#5 Where are they? For Those Left Behind

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There's something psychological about seeing a body that has been badly mutilated, right? It's almost harder to imagine some of these things, we're talking about the blessing of a person and the way that a lost parent is treating them. The the goodness that is expected for them, especially when you see just how fragile the body actually is. And if the body has been badly dealt with, or mutilated or you know, was in a bad car accident,

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imagine the Muslims after. Right and it was a very unique experience for the Muslims, there was nothing like or heard prior to or after, for the Prophet slicin. And for the companions of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, the way that Hamza all the time who saved you the Shahada, the chief of the martyrs was dealt with his body was dealt with. right it's it's gruesome, truly gruesome. The Prophet sallallahu wasallam says that when your brothers are hurt, were killed. Allah subhana wa tada put their souls in the bodies of green birds. And those green birds then the Sahaba that passed away and are hoods whose souls are in those bodies, those green birds then fly to the rivers of

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Genoa, they eat from the fruits of agenda, they perfectly Nestle into these lamps of gold that are under the shade of a less sanitized thrown a lot of luck. But imagine that life that existence right so they are going around everywhere, enjoying not just the reward of Shahada, but I mean, you're talking about Shahada

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that have amongst them say you the Shahada Hamza or the allow Thailand. And so after they have enjoyed, you know, tasting the sweetness of a loss of monetized reward, they have rested, they are, you know, enjoying this existence, this incredible existence that they now have. They asked who is going to tell our brothers about the blessing that we're in right now about how we are alive in paradise taken care of. And we want them to know that so that they they're not discouraged from striving in the path of Allah subhanaw taala and continuing to be steadfast in battle. So who's going to go back and tell all those people that willed over the bodies of the show head up all

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right, the large gatherings of whaling that took place over the Shahadat are the darkness that overcame Medina who's going to go back and tell everyone in Medina that we're okay. And what is the last panel tada say Allah subhana wa tada says, Anna obelisco home Uncle, I will tell them for you. Allah will tell them meaning us and particularly the Sahaba in Medina, on behalf of those Shahada, and that's when Allah subhana wa tada sent down the ayat and sort of earlier I'm Ron, what Urban alladhina cootie roofie Serbia de la Amata Bella here on endo became your cell phone. Do not say of those who are killed in the way of Allah subhana wa tada that they are dead. Rather they are alive

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with their Lord rejoicing in his sustenance rejoicing in his bounty 30 hanaa Bheema auto Home Alarm and thirdly, they are blessed with what Allah subhanaw taala has provided to them nothing that they could have had in this world could match it. And you know what else we established, you don't have a Latina alum, el hecho B him and kullfi him and they're waiting for those to join them, who have not yet passed into that realm, as they have passed a level finale him without him he has no, there is no fear upon them, nor shall they agree with some of the scholars they mentioned hope is upon that fear meaning for that which is to come grieving with that which you've left behind. Remember, when

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the Prophet slice alum mentions the angels coming to a person that death and a lot even mentions, as the angels come upon the person, the believer when the believer is dying may last time make us amongst them and they say, a lot to half when that's asked, no, don't be afraid of what is to come, do not grieve of that which you have left behind. So this incredible existence of the Shahada, and I'm starting with the Shahadat for a reason, right, that have their souls in the bodies of green birds. And they're certainly not like the green birds that we've seen in this life, okay, that are going around flying and experiencing some form of gender not its full form some form of gender. And

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there exists existence that are nestled under the throne of Allah subhanaw taala in these gold lamps. What an incredible existence. And that's some context to the very famous death of Sodom and Gomorrah, there'll be a lot of times where the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, has actually done that the throne of the Most Merciful shook for the death of sad when was the last time and when the scholars say it didn't shake out of trauma or out of fear or because the death of Saturn

