing is that when we look at how the Quran speaks about sins, it is harsh. It reminds us of its consequences, and it does not fall short in doing so take for example, Xena fornication, adultery when

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the Quran denounces it in the harshest of terms and it speaks about its consequences. When we talk about ascetic or theft sharable hamari consumption of alcohol

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lying, false testimony, cheating, the Quran does not fall short in denouncing the sins and explaining the enormity of them however,

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when the Quran speaks about the topic of finances, the tone of the Quran changes all together.

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Take for example the topic of interest and notice the tone of the Quran. Allah Almighty said the inlanta final thought then will be hard to be mean Allah

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if you don't stop using it

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then take notice of war from Allah and His Messenger

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we don't find a tone like this used in the Quran for any other sin other than the use of finances in haram

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and that is why I'm Luca here he said about this idea

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that Abdullah does the companion he said, You call me Akela Riba. Yo malkia Mati hood, sila Huck has seen a little hobby, it will be said to the consumer of interest on the Day of Judgment.

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Take your weaponry, prepare your sword, here is your shield, you are going to war with Allah. Now

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such is the enormity and the size and the gravity of the topic of law and finances. In the eyes of Allah subhanho wa Taala but here we must ask a question.

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What does it mean when we hear the term alamelu haram prohibited wealth? What does that mean?

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Is it limited to the obvious sources of haram income like buying and selling trading with alcohol, trading with intoxicants tobacco drugs, whatever it may be using interest?

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And the answer is no. The concept of prohibited wealth in Sharia is a lot wider than that.

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And here are three categories as an example of prohibited wealth. The first category is something that is permitted

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but it is purchased from haram wealth so it becomes

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something that is permitted like fish, vegetables, beef, these types of products. It is by default permitted but when it is purchased from haram money it becomes Haram.

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The second category,

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a product that is haram. Even if it is purchased from halal money, the opposite scenario, something like pork, something like alcohol, something like tobacco. This is by default haram and even if the money that is used to buy it is halal, the ruling does not change in the eyes of Allah. Category number three, earnings that are made from the likes of interest, the likes of prostitution, the likes of theft, deception, fraud, this is also comes under the category of prohibited wealth. So you see the umbrella is vast, not just that the scholars of faith have also spoken about the ruining of praying extra sila enough when you are an employee who is being paid to do a job by an employer, are

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we allowed to pray the Salah or not imagine it affects the it affects the status of your wealth. In manado, Sabine Fisher, delila hanbali book effect they discuss this matter as for the obligatory Sala be five Salah the scholars are agreed it should be prayed even when you are even when you are at work.

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And then the second discussion is

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the emphasized sooner that is connected to the five prayers should we pray that when you are working for an employer or not, the scholars have differed, some they said you need to seek permission from your employer. And some they said no permission is needed because they are emphasized. And then you have the third category of Salah which is as soon as

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the nonspecific Sona the acts of voluntary salah

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and it was the opinion of

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Allah He that this prayer should not be prayed if you are being paid by an employer to do a job if it is going to affect your employer in any way can you imagine.

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And sue the umbrella of halal and haram wealth is is vast. And therefore for example, a brother who works as a lecturer at a university or school and is purposely going into the theater 15 minutes 20 minutes late.

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This is money that he didn't work for. This is prohibited wealth. Somebody who uses his nine to five work in order to do online shopping, or to take his kids to school and bring them back from school. What type of wealth is this, you are not paid to do that.

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Somebody who was using his time at work to surf the internet to engage in other business ventures to casually surf the internet with things that are not to do with work. This comes under the exact same category. The matter is serious. Therefore dear brothers and sisters,

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and a person who does not investigate his wealth to see if it is halal or haram.

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Then this person has unleashed against himself and his family a weapon of mass destruction.

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And what makes this weapon brothers and sisters so devastating is that it doesn't make any obvious sounds of explosion.

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It doesn't have a particularly toxic smell.

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It's not a weapon that tears down buildings or causes the earth to shake. It doesn't do that. But this weapon is so severe

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that it can single handedly bring down your dunya and your deen all together at once. That is the weapon of prohibited of prohibited wealth. And there will be casualties. What are these casualties? Let us list a few of them. Perhaps it will be an encouragement for me and encouragement for my brothers and sisters to rethink their income to rethink their food and drink to rethink where they are earning from before we meet a larger, larger level. The first of these casualties

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as a result of that weapon that we have unleashed onto ourselves in the family. The first of these behind casualties is the heart

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the same way that there are certain foods and drinks that damage the arteries and blocked the natural passage of blood through them. sugary cereals, sugary drinks, cured meats, processed foods, deep fried foods. There are also certain things that damage the spiritual heart and prevent the natural passage of EMA and Sakina and happiness through the heart like what like prohibited wealth.

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And that is why he sent a lot of money who sent him said that didn't meet the new rates in his Jamia on your authority of ebihara he said in the lobby there is a copy at an Akita v lb he looked at an soda

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for in Hua Naja what was done for Suki luckily

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for in Hua Raja ze de la hi

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Ya know, run through metalla COVID Allah He Donna colourable roku v McCann, he said alayhi salatu salam that when a person commits a sin, a placed in his heart instantly.

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If, however, he moves away from the sim repents to Allah, and promises to never do it again, His heart is polished, clean, superlock elbow, His heart is polished clean. If, however, he returns back to the sin, that returned, until those black dots continue to increase, and it covers his heart entirely. And this is this is this is the Iran that Allah spoke about in the Quran where he said, No, but their hearts have been covered by Iran because of what they used to do. So what if my heart becomes covered by Iran? What happens? Well, what happens is that we no longer enjoy Salah.

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We no longer enjoy the experience of being Muslims.

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We no longer enjoy the experience of prostrating to Allah we don't feel that warmth anymore.

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We come to the masjid for a Friday sermon and to the halaqaat we hear a lecture on the sermon and nothing changes in our lives. The heart is enveloped mercy Rafa is taken away. Kindness is taken away. Compassion is taken away.

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you force yourself to come to the gatherings of goodness, like the massage

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and the halaqaat that you find that you've left your heart outside, like a car that is failing to start. You are struggling to engage your heart in anything Islamic that you do because the heart has been invaded by the wrong by the covering.

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And you say to yourself, What is wrong with me? Am I becoming a hypocrite? Why am I not enjoying the sweetness of Eman And if the heart had the ability to speak back it would say it's your prohibited money that's killing me. This is casualty number one the heart. As for casualty number two, the one who unleashes the weapon of power and wealth upon himself. He has cut the relationship between him and Allah in the form of imagine.

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That is why the messenger sallallahu Sallam he mentioned the man who was traveling Do you remember him? I urge you to suffer Ashoka Escobar mo de la summer. Yara, Mamata Mohan bhamashah Boko Haram, boko haram boko haram now used to used to Jabari Derek. He's an Allah honey he was sitting in made mention of a man that was struggling along journey. His hair was disheveled. His feet were dusty. He was extending his hands into our to Allah saying yada, yada, my Lord, my lord. But he said Salalah honey he was selling his food was Haram. His drink was Haram. His clothing was haram and his body was nourished from Haram. So how will Allah answer his

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notice all of the reasons for unaccepted do I wear with him? extending your hands? That makes your do I accept it, saying Europe Europe that makes you to accept it being a traveler that makes you accepted, being humble. His hair was disheveled. His feet were dusty, make sure to have accepted yet his dad was rejected

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because of the harm wealth that he was consuming, who was a companion whose dad was always answered. Sadie, passed.

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And the companions they said to him to study Buddha Allah to come in many Sahaba to Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, how come it is your daughter that is answered. I missed all of the companions. He said to them, Morocco. He loves me. Look meten 11 Alamo, Amina Raja,

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he said because there is not a single mouthful of food that I have ever raised my mouth except that I know the ins and outs of the source of that food. So my dad would always be accepted by Allah, the One who unleashes the weapon of haram wealth upon himself. He has cut the relationship between him and Allah in the form of Doha. That's casualty number two. As for casualty number three.

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You saw the

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congratulations to the one who has introduced her on wealth into his account. Allegedly Giuliana who now has no interest in his charity. And the fact that your car comes under that category should be should be something that brings fear into our hearts.

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Man Gemma Ahmed and mean haram info matassa kabhi he

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Maccabi La La medallic I mean what can I was rumali he

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even know who's a man the rates that the IV hooray robiola one who said that the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said whoever accumulates money from haram

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and then he gives it out in charity. Allah Almighty will not accept it and he will have to carry its consequence.

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On the day of judgment, imagine now somebody may say How come my startup that is not accepted? Okay, I am earning things from haram but I want Allah to forgive my sins so I'm spending out to please him on the masajid on the widows and the orphans

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ignore me I said not only is it rejected, you are sinful for it as well as if you are mocking Allah.