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Little Leila Han who somehow, you know disturbed the equilibrium of the universe and the existence of things even outside of this universe in our comprehension. It's the same thing as when the tree that the Prophet slicin I'm used to give hutzpah next to cried after the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam left it, it's, it's a joy, that the soul of Syed was going to return to the throne of the Lord. And that perfectly nestled, golden lamp that Allah subhana wa tada had prepared for the soul of saddle of the law of saddle. So where are they? Where are the rights of souls? If these are the souls of the Shahada? Where are the righteous souls? Well, certainly the show had that have a

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special place, they have a special place with the loss of Hannah Montana and some of the scholars they said that these Hadith are specifically related to the Shahada, the martyrs, and some of them said that it's to the believers in general, and some said it's special believers amongst whom the Shahada are the most special, right? We also have the hadith of Islam and marriage, where the prophets lie Selim is meeting the prophets in the heavens, their souls in the heavens, but also the prophets. lysozyme says, Matata to Allah carbery Musa. I passed by the grave of Moses of Musashi, his Salah, and he was praying in his grave. So how do we understand this? Let's go to the Hadith

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where the prophets lie Selim describes the initial coming into the grave of the believers. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says in one of those narrations familiar, you've sat hula hoop, the public key that Allah subhanaw taala expands in his grave. And in one authentic narration, the prophets licenses so Bruna the law and fy 1770 yards by 70 yards, does that mean in you know, the physical ground as we see it the earth that if you were to go back in there, it would have expanded 70 by 70. And then the profits license says, you know, what, the houfy and then it is lit up. Remember what the furbo selama was? Right? laughs I hope you probably he went over that whole fee to

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expand the grave, and to put light in his grave here, the profit slice, and I'm just showing us the effect of that, that the grave has been expanded to 70 by 70. And there is a light that comes into the grave. And then it is said to that person. What now sleep, go to sleep. And you know, you just got to your your home, in Paradise, or in at least the chamber or a garden of paradise. But that is not a chamber of hellfire. But the angels say no, go to sleep. And what is the person say? He says, Oh, do you eat it? But how about I go back to my family? Can I go tell my family Beatle home and I can tell them that I'm okay. I know that they're worried about me. And they're probably you know,

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wanting to know what's happened with me. So now that I passed the test, I answered the three questions and my grave has become a garden of Paradise as they were making your app for me. And, you know, I'm smelling the sense of Paradise and I have the light and I've found that promise of Allah subhanaw taala here, can I just go tell my family I'm okay. Right? You know, after the excitement settles in the to pass, don't you want to just give them a call and say, hey, look, I know you guys were crying at my funeral. I know you were worried I'm okay and hamdulillah. And the angels say no, go to sleep. And then they say to that person, sleep like a groom or a bride who is only to be a

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woke by those that are most beloved to them that you know, the time will come for you to be woken up. But for now, go ahead and sleep. So that person's grave in the nighttime as a guardian of gender. And that person the prophets license says seize their place in general sees their actual garden agenda twice a day in the morning and in the evening. And it could be, you know, of course, for the wicked person, a chamber of fire, and they would be exposed to it day and night may last panda protect us and protect our loved ones from that alumna. I mean, so what's the conclusion that we could come to here in terms of where the soles are? So if the grave is not like that, and you

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know, the profit sighs I'm talking about the souls and the bodies of green birds, and the profit slice, I'm assuming Musashi is not in a slot with merit lodge in the heavens at one point and then seeing him in his grave praying at another point, and then we're talking about 70 by 70. How do we understand all of this, there is no doubt that a connection remains to the grave of this world, meaning the physical location has a connection to that person's soul, there's still a connection there. However, that person is not limited by its dimensions. That grave is not limited by the worldly dimensions anymore, the same way that the soul is no longer limited by the dimensions of the

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body. Okay, so there's still a connection between the soul and the location of the grave. But the grave is not limited the way that we would see it limited and the soul is no longer limited by the body and we pray that Allah subhanho wa Taala allow us to be like those who souls are placed in the bodies.

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Greenberg's nestled in gold lamps under the throne of Allah subhanho wa Taala. roaming the rivers of agenda and eating from its fruits.