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How come Allah does not accept it Sophia? No, sorry he gives the answer he said, Man and fall harana fita it can occur Manta Hara Silva Bilbo. He

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was so good. Like what are you who?

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Was dimboola you can feel

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soufiane he said a person who spends out haram money in the avenues of goodness is like a person who tries to clean his clothes using urine. He said It is well known that clouds can only be purified with water and sins can only be forgiven with the halon casualty number for

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your acts of worship at large. Allahu Akbar.

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Are you saying brother Eileen, that the cancerous roots of haraam wealth, do not just affect my daughter and my son, but they affect every other act of worship in my life, like my solar and my hedge and my poor earn?

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The answer is yes haram wealth affects them all.

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And that is why

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he said explaining this concept. He said

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it better to be married haram haraam.

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Kelby now, I'm urging behalf

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he says somebody who tries to worship Allah with his heart on money. the worship of Allah, whilst you have heard on money is like trying to construct a building on the waves of the ocean.

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It's impossible. And even our best he said la Yakubu la sala temporary in Fiji vihara. Allah will not accept the Salah of a person who has any element of haram inside of him. Imagine, imagine

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the 1000s that some of us spent on our HUD, for example.

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And those weeks that we spent away from our families trying to glorify Allah supposedly,

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and in the end, it is not a hedge that is accepted. Why because their marriage was not pure.

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Like one of the poets he said,

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either hijabi Marlin assalamu Danielson for Maharaja tala Cunha jetty La

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La Yakubu La la la la de Botton macoun lumen hija de la Hema, bro.

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He said if you engage in hedge from money that is impure, then you didn't do hedge your capital did hedge.

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You didn't do hedge your transport that took you there did hedge but you didn't. And then he said, Allah only accepts that which is pure, and therefore not every hedge in the eyes of Allah is mob rule. Not every hedge in the eyes of Allah is accepted. This is casualty number four, every act of worship, is it worth it? All of the money in the world is it worth it? casualty number five

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Baraka blessing, a person who brings harm into his wealth. His Baraka begins to experience the throes of death. Be prepared to bid it farewell. What is Baraka? Somebody may say around him, he said albaraka to hear sobu to the hiring Elahi shake. He said Baraka blessing is when divine goodness from Allah stays in something in your life.

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So Baraka is about something that Allah keeps with you and allows it to grow. And that's why the Arabs they say about a camel who has knelt down, they say not I can value the camel has Baraka meaning he has fallen down to the ground and stayed there.

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They call a pool of water bill can look Baraka bill, why? because water stays there. So when Allah gives you a Baraka in your wealth, Baraka in your time Baraka in your children, Allah, it is something Allah will allow to grow and he will keep it with you and make it beneficial

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albaraka to either 100 feet, or Lillian cassara to either Khaled fee Cassie Grenada.

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Scholars, they say when Baraka comes into something small, it allows it to grow.

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And when Baraka comes into something already large, it makes it beneficial.

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So, can there be happiness without Baraka?

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Can there be any success without Baraka?

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Look at Baraka in the life of a person. What will it do for him? What will it do for her? Sadie bloomer had his life is an answer to that question, sad, became a Muslim at the age of 30 years old.

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And he died shortly afterwards, at the age of 36 years old. He was only a Muslim for six years, but because of his life was one of Baraka. When he died, the throne of Allah Jalla Jalla, Lucia,

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what did he do in those six years, to become so pleasing in the eyes of Allah protists thrown would shake after six years worth of Islam, that's Baraka in the life of a person.

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What happens to money when there is Baraka in it?

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It makes it beneficial. It makes it enough, it makes you happy. Sure, you know, people who have 1000s coming in, maybe on a weekly or a monthly basis, but somehow they're still in debt.

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Others who have millions to their names, properties, cars.

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They have huge homes, but their hearts are tighter than the eye of a needle.

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Their lives are like those who are living of minimum wage. Why? There's no Baraka in the money.

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But I can the time of a person. If he wants to visit his family, he has time to do that in the day. He wants to pray in the masjid. He has time to do that. He wants to pray at night. He has time to do that. He wants to engage in halal business he has time to do that. Allahu Akbar Baraka in the time of the person. This is casualty number five, but okay, it's taken away from your children taken away from your heart taken away from your body your Eman taken away from your knowledge and what you know because haram wealth is mixing is mixing with what you have casualty number six.

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The doors of halaal

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this is casualty number six.

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Somebody who insists in allowing haram to be in his account. Allah subhanho wa Taala will reward him by closing the doors of heroin in his face. He tries to look for the holiday. He can't find it. Allah does not help him find it because he's insisting to eat and drink and to trade from Haram. And what is amazing law in the law

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those who are most keen to deal with the Haram era time some of the richest of people it's not like they need it.

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He has several streams of income coming into his account each month several houses to His name's an array of cars Masha Allah, but he can't stop the Haram How come? How do you explain this other than saying Allah subhanaw taala has closed the doors of Halloween in his face. And here I remind you of a story attributed to ameerul momineen earlier the Allahu Jalan where he was in Kufa in Iraq, and he was on his camel, and he parked up outside of the masjid. And he said to a young boy, take care of my camel please, whilst I pray to it, I can't.

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He gave him the camel as an amount of trust. Earlier the Allahu anhu went in the masjid and came back out what happened? The boy had removed the bridle, the Kitab the bridle from the face of the camel and he'd he'd stolen it.

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And what is interesting is that when he was coming out of the message, he put his hand in his pocket with the intention of giving him a dinar to say does Akela hair but he'd run away with the bridle along Stan so and he gave the dinar to somebody else. He said can you please take this dinar to the marketplace and find me a bridle for my camel so that I can get home

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so he went to the marketplace and he bought a CD ROM a bridle for one dinar and he came back to Ali. Ali, you know the Allahu anhu said to him when he saw it Subhana Allah in Nikita munakata This is my bridle.

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It's come back to me.

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And then his friend said to him, yes, I bought it for you from the marketplace for my young boy for one day not.

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So Holly said Subhana Allah, Allah to an auto in Holland further inland, Yehuda, who will have at least had Subhanallah I was intending and giving him one dinar in the Hamlet, but he insisted to take it in the harm. This is casualty number six, for the one who insists in Herat in his wealth, allegedly general who will continue closing the doors of

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casualty number seven.

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Our life in the grave.

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Some people when they pass away, this is the beginning of a brand new episode of pleasure and happiness. As a window of gender opens up and angels are rushing to show you the higher the goodness Allah has prepared for you in general, and you want to get up to go and see it they say not now. And for other people the moment their soul leaves their body. This is the beginning of the worst day of their life, as they are now in the companionship of cruel angels who are rushing

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to torture them and to exercise and practice their fierceness on him.

00:25:05 --> 00:25:17

Why because money that was haram that they had introduced into their lives this is one of the reasons and in such a case even if a person dies as Shaheed a martyr, it will not benefit him.

00:25:18 --> 00:25:25

Imam Al Bukhari narrating his idea that when the messenger salallahu alayhi wa sallam was traveling with his companions during the day of high bar,

00:25:26 --> 00:25:31

a stray arrow came, and it killed one of the men who were with him a black man called midam.

00:25:33 --> 00:25:46

And so the companions they said Mashallah honey and long gender Congratulations, May Allah give him Jenna Mata. He died in the path of Allah with the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam May Allah give him Jenna. He said to them, kala, no,

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we're lucky enough cvrd he in the Shambhala talathi acaba hayama hiber them to Sudan mocassin.

00:25:56 --> 00:26:09

He said to them, no by Allah. He stole a child from the booty of war, before it was distributed islamically therefore that child is burning all over his body now in his grave.

00:26:10 --> 00:26:51

Allahu Akbar. So the companions were horrified when they heard this. So they started coming through the messenger, sallAllahu wasallam and returning things that they had also taken from the booty before it was distributed. And one man came with a leather shoelace. One or two, the narrator said one or two leather shoe laces, that's all. And he said to him, she raccoon oshiwara County Menard. That was one or two laces from *. One or two laces from *, if that is their punishment, because of small fabric. What do you make of a person who has made his day today and earning from the harem? What type of surprise awaits him underground? The last of these consequences the last of

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these casualties and we will conclude with this. Your home engender the biggest calamity to see gender on the day of judgment and to be redirected to the Hellfire because of something haram we put in our mouth or something hot on we put in our business accounts. Yeah cabopino giora in a hula yet Hulu janitor Lachman our alderman another time in softing another olavi he said some Allah when he will sell them to his companion carbonara. Oh god. Any flesh in any blood that grows from harm will not enter gender. The Hellfire is worthy of it. Is it worth it? Dear brothers and sisters, I ask Allah Almighty to make this hope back to make this opportunity of ours an opportunity for you and I

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to revisit our investments to revisit our finances to revisit the food that we are eating and the food that we are bringing back home to our families.

